İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

art historian   (Sanat tarihçisi)

Kim Sloan Dr Kim Sloan is a Canadian art historian.

Her aunt is art historian Christine Leo Roussel.

His son Joseph Koerner is an art historian and film-maker.

film historian   (film tarihçisi)

In 1972, Tarkovsky told film historian Leonid Kozlov his ten favorite films.

Nae Caranfil is the son of important Romanian film historian and critic Tudor Caranfil.

American film historian Janet Staiger states that the genre of a film can be defined in four ways.

architectural historian   (mimari tarihçi)

According to architectural historian B.

During his early years in real estate, he became an architectural historian.

One architectural historian called Davis "one of the most significant lost architects in Chicago."

military historian   (askeri tarihçi)

The military historian John Keegan agrees.

Australian military historian Chris Coulthard-Clark put the total between 250 and 320.

John Keegan (disambiguation) John Keegan (1934–2012) was a British military historian.

local historian   (yerel tarihçi)

Wilkinson was also a writer and local historian.

Wakerman was also a solicitor and eminent local historian.

Alfred Neobard Palmer a notable local historian for the area of Wrexham

literary historian

was a lexicographer and literary historian of Yiddish literature.

Janko Kos Janko Kos (born 9 March 1931) is a Slovenian literary historian, theoretician, and critic.

The literary historian Monique Zaini-Lajoubert writes that none of these intermediary versions has been found.

according to historian

But according to historian Ahmad Hasan Dani, it was built in 1677.

Guillot was "negligent and easy-going" according to historian Charles Oman.

This according to historian Kamath is broadly called "horizontal treatment".

music historian

This was not in the script", said music historian Paul Gambaccini.

David Conway (music historian) David Allen Conway (born 17 February 1950) is a British music historian.

historian and author

Tom Devine Sir Thomas Martin Devine is a historian and author.

Lester Lamon is a nationally known civil rights historian and author.

David K. Johnson David K. Johnson is an award-winning historian and author.

historian of science

Hume was an early cultural historian of science.

He shares his life with the historian of science Patricia Fara.

As a historian of science, Brewster focused on the life and work of his hero, Isaac Newton.

historian and writer

He is the younger brother of the historian and writer Kurt Gänzl.

John R. McDonald John R. McDonald is a Canadian historian and writer.

The eldest, Tasneem Zakaria Mehta, is an art historian and writer, living in Mumbai.

writer and historian   (yazar ve tarihçi)

Albert Jack Albert Jack is an English writer and historian.

Leitman's son is Alexander Chernitsky, a Russian writer and historian.

Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts is an American writer and historian.

cultural historian

Hume was an early cultural historian of science.

She is an author, a critic, and an art and cultural historian.

Philip F. Gura Philip F. Gura (born June 14, 1950) is an intellectual and cultural historian.

official historian

He was the AFL's official historian from the 1990s until around 2005.

Arbuckle was San Jose's official historian for more than fifty years.

Peter Edwards was appointed the official historian for the series in 1982.

economic historian

He was known worldwide as an economic historian of medieval Europe.

She is also the literary executor of her father, the economic historian Karl Polanyi.

Asking whether colonies paid, economic historian Grover Clark argues an emphatic "No!"

author and historian

Michael Bloch Michael Anthony Bloch (born 24 September 1953) is an author and historian.

The school is named after Washington Irving, a 19th-century American author and historian.

In the 1980s, prior to becoming an author and historian, King was a corporate bond trader for Salomon Brothers.

church historian

The church historian Sozomen credits Ephrem with having written over three million lines.

The Catholic theologian and church historian Joseph Lortz (1887–1975) had also participated in these dialogues.

He became an orator, epigraphist and church historian and in 1774 was made doctor of the Biblioteca Ambrosiana.

naval historian

Mackenzie was also an accomplished author and naval historian.

René Greger, another naval historian, wrote that "the type proved a total failure".

His fiercest detractor was the famous novelist and naval historian James Fenimore Cooper.

modern historian

The latter, according to the modern historian Robert W. Thomson, was his sister.

The modern historian Asad Q. Ahmed views these claims as difficult to "verify or refute".

The modern historian Anne Curry considers that "Polybius turns out to [be] fairly reliable".

journalist and historian   (gazeteci ve tarihçi)

He worked as a journalist and historian in RPP and Latina Televisión.

Guri Hjeltnes Guri Hjeltnes (born 23 October 1953) is a Norwegian journalist and historian.

Myron Magnet Myron James Magnet (born August 31, 1944) is an American journalist and historian.

critic and historian

Girolamo Tiraboschi, an Italian literary critic and historian of Italian literature often quotes his works.

Everything happens according to formula ..." In a later review by film critic and historian Leonard Maltin, he dismissed it as a "Trite programmer."

He was married to Marguerite Terlinden, the daughter of Belgian painter Félix Terlinden and the sister-in-law of the art critic and historian Pierre Francastel.