art historians

The process was recognized by art historians as early as in 1902.

The nature of the work has been widely debated by art historians.

In 1912 Warburg travelled with him to Rome to the art historians' congress.

modern historians

However, this is dismissed by modern historians.

His claims are not, however, supported by modern historians.

They were, two modern historians write, not absent landlords.

historians believe

Some historians believe that the artist may actually be a workshop group.

Based on this, several historians believe that the two rulers are identical.

Some historians believe that Parnell, and Timothy Healy, shared that viewpoint.

historians such

The early history of capoeira is recorded by historians such as Dr. Desch-Obi.

She has publicized the work of revisionist historians such as David Cole and Mark Weber.

Later medieval historians such as Geoffrey of Monmouth also reinforced Alfred's favourable image.

many historians

However its existence is disputed by many historians.

This fact confused many historians.

He is regarded by many historians as one of the worst presidents in American history.

other historians   (他の歴史家)

By other historians his death is recorded as occurring in 1662.

Yazici adds that other historians explained his origins differently.

Numerous other historians have written about the Calogerà family over the centuries.

among historians

A dispute exists among historians as to the motives for the attack.

The exact location of the kingdom is the subject of studies among historians.

There is disagreement among historians over when exactly “the Terror” started.

most historians   (ほとんどの歴史家)

However, most historians reject the argument.

However, most historians date the collapse to the crisis of the First World War.

Soboul's Marxist interpretation has been largely abandoned by most historians since the 1990s.

historians consider   (歴史家は考慮する)

Film historians consider "Thunder Birds" a classic aviation film.

Some historians consider it to have been a puppet state of the Ottoman Empire.

Some historians consider that the declaration was made under Romanian pressure.

later historians

This claim has been disputed by later historians.

Many contemporaries and later historians cite the July 4th Oration as a contributing factor to the 1838 Mormon War.

His work in three books is now known only from excerpts of it in later historians, especially in Ekkehard and William of Malmesbury.

historians agree

Modern historians agree that Castillo was innocent.

Other historians agree with Gerlach's findings.

These robberies are the only crimes that historians agree the gang committed.

local historians

Ahom local historians claim 18th century buranjis to be 13th century.

Some local historians say "Shippan" means "the shore where the sea begins."

According to local historians, Gawula was given the name "Mount Cock’s Comb" by Captain Cook in 1770.

historians argue

However, modern historians argue that there is no direct evidence to support this.

While some other historians argue that there could be no clashes between the generals.

Some historians argue that Buddhism became a major religion because of Ashoka's royal patronage.

film historians   (映画史家)

Various film historians have expressed a range of views about these titles.

Some film historians, including Jerry Beck, do not consider film festivals official releases of film.

Most film historians consider "The Blood of Jesus" to be Williams’ crowning achievement as a filmmaker.

historians claim   (歴史家の主張)

Ahom local historians claim 18th century buranjis to be 13th century.

Local historians claim it is the oldest free black church building to survive in the Americas.

Other historians claim that Seonangdangs developed as altars to Sanwang, the deities of mountains.