Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

historical records   (registros históricos)

There are no historical records of this level.

Other historical records show his name spelled "Bassett".

In historical records the village was first mentioned in 1960.

historical events   (eventos históricos)

Many of his plays were based on historical events.

This floor contains models of historical events.

His books covered historical events in Canada.

historical novel   (novela histórica)

She published her first historical novel in 1807.

I always thought of it as a literary work, as a historical novel".

In 1931, he wrote his only historical novel about "Attila the Hun".

historical significance   (significado historico)

There are also artifacts of historical significance.

"Dexter" is also a ship of some historical significance.

It also has a historical significance for Buddhists, Hindus and Jains.

historical population   (población histórica)

The historical population is given in the following table:

historical figures

Still, historical figures can have low Erdős numbers.

Huguley has twice portrayed real life historical figures.

Before us is a series of historical figures with amazing truth.

historical record   (récord histórico)

1912–20, which correlates with the historical record.

After 1700, new foods were noted in the historical record.

In this historical record, he is said to have been called and .

historical region   (región histórica)

It is located in the historical region of Galicia.

It is located in the historical region of Bukovina.

It also belongs to the Samnium historical region.

historical drama

An early Biograph historical drama set in Cromwellian England.

That was his first historical drama.

She then co-starred in the historical drama "The Story of Minglan".

historical fiction

Later he turned to patriotic historical fiction.

It is historical fiction set in pioneer Florida.

"The Kingdom of This World" is a work of historical fiction.

historical context   (contexto histórico)

Fear is affected by cultural and historical context.

The historical context is as follows:

In historical context, the book was written during 1971 in Allende's Chile.

historical documents   (documentos historicos)

Acoma has been spelled in various other ways in historical documents.

He has collected around 2,000 maps and historical documents about the region.

Gori Kingdom is described in different way by different historical documents.

historical sources

Torka was attested in historical sources in 1501 as "Am Thorekh".

The word's spelling varies significantly among historical sources.

They were known in Middle Chinese historical sources as the "tɦutkyat" ().

historical research

Genealogy and historical research were her hobbies.

He later performed historical research in Siena and Rome.

Late in his life, V. A. Urechia concentrated on historical research.

historical marker   (marcador histórico)

There is a historical marker at his childhood home.

A historical marker has been erected at the site:

A historical marker commemorates its history.

historical importance   (importancia histórica)

The occupations are of debatable historical importance.

It means, it has a historical importance.

Two of Baishui's areas are well-known or of historical importance.

historical evidence   (evidencia histórica)

There is little historical evidence of this since.

There is no historical evidence that this took place.

Recent historical evidence undercuts Mr.

historical and cultural

Astara district has ancient historical and cultural monuments.

It encompasses ecological, landscape, historical and cultural values.

He wrote a large number of Armenian-language historical and cultural studies.

historical sites

Gaya is one of the best historical sites in India.

It has plenty of historical sites to visit.

It has many historical sites.

historical monuments

Directly on the Georgenstraße are 37 historical monuments.

It is classified under historical monuments by the 1840 list.

Today, the buildings of some bouillons are listed historical monuments.

historical novels

It did however influence a few historical novels e.g.

Alexander III has been depicted in historical novels.

In retirement, he has started writing historical novels.

important historical

Edava has witnessed important historical events in Kerala.

Chinguetti is another important historical town in the region.

It is considered an important historical reference in the region.

other historical   (otro histórico)

The new dialects were also significantly influenced by other historical languages.

It appears to predate the other historical poems in the Dietrich cycle by at least a decade.

However, it draws from many other historical traditions as well, especially those of ancient Greece.

historical figure   (Figura histórica)

It was named after Vicente Guerrero a Mexican historical figure.

Buretsu is described as an essentially wicked historical figure.

Merlin is Geoffrey's version of a historical figure known as Myrddin Wyllt.

historical interest

This remark on Plato is not of merely historical interest.

The compound has been of academic and historical interest.

As such it is only of historical interest.

historical buildings

Dragør has many well-preserved historical buildings.

Both have centres with well-preserved historical buildings.

It consists of 80 historical buildings.

many historical

There have been many historical events in the subdistrict.

Aragonese has many historical traits in common with Catalan.

Friendship is home to many historical buildings and organizations.

cultural and historical

Fear is affected by cultural and historical context.

The destroyed ritual items of great cultural and historical importance and beauty.

Relations are based on a long shared border and common cultural and historical interactions.

historical monument   (monumento histórico)

It is open to the public as a historical monument.

The palace was declared a historical monument in 2004.

On 14 June 1929 it was declared a historical monument.

historical markers

While there are extant historical markers issued in 1941 (e.g.

The book focuses on historical markers and museums across the United States.

Loewen's book voices two major complaints about historical markers in the United States.

historical value

The Book of Joshua holds little historical value.

Another monument of historical value is the church of SS.

Its historical value is Ward was on intimate terms with Spencer Perceval.

historical society

It is now owned by the local historical society.

It is now operated as a museum by the local historical society.

The historical society suspected arson as the building had no gas or electricity.

historical accounts

This hostility carried over into the historical accounts.

Short historical accounts of all the paintings was appended.

Other historical accounts paint Agesilaus as a prototype for the ideal leader.

historical site   (sitio historico)

Fort Monroe has become a popular historical site.

The Queen Street site was later gazetted as a historical site.

It is owned by the City and operated as a self-guided historical site.

no historical

There is no historical evidence that this took place.

There are no historical eruptions on Mount Balatukan.

There are no historical records of this level.

historical works

Inayat-Allah Kamboh wrote several historical works.

He published several historical works written in Latin verses.

Browning's writings comprise historical works, mainly of the popular variety.

first historical

She published her first historical novel in 1807.

He published his first historical book in 1991.

The first historical mentions are from the 13th century.

historical information   (información histórica)

All his writings are known to contain historical information.

Bell unfortunately does not provide any historical information on the game.

For more detailed regional historical information, visit the Lombok article.

historical development   (desarrollo historico)

And this may well be attributed to Morvant's historical development.

See Fourier series for more information, including the historical development.

It therefore views Jewish law, or "halakha", as both binding and subject to historical development.

several historical

Inayat-Allah Kamboh wrote several historical works.

He published several historical works written in Latin verses.

Next to the square are several historical palaces and buildings.

historical accuracy   (exactitud histórica)

Stokes awarded the film one star for historical accuracy.

The series is notable for a high degree of historical accuracy.

This adds to the key blend of marvellous fantasy and historical accuracy.

historical event   (evento histórico)

A historical event can be of a number of different motorsport disciplines.

When the water works was finally built, it was both a political and historical event.

The uniqueness of Auschwitz as a historical event, moreover, is a dubious distinction.

historical drama film   (película de drama histórico)

Chariots of Fire Chariots of Fire is a 1981 British historical drama film.

Juarez (film) Juarez is a 1939 American historical drama film directed by William Dieterle.

Gold (2017 film) Gold () is a 2017 Spanish historical drama film directed by Agustín Díaz Yanes.

historical period   (Período histórico)

Dates represent the historical period covered by the work(s).

The flowering of Baroque culture shows the ambiguity of this historical period.

state historical   (estado histórico)

A Tennessee state historical marker denotes the location.

A state historical marker has since been placed at the grave.

In 2013 a state historical marker was installed in her honor in Winchester, Indiana.

historical data

The ratings are compiled by using only statistical and historical data.

Despite its hagiographic nature, Chapter 36 contains a lot of reliable historical data.

OI collects real-time data and correlates against historical data to provide insight and analysis.

historical reasons

Organisational differences may be motivated by historical reasons.

For historical reasons, two main definitions of calorie are in wide use.

For historical reasons, even to this day, the title of "dottore/dottoressa" (abbrev.

historical building

It was declared a historical building in 2001 and was renovated in 2004.

The shop is placed inside the reconstructed historical building from 1450.

The city has many historical building dating from many historical periods.

historical film   (pelicula historica)

She portrayed a princess in the 1965 historical film "Marco the Magnificent".

A Frozen Flower A Frozen Flower () is a 2008 South Korean erotic historical film.

She is best known for portraying anarchist Fumiko Kaneko in the 2017 historical film "Anarchist from Colony".

historical background

Puttamanna has a historical background as well.

The village has a long historical background.

Tuvvur has a historical background.

historical facts   (hechos históricos)

Gildas also mentions depopulation of cities and this probably reflects historical facts.

"Al Aaraaf" mixes historical facts, religious mythology and elements of Poe's imagination.

Scholars are hesitant to make unqualified claims about the historical facts of the Buddha's life.

local historical

It is now owned by the local historical society.

The house is now a local historical museum.

It is now operated as a museum by the local historical society.

historical work   (obra historica)

"The Overall Survey of the Star Raft") was a historical work written by Fei Xin.

His Kalikata Kalpalata is considered to be the first historical work about Kolkata.

Teo’s historical work has drawn on history, with history as a means and not as an end.

based on historical

Many of his plays were based on historical events.

The Legends line is based on historical guns in a BB or pellet airgun format.

Films based on historical people or events often initiate viewers to explore Wikipedia rabbit holes.

various historical

Malang keeps various historical relics.

It places Hasan/Leo in various historical events and narrates those events.

The collection of seventeen sonnets dealt with various historical personages.

historical heritage   (herencia histórica)

It became a national historical heritage in 1975.

At the time, there was little regard for historical heritage.

Nikolsk hosts sixty objects designated as cultural and historical heritage of local importance.

historical account

It has now been shown to be a historical account.

His diary is a historical account of the steady development of the Ramakrishna Order.

Here, he is appealing to the traditional historical account of the foundation of Rome.

historical romance

In 2019, Li starred in the historical romance drama "Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty".

She played Shi Ying in the historical romance drama film "Chinese Wine", opposite Van Fan and Huang Yi.

Audrey Howard Audrey Howard (born 1929 in Liverpool, Merseyside) is an English writer of historical romance novels.

number of historical   (número de históricos)

The plant has a number of historical medicinal uses.

He has also co-authored a number of historical books, namely:

He engraved a number of historical subjects and portraits which enhanced his reputation.

historical name

The historical name of the place is Seignalur.

Anarta is a historical name of north Gujarat.

Note that methanide in this context is a trivial historical name.

major historical   (mayor histórico)

There have been no major historical earthquakes on the Alpine Fault.

This battle was one of Japan's major historical battles between samurai forces.

There are two major historical contexts within which the Edomites could have committed such an act.

historical studies

Tokarev returned to Moscow University in 1922, where he began social and historical studies.

He is remembered for his historical studies of psychiatry, being the author of three well-regarded works:

He was the author of several historical studies, political pamphlets and reports on the progress of the canal.

historical artifacts   (artefactos históricos)

Trivial names for compounds are usually historical artifacts.

The ceiling is adorned with dollar bills and historical artifacts.

The museum also has a collection of over 45,000 historical artifacts.

historical perspective   (perspectiva historica)

Dunn's work focuses on applying a historical perspective to modern political theory.

Very often, the definition depends on the nationality and historical perspective of its author.

Architecture of Sweden This article covers the architecture of Sweden from a historical perspective.

historical fact   (hecho histórico)

It is most unlikely that they ever existed in historical fact.

But this is not a matter of mere hypothesis, he argues, but historical fact.

These works has been strongly criticised for their freedom with historical fact.

significant historical   (histórico significativo)

A significant historical debate concerns the degree of terror in the Red Army.

It also caused the destruction of some of the city's significant historical monuments.

The German philosopher Karl Jaspers described it as a "significant historical document".

historical times

There are no reports of eruptions in historical times.

Social organization would have been well developed and similar to that of historical times.

The only activity from the ridge during historical times was a flank eruption from 1865 to 1867.

historical periods

The city has many historical building dating from many historical periods.

Finally documents and inscriptions as well offer valuable help for the historical periods.

The text is well composed, at times lyrical and informative about certain historical periods".

historical center

The boundary of the town historical center is vague.

It is the historical center of the Nikaj-Mërturi region.

The historical center has remains of the medieval walls and two towers.

historical landmark   (hito histórico)

His home has been preserved as a historical landmark.

It was named a historical landmark in 1978.

The most famous historical landmark is the relics of the Dutch era.

historical subjects

He engraved a number of historical subjects and portraits which enhanced his reputation.

This indicates a deep knowledge of a variety of historical subjects that he could not help but share.

He also wrote on theological and historical subjects, and edited philological and bibliographical journals.

great historical   (gran histórico)

It is Peru's largest square and monuments of great historical and architectural value.

In particular, the Jews were thought to lack great historical figures and a credible history of their people.

This plate boundary has been the location of several great historical earthquakes, most associated with damaging tsunamis.

historical and contemporary

It also contains historical and contemporary photographs and tools used by the artisans.

Its collection includes more than 5,000 works spanning Canadian historical and contemporary art.

The coat colour of the aurochs can be reconstructed by using historical and contemporary depictions.

historical museum

In 1999 it was converted to a historical museum .

The house is now a local historical museum.

The city of Jayuya converted the Blanca Canales home into a historical museum.

registered as historical

The commune has many buildings and structures that are registered as historical monuments: The town is the seat of a bishopric dating at least from the 7th century.

The commune has several religious buildings and structures that are registered as historical monuments: There are various sports facilities developed throughout the city.

The commune has a number of buildings and structures that are registered as historical monuments: The commune has two religious buildings that are registered as historical monuments: Arnay-le-Duc has been awarded two flowers by the "National Council of Towns and Villages in Bloom" in the "Competition of cities and villages in Bloom".

historical texts

The family's Persian ethnicity is mentioned in historical texts.

Awadh or Avadh is also known in various British historical texts as Oudh.

While he worked, he had people read to him select literary and historical texts.

historical references

The pseudonyms chosen by some of these "actors" often included historical references.

The plot is full of historical references as well as love affairs between the characters.

The mosaics also include numerous metallic tiles featuring local logos, icons and historical references.

art historical

His correspondence with other artists is of great art historical interest.

Oskar Pollak left an extensive art historical estate, which was published in the late 1920s.

She is known for large-scale paintings that combine a variety of art historical references and painterly techniques.

current and historical

Canada–Italy relations Canada–Italy refers to the current and historical relations between Canada and Italy.

Niger–Nigeria relations Niger–Nigeria relations refers to the current and historical relationship between Niger and Nigeria.

France–Ireland relations France–Ireland relations refers to the current and historical relations between France and Ireland.

historical linguistics   (lingüística histórica)

Great attention is paid to the problems of linguistic typology and comparative and historical linguistics.

Confraternity books are a rich source for prosopography and historical linguistics of the early Middle Ages.

It is studied in several subfields of linguistics: historical linguistics, sociolinguistics, and evolutionary linguistics.

historical narrative   (narrativa histórica)

He also wrote the first historical narrative of Azerbaijan "Commissar" (1942) about Meshadi Azizbekov.

A sense of European identity traditionally derives from the idea of a common European historical narrative.

The story of the climb follows the historical narrative of the actual 1936 Eiger North Face climbing disaster.

historical reference

It is considered an important historical reference in the region.

Websites have mistakenly published the images as historical reference.

The earliest historical reference to the use of cilliní in Ireland was in 1619.

both historical

The episcopacy of the CNI is both historical as well as constitutional.

Regularly changing exhibits deal with both historical and current themes.

The brick also features lengthy inscriptions, both historical and Quranic.

different historical

Gori Kingdom is described in different way by different historical documents.

These different historical events have shaped modern society as a whole and each individual within it.

It features many different historical exhibits including a polar bear that once set foot on Twillingate island.

historical study

The influence of historical study on Claudius is obvious.

The Eastern Orthodox Church does not oppose honest critical and historical study of the Bible.

And, as with any historical study, understanding the context of the lives studied is essential.

historical source

Damascius's account of the Christian murder of Hypatia is the sole historical source attributing direct responsibility to Bishop Cyril.

Apart from legendary accounts which connect fall of Vallabi with the Tajjika (Arab) invasions, no historical source mention how the dynasty ended.

This is the earliest positively identified historical source for the assertion that Voss rejected chances for a safe retreat that were open to him.

series of historical

Before us is a series of historical figures with amazing truth.

It is the first book of the so-called "Hellenic Traders" series of historical novels.

With "The Land Breakers," he started a seven-part series of historical fiction about the Appalachian region.

historical roots

Ayurveda is a system of medicine with historical roots in ancient Hindu Culture.

Wrestling in Armenia Wrestling ( "əmbšamart") has deep historical roots in Armenia.

In Japan, dandyism has become a with historical roots dating back to the Edo period.

historical city

Parts of the historical city walls were unearthed during construction.

The historical city centre is on a hill between the Chienti and Potenza rivers.

It was named after the historical city of Artashat, located 8 km northwest of the modern town.

historical analysis

First, he developed a novel approach to the historical analysis of land values that utilized primary data and mapping techniques.

The Journal of Modern History stated the book was "more a work of philosophical meditation than conventional historical analysis."

In 1970, McQueen wrote "A New Britannia", an historical analysis of the emergence and development of the Australian labour movement.

historical centre

Old Sormovo is more remote from the historical centre.

Its historical centre is part of UNESCO World Heritage List.

The historical centre now includes restaurants, cafes, and art galleries.

historical tradition

According to a different historical tradition, they produced a longish Franzbrot (German for 'French bread') which resembled the baguette.

At the Whit Monday holiday, an historical tradition of Pau Grand Prix, the headliner should have been the British Formula Three Championship.

Conservatism in Brazil originates from the cultural and historical tradition of Brazil, whose cultural roots are Luso-Iberian and Roman Catholic.

historical document

The series has been hailed as more than just a historical document.

Some authors have even asserted that the diary was pointless as a historical document.

The German philosopher Karl Jaspers described it as a "significant historical document".

historical characters

Nevertheless, Ackroyd uses historical characters, sites and occurrences in his book.

She wrote essays on the language of important historical characters, as Galileo Galilei and Francesco Redi.

In the 23rd to 40th stanzas, the poet evokes the historical characters and the monuments that distinguish the city.

collection of historical

The museum build up a collection of historical artifacts and painting.

The only collection of historical buildings in Koryazhma is in the Koryazhemsky Nikolaevsky Monastery.

The German Museum of Technology in Kreuzberg has a large collection of historical technical artifacts.

historical basis   (base histórica)

His life served as the historical basis for José de Alencar's novel Iracema.

The discussion over the historical basis for King Arthur continues to this day.

Historian T. V. Mahalingam believes this to be conventional claim without any historical basis.

historical books

He has also co-authored a number of historical books, namely:

(See Stephen Stigler's historical books and Ian Hacking 1990.)

The historical books of the main Christian canons are as follows:

historical societies

He was a member of several educational and historical societies.

It is recognised as one of the leading historical societies on the island of Ireland.

Hundreds of his works are housed in art museums, historical societies, and private collections throughout the United States.

actual historical

Many consider the County of Foix to be the actual historical centre of Catharism.

At first he believed that it was not an actual historical account; he believed it was that of folklore.

If Ōjin was an actual historical figure then historians have proposed that he ruled later than attested.

famous historical

The most famous historical landmark is the relics of the Dutch era.

Each civilization is led by a famous historical figure, such as Mohandas K. Gandhi for India.

The cuneiform inscription in the village is the most famous historical monument in the region.