Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

not hold   (No sostenga)

Ship committee chairs do not hold this recognition.

This contradiction proves Assumption (X) cannot hold.

These do not hold up as well as metal dog tags.

put on hold   (poner en espera)

In April of that year the decision was put on hold.

This Metro extension has been put on hold indefinitely.

The band was devastated, and the album was put on hold.

hold up   (Sostener)

The crematorium chapel can hold up to 60 mourners.

The renovated library can hold up to 20,000 volumes.

These do not hold up as well as metal dog tags.

able to hold   (capaz de sostener)

Later the stadium was able to hold only 4,000 people.

The new garage is able to hold over 350 buses.

The building was able to hold 340,000 people.

continued to hold   (continuó sosteniendo)

Both players continued to hold, creating a tie-break.

He continued to hold the title in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Mid Canterbury has continued to hold on to it ever since.

woman to hold

She was the youngest woman to hold that position.

Ms. Carle was the first woman to hold the position.

She was the first woman to hold this position.

did not hold

This initial success did not hold.

He did not hold any public office between August 1930 and March 1932.

Despite a fairly good performance, the Vikings did not hold on to him.

hold off

This single unit should be able to hold off 3 times its own number.

Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS) allow them to hold off until 100–150 feet.

Afterwards, the Pittsburgh managed to hold off a late drive by Cleveland.

hold the position

Ms. Carle was the first woman to hold the position.

She was the first woman to hold the position.

He was the first African American to hold the position.

used to hold

It was used to hold prisoners until the early 1980s.

The guy wires were also used to hold the tower itself in place.

It used to hold 108 chimpanzees among 1,300 non-human primates.

took hold   (se apoderó)

The Legacy Virus then took hold, killing North.

Heavy manufacturing took hold in nearby cities.

An' you took hold an' you rent my bodice an' my skirt!

does not hold

While it is physically possible, it does not hold precisely.

This street numbering system does not hold true over a large area.

The equivalence mentioned above does not hold anymore over signal.

managed to hold

In August 1979, it managed to hold a meeting which DPR members attended.

Afterwards, the Pittsburgh managed to hold off a late drive by Cleveland.

Police that had already been stationed there earlier managed to hold them off.

hold back   (aguantar)

With the injury, Wach was unable to hold back Miller.

At this Rabbi Joshua could no longer hold back.

Kernodle was so nervous that he left the session, not wanting to hold back the group.

hold onto

The springs hold onto the hold parts to increase power.

The truth is that we have a Father who is waiting to hold onto us.

It is confident in its outlook and does not hold onto any false hopes.

hold office

They will hold office for the period 2017-2022.

Branch members hold office for five years.

A number of emerging creatives hold office and studio space within the building.

decided to hold   (decidió sostener)

He decided to hold his ground and give battle.

The members of the association decided to hold another convention in a year.

Hallowell determined her to be French, but decided to hold to his original plan and passed her by.

hold the office

Patricians could not hold the office.

Another seven assistant commissioners would later hold the office.

She is the first woman and the first African-American to hold the office.

person to hold   (persona para sostener)

He was the last person to hold that appointment.

He the youngest person to hold this position as well.

He was the first person to hold this post for Hamburg.

hold the title   (sostén el título)

He continued to hold the title in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

He was the first Nizari Iman to hold the title Aga Khan.

They will hold the title "City Ambassadors" for two years.

hold down   (sujetar)

The user may then hold down [ALT] while pressing [F9] 4 times, followed by [F10] once.

When they separate following Norm's inability to hold down a job, and Norm slumps without her.

He joined Sheffield United, but again was unable to hold down a starting place during his stay.

take hold

This theory did not take hold in mainstream political discourse.

Feminism in Romania did not take hold as it did in Western countries.

First, I let the song take hold and I put down the idea as a raw emotional statement.

continues to hold

He continues to hold a yearly class for the society.

ILDC continues to hold a 27% stake in Ma'ariv.

He continues to hold his position as chairman of the board.

hold the post

He is only the second Italian to hold the post.

She was the first woman to hold the post.

The school's constitution was changed to allow Mackay, a Presbyterian, to hold the post.

hold the record   (mantener el récord)

The team hold the record for winning the most MacTier Cups.

They also hold the record for the longest top flight win streak.

Currently stenotype machines hold the record for fastest word entry.

still hold   (todavía mantienen)

The views which I expressed then I still hold.

Others still hold the contrary view.

Specifically, pagan roots still hold sway within their community.

unable to hold   (incapaz de sostener)

With the injury, Wach was unable to hold back Miller.

The Belgians were unable to hold their ground and fled.

He was unable to hold a job and eventually became homeless.

hold more

Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

The Vedanthangal lake was also desilted and deepened to hold more water.

It prompted the PSV board's reluctance to hold more events at the ground.

right to hold

In return for this service, people subject to it gained the right to hold land.

A market is mentioned in 1374, and the right to hold markets is confirmed in 1400.

The local nobility had the right to hold the low court in only about one fifth of the territory.

designed to hold

It was overcrowded; designed to hold 6,500 items, it held 31,200.

It was designed to hold 0.1 kilograms of liquid biological agent.

This cluster bomb was designed to hold three stacks of 19 M138 bomblets.

hold all

The first side to hold all the points simultaneously wins the round.

The 'MSEB Holding Company' was created to hold all the stakes in these three companies.

As the congregation grew it was recognized that a new sanctuary was needed to hold all the congregants.

enough to hold

They ordered that anyone strong enough to hold a rifle be sent to fight.

The Critpit was a deep pit, large enough to hold a lorry, and lined with sandbags.

The young cling to the mother's fur and nipples and ride on her back when they are old enough to hold on.

hold this position   (Mantenga esta posición)

He is the first non-canonist to hold this position.

She was the first female to hold this position.

He the youngest person to hold this position as well.

cargo hold

She was in length, her beam was and her cargo hold was .

A hatch or hatchway is the opening at the top of a cargo hold.

Her hull was long, her beam was wide and her cargo hold was deep.

get hold

The police again get hold of him and try to book him on false charges.

Thurneman, however, had other plans for how the group would get hold of such a vehicle.

As such, they had been forced to use other means to get hold of the land (the kidnapping).

hold that position

She was the youngest woman to hold that position.

He was the first Saudi official to hold that position.

He was the first person of colour to hold that position.

hold such

Born in Hong Kong, he was the oldest person to hold such a position in New York.

Castro won the election by 65 votes, becoming the first Mexican American to hold such a position in the state.

In May 2017, he was appointed by Conmebol to, since then, integrate FIFA Ethics Committee FIFA, being the first Brazilian to hold such position.

continue to hold

As of 2008, some alumni continue to hold reunions and other events.

Bullejos would continue to hold the top post for nearly eight years.

Maine would continue to hold elections early, in September, until 1958.

hold public   (mantener público)

Committees can gather evidence and will often hold public hearings to assist this process.

There are other standing committees which do not hold public meetings: Human Resources and Audit.

In 2014 the High court ruled that Waititu is unfit to hold public office due to integrity issues.

hold their own

In 2010 Kiev joined the list of cities that hold their own annual marathon.

Too weak to hold their own in the bush, survivors of village massacres, they fled to the sand banks of the lagoon.

hold both

She is the first African-American woman to hold both a J.D.

Committees hold both public hearings and conduct business at private meetings.

In 1892, she earned her master's license, making her the only woman to hold both.

only hold   (solo espera)

Each character can only hold up to a certain limit of items.

The Carlyle group is the only hold out that has not settled yet.

These values only hold for medium currents between 0.02 and 2.95 m/s.

hold a referendum

On 2 May 1991 the Croatian parliament voted to hold a referendum on independence.

Fiaz has also promised to hold a referendum on the direct elected mayoral system.

Both Austria and France have said they would hold a referendum on Turkey's accession.

currently hold

The Steelers currently hold a 76–59–1 lead.

He is the youngest Sikh in the world to currently hold this distinction.

They currently hold a license to manufacture Ormeloxifene, a form of birth control.

hold elections

Smaller settlements hold elections independent of this schedule.

Maine would continue to hold elections early, in September, until 1958.

States hold elections every four years and exercise a considerable amount of power.

required to hold

No roll or fold crimp was required to hold the wax slug in the hull.

It was not reoccupied, although the hall was used when required to hold the local manorial court.

While part of the "cursus honorum", this step was optional and not required to hold future offices.

ability to hold

He had a natural ability to hold a 4x4 beat.

Charlotte has the uncanny ability to hold her breath for nine hours.

In other cases, the ability to hold or use the foreign exchange may be otherwise limited.

hold due   (esperar)

Originally, the track was completed back in 2011, however was placed on hold due to "timing."

In October 2014 Nick announced that this film would be put on hold due to the death of the director.

In May 2010 the band announced that the recording of the album was on hold due to Laura's solo schedule.

allowed to hold

The Dutch were not allowed to hold any religious services on the island.

Workers are not allowed to hold sit-ins or to block nonstriking workers from entering work premises.

He is not allowed to hold public office due to two convictions for public corruption in 2014 and 2016.

hold a public   (mantener un público)

They ultimately decide to hold a public forum.

He and Martyr were to hold a public disputation in 1549, but fled to Leuven before it could be held.

The board of school directors may hold a public hearing on the budget, but are not required to do so.

often hold   (a menudo sostienen)

Several species often hold their tails upright.

The barangay captain, the head of the barangay government, will often hold office there.

Committees can gather evidence and will often hold public hearings to assist this process.

hold true

This street numbering system does not hold true over a large area.

Many of the generalizations noted above do not hold true for some schools of jujutsu.

Although anti-feminism was found in homilies, it does not always hold true in practice.

agreed to hold

It was agreed to hold a meeting every Sunday in a different city.

They agreed to hold a free, equal and secret-ballot election on March 16, 1919.

hold when   (espera cuando)

She had to put her interest in music on hold when she married.

Plans were put on hold when they purchased the neighboring Gold Spike.

He put the project on hold when the United States entered World War II.

failed to hold

Yet he never failed to hold the attention of his audiences.

In 2019, the National Assembly failed to hold debate on comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation.

Gayle failed to hold down a regular first-team place, due to a series of injuries throughout the season.

first to hold

He is the first to hold the position of CSEL for both agencies during their career.

Caesar was not the first to hold it, but following his assassination the term was abhorred in Rome.

Alice Freeman Palmer in 1892 at the University of Chicago was the first to hold the title of Dean of Women.

hold an annual

The club continues to hold an annual exhibition of members' work.

Affectionately built upon the "Fiji" nickname, many chapters hold an annual "Fiji Islander" party.

Newport Beach Lifeguards also hold an annual summer Junior Lifeguard program, which is one of the largest and oldest in the nation.

hold meetings

Today, people hold meetings for everything."

They hold meetings that involve annoying and discomforting Susie Derkins.

The Board of Directors hold meetings once a month that the public can attend.

taken hold

Trick or Treating for Japanese children has taken hold in some areas.

Where this process has taken hold, the structural integrity of a concrete element is at risk.

One of the Boston Globe critics claimed that "Operapathy" had taken hold of Boston's citizens.

order to hold   (para mantener)

Most students today are also receiving their doctorate degrees in order to hold the "psychologist" title.

Hessian Captain Johann von Ewald noted that in order to hold the sailors to their dangerous work, they were made completely drunk.

The areas of dura leak can be tied together in a process called ligation and then a metal clip can be placed in order to hold the ligation closed.

hold the seat

Rose is only the second Democrat to hold the seat since 1981.

If the senator is not the first person to hold the seat, no number is included in the list.

hold together

It doesn't hold together or grip you the way a documentary might have.

Tacking is when the scribe would hold together the leaves in quire with thread.

On Chuseok's night, dozens of young farming women dance with their hands hold together, singing and dancing.

hold regular

Trinity Church continued to grow and to hold regular services.

Several Melbourne cycling clubs hold regular races over the summer season.

Callaghan Park continues to hold regular horse and greyhound race meetings.

depth of hold

She had a beam of , and a depth of hold of .

She had a beam of , a draught of and a depth of hold of .

She had a beam of , a draught of at deep load and a depth of hold of .

began to hold

In May 1926, the missionaries began to hold Sunday school for them.

In the 1980s he began to hold seminars about Joyce's riddling text at University College Dublin.

Roughly 3,000 students from Jilin University, and other universities, began to hold a sit-in demanding that officials talk with them.

got hold

Until the paper got hold of the story, and that changed a lot of things.

He got hold of the police diary from the constable and entered his complaint in it.

After 3 years the travel bug got hold of him again, and in 1972 he was offered a position at NHK radio in Japan.

career on hold

Hesson decided to put her art career on hold to be a housewife.

However, he put his photography career on hold, to work on Kenyan social justice.

An accident in the late 1870s forced her to put her career on hold for several years.

placed on hold

The project was placed on hold in early June 2012 due to protests.

The reforms were placed on hold by the government in December 2011.

Due to a lack of financing, the "Halo" adaptation was placed on hold.

not to hold

If he has not got them keen, it would be better not to hold a Scouts' Own at all.

It is possible that this right was not to hold land "per se" but specific land supplied by the state.

In 2004, there was a disagreement on whether or not to hold a black bear hunting season in New Jersey.

trying to hold

She is also seen breaking down on a number of occasions, trying to hold her family together.

The Cardinals came up to bat in the bottom of the ninth inning with Hoyt trying to hold on to his six-run lead.

Newly widowed mother Sally Harrison is trying to hold down a job as an assistant to Mr Campbell, a veterinarian.

longer hold

At this Rabbi Joshua could no longer hold back.

"Note:" Provinces no longer hold any legal status in Greece.

Rees-Mogg said: "I am glad to say it's a stock that we no longer hold.

hold on power

They saw these new appointments as a threat to their hold on power.

He promptly oversaw the massacre of eight of his relatives, consolidating his hold on power.

By 1976 the two politicians hired local gangsters to help them increase their hold on power.

no longer hold

At this Rabbi Joshua could no longer hold back.

"Note:" Provinces no longer hold any legal status in Greece.

Rees-Mogg said: "I am glad to say it's a stock that we no longer hold.