holding company   (控股公司)

Riria is the incumbent CEO of the holding company.

The major shareholder is the holding company OXO.

The state holds a 100% stake in the holding company.

holding up   (举起)

She is holding up a branch with her left hand, and rests her left foot on another.

Brian and Pam win the reward challenge, which involves holding up a long metal pole.

A month after that, Téry arrived in Ireland to report on how the truce was holding up.

holding office   (担任办公室)

Webster died on November 10, 1933 while still holding office.

Ferroul was reelected in 1889, holding office until 14 October 1893.

Grévy was reelected on 14 October 1877, holding office until 15 March 1880.

holding the position   (担任职务)

He again served as vice-chancellor, holding the position until his death.

Stram was the team's longest-tenured head coach, holding the position from 1960 to 1974.

In April 2019, Osman resigned as Johor Menteri Besar after 11 months holding the position.

holding off

The Maginot Line succeeded in holding off the German attack.

S'Ceris, Hunter, Garren and Merik arrive, holding off the drones.

What that meant was holding off Ben's debut as Spider-Man even longer."

still holding

Webster died on November 10, 1933 while still holding office.

By the end of November, several forts were still holding out.

Burke and his regiment, still holding the castle, were forced to surrender.

began holding

In 2009, the ARP began holding its own annual conference.

Fasig-Tipton began holding sales in Florida in the 1950s.

Mamie began holding speaking engagements soon after Emmett died.

capable of holding

It has 5 GB of memory, capable of holding 2,500 songs.

Each boat is capable of holding 25 people.

The stadium is capable of holding approximately 54,990 spectators.

holding companies

He would later go on to invest in a number of real estate holding companies.

Ebasco was then required to register its holding companies and comply with SEC orders.

Companies whose elections to be treated as financial holding companies are effective include:

holding onto

He reveals he's now engaged to Brenda, but Carly believes Brenda is still holding onto Sonny.

She is still holding onto an old flame, and keeps looking for traces of that lost love every day.

First was a wind-blown, defensive struggle at East Lansing, with Iowa holding onto a 12–7 victory.

holding hands

Meritaten, Meketaten and Ankhesenpaaten are shown holding hands.

The chemistry they have begins to amplify, and they start holding hands in public.

At least in the past, the manner of holding hands was very important and followed strict rules.

holding back

I was holding back enough as it is but there is a line.

This is holding back money from the schools that are in great need.

"Just that sense of 'this has to be expressed' — there is no holding back."

holding the rank

Bagakonwar was holding the rank of Tipam Raja.

He served during World War II in the Royal Norfolk Regiment, holding the rank of Lieutenant in 1940.

His family had been naval officers for six generations, including several ancestors holding the rank of Admiral.

holding the post

In 1913, he became City Editor of the "New Statesman", holding the post until 1931.

In 1816, he became Treasurer of St Paul's Cathedral, holding the post until his death.

In 1994 he became Managing Director of Northern Breweries, holding the post until 1997.

holding down

Following that, they drowned the girl by holding down her head in a pail of water.

Just before the final rehearsal for the show, Presley told a reporter, "I'm holding down on this show.

This started an immense interest for ABBA in Australia, resulting in both the single and album holding down the No.

bank holding

Lewis and Nicole then walk into the bank holding whips.

It is a wholly owned subsidiary of PCSB Financial Corporation, a bank holding company.

In 1983, F&M Bank was incorporated in Virginia and became a registered bank holding company.

holding home

It plays in Tercera División – Group 8, holding home matches at "Estadio La Llanera".

Founded in 1943, it plays in Tercera División – Group 11, holding home matches at "Estadio Es Torrentó".

Founded in 1942, it plays in Tercera División, holding home matches at "Estadio Municipal Carlos Marchena".

holding the office

Benjamin succeeded him in the post, holding the office until 1900.

John Forrest was the longest-serving president, holding the office from 1885 to 1911.

Republican candidate Raymond E. Baldwin defeated the Democrats who were holding the office.

each holding

A single 12-pounder had three ammunition wagons each holding 68 rounds.

Two water tankers, each holding , arrived on 21 September on landing craft.

They are identical and are shown wearing horned caps and each holding an axe and a mace.

holding public   (公开)

The politicians soon jumped in, holding public hearings on the issue.

He grew up in a political family, with several of his relatives holding public office.

In June 1975, Indira was found guilty and barred by High Court from holding public office for six years.

holding the title

She was a member of Cekena, the dynasty then holding the title "Sau".

Since 2010 she's been holding the title of Research Professor at Tulane.

Confusingly, this was an entirely different de Ferrières family to that holding the title in the 16th century.

well as holding

Zambidis is a 4 time national champion in kickboxing as well as holding a large number of international titles.

In his early career, he preached on a circuit that included Canada and Nebraska as well as holding the pastorate in several New England churches.

She has acted in a number of movies, as well as holding an extended role on the soap opera "Shortland Street" as Te Hana Hudson from 2001 to 2005.

holding the seat

for Tavistock during December 1747, holding the seat until 1754.

In 1881 he was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Queensland for Rockhampton, holding the seat until 1888.

The electorate of Yeronga was formed in 1950, with the Liberal Party's Winston Noble holding the seat for fourteen years.

not holding

The team not holding the disc when time runs out scores a point.

After dropping out, he worked many jobs but did not holding a steady position.

The American Medical Association calls for non-physicians (those not holding an M.D.

holding various

After holding various positions, in 1905, she became superintendent of the school.

Additionally, during the performance of "The One", the crowd was shown holding various different flags.

He remained in Washington, DC holding various subordinate offices, until 1854 when he returned to Norwich.

currently holding

The team are currently holding their own in BUSA Scottish Conference 5b.

The film was poorly reviewed, currently holding a 30% 'rotten' rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The game received mixed reviews, currently holding an aggregated score of 67 on Metacritic, based on 14 reviews.

bank holding company

It is a wholly owned subsidiary of PCSB Financial Corporation, a bank holding company.

In 1983, F&M Bank was incorporated in Virginia and became a registered bank holding company.

In 1983, Union Bank was incorporated in Vermont and became a registered bank holding company.

new holding

A new holding company was formed and work resumed in July 1928.

In 1985, a new holding company, Public Service Enterprise Group, Inc. formed.

Incorporated 1925 as new holding company for various Electric Bond & Shares Co. subsidiaries.

holding several

11635) On the statues he is holding several titles in connection with the Faiyum Oasis.

They found Lakdim holding several hostages, including a woman whom he used as a human shield.

He tried out as an actor between 1965 and 1967, holding several secondary roles in cinema and television.

holding positions

In particular, Poles holding positions at the lowest levels of administration (village heads, commune heads, officials).

He later served in Paris and Brussels between 1920 and 1921, before holding positions in the Foreign Office between 1924 and 1930.

Vincent has had 37 years of experience in the newspaper industry, holding positions like stringer, reporter, editor, and publisher.

hand holding

Not much is automated and there is a minimum of hand holding.

1940); or the skin of a hand holding a large metallic nail ("Obrero", 1931).

It was held one-handed, with the other hand holding the hoplite's shield (aspis).

holding that position

He was later elected as Leader of the Opposition, holding that position from 1977 to 1979.

Miller became Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences in 1911, holding that position until 1923.

On May 5, 1546, he became administrator of the see of Conza, holding that position until his death.

holding both

Daley won via second-round knockout, therefore holding both titles.

In 1887 he became Archdeacon of Chichester and in 1899 Vicar of Burpham, holding both posts until his death.

He became a commissioner for assessment Norfolk in 1661 and for Suffolk in 1679, holding both posts until 1680.

holding this position

While holding this position, he studied with Simon Sechter.

While holding this position, he met a young woman, by the name of Fleuriau.

He was named Vicar General of Rome "perpetuo" in 1558, holding this position until his death.

holding penalty

That gain was countered on the next play by a 10-yard holding penalty against the Bearcats.

A holding penalty on the next play called on UConn left tackle William Beatty set up 3rd-and-24.

A holding penalty on the Rams pushed them back to the 46 yard line and they ended up punting back to the Cowboys.

holding home games

Founded in 1929 it currently plays in Tercera División – Group 7, holding home games at "Estadio Santiago del Pino".

Founded in 1932 it currently plays in Segunda División B – Group 3, holding home games at "Campo de Futbol La Murta".

Founded in 2007, it plays in "Tercera División", holding home games at "Estadio Pitín", with a capacity of 3,000 seats.

land holding

The land holding of each family is normally a small ridge of the hill region adjoining streams for supply of water for cultivation.

In 1913, he bought at auction 5 freehold building allotments fronting the Confederate Estate Road to further increase his land holding.

The Devil's Den-Ewing Mountain wildarea surrounds 400-acre Collins Cove, a private land holding in a pastoral valley with a few buildings.

new holding company

A new holding company was formed and work resumed in July 1928.

In 1985, a new holding company, Public Service Enterprise Group, Inc. formed.

Incorporated 1925 as new holding company for various Electric Bond & Shares Co. subsidiaries.

person holding

The term can also be used to describe the person holding the specialized whip.

Every person holding the nationality of a Member State shall be a citizen of the Union.

Performers, known as "holders of the light," assemble in a line with each person holding one letter.

man holding

The statue depicts a nude man holding a sword, and wearing a cloak and helmet.

The frieze, tall, is of a man holding something in one hand and something else in the other.

A second consulship could only be attempted after an interval of 10 years to prevent one man holding too much power.