İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

home games   (ev oyunları)

They play their home games at the Stade du 4-Août.

They play their home games at the Stade Municipal.

home runs   (ev koşusu)

He surrendered a league-high 21 home runs in 1938.

He hit .368 with 14 home runs and 52 RBI in 1969.

He hit .310 with 29 home runs and 89 rus batted in.

home run   (ev koşusu)

Ted Kluszewski was the NL home run leader in 1954.

On August 23, Bonds hit his 400th career home run.

Joe Harris's home run in the fourth tied the game.

played their home   (evlerini oynadı)

They played their home games at Rentschler Field.

They played their home games at Bringhurst Field.

They played their home games at Bobby Dodd Stadium.

home win   (ev sahibi galibiyet)

Strootman made his PSV debut in a 3–1 home win against AZ.

It was Miami's 33rd consecutive home win.

The winter break was preceded by a home win against Real Betis.

returned home   (eve döndü)

After a week Dr. Wyatt and Hoekstra returned home.

They finally returned home in the summer of 1945.

She returned home on 29 April after 87 days at sea.

return home   (eve dön)

The western tribes are satisfied, and return home.

They recover the treasure and return home safely.

In the morning, he advises Larisa to return home.

new home   (yeni ev)

Samuel Marsden where he built a new home, Newlands.

That town became Wasko's new home for over 15 years.

They now live in a new home with their horses.

home ground   (ev alanı)

and Springvale Park was chosen as the home ground.

It serves as a home ground of Village United F.C..

It serves as a home ground of Tivoli Gardens F.C..

home town   (Memleket)

Shaken, Stanley returns to her home town with Roy.

He is buried in his home town next to his parents.

Vidor directed the scenes in Smith's home town.

family home   (aile Evi)

He stayed at the family home in Radford to recover.

Their original family home was Heathstown House.

It can be at the family home, or at a function hall.

back home   (Eve dön)

They find Aaron, rescue the girl and go back home.

Eventually, they were rescued and brought back home.

And back home, his mother falls down the stairs.

home game   (Ev oyunu)

The final home game was held on October 2, 1890.

Kansas City did not play a home game since April 14.

Announced attendance figures for each home game.

play their home   (evlerini oyna)

They play their home games at the Stade du 4-Août.

They play their home games at the Stade Municipal.

home country   (Anavatan)

His plays have been performed in his home country.

The home country is granted a competitive advantage.

She currently resides in her home country of Denmark.

historic home   (tarihi ev)

Wolfe House is a historic home in Frederick, Maryland.

Rivermont Rivermont is a historic home located at Lynchburg, Virginia.

Dorsey Hall Dorsey Hall is a historic home in Columbia, Maryland, United States.

home video   (ev videosu)

It was released to home video on August 21, 1992.

It was released on home video on February 16, 2010.

is a home video spinoff of Shining Time Station.

home matches   (iç saha maçları)

The team plays its home matches at the PCA Stadium.

Almost all of Stade's home matches were sold out.

The play their home matches at Lâm Viên Stadium.

returns home   (eve döner)

Cross returns home and tries to find a connection.

Brando returns home in bail after a murder charge.

Troy returns home and is reunited with her husband.

returning home   (eve dönüş)

He died in Omaha, Nebraska while returning home.

Crowther was returning home when the crash occurred.

Upon returning home, Tony gets a lucky break.

home and away   (ev ve uzak)

The playoffs consisted of two legs - home and away.

The team uses different kits for home and away games.

Both home and away fans can stand here on a match day.

home to many   (birçok kişiye ev sahipliği)

Vesuvius and was home to many villas and farmhouses.

The town is home to many wineries and vineyards.

The island is home to many bird cliff nesting areas.

home located   (ev sahibi)

Rivermont Rivermont is a historic home located at Lynchburg, Virginia.

Frederick's father later left the couple his home located at 459 Fifth Avenue.

Locust Grove (Lynchburg, Virginia) Locust Grove is a historic home located on a tract.

nursing home   (Huzurevi)

Wolfe died in a Berkeley, California nursing home.

Murff died in a Tyler nursing home at the age of 87.

In 1974, she bought a nursing home in Van Buren.

away from home   (evden uzakta)

She was afraid and decided to run away from home.

At the age of eleven, Wallace ran away from home.

Juxiang resists the marriage and runs away from home.

home win against   (ev sahibi)

Strootman made his PSV debut in a 3–1 home win against AZ.

The winter break was preceded by a home win against Real Betis.

On 15 April, he scored twice in a 5-2 home win against Panegialios.

first home   (ilk ev)

It was the first home run of his big league career.

Matt Kemp also hit his first home run of the season.

The team's first home game was played on May 1, 1890.

home stadium   (ev stadyumu)

Their home stadium is Stade Municipal de Djourbel.

Their home stadium is Stade Municipal de Bamendzi.

Their home stadium was Salinas Municipal Stadium.

home defeat   (ev yenilgisi)

The month ended with a 5–1 home defeat to Raith Rovers.

He scored in the 1–2 home defeat against 1.

That was followed by a 2–0 home defeat to Forfar Athletic.

historic home located   (bulunan tarihi ev)

Rivermont Rivermont is a historic home located at Lynchburg, Virginia.

Locust Grove (Lynchburg, Virginia) Locust Grove is a historic home located on a tract.

Burley Manor Burley Manor is a historic home located in Berlin, Worcester County, Maryland.

home state   (ev devleti)

She began gymnastics in her home state at the age of 4.

He retired from the Marines and returned to his home state.

He also designed sculptures in his home state of South Dakota.

home draw   (ev sahibi)

He made his debut in a 1–1 home draw with A.F.C.

He made his debut on 19 April during a home draw against L.D.U.

He made his debut on 3 August 2013 in a 2-2 home draw with A.F.C.

home team   (ev sahibi takım)

The home team won for the fourth consecutive time.

The home team won each game in the five game series.

Plymouth Albion Oaks beat the home team Veor 47 – 3.

go home   (eve git)

Lola storms out, and the factory workers go home.

They return to the time cave, and then go home.

The climax definitely lets the viewers go home happy."

played its home   (evini oynadı)

The team played its home games at the Cebu Coliseum.

The team played its home games at Freedom Hall.

The team played its home games at Dreamstyle Stadium.

former home   (eski ev)

It served as the former home ground of Fovu Baham.

They settled in Alice's former home town, Great Malvern.

It is the former home of the Guinness family from 1764-1855.

home to several   (birkaç eve)

The North End is home to several historic churches.

The Finger Lakes region is home to several museums.

Aquarius is also home to several planetary nebulae.

home loss   (ev kaybı)

Michigan suffered their first home loss of the season.

It was Michigan's first home loss to Purdue since 1966.

It was a 2–1 home loss to Palermo.

way home   (evin yolu)

Tidus joins them in the hope of finding his way home.

However, Fernand escapes alive and makes his way home.

On the way home, in Kharkov, the actor died.

home field   (ev alanı)

The Yankees had home field advantage in the series.

Odd numbered years the AL had home field advantage.

In 2002, Maine won the tournament on its home field.

home against   (eve karşı)

Since 2008, the Sox went 19-4 at home against Seattle.

At home against the New York Giants, Dallas won 27–26.

Lofoten lost 1–3 after extra time at home against the 1.

home victory   (ev zaferi)

The win marked Michigan's 22nd consecutive home victory.

It is also played at the end of every Denver Broncos home victory.

He made his debut on 26 January during a home victory over San Lorenzo.

home port   (ana liman)

That same day, she sailed for her new home port, San Diego.

"Hornet" was then at her home port of Long Beach, California.

, "Thomas Hudner"s home port is Naval Station Mayport, Florida.

sent home   (eve gönderildi)

Burr was soon captured, and the men were sent home.

Heyman was escorted from the Coliseum and sent home.

During World War II, many missionaries were sent home.

own home   (kendi evi)

Lynne re-recorded the song in his own home studio.

Jeff Lynne re-recorded the song in his own home studio.

permanent home   (kalıcı ev)

At first, England had no permanent home stadium.

He made the farm his permanent home until the end of the Second World War.

Governor Fletcher encouraged Indians to regard Fiji as their permanent home.

left home   (evden ayrıldı)

He left home in 1902 and joined at the Belur Math.

He left home after a fight with his father in 2005.

Youngest son, Rollin, married and left home in 1863.

home draw against   (eve karşı çizmek)

He made his debut on 19 April during a home draw against L.D.U.

On 17 August, he made his official debut in a 0–0 home draw against Beroe.

He made his Albion debut in a 1–1 home draw against Bury on 21 February 1998.

ancestral home   (ataların evi)

Zhang's ancestral home in Wudi County, Shandong.

It is the ancestral home of the Pisoni family.

He had a wife in China, who remained in his ancestral home.

plays its home   (evini oynuyor)

The team plays its home games at McCarthy Stadium.

The team plays its home matches at the PCA Stadium.

It plays its home games at the "Sportovní Centrum".

childhood home   (Çocukluk evleri)

There is a historical marker at his childhood home.

They describe their childhood home as "semi-Caribbean".

The couple resides in Galia's childhood home in Tel Aviv.

now home   (Şimdi eve)

The location is now home to the Brighton Music Hall.

It is now home to approximately 2,000 monkeys.

4) is from 1683 and is now home to the French Embassy.

took home   (eve götürdü)

Winner of the match took home at least $1,000,000.

Norton took home €420,000 for his 2nd-place finish.

Na'Vi jumped to a 7-0 lead before MIBR took home three.

home plate   (ev tabağı)

This would have placed it at an estimated from home plate.

The left field fence was apparently quite close to home plate.

The distance from the home plate to the extreme center field is .

home base   (ana üs)

Sum Woolworth maintained his home base in Scranton.

Its home base is Mashud Wisnusaputra Stadium.

Ajax Cape Town trains at their home base located in Parow.

came home   (eve geldi)

He came home for the first time just before Christmas 1992.

Wells came home and won the 2008 U.S.

Still, Brad ended his romance with Lauren when Traci came home.

home match   (ev maçı)

The club then played their first home match in the J.

The home match was won by Ferencváros 1–0.

He returned to play in the final home match of the season.

home and abroad   (yurtiçinde ve yurtdışında)

LTP staff also conduct workshops at home and abroad.

Aagaard's work was exhibited at home and abroad.

During World War I he saw service with various units at home and abroad.

home studio   (ev stüdyosu)

Lynne re-recorded the song in his own home studio.

The album was recorded at Aguilera's home studio.

Jeff Lynne re-recorded the song in his own home studio.

became home   (ev oldu)

It later became home to the Phi Sigma Sigma sorority.

Jelgava became home to several big factories.

summer home   (yaz Evi)

She made her summer home in Quaker Hill, New York.

His kept his summer home in Haverford, Pennsylvania.

He left his summer home for the exposition fairgrounds.

played home   (evde oynanan)

They played home games in Sacramento, California.

went home   (eve gitti)

I went home every night and screamed at everybody."

I went home and thought of the ear in the field."

Freyja went home to her bower as if nothing happened.

come home   (eve gel)

Michelle goes home and finds Steve has come home.

Vivienne refuses to come home until the funeral.

I could murk you and come home when I'm forty-four."

home city   (memleket)

The film is set in his home city, Glasgow, Scotland.

The film is set in the director's home city of Chongqing.

Before starting his career Hýll lived in his home city Žilina.

home side   (ev tarafı)

The scoreline is written with respect to the home side.

The game was a 4-0 victory for the home side.

The home side also lost the third Test.

home game against   (karşı ev oyunu)

It was coach Bobby Williams' first home game against the Wolverines.

The unveiling took place at the home game against Everton on 3 April 2016.

He scored his first goal in the quarterfinals home game against Tecos UAG.

home venue   (ev mekanı)

Their home venue is Daejeon Hanbat Sports Complex.

Their home venue is also used by Långholmen FC.

The municipal stadium of Hrazdan was their home venue.

played home games   (çok oynanan ev oyunları)

They played home games in Sacramento, California.

became the home   (ev oldu)

The barracks became the home of 42 Commando in 1971.

It later became the home of the Shields family.

From that time onwards the place became the home of sangai.

original home   (orijinal ev)

Their original home was in Thessaly, central Greece.

His original home was in Hooghly, West Bengal.

This was the original home base for the China Clipper flying boat.

home arena   (ev arenası)

Their home arena was the Palai de Gèu de Vielha.

Their home arena is Yu Gwan-Sun Gymnasium in Cheonan.

Their home arena is the Marius Ndiaye Stadium.

retirement home   (huzur evi)

After being released, Rafael returns to the retirement home.

Much of the film is based in a fictional Jewish retirement home.

Blatt died at a retirement home in Hampden Township in July 1996.

brought home   (eve getirdi)

They brought home three golds and two silvers.

He brought home a silver medal in the individual event.

A few days later, Daniel was released and brought home.

home rule   (ev kuralı)

Most counties do not have home rule.

It is a home rule city with a Council-Manager form of government-one.

In Minnesota, cities are either statutory cities or home rule charter cities.

died at home   (evde öldü)

Finlayson died at home in London at the age of 79.

Meigs died at home at 5:00 pm on January 2, 1892.

He died at home in 1976, age 72, of natural causes.

near his home   (evinin yanında)

He attended a country school near his home.

He died at the age of 91 near his home in Manhattan, New York City.

His studio was located in Roosevelt, New Jersey, near his home there.

second home   (ikinci ev)

Magglio Ordonez with his second home run of the game.

From then on, France would become a second home for the band.

The Michael Majerus House was built in 1891 as a second home for its owner.

current home   (Şuanki ev)

Their current home winning streak stands at 7.

The club later relocated to its current home near Clondalkin.

In 1928 they moved to their current home at the Iveagh Grounds.

home when   (ev ne zaman)

I could murk you and come home when I'm forty-four."

Crowther was returning home when the crash occurred.

Lucie is at home when there's a ring on the doorbell.

comes home   (eve gelir)

When Helen comes home and tries to enter she can't.

Everything is worked out when Thomas comes home.

Toole comes home and drunkenly gropes Eva.

home loss against   (karşı ev kaybı)

He made his debut for Meizhou on 11 March 2017 in a 2–0 home loss against Dalian Yifang.

Palacios scored his first goal for the club on 29 April 2017 in a 1–2 home loss against Tauro.

Maynard made his top flight debut on 31 August 2008, in a 2–3 home loss against SC Heerenveen.

hit a home   (eve vur)

In Game 2, second baseman, Aaron Ward hit a home run.

Mantle hit a home run off Ed Roebuck in the previous inning.

The Phillies failed to hit a home run in the entire World Series.

home opener   (ev açacağı)

At the team's home opener win over No.

Their home opener was October 20, 2012, also against the Everblades.

Homecoming coincided with the home opener against Yale on September 22.

home court   (ev mahkemesi)

Teams in "italics" had home court advantage.

The top seed has home court hosting rights for the tournament.

It served as the home court of the San Juan Knights of the MBA.

private home   (özel ev)

and Wisconsin Avenue, and remains a private home.

The building served as their private home.

After the escape she hid in a convent, working in a private home.

home soil   (ev toprağı)

The tournament was held on home soil and Italy finished fourth.

Australia recorded overwhelming victories both in England and on home soil.

The country is one of only four countries to win the contest while on home soil.

home computer   (ev bilgisayarı)

Working mostly in the home computer and game console market.

It was intended as a home computer, but never really caught on.

FM-7 The FM-7 ("Fujitsu Micro 7") is a home computer created by Fujitsu.

home village   (ev köyü)

In his teens he worked as a shepherd in his home village.

Finally, Don Quixote is persuaded to return to his home village.

Albert died in his home village of Argelliers on 12 December 1921.

win at home   (evde kazan)

He went on to win four caps, scoring once, in the 5–4 win at home to Scotland.

Liga avenged their first loss in the tournament with a lopsided 7–0 win at home.

The win at home is officially the most lopsided win in the history of the tournament.

career home   (kariyer evi)

On August 23, Bonds hit his 400th career home run.

On July 3, , he hit his 100th career home run.

It was also his one hundredth career home run at OPACY.

coming home   (eve geliyor)

He tells Judson to call the Marines, he is coming home.

Nearly all dreamed of coming home as heroes.

Look out, Earth, the slime's coming home!".

city is home   (şehir ev)

The city is home to more than 52,000 students.

The city is home to two major universities.

The city is home to sports clubs and teams.

once home   (bir zamanlar ev)

It was once home to both boarders and day pupils.

Brickyard Cove was once home to Richmond Brick Company.

Teams will play each other twice (once home, once away).

home economics   (ev Ekonomisi)

at Iowa State, and her Ph.D. in home economics at Syracuse.

These programs drew on the expertise of professional home economics.

It had a gymnasium, a library, science lab, and a home economics room.

home crowd   (ev kalabalığı)

Buoyed on by the home crowd, Davies did not disappoint.

This all took place in front of the home crowd at League Park.

The home crowd was stunned by the veteran pitcher's obvious mistake.

home run off   (evden kaçmak)

Mantle hit a home run off Ed Roebuck in the previous inning.

Chris Burke ended the marathon with a home run off of Joey Devine.

Al Smith's leadoff home run off Johnny Antonelli put Cleveland up 1–0.

home computers   (ev bilgisayarları)

At that time the main objective was to build home computers for the KRG members.

In 1983, the first Sinclair ZX Spectrum home computers were produced in Dundee by Timex.

Dragon 32/64 The Dragon 32 and Dragon 64 are home computers that were built in the 1980s.

area is home   (alan ev)

Today the area is home to over 6200 residents.

The area is home to Occidental College located in Eagle Rock.

The nearby area is home to numerous seaside cabins and vacation homes.

home during   (sırasında)

Hamed and his older brother, Abdullah, were home during the night.

Haffkine was injured while defending a Jewish home during a pogrom.

His son Raghuram, makes a clandestine visit home during his child's birth.