İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

new homes   (yeni evler)

Four months later they arrived at their new homes.

Lumber to build new homes, sluice boxes, etc.

Finn and Jake then attempt to find new homes.

homes and businesses   (evler ve işletmeler)

Water also entered a few homes and businesses in Tamarac.

The road passes homes and businesses before merging onto Joliet Street.

PA 38/PA 208 turns east onto Main Street and passes homes and businesses.

private homes   (özel evler)

Many private homes line the perimeter of it.

During this time, services were conducted in private homes.

Current-day Heinola is a small collection of private homes.

family homes   (aile evleri)

Her paintings are often seen in many distinguished family homes.

East of the village, family homes at a prime location on the Sonnenberg emerged.

The greatest number of single family homes (77) were built between 1919 and 1945.

nursing homes   (bakım evleri)

He established two nursing homes there.

She then worked as a registered nurse at several nursing homes.

Psychosis and agitation develop in as many 80 percent of people living in nursing homes.

single family homes   (tek aile evleri)

The greatest number of single family homes (77) were built between 1919 and 1945.

The greatest number of single family homes (72) were built between 1981 and 1990.

The greatest number of single family homes (72) were built between 1961 and 1970.

homes were destroyed

Almost thirty homes were destroyed in the area.

Additionally, 6,700 homes were destroyed.

Nine homes were destroyed and several landslides were reported.

own homes   (kendi evleri)

Its ministers do not own homes or draw a salary.

Most cloth was still produced in the workers' own homes.

Count Emicho and a few of the leaders escaped into Italy or back to their own homes.

many homes

John Vaughan was an architect who designed many homes.

In many homes, an extra place setting is set.

It is also a tradition in many homes to boil skate on the 23rd.

mobile homes

There are currently 2 mobile homes on campus as well.

'It was the Beverly Hills of mobile homes.'

Anne range from mobile homes to houses.

homes built

By the 1900s Tyler had many businesses and homes built.

As of the 2000s the median year of homes built was 1940.

It was one of the first group of homes built outside the Manti forts.

several homes

Here, the route becomes Market Street and is lined with several homes.

Prospertown was once a settlement, consisting of a hotel, several homes, and a gristmill.

The campus area also includes several homes that are used for additional student housing and office space.

million homes

It is available to over 2 million homes.

currently has an audience reach of 600 million homes internationally.

It was subsequently made available via cable and satellite to 50 million homes.

homes were built

The homes were built in the late 1920s and 1930s.

Two of the homes were built in 1917, and the third in 1919.

More than 127,000 homes were built in Montgomery County during the 1950s.

homes were damaged   (evler hasar gördü)

Nearby, another 50 homes were damaged by the fire.

In General MacArthur, Eastern Samar, 77 homes were damaged.

A total of 18 homes were damaged, and roads were damaged in 121 locations.

leave their homes   (evlerinden ayrılmak)

The Minangkabaus would leave their homes and travel in search of work, knowledge and experience.

The storm partially flooded about 40 houses, and a total of 72 people were forced to leave their homes.

It reopened on 21 July 1941 for those who were forced to leave their homes due to the World War II blitz.

residential homes

It is currently under construction to provide offices, residential homes and retail space.

The Bashford Manor area of Louisville was developed into residential homes and a shopping mall.

As of 2018, most research and published articles concerning autonomous building focus on residential homes.

foster homes   (koruyucu evler)

His son was raised in foster homes.

Group homes and foster homes have been compared and studied in national samples.

She was subsequently raised in eight different foster homes, and stated that she spent much of her childhood in the Bronx.

holiday homes   (Tatil evleri)

The village of Glenmor has holiday homes set within the grounds of the hotel.

As a result, there are large housing estates of holiday homes near the strand.

The remaining houses are used as weekend or holiday homes by their Spanish owners.

few homes

Only the Baptist church and a few homes now remain.

Additionally, a few homes sustained minor water damage.

Water also entered a few homes and businesses in Tamarac.

historic homes

A number of historic homes exist in North Four Corners.

Much of the historic homes have been renovated into bars and restaurants, many of which feature large porches and outdoor yards for patrons.

It is known for its historic homes and mansions, some of which are the largest in the city, and the annual Heritage Hills Historic Homes and Gardens Tour.

care homes   (Bakım evleri)

At the time, the company had 19 long-term care homes, 2 retirement homes, and 3,200 beds.

His business interests include a number of residential care homes, a construction company and investment properties across the UK.

In his subsequent life he founded a number of charities which run care homes for the elderly, the disadvantaged, and those suffering from loneliness.

homes along

Several businesses and homes along the Saluda River and its tributaries were flooded or destroyed.

South Hannibal consists of a few homes along NY 176 and CR 7, until NY 176 leaves the hamlet eastbound.

A day later the same Germans who committed the murder came back and burned down 20 homes along with the livestock.

number of homes   (ev sayısı)

By March 1685, the town had been laid out and a number of homes were built.

A large number of homes were left vacant and these became prone to vandalism.

It was one of a number of homes founded in the area to deal with the problem of unemployed or destitute sailors.

summer homes

Tincup is now a community of summer homes with a few year-round residents.

The island is inhabited today by two "hermits" and is visited by two families owning summer homes there.

Most of the buildings are now summer homes, but there are still about 75 permanent, year-round residents (in 2017).

homes and apartments

there were 158 single family homes (or 37.7% of the total) out of a total of 419 homes and apartments.

there were 1,594 single family homes (or 18.4% of the total) out of a total of 8,661 homes and apartments.

Kennet Island Kennet Island is a large neighbourhood of over 1,350 new homes and apartments in Reading, Berkshire, England.

built homes

They built homes from Incense-cedar.

The company purchased a sawmill and built homes, a church, school, and store.

The company built homes on the north side of the canyon, with the business district on the south.

more homes

The road heads into the Tacony neighborhood and passes more homes and businesses.

I-295 continues south near some farmland before passing near more homes with some commercial development.

The road passes over a CSX railroad line and heads northeast into the downtown area of Berea before it passes more homes.

homes before

A didukh is placed in most Ukrainian homes before Christmas, and kept until Masnytsia.

Route 434 heads to the northeast, passing businesses and homes before leaving the community.

The team worked on the game in their own homes before Gearbox Software decided to collaborate.

second homes   (ikinci evler)

Many Romans own second homes in Capranica where luxurious properties are numerous.

Little known to the public, Stobaugh maintained second homes in Provence, France for 38 years.

The area has over 25,000 condominiums, most of which function as second homes for their Mexican owners.

vacation homes   (tatil evleri)

The nearby area is home to numerous seaside cabins and vacation homes.

There are 8,500 beds in the resort in vacation homes, apartment hotels, and hotels.

While he owns homes in Tulsa and San Francisco, he is said to own no vacation homes, airplanes or yachts.

lost their homes

1,735 people lost their homes and 70 percent of the old town was destroyed.

Over 400 families in the town of Los Alamos, New Mexico, lost their homes in the resulting fire.

Officials distributed food and thousands of tents and blankets to residents who lost their homes.

other homes   (diğer evler)

Rising waters washed out four vacant homes and entered dozens of other homes.

Her occupation was then looked down on, as it often took her into other homes unaccompanied.

Wilmot is the home to one of Prince Edward Island's ADL Food plant, and other homes and parks like LeFurgey park.

stately homes   (görkemli evler)

Noteworthy is the Mount Herbert Hotel that is a conversion of a terrace of stately homes.

The number of mansions, old country houses and stately homes is a marked feature in Wiltshire.

Other interesting constructions are the three stately homes and a house that belonged to the nobility.

homes during   (evler sırasında)

It was said that Córdoba contained 3000 mosques and 100,000 shops and homes during his reign.

Many Karamanlides were forced to leave their homes during the 1923 population exchange between Greece and Turkey.

This involved bringing the news into people's homes during some of the worst years of the Northern Irish Troubles.

build homes

In 1956, Broad and Kaufman decided to partner and build homes together.

He was also listed as one of the top 10 Indian architects who is harnessing traditional wisdom to build homes of the future.

The land was located in a Special Planned Community Preservation District and required a special permit to build homes there.