İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

hoping to find   (bulmayı umuyor)

Erica and Will go to the hotel together, hoping to find him.

The Counselor goes to Mexico, hoping to find and rescue Laura there.

He returned to Singapore in 1967 hoping to find greater support for his work.

hoping to get   (almayı ummak)

The author decided against it, still hoping to get the censorship permission first.

She goes to Serena's old shop hoping to get a loan from her and finds that Omar has inherited the store.

The grove languishes below her expectations and Rawlings writes another novel, hoping to get it published.

hoping to make   (yapmayı umuyor)

When she was 18, she moved to the Bronx hoping to make it in the "City of Dreams".

At Moe Syzlak's suggestion, Homer invites Grimes to his home for a lobster dinner, hoping to make friends.

In both cases, the campaigns' opponents attacked Exley as a controversial figure, hoping to make his hiring a campaign issue.