Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

older horses

It was open to older horses for several years from the mid-1970s.

The version for older horses was initially contested over 3,200 metres.

The Prix Jean Prat for older horses was renamed the Prix Vicomtesse Vigier in 1985.

open to horses   (abierto a caballos)

The race is open to horses age four and older.

During this time it was open to horses aged three or older.

Raced in late May, it was open to horses age three and older.

horses aged

During this time it was open to horses aged three or older.

It was originally a handicap race, and it was open to horses aged four or older.

It was open to horses aged three or older, and for a period its distance was 3,100 metres.

other horses   (otros caballos)

600 other horses closed the march.

She took the lead and went clear, with the other horses being unable to challenge her.

The horses include "Astrodonna", "Astroangel", and "Astronova" and other horses with celestial names.

race horses   (caballos de carreras)

In the past, successful race horses have been bred in Tunworth.

He raised champion race horses.

Selle Français are also used for the production of race horses in France.

riding horses

She grew up riding horses.

Both of Homeister's parents were jockeys, and as a result she grew up riding horses.

After another period of time, students of the two schools are riding horses together.

wild horses

Wild Horse Creek was named for the wild horses which roamed along its course.

The forest also had wild horses, and this may be the origins of the name Horsham which dates back to the 10th century.

This group formerly consisted of wild horses, which had some degree of protection in the Kaimanawa range, but is now obsolete.

cattle and horses   (ganado y caballos)

Over the years, he greatly improved the breeds of his cattle and horses.

The cattle and horses that provided the hides and tallow essentially grew wild.

The islands were largely used for pasturage for cattle and horses and for raising hay.

horses and mules

The company repelled the attack but lost 38 horses and mules.

On roads, the mud stuck to wheels and caked the hooves of horses and mules.

They took 695 horses and mules, 385 Texas Longhorn bulls and cows with them.

best horses

It is certain he defeated some of the best horses of his time.

Cherry Lass was one of the best horses sired by Isinglass the 1893 Triple Crown winner.

Gorgos was one of the best horses sired by Ladas who won the 2000 Guineas and the Epsom Derby in 1894.

against older horses   (contra caballos mayores)

He was then matched against older horses and in the ten furlong Eclipse Stakes at Sandown Park on 17 July.

He was then dropped back in distance and matched against older horses in the ten-furlong Eclipse Stakes at Sandown Park a week later.

In October the colt was matched against older horses in the Champion Stakes and started the 6/4 favourite after the late withdrawal of Pommern.

horses and cattle   (caballos y ganado)

At times, the livestock trade (horses and cattle) was significant.

The sales of livestock, quality horses and cattle, was also important.

Ready used the farm to grow wheat and corn, and raise hogs, horses and cattle.

many horses

They traded many horses north to the Plains Indians.

The Play also includes the use of many horses, a roman chariot and a donkey.

He prophesied "when you see here many horses gathered, the Romioi are coming".

number of horses   (numero de caballos)

The number of horses, usually four or six, could be even more.

In 1789 the number of horses reached a peak with 270 horses stabled.

Success was often counted by the number of horses or property obtained in the raid.