İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

host plant   (ev sahibi bitki)

The host plant of the caterpillar is "Loranthus".

Pupation takes place at the stem of the host plant.

The species overwinters as an egg on the host plant.

show host   (ana bilgisayarı göster)

He worked as a talk show host for nine years.

Leary is a third cousin of talk show host Conan O'Brien.

She is a radio talk show host on KEIB Saturday afternoons.

host nation   (evsahibi ülke)

Italy also gained a place as it was the host nation.

The 1956 contest was won by the host nation, Switzerland.

played host   (oynanan ev sahibi)

It also previously played host to the Metro Lions.

It played host to the Silkworms between 2000 and 2009.

Darwin has played host to many of aviation's early pioneers.

radio host   (radyo sunucusu)

She was best known for her work as an Austrian radio host.

He is a radio host for Atlanta-based radio station Power 96.1.

Randy Simms Randy Simms is a former politician and radio host.

host cell

This species polymerizes host cell actin.

The virus exits the host cell by tubule-guided viral movement.

The translated protein stays in the cytoplasm of the host cell.

host country   (ev sahibi ülke)

The host country, China, rounded out the field.

The host country does retain a competitive advantage.

Also, the host country could send a third team.

television host

He started as a television host at Mediacorp in 2007.

Kaelin also has worked as a radio and television host.

The television host Kristin Kaspersen organized the event.

talk show host   (talk-show host)

He worked as a talk show host for nine years.

Leary is a third cousin of talk show host Conan O'Brien.

She is a radio talk show host on KEIB Saturday afternoons.

host city

However, the host city for 2020 was deferred.

The host city of this edition is Santa Cruz.

The host city would be Qingdao.

host plants

The host plants of this species are unknown.

Here are a list of host plants used by the dainty sulphur:

new host   (yeni ev sahibi)

Unfortunately, Gajayana did not side with his new host.

The oocysts leave the host to be taken up by a new host.

The show continued to provide a new set for each new host.

plays host

The church plays host to many community events.

Riverfront Park plays host to numerous events including the following:

Anne plays host to Dawson Trail Days held during the September long weekend.

guest host

Kaye's friends filled in, with a different guest host each week.

Smith occasionally fills in as guest host of the Thom Hartmann Program.

He also appeared as guest host on the TV panel show "The Name's the Same".

host of other   (diğer ev sahibi)

and the Idiots and a host of other bands.

It also has a host of other applications.

They adopted Samantha Spears and raised a host of other children.

used to host

He used to host "Naalaya Iyakkunar" on "Kalaignar TV".

The ground was used to host one first-class match in 1876.

It used to host the Portugal Open in May.

bid to host   (ev sahipliği yapmayı teklif et)

Junák bid to host the World Jamboree in 1933.

In December 2013, Bermuda's bid to host the 2017 America's Cup was announced.

The province won a bid to host the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and Whistler.

host team   (ev sahibi takım)

Their last game was against the host team.

They were drawn alongside the host team, Cambodia and Guam.

Dick Donovan faced off against the host team's Don Drysdale in Game 3.

host species

The host species of "T. scissaria" is as yet unknown.

Its declines are associated with those of its host species.

Some of its host species have faced more significant declines.

became the host

Salley also became the host of the BET show "Ballers".

In 2019, Uhas became the host of the Netflix reality show "Blown Away".

In 1975 he also became the host of the ITV children's TV quiz show "Runaround".

host cells

These are released by lysis of the host cells, which group together.

There are a variety of methods available to deliver genes to host cells.

"Chlamydiae" have the ability to establish long-term associations with host cells.

host star

K2-148b has a tight orbit around its host star.

The exoplanet orbits WASP-39, its host star, every 4 days.

The exoplanet orbits WASP-31, its host star, every 3.4 days.

intermediate host   (orta düzeyli ev sahibi)

Rodents, such as the paca, serve as the intermediate host.

Pigs may be an intermediate host for "N.

This fluke is highly specific at the first intermediate host level.

host cities

The host cities for the championships have been:

The host cities are Yacuíba and Bermejo.

The host cities are Tarija and Warnes.

host to many

The church plays host to many community events.

Darwin has played host to many of aviation's early pioneers.

Johnston's Pier played host to many royal figures and dignitaries.

right to host

The right to host such a game would be determined by a random draw.

The top seed earned a first round by and the right to host the event.

main host   (ana ev sahibi)

Barbara D'Urso returned as the main host of the show.

Manuel Luís Goucha as the main host.

Paola Maltese is the main host.

selected to host

In 2016, Nassau, Bahamas was selected to host the 2017 edition.

5 Austrian cities have been selected to host the 2010 Championship.

Florence was selected to host the 2013 UCI World Road Cycling Championships.

former host

He is the former host of The Gaggle Podcast.

He is host of "Marlins Live" and former host of "Panthers Live".

Sandhu was the former host of the breakfast show on the BBC Asian Network.

chosen to host

Baku was chosen to host the Eurovision Dance Contest 2010.

Josh Elliott and Hannah Storm were chosen to host the coverage.

Berlin, Paris were the two cities chosen to host the competition.

original host

She replaced the original host of "Check, Please!

The program's original host was Marguerite McDonald.

The original host for six months was B. Mitchel Reed.

morning host

She remained at WGCI until 1989 when she became WNUA's morning host.

Pat Heiss was the morning host.

John Wishon was station manager and morning host most of those years.

host countries   (ev sahibi ülkeler)

She received a Guinness World Record for "most national anthems sung in their host countries in one year."

Since then, the cane toad has become a pest in many host countries, and poses a serious threat to native animals.

A measure of the calibre of these immigrants and of their acceptance by host countries (in particular South Africa) is given by H.V.

continued to host

Bachchan continued to host KBC until 2017.

Denis continued to host the evening show bilingually on CKGM until 1980.

The school's community continued to host community events, such as powwows.

host range

SPI-1 influences the host range and SPI-3 stops infected cells from fusing together.

Chimpanzees live mainly in central and western Africa and this would determine the host range for P. reichenowi.

With advances in genetic engineering, these bacteria have been manipulated for increased efficiency and expanded host range.

natural host

Bacteria serve as the natural host.

Plants serve as the natural host.

However, monarchs raised on their natural host plant, milkweed, were noxious to jays - in fact, jays that ingested them vomited.

host the event   (etkinliğe ev sahipliği yap)

The top seed earned a first round by and the right to host the event.

play host   (Ev sahibi oynamak)

In keeping with music trends, the new millennium saw Rock City play host to more dance music events.

Clubhouses also play host to a number of cycling-related events and art exhibitions throughout the year.

On May 26, 2016 it was announced that the stadium would play host to the 2017 North American Indigenous Games.

host the show   (şovu ağırlamak)

He returned to host the show solo at Easter 1979.

He would also host the show "Dance Fever".

Elina Viitanen returned to host the show, but Susanna Laine did not continue.

host computer

When the host computer was retired, the original game was lost.

When the host computer was retired, the source code to the game was lost.

The U-MYX player is a standalone application that requires no installation on the host computer.

served as host

Clive Pearse served as host for Seasons 1-4.

Four series were commissioned and Martindale served as host for all four.

Bell served as host and executive producer on the Disney+ docuseries "Encore!

studio host

Mike Yam Mike Yam is a studio host for the Pac-12 Network.

He was also a studio host for NFL Network's coverage of the Arena Football League.

One year later, CBS started using Nantz as the studio host for the NCAA tournament.

not host

Martindale did not host another game show for over a decade.

The site did not host the books and operated off of no income.

In 2012 and 2013 the hall was renovated so it could not host 2 more national titles.

regular host

The venue is a regular host to fight sports and other sporting events.

Rzouki has also guested as host when regular host Thom Gibbs has been away..

After "U-Bet" ended its run, he was immediately elevated to regular host status.

became host

Lee became host of "Working Day" two years later.

When Banks left 3KZ in 1952, Philip Gibbs became host.

In 2010 he became host of the G-Bam show but the show was cancelled abruptly.

human host

The Aztec god Tezcatlipoca was able to reenter the human world when he found a human host.

Consequent symptoms in the human host include cold-like symptoms and flares-coughing patterns.

The larva are exiled from the human host when the host coughs a bloody secretion containing the larva.

host unit

The 353 FS and 355 FS had long associations with the new host unit.

The host unit on the airfield was the 334th (later 3508th) Army Air Corps Base Unit.

The host unit, the 56th Fighter Wing, is tasked to train F-35 and F-16 fighter pilots and maintainers.

within the host

To attach within the host, "F. hepatica" has oral suckers and body spines.

After entering the body, the larva follow a distinct path within the host.

The resistance causes the larvae to take abnormal alternate paths within the host.

first host

She rose to fame as the first host of BET's "106 & Park".

She was the first host at the launch of the KiKa children's TV channel.

Steve Skrovan was the program's first host, later replaced by Mark Pitta in 1991.

continues to host

Guadeloupe also continues to host the Orange Open de Guadeloupe tennis tournament (since 2011).

It hosted the French Cycling Championships in 2009 and continues to host the Tour de Guadeloupe every year.

Sonoma Raceway continues to host amateur, or club racing events which may or may not be open to the general public.

host the tournament   (turnuvaya ev sahipliği yap)

The University of Minnesota will host the tournament.

They will host the tournament for the first time in the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

In October 2016, England was announced as the host the tournament, granting them automatic qualification.

host venue   (ev sahibi mekanı)

Enniskillen Airport is the host venue for Heli Challenge: The Premier Helicopter Championship.

The SOPAC has since been a host venue for numerous schools and swimming associations around New South Wales.

The results were as follows; Hunter Stadium was also chosen as the host venue for the 2016 Anzac Test between Australia and New Zealand on 6 May.

game show host   (oyun şovu sunucusu)

Dorothea Coelho Dorothea Coelho is an American game show host.

Philbin was also a game show host.

"Big Mess" was inspired by letters sent to a game show host by someone using the name "Cowboy Kim".

definitive host   (kesin ev sahibi)

These are the infective stages for the mammalian definitive host.

"Fasciola hepatica" occurs in the liver of a definitive host and its lifecycle is indirect.

Bush dogs and domestic dogs serve as the definitive host for the adult stage of "E. vogeli".

host school   (ev sahibi okul)

Between the host school's two teams, only the men qualified.

It is also the host school for the city of Stamford's All School Musical that involves every school in the city.

The Frozen Four was played on March 22 and 24, 2013 at Ridder Arena in Minneapolis, with the University of Minnesota as the host school.

host to several

The Reese Community Center has played host to several parties, dinners, and receptions since.

Today, Lübeck is host to several attractions that reference the city's association with marzipan.

Edmonton plays host to several large festivals each year, hence its local nickname as 'the Festival City.'

playing host

They competed in the Houston Regional, with Rice University playing host, at Reckling Park.

Many areas of Florence have undergone renovations in the recent past, with former factories now playing host to art studios and small retail stores.

In recent editions, the TV Festival has been held in the host city of the ABU General Assembly, with Istanbul, Turkey playing host to such assembly in 2015.

scheduled to host

The country was scheduled to host Afghanistan for a Test match, five ODIs and three T20I fixtures.

Morocco was scheduled to host the 2015 African Nations Cup, but decided to decline due to Ebola fears.

The venue is scheduled to host Group A of the 2013 IIHF Women's World Championship Division I between 7 and 14 April.

host events

Several organizations regularly host events at the school:

They host events monthly with atheist speakers and writers.

These parks often host events such as marathons, community activities and holiday celebrations.

talk radio host

Charles Goyette Charles Goyette is a libertarian commentator and talk radio host.

Bob Enyart Bob Enyart () is an American talk radio host and pastor of Denver Bible Church.

The song was also frequently played as bumper music by paranormal talk radio host Art Bell on his shows.

larval host   (larva konakçısı)

Its larval host is common ninebark.

It is a larval host to the gold moth and the silvery checkerspot.

as larval host plants.