Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

hosts an annual

The club hosts an annual "clubs and pubs regatta".

Ramsbottom hosts an annual rhythm & blues festival.

The center hosts an annual Insect Fair in May.

hosts the annual

He hosts the annual Nevill Holt Opera festival.

The Sewu Temple often hosts the annual Vesak ceremony.

The club also hosts the annual Gem City 7's tournament.

currently hosts

It currently hosts the Consulate of Iceland.

The site currently hosts an annual outdoor jazz festival.

He currently hosts Khabaryar on Neo News.

hosts several

The Dayton area hosts several arenas and venues.

The state hosts several major sporting events.

The Columbus riverfront hosts several bridges.

hosts many

NCMNS hosts many special events through the year.

Shahbag hosts many street markets and bazaars.

Gifu also hosts many festivals and events throughout the year.

hosts a number   (aloja un número)

The church hosts a number of relics, including

Bangladesh hosts a number of international tournaments.

Each summer, Westmont hosts a number of summer programs.

now hosts

He now hosts a morning talk show on AM 710 KNUS.

The church now hosts the "Domus Ars" Cultural center.

The museum now hosts the full collection of Sheikh Hassan.

hosts a variety

The city hosts a variety of cultural festivals and events annually.

Kempshott has its own village hall which hosts a variety of activities and meetings.

Farmland hosts a variety of semi-natural vegetation of grasses and flowering plants.

regularly hosts

The venue regularly hosts poker tournaments.

The BCF regularly hosts conferences.

The Newlands Cricket Ground regularly hosts international matches.

city hosts

The city hosts a variety of cultural festivals and events annually.

The city hosts also the annual Frankfurt Marathon and the Ironman Germany.

The city hosts several major Korean and international military conferences.

show hosts   (mostrar anfitriones)

He has agreed to fill in periodically for the regular talk show hosts.

O'Donnell and Davis also work as entertainers and show hosts at SeaWorld.

Halfway through, he sat down on the wire and called the "Today" show hosts.

hosts various

Eva Lind regularly appears on German TV where she hosts various music programs.

Their complex food chain hosts various microbes and bacteria, which invertebrates feed on.

The stadium also hosts various teams from Salalah in the second division, as well as Mirbat.

guest hosts

The series also had two guest hosts.

"Hardball" has had a variety of guest hosts when Chris Matthews is unavailable.

Philbin (along with Steve Harvey and John Henson) were named the 2009–10 guest hosts of the daily "Millionaire".

natural hosts

Bacteria serve as natural hosts.

Plants serve as natural hosts.

hosts events

The DDMI organizes and hosts events annually.

The estate hosts events such as "Gay Day," gay friendly concerts and film nights.

The club hosts events with members of the MIT faculty and distinguished MIT graduates.

hosts numerous

The course hosts numerous military and civilian golf events.

The university hosts numerous visiting artists, performances, and lectures.

The venue hosts numerous mountain bike and cross country ski races over the year.

town hosts   (anfitriones de la ciudad)

The town hosts a Bardot statue by Christina Motta.

The town hosts Andrushivka Astronomical Observatory (A50).

The town hosts a local market which operates on Mondays and Thursdays.

hosts include

National hosts include Sean Hannity and Mark Levin.

Local hosts include Ron Dombrowski, Matty K and Lynn Carol Schriver.

Preferred mycorrhizal plant hosts include pine, hemlock, and rhododendron.

intermediate hosts

In at least 56 species definitive and intermediate hosts are known.

Pomatiopsidae are well known as intermediate hosts of Asian schistosomes.

Several species of genera "Segmentina" and "Hippeutis" serve as intermediate hosts.

new hosts

The new hosts were Jordi Estadella and Miriam Díaz Aroca.

As for all the previous seasons, new hosts were introduced.

They were officially introduced, as the new hosts, on October 1, 2012.

other hosts   (otros anfitriones)

Wink would respond in kind to Mr. Voiceman and introduce the show's other hosts.

Although Saume was the central figure of this show, other hosts assiste on occasions.

Whether these new lice came from viable eggs or via transmission from other hosts was not clear.

against hosts   (contra los anfitriones)

They started the run with a goalless draw against hosts Nepal.

The ended the first round with a 0–0 draw against hosts Maldives.

A 0–2 defeat against hosts and eventual runners up Brazil, however, put an end to the Yugoslav campaign.

school hosts   (anfitriones de la escuela)

The primary school hosts summer and winter fairs.

The school hosts a joint Michaelmas ball with nearby More House School.

The school hosts the B.R.

hosts regular

The gallery also hosts regular shows in two separate wings.

The Main Gallery in the former stables hosts regular temporary exhibitions.

He hosts regular seminars at Southwood and had a weekly segment with Taft Price on KJRH Channel 2.

hosts more

It hosts more than five joint educational programs at B.S.

The school's staff consists of 235 people, and hosts more than 4,000 students.

Cologne is a major cultural centre for the Rhineland; it hosts more than 30 museums and hundreds of galleries.

annually hosts

The college also annually hosts the Portland Highland Games.

Heidenheim annually hosts a World Cup fencing tournament in épée.

Since 2011 the city annually hosts WTA tennis event called Baku Cup.