İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

per hour   (saat başı)

There are also two trains per hour to Guildford.

60 kilometers per hour or 1.4 kilometers per second.

The train runs at an average speed of 70 km per hour.

half an hour   (yarım saat)

The entire attack lasted less than half an hour.

The walk should have taken her half an hour.

Long died half an hour after being taken to the hospital.

miles per hour   (saatte mil)

The maximum speed limit is 30 miles per hour.

Aircraft travel at 10,000 miles per hour.

During the storm, oak wilt spread at up to 100 miles per hour.

rush hour   (yoğun Saat)

Žirmūnai suffers from rush hour traffic jams.

This leads to a busy rush hour, and regular traffic jams.

It can get very crowded during rush hour.

hour later   (saat sonra)

An hour later the kidnapping victim was released.

James died about an hour later at Bridgeport Hospital.

All three were arrested by police about an hour later.

half hour

It was also noted that it was half hour from Sar'a.

Smith agrees to come to Baker Street within a half hour.

He also has a half hour comedy series for UKTV 'Henry IX".

every hour

The pictures show this for every hour on equinox day.

The Channel comes out with updates every hour.

A cuckoo which popped out every hour was added in 1905.

trains per hour

There are also two trains per hour to Guildford.

The S20 operates two trains per hour south to Bellinzona and Locarno.

Two trains per hour run to Kashihara Jingu-mae and four to Kawachinagano.

hour before   (saat önce)

He accepted her request, an hour before the registration closed.

They engaged "Fox" for nearly an hour before they finally struck.

Two telephone warnings were given within half an hour before the blast.

first hour

ET (5 p.m. to 12 midnight CT), with the first hour produced locally.

Pesce's art-film roots are evident in the movie’s slow-burn first hour.

Australia struggled against the new ball in the first hour of the day three.

hour long   (bir saat)

It consists of three episodes, each an hour long.

The party emerged unscathed after a 44 hour long trip.

Breakouts are typically one hour long and generally focus on IT.

within an hour   (bir saat içinde)

Ejaculate liquefies within an hour.

While Malashri suffered multiple injuries, Sunil died within an hour.

They usually stand within a few minutes of calving, and suckle within an hour.

each hour

For each hour they hold out, their team gets Rs.

BBC World Service newscasts are heard atop each hour.

This meant that there were now nine games in each hour.

peak hour   (yoğun saat)

In the peak hour, trains on the line run to and from Friedberg.

During peak hour the road is often a traffic nightmare for locals.

In the peak hour, trains run to/from Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof.

during rush hour   (yoğun saatlerde)

It can get very crowded during rush hour.

The streets of central Frankfurt are usually congested with cars during rush hour.

It's considered one of the most traffic jam area in Bangkok especially during rush hour.

hour each

Both newscast air for an hour each.

The show aired for an hour each week including commercials and was hosted by Gretel Killeen.

He traveled to and from practice from Ebeye to Kwajalein, by ferry that took a half hour each way.

hour during

The show ran for an hour during its entire run.

Whitehead announced the news at the top of the hour during the nighttime hours.

Rainfall rates were expected to reach nearly per hour during the height of the storm.

hour mark   (saat işareti)

On the hour mark, Crawley took the lead through Luke Gambin against the run of play.

Dana Stevens of "Slate" wrote that the movie lost its way around the hour mark, noting that "the Infected just aren't that scary."

After the break, both sides made wholesale changes, and Mikael Mandron completed the scoring to make it 4–1 to United on the hour mark.

hour in each

On Sundays there is just one train per hour in each direction.

Off-peak there are two trains per hour in each direction across the viaduct.

During operating hours there are between four and six journeys per hour in each direction.

train per hour

On Sundays there is just one train per hour in each direction.

, the typical off-peak service is one train per hour to and one to .

These trains go to London Victoria and London Bridge via Sutton and West Croydon, with one train per hour in each direction on both routes.

second hour

The show now begins with the "Handel on the News", segment previously heard in the show's second hour.

In 2019, the meeting schedule was condensed into a two-hour block (with alternating meetings during the second hour).

Kevin Ritchie of "Now" found the music "impressive", but found the "lyrical ambivalence" to be "a bit one-note" by the album's second hour.

passengers per hour

It had a capacity of 400 passengers per hour.

The metro is designed to carry 30,000 passengers per hour.

It carries 360 passengers per hour, and lasts for 50 seconds.

full hour

Under FAI rules, endurance records had to be broken by a full hour.

Each week features an interview with a different guest for the full hour.

The breathing apparatus incorporated a scrubber and an oxygen regulator and could last for up to a full hour.

miles an hour

I was then going at 40 or 50 miles an hour.

The best speed on the open road was about 80 miles an hour.

Soon after departure conditions included winds of 50 miles an hour.

hour between

There is one train an hour between Liverpool Lime Street and Preston.

There is also one train an hour between Manchester Victoria/Hazel Grove to Blackpool North.

News Channel updates were usually broadcast at 40 minutes past the hour between 08:00 and 23:00.

kilometres per hour   (saatte kilometre)

Motor vehicle speed limits are measured in kilometres per hour.

Trains using High Speed 1 reach speeds of 300 kilometres per hour (186 mph) whilst in the tunnel.

The Dinah was extremely fast for its size and could reach speeds in excess of 600 kilometres per hour.

finest hour

It has been repeatedly called, "NASA's finest hour".

It was said it was their "finest hour" as Catholics and as Canadians.

Kino's finest hour came in 1990 with a concert at Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium.

hour per

The parking fee is $1 per hour per vehicle, maximum $5 for the day.

Although the transmitters are active 24 hours a day, each transmits the time code one hour per day.

People who did not get at least two hours — even if they surpassed an hour per week — did not get the benefits.

hour earlier   (saat önce)

As a result, on May 3 workers left the factory half an hour earlier.

ITV's initial plan to broadcast the programme an hour earlier at 6pm was blocked by Sky.

The main earthquake was preceded almost exactly an hour earlier by a 5.4 foreshock with a similar epicenter and focal mechanism.

approximately one hour   (yaklaşık bir saat)

The journey to London takes approximately one hour.

This process took approximately one hour to complete.

The opera lasts approximately one hour and fifty minutes.

morning rush hour   (sabah yoğun saat)

Traffic jams occur in rush hour near Interchange Lankhorst, especially in the morning rush hour.

Although there is an entrance directly onto the south-bound platform, it is only open during the morning rush hour.

The instantaneous peak loading on the system is 210–220 MW (as of 2009) during the morning rush hour, and up to 225 MW during afternoon.

last hour   (son saat)

Johnson struggled to score, while Tallon did so freely in the last hour.

Maroon 5 was a last hour addition, following Jay-Z leaving for personal reasons.

Goullet rode the last hour of the race - a six-day relay race - without Grenda's help.

kilometers per hour

60 kilometers per hour or 1.4 kilometers per second.

Such tsunamis travel 600–800 kilometers per hour (373–497 miles per hour), depending on water depth.

The trucks generally travel much faster than the plows, averaging between 30 and 40 kilometers per hour.

eleventh hour

Corresponds to the English expression "the eleventh hour".

This they believed had deprived Germany of almost certain victory at the eleventh hour.

Whilst submitting these arguments, Geoffrey de Havilland funded his private venture until the eleventh hour.