Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

house was built   (ngôi nhà được xây dựng)

The main block of the house was built around 1855.

The current house was built between 1836 and 1842.

The house was built in 1781 and the mill in 1822.

publishing house   (nhà xuất bản)

Imagine is a young publishing house for children.

In 1920 the publishing house sold its bookstore.

She founded her publishing house "" in 2005.

manor house   (trang viên)

Hartrow Manor was a late-16th-century manor house.

Talhenbont Hall is a Grade II listed manor house.

He planted a garden and built a manor house here.

historic house   (ngôi nhà lịch sử)

It currently functions as a historic house museum.

It is a present-day historic house museum.

in White Mills, Kentucky is a historic house built in 1903.

public house   (nhà công cộng)

A public house and a shop were built in the 1850s.

The public house is called The Millbrook Inn.

There is one public house in the village: the Bay Horse.

country house   (nhà ở miền quê)

Today Trenython Manor is a country house hotel.

This country house was also called Castle Gore.

These could be called the true English country house.

lower house   (hạ viện)

The upper house consented to it; the lower house did not.

This win sent him for the fourth time to Tripura's lower house.

The lower house of the legislature is called the "National Assembly".

house arrest   (quản thúc)

Prince Sihanouk was put under virtual house arrest.

All three remained under house arrest until 1981.

Talwar helped Bose escape from house arrest in 1941.

main house   (Nhà chính)

Hopewell's two-story main house dates from 1818.

The main house has a Georgian center hall plan.

The main house, built in c.1812, is Georgian in style.

upper house   (Thượng viện)

He was elected to the upper house on 23 March 2018.

The upper house consented to it; the lower house did not.

house located

Two cabins each share a separate shower house located between them.

Building C is a medium-sized field house located next to the running tracks.

& S.S. DeYoung, a then 100-year-old estate jewellery house located in New York.

boarding house   (nhà trọ)

Willard converted the boarding house into a hotel.

The building is presently used as a boarding house.

Later, it was turned into a hotel and a boarding house.

opera house   (nhà hát Opera)

He moved his headquarters into the opera house.

The original wooden opera house was established in 1827.

It was also used as the local opera house.

house was listed

In 1970, the house was listed as a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark.

The house was listed on National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

The house was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2018.

house built

It is a Federal-style brick house built about 1832.

It is a two-story Federal style house built in stages.

It is a stone house built of soft, tufa rock.

new house

The new house was then begun and completed in 1824.

while Finn and Jake are looking for a new house.

The new house – the current building – was built in 1775.

meeting house

It includes Te Mako "wharenui" (meeting house).

The meeting house has ashlar walls made of local sandstone.

Utt (pronounced "oot") is a meeting house where men congregate.

house music

He is primarily known in the house music circuit.

The song incorporates elements of house music.

The track was also remixed by house music act Antiloop.

own house

Many private groups play by their own house rules.

In 1860, he opened a girls’ school in his own house.

To save costs, Adebayo uses his own house as the studio.

guest house

She offers him to stay in her guest house.

King Marthanda Varma's guest house (1748) was in Pallipad.

He stays in a guest house at the village.

house band

Tommy Furtado trio was the house band.

His band, The Mandarins was also the house band for the event.

Milt Franklyn and his nine-piece band was the founding house band.

house near   (nhà gần)

Flint lived in a listed Tudor manor house near Dunmow, Essex.

Debris of the tower killed a couple in a house near the tower.

They decided to let Caroline Place and find a house near the base.

large house

The canal is home to a couple of large house boats.

He had a large house built overlooking the hills near Eynsford in Kent.

He built a large house there in the 1820s, which he named Veteran Hall.

used to house

It was also used to house Italian prisoners of war.

It's currently used to house seismological instruments.

Terrón Island is uninhabited but it used to house prisoners.

old house

As a token of goodwill, she gives them their old house back.

They live in an old house in a village.

The number "21" was carved on the fence outside the old house.

production house

Collet-Serra formed his own production house Ombra Films.

He owns the production house Dev Entertainment Ventures Pvt.

Her production house, Remadja Ellynda Film, produced the film.

carriage house   (nhà xe)

The two-story, brick carriage house was built in 1896.

Also on the property is a contributing carriage house.

The two-story, granite carriage house was built in 1890.

school house   (ngôi trường)

A one-room school house was constructed in 1893.

The hamlet had a church, school house and a cemetery.

The building was built in the 1830s as a school house.

royal house   (nhà hoàng)

He was a progenitor of a prominent Fijian royal house.

It is the royal house name of the early Qin, and Qin Dynasty.

She also had the fate of the French royal house of Valois in her hands.

private house   (nhà riêng)

A private house was later constructed on the site.

The original Northop Hall is now a private house.

The main station building is now a private house.

first house

She was brought up in the first house ever in Portland.

and the first house was built by François Coignet in 1853.

Obadiah replaced the first house with a brick one in 1938.

around the house   (quanh ngôi nha)

The shades of so many of White's characters hung around the house.

A malevolent presence disturbed the couple's time around the house.

Turtle is Vincent's driver and takes care of issues around the house.

frame house

It is a small -story frame house with gambrel roof.

It is a plan two-and-a-half-story balloon frame house.

It is a mid- and late-18th-century -story frame house.

brick house   (nhà gạch)

It is a Federal-style brick house built about 1832.

It is a two-story brick house on a brick foundation.

It is a one-and-a-half-story common bond brick house.

small house

A small house on the property was built in 1826.

The couple moves into a small house in the town of Yonville in Normandy.

Bill Sr. and Malleville moved permanently into a small house by the lake.

entered the house

In 1792 he entered the house of Sommer in Leipzig.

Heath entered the house on Day 53 as an Intruder.

She entered the house on Day 53 as an intruder.

built a house

Here he built a house and began practicing medicine.

He built a house in Popondetta to use as a base.

He built a house and made a living from agriculture.

s house

As a result, she lived in her grandmother’s house.

Yuu wins and asks to sleep over at Touko’s house.

Their rally started to protest towards the deputy’s house.

house museum

It currently functions as a historic house museum.

It was restored in 1982 to be used as a house museum.

It is a present-day historic house museum.

s house

As a result, she lived in her grandmother’s house.

Yuu wins and asks to sleep over at Touko’s house.

Their rally started to protest towards the deputy’s house.

house called

The house called Wolterton Hall was completed in 1742.

By this time it had a house called New Hall.

In 1896 he owned a rooming house called "The Wellington."

historic house located

Westover Manor Westover Manor is a historic house located in Westover Hills, Texas.

Cliff Lodge Cliff Lodge is a historic house located in Hood River, Oregon, United States.

Thomas Vipham House The Thomas Vipham House is a historic house located near Jerome, Idaho.

each house

Bills must pass each house in order to become law.

Chosen from the Head Boy/Girl of each house.

There was a quorum of each house present.

original house

Many OKWs still refer to the original house names.

In 2015, original house McLachlan was closed.

The original house was substantially rebuilt in 1723–27.

court house   (tòa án)

The front of the court house has a three-bay Doric portico.

A court house was situated where Murphy's guest house is today.

He often went to the court house in Woodstock, Vermont to listen to cases.

station house   (nhà ga)

The station house was also remodeled and modernized.

The station house is now a private dwelling.

The station house remains, the platforms have been demolished.

built to house

In 1850, an almshouse was built to house paupers.

In 1915, a new block was built to house more patients.

It was also built to house local World War II veterans.

house was designed

The house was designed by Mrs. Charles C. Vineyard.

The house was designed by Henry Beston in 1925.

The house was designed in the I-house style.

leave the house   (rời khỏi nhà)

Contestants are permitted to leave the house in an emergency.

In "Amityville II" it begins right after they leave the house.

sold the house

She sold the house in about 1886 to William Lethbridge.

The Sanguinet family sold the house in 1952.

He sold the house to James Boswell in 1766.

tower house

Derryhiveny Castle is a tower house of four storeys.

"Peel tower": A small fortified keep or tower house.

Daniel then set about building himself a tower house.

plantation house   (nhà đồn điền)

About a third of the slaves lived in quarters behind the plantation house.

Tanglewood (Akron, Alabama) Tanglewood is a historic plantation house in Akron, Alabama.

McClanahan was a substantial landowner of the region, and this was his main plantation house.

safe house   (nhà an toàn)

The surviving Americans were taken to a safe house.

They were ambushed and the safe house came under attack.

Daisy left her baby in a safe house after she knocked Daniel out.

stone house

It is a stone house with a shallow pyramid roof.

It is a stone house built of soft, tufa rock.

It was used as the foundation for a stone house in 1882.

auction house   (nhà đấu giá)

Expert Sue Cubitt of the auction house had the works examined.

The record-setting ball was consigned to an auction house on August 21.

The original sold for £982,050 at Bonhams auction house in London on 20 March 2013.

house was added

In 1627 a customs house was added at the site.

Much of the remainder of the house was added in the 18th century.

In 1885, a freight house was added.

style house

It is a two-and-a-half-story Queen Anne style house.

It is a two-story Federal style house built in stages.

The two-story Italianate style house was built in 1845.

same house

The clinic was located in the same house as the library.

Their second son, Oscar, was born in the same house in 1854.

Throughout the video the same house is used in all three situations.

club house

The club house, which extends to 4,500 sq.

The club house has two bars and a balcony.

The ground was closed and the club house was later burnt down by vandals.

house became

In 1936, the house became known as Haus Auensee.

After he died in 1969 the house became a hotel.

The top floor of her house became an aviary.

mansion house   (ngôi nhà lớn)

The mansion house was destroyed by fire in 1795.

Largie Castle is a former mansion house at Tayinloan.

The serial is set in a mansion house in Perivale in 1883.

fashion house

Antonelli founded her eponymous fashion house in 1930.

By the end of the 1970s the fashion house was struggling.

She is currently the head designer at the fashion house that bears her name.

house when   (nhà khi)

He daily delivers ironed clothes to Kondalu's house when Maya starts liking him.

The duo met in East Oakland, California at a relative's house when they were teenagers.

Female initiation takes place in the seclusion of a house when the girl is about fourteen.

placed under house

In 1966, Yen was placed under house arrest.

The plot was uncovered and Irene was placed under house arrest.

He was placed under house arrest on the eve of his 90th birthday.

inside the house

While Harper is inside the house he hears gunshots.

He and Makoy then come back inside the house.

He assures that nothing will be boring while he's inside the house.

left the house

She dies after the assault, and Sadai left the house.

Threatening divorce, Eulalia left the house.

She left the house to the National Trust.

haunted house   (ngôi nhà ma ám)

My idea was to do an old haunted house film."

In 1985 he volunteered at a YMCA haunted house while in high school.

As the detective you must explore this haunted house, full of labyrinths and traps.

printing house   (nhà in)

As a young man he worked in a printing house.

Initially published by the Kraków printing house of J.A.

As of 2014 the printing house was still producing books.

summer house

The summer house was nicknamed "salon".

Maalouf also has a summer house there.

In 1893 he built himself a summer house called the Bagh-e Bala Palace.

farm house

The men lived with the family in the big farm house.

A farm house on the west end of Main Street is still occupied.

Hope Hall was built on the site of am old farm house and building.

house was sold

In 2004, the house was sold for $1.2 million.

In 1996 the house was sold to the Amitabha Buddhist Centre.

He died in 1828 and the house was sold.

house during

Walters once lost his house during a game of pitching nickels.

More than 150 bullets hit the McClellan house during the fighting.

Alfred Faniel, a Belgian-born artist, also decorated the house during the same period.

state house   (nhà nước)

Other changes were made to implement representative state house and senate districts.

The first official state house was opened in 1937 at 12 Fife Lane in Miramar in Wellington.

He got his political start in 1996, managing the state house campaign of Doug Wiles of St. Augustine.

family house   (nhà gia đình)

His family lives in private family house in Tuzla.

The family resides their family house in Tsumeb.

In the split Kamlapat received the Kanpur family house along with some cash.

bought the house

Hughes bought the house and furnishings for $486.57.

Edward Whatmore bought the house but he died the following year.

In 1922, Mark Cheney, the village's tax assessor, bought the house.

house system

The school has a house system of four houses.

Before 2010, the house system was as follows:

It is not affiliated with the house system.

engine house

The fort’s engine house was located on the wharf.

The engine house was again destroyed by fire in 1933.

A fire in 1926 destroyed the engine house and power plant.

town house   (nhà phố)

Robinson died at his town house in Park Terrace on 9 September 1889.

Such houses were often owned by individuals who also owned a town house.

Its first town house, essentially an oversized district school, was built in 1831.

bought a house

Clavell enjoyed Vancouver and bought a house there.

In 2004 Mosshard and Hince bought a house together in Dalston.

She bought a house in Richardson, where she lived until her death.

historic house museum

It currently functions as a historic house museum.

It is a present-day historic house museum.

It is open as a historic house museum.

open house   (mở nhà)

The official open house followed on June 7, 1990.

Its public open house was attended by 76,324 British citizens.

Jones was involved with the open house of the Draper Utah Temple.

house is now

The house is now a luxury bed and breakfast hotel.

This house is now maintained as a Schweitzer museum.

The house is now known as the Hatton Eielson Museum.

house is located

The house is located in some 1500m² of gardens.

The house is located along the Wisconsin River.

A carriage house is located on the rear of the property.

house remained

The house remained in the Field family until 1986.

The house remained in the Black family until 1954.

The house remained in the Yerkes family until 1959.

chapter house

Burchard also built the chapter house of Moutier-Grandval Abbey.

The front of the chapter house was rebuilt to a design by Hussey.

The chapter house has grouped windows of simple untraceried form.

house of representatives   (nhà của đại diện)

Eventually, the CP won 19 of the 500 seats in the house of representatives.

A monarch-appointed senate with 100 members was established, equal in size to the house of representatives.

He was also a member of the State house of representatives 1810, 1812, 1820–1821, this time representing Tolland.

house show   (chương trình gia đình)

Lau held a house show in "HK Fashion Week" in January 2000.

Some walls of the house show scars from gunfire during the Civil War.

He made his debut at a NXT house show on March 16, losing to Fabian Aichner.

house was demolished

This house was demolished in the early 20th century.

The house was demolished in the late 1940s.

The house was demolished in November 2003.

house was used

The house was used until 1980 as Doctor's Hospital.

The house was used by merchants and tobacco manufacturers.

During World War I, the house was used as a military hospital.

coffee house   (tiệm cà phê)

He saw patients at the popular Jerusalem coffee house.

The coffee house has inspired various imitations worldwide.

It was opened by James Farr in 1657, becoming London's second coffee house.

house was constructed

The house was constructed sometime during the 1840s.

A one-room school house was constructed in 1893.

This house was constructed for Peter Van Dyke in 1873.

leaves the house

She kisses him, and leaves the house to go on a run.

He says he knows nothing and Judah leaves the house.

Upon discovering this, she leaves the house.

log house   (nhà gỗ)

It is a two-story three-bay frame and log house.

The house is a saddlebag-plan log house.

The Johnstons' cedar log house on Water Street in Sault Ste.

house party   (bữa tiệc tại gia)

Chris and Aidan help Natasha clean up after she throws a house party.

House Party A house party is a social gathering at someone's residence.

In the visual, Anne-Marie and a group of female friends host a house party.

beach house   (Nhà gần biển)

They own a beach house in the hamlet of Westhampton, New York.

The video begins with the group performing inside the beach house.

While kissing on the beach house balcony, they are obviously being watched.

house itself

The house itself was dilapidated and was restored in 1986.

The house itself is Grade I listed.

The house itself lies on a cast-iron caisson which is built into the breakwater.

coach house   (huấn luyện viên tại nhà)

At the rear is a coach house and free-standing office block.

The jib winches may be located on the cockpit coaming or on the coach house roof.

The coach house and stables are a fine example of mid 19th century rural architecture.

building to house

World War I delayed the plans for a new building to house the KWI for Brain Research.

To the left of the main entrance was a building to house poor travellers and pilgrims.

In 1933, the yeshiva built a new building to house the "mechina" ("preparatory school").

house was purchased

The house was purchased by Bledsoe County in 1997.

The house was purchased by William Pope in 1845.

In 1940 the house was purchased by Walter and Margaret Voss.

power house

mil feeder left the power house in each direction.

The steam power house was and was a wooden building.

1926 photo of power house and nearby housing