now housed   (今収容)

It is now housed in the Wisconsin State Capitol.

This painting is now housed in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Many services are now housed at that location.

building housed   (収容された建物)

Later, the building housed a sign company for a time.

At the time, the building housed the offices of DuPont.

The building housed 15 businesses at the time of the fire.

currently housed   (現在収容中)

It is currently housed at the Vatican Library (Vat.

It is currently housed in "Guilford Residence Hall."

They are currently housed at Lapworth Museum of Geology.

originally housed

The building originally housed 32 very large luxury apartments.

The building originally housed the general machining business Novelty Mfg.

The museum was originally housed in the Briggs building on Fayetteville Street.

housed within

His papers are housed within The National Archives.

A silver chariot is housed within the premises.

All club sports are housed within the Campus Recreation office.

once housed

The building once housed 24, 8 foot by 13 foot cells.

In 2008 an old hall in the office building, that once housed the A.P.

It once housed a boiler.

formerly housed

The location formerly housed Starr restaurant Serafina.

The campus formerly housed both West Port Middle and High Schools.

The city formerly housed the Escola Paralelo, a Brazilian international school.

museum is housed

The museum is housed in the location of the former G.C.

The museum is housed in a 10-story building called Bagstage.

The museum is housed in a restored Grade II listed railway building.

previously housed   (以前に収容された)

This building previously housed a railway depot.

The premises has previously housed the bars Woodstock og Frøken Nielsen.

In 1982, a new fire station could be moved into, so that the previously housed separately vehicles were now available in one place.

building that housed

The building that housed CLC was constructed in 1925.

That facility is now defunct, and the building that housed it no longer extant.

The building that housed the factory, located in Washington near St. George Utah, still stands.

initially housed

The school was initially housed at the Williams House, where Gov.

He was initially housed in a refugee camp at Lowestoft in England.

It initially housed, amongst other stores, Christian Dior and Valentino.

housed inside

The main school building is housed inside Sct.

The primary mirrors are housed inside a “cell” which protect the mirrors.

The electronics were housed inside the "Warm Electronics Box" inside the rover.

floor housed

The top floor housed the servants' quarters.

The third floor housed the Moscow School of Mathematics and Navigation.

The upper floor housed storage as well as hay and fodder for the stabled horses.