İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

now houses   (şimdi evler)

It now houses the Integrated Marketing Department.

It now houses the cultural centre of the village.

It now houses the headquarters of the Venstre Party.

both houses   (her iki ev)

It has passed both houses of Parliament of Brazil.

Federal laws need to be passed by both houses.

The Republican Party took back control of both houses in 2011.

public houses   (kamu evleri)

A further 70 public houses were added as a result.

The town has two public houses and a restaurant.

Many of its fountains were sited opposite public houses.

building houses   (bina evleri)

, the building houses around 1,000 businesses.

The building houses Government offices today.

Young also resumed work on building houses.

houses were built

The first houses were built in the spring of 1631.

Eventually 1,500 houses were built outside the COD.

The houses were built on both sides of the waterways.

opera houses   (opera evleri)

She has appeared in opera houses all over the world.

It has played in opera houses around the world.

It is among the most modern opera houses in the world.

houses built

There were several such houses built in Singapore.

The IDPs live in new houses built by the government.

The Grange Farm farmyard now has 38 large houses built on it.

publishing houses   (yayın evleri)

and published the books through Chinese publishing houses.

Most of Denmarks's major publishing houses are based in Copenhagen.

He worked as a lithographer for several Viennese publishing houses.

country houses   (kır evleri)

Slowly the area became populated with custom country houses.

After World War II, many country houses were being demolished.

The country houses of England have evolved over the last five hundred years.

currently houses

It currently houses the UD Department of English.

It currently houses approximately 2,400 inmates.

MCI-Concord currently houses approximately 570 inmates.

new houses

The IDPs live in new houses built by the government.

Ruins were used as a building material for new houses.

Instead, the player must complete all tasks to unlock new houses.

several houses

As of 1990, it still consists of several houses.

In the bay, there are several houses that are used summer only.

few houses

In the 1930s, Center Grove had a few houses and a church.

The small community had a school, church, and a few houses.

Most old neighborhood consist of shops and very few houses.

boarding houses

It can't be done in stuffy parlors in boarding houses.

The main boarding houses were Cranmer, Latimer, Ridley and Tyndale.

The Sisters also ran Sunday clubs, boarding houses and primary schools.

many houses

Now so many houses and buildings are in this village.

During the World War II, many houses of the street were destroyed.

The road is a windy, curvy road which has many houses along its path.

private houses   (özel evler)

Wimpey was once again selling 12,000 private houses a year.

Art exhibitions were held in rented space in private houses.

Others were pulled down to make room for private houses and businesses.

number of houses   (ev sayısı)

The number of houses was reduced from 149 to 39.

It comprises a small village school and a number of houses.

The change in number of houses over this time was fairly stagnant.

other houses   (diğer evler)

It forms a continuous block with the other houses.

Five other houses are extant, but have not been listed on the NRHP.

The inner wall also encloses four other houses and three other mosques.

terraced houses   (teraslı evler)

The popular local Green Flag park is tucked away behind rows of terraced houses.

Middleport is primarily residential, with distinctive Victorian terraced houses.

The estate comprises semi-detached houses and terraced houses with two bungalows.

houses along

There are many large houses along Dittmer Drive.

There are about 1,150 houses along the road.

The district includes nine houses along Ash Ave. from La Grange Rd.

large houses

There are many large houses along Dittmer Drive.

The Grange Farm farmyard now has 38 large houses built on it.

There are many large houses built near or on the banks of the lagoon.

museum houses

The museum houses the National Aviation Hall of Fame.

The museum houses numerous relics recovered from the property.

The museum houses collections, and temporary and permanent exhibits.

row houses   (Sıra evler)

The portion of the park next to P Street once held 19th-century row houses.

Most of the housing consists of three-story row houses built between 1840 and 1870.

Between 1905 and 1925, the neighborhood rapidly filled with upper-middle-class homes, apartment buildings, and row houses.

old houses

Few old houses from the early 20th century are preserved.

The remains of old houses, water wells and graveyards reappear as well.

Today's Aycliffe Village is a mixture of cottages, old houses and new builds.

guest houses

– it includes list of guest houses in Panchasayar

It is also home to a number of shops, cafés, and guest houses.

There are also various guest houses ("casas rurales") and a small hotel.

houses several

Lake Region High School also houses several academies.

It houses several remains of the medieval castle and walls.

It houses several 16th-century frescoes.

religious houses

There were apparently no religious houses in the diocese.

All religious houses and their properties became crown property.

All religious houses and their income properties reverted to the crown.

houses were destroyed

As per records more than 1,350 houses were destroyed.

The bombing caused 60 victims and 100 houses were destroyed.

According to the chronicle of Welzl, 74 houses were destroyed.

houses many

It houses many engineering, Arts and nursing colleges.

It is also a place rich in , itself located in the which houses many of the .

It now houses many pictures and pieces of furniture from the original Palace Theater.

houses around   (etrafındaki evler)

It has played in opera houses around the world.

, the building houses around 1,000 businesses.

They began to build houses around an existing bell tower.

town houses   (kasaba evleri)

Most of the accommodations are 2-story cottages or town houses.

The town houses the 18th-century church of San Michele Arcangelo.

The town houses the regional administration and military for Tiris Zemmour.

detached houses   (müstakil evler)

Most homes are single, detached houses with a high ownership rate.

This comprised 4,495 detached houses and 269 semi-detached dwellings.

Multi-unit attached and detached houses dominate much of the land area.

manor houses   (malikane)

Some of these Germans’ manor houses still survive.

Two of its manor houses were called "West Court" and "East Court".

Little is known of the pre-Tudor manor houses, but there was a moat.

small houses

There are small houses on the biggest island.

His included a fireplace, in particular, which was rare in small houses.

There are five cannons in the castle, and ten small houses roofed with tiles.

built houses

They also built houses like those of Hadza today.

Mint Homes built houses in Traces.

They built houses on the fringes of the city, with street layouts almost totally unplanned.

stone houses

55 out of 450 pre-1948 stone houses are still standing.

Imposing stone houses in Neo-Classical style were erected around the canals.

The village is characterised by old stone houses clustered around an ancient castle.

building now houses

This building now houses the training center and offices.

The building now houses The Brewster Inn.

The building now houses the University's Faculty of History.

coffee houses

(Curry was served prior to this in some London coffee houses.)

She played them at bars and coffee houses throughout her teens.

Historically, Irish coffee houses and cafes were associated with those working in media.

school houses   (okul evleri)

The current Elementary school houses Pre-school through grade six.

The school houses a culture museum with one of the best displays of vyshyvanki (embroidery) in Zakarpattia.

The school has 4 learning communities named after notable Ashford residents: The school houses The Towers Retail Outlet and The LRC.

royal houses   (kraliyet evleri)

Baccarat has become quite famous at the royal houses.

Later it was used by the Normans and the royal houses of Hohenstaufen and Anjou.

He was closely connected with nearly all the royal houses of Europe on both sides of his family.

wooden houses

Approximately 90,000 buildings, many wooden houses, were destroyed.

The village is well-known for its scenic harbour and charming wooden houses.

The working class lived in the overcrowded city district Haga in wooden houses.

houses a collection

The university library houses a collection of 825,000 volumes.

It houses a collection of wagons, including a buggy and a mud wagon.

The Center houses a collection of artwork from the 19th century to the present.

build houses

They began to build houses around an existing bell tower.

In 1973 plans were made to build houses and apartments in Houtwijk.

Chew divided his land into building lots and sold them to developers to build houses.

houses such

His domestic work included houses such built in the Ascot, Hamilton, Cield, Coorparoo and Greenslopes.

She was also patronized by many other royal houses such as those of Travancore, Bobbili, and Vijayanagaram.

The Middle Circle has offices, Banks, Exchange houses such as Thomascook, Atwexchange, PVR cinema and eating outlets.

residential houses

The housing is mainly private residential houses.

It is famous for residential houses and temples.

He is also credited with design of some residential houses.

first houses

The first houses were built in the spring of 1631.

The first houses were constructed in 1763.

The first houses administration and the students' study room.

historic houses

It is considered to be one of the finest historic houses in the Marais.

They have also restored several historic houses that were in danger of being torn down.

Its scope includes conservation of historic houses and cultural heritage, including cultural goods.

houses of worship   (ibadet evleri)

There are no Islamic houses of worship in the town.

Today in most villages, houses of worship of different shapes and sizes may be found.

Two of these houses of worship are national while the other three are going to be local temples.

farm houses

It includes the hamlet of Landikon and numerous scattered farm houses.

Eglisau is first mentioned in 892 as several independent farm houses known as "Ouwa".

There at least 97 different hamlets and individual farm houses scattered throughout the municipality.

fashion houses   (moda evleri)

Giorgini had planned to present 18 models from 10 Italian fashion houses.

By the mid-1970s, we see the reemergence of “unstructured design” from the fashion houses.

Deacon chose to travel and gain experiences at fashion houses, before starting his own label.

all houses

Until recently, almost all houses were built almost entirely from bricks.

They were held over three rounds, covering all houses of the current teams.

A state of siege was put in force, martial law declared, and all houses were subject to search.

safe houses   (güvenli evler)

When Iparraguirre was a child, her family ran safe houses for ETA.

Zubaydah was apprehended from one of the targeted safe houses in Faisalabad, Pakistan.

It became impossible to find reliable safe houses to accommodate the numbers involved.

floor houses

The first floor houses the "Director's Office" and "Cashier".

The first floor houses 14 halls which are quite huge in size.

The top-most floor houses the museum's administration offices.

tower houses

The tower houses the theater entrance and box office.

The Martello tower houses the RMC Museum.

The tower houses a ring of four bells.

building also houses

The building also houses classroom and office space.

The building also houses Bilston Library.

The building also houses a coffeeshop, offices, and studios.

brick houses   (tuğla evler)

At the beginning of the 18th century, three brick houses were built on the eastern facade.

This newly built white cottage is very recognisable against the backdrop of red brick houses.

There, the winds destroyed the roofs or damaged the doors and windows of 95% of brick houses.

building that houses

Additionally, the building that houses South Park Studios was named after the restaurant.

The building that houses Tech's school of Electrical and Computer Engineering bears his name.

Heath Commons is a two-story building that houses the school dining hall and a student lounge.

auction houses

It is periodically sent to over 100 auction houses around the world.

They have also been widely sold by the auction houses Bonhams, Christie's, and artnet.

In addition, Artsy partners with top auction houses, like Phillips, Christie's and Sotheby's.

houses all

She has appeared in opera houses all over the world.

It houses all super specialty departments and an apex trauma center.

The stadium features the Majestic Clubhouse, which houses all team apparel.

houses and other   (evler ve diğer)

Two keeper's houses and other structures also date from around this time.

Here, both sides used heavy artillery, destroying houses and other civilian structures.

He moved to Detroit in 1894, and built a number of apartment houses and other buildings in the city.

houses and population

Anjar also experienced strong earthquake on 21 July 1956, which had its epicentre near the town and another major earthquake on 26 January 2001, which caused large scale destruction of houses and population.

houses a museum

The barn currently houses a museum about hop production.

The interior now houses a museum of religious art and a small shop.

The site now houses a museum, named the Zeppelin and Garrison Museum Tønder.

council houses   (meclis evleri)

The family lived in a series of council houses in Rawdon, Guiseley and Yeadon.

In 2001 the government gave the council houses to the people of Hamad town for free.

Boaks' campaign advocated equal pay for women, subsidised apprenticeships and the sale of council houses.

buildings are houses

The other listed buildings are houses, farmhouses, and a gateway.

Most of the other listed buildings are houses, cottages, farmhouses and farm buildings.

Other than a church, all the listed buildings are houses, farmhouses, and farm buildings.

houses more

The complex has 5 buildings that houses more than 2000 people.

It houses more than 20,000 pairs of salt and pepper shakers from all over the world.

Under the Unified Health System, the SUS, Criciúma houses more than 252 thousand registered.

houses a large

The piano nobile houses a large Weapons Hall.

The museum houses a large collection of North American Indian artifacts.

Derby Art Gallery still houses a large collection of his work, although not on permanent display.

noble houses

Numerous other old noble houses are located in the main town.

Until 2011, members of current or former ruling noble houses (i.e.

Other immigrants were convicts or members of noble houses from Indonesia who were exiled to Sri Lanka and who never left.

more houses

Sutton has developed and grown through building more houses over this time.

Members also have access to tours of hundreds more houses which are not normally open.

As a result, more houses can be produced profitably and housing starts will increase (from HSo to HS1).

all the houses

Two weekly newspapers are delivered free to all the houses in the area.

This sarabat stall was there until the full completion of building all the houses.

At the end, all the houses are given points based on their performance in these tournaments.

terrace houses   (teras evleri)

townhouses, row or terrace houses), 0.0% flats (including units and apartments).

Blackheath Place are residential brick terrace houses that are rather uncommon in New Zealand.

There are also primary and secondary schools to be found within walking distance to terrace houses.

campus houses

The main campus houses grade ten to twelve.

The campus houses a Polytechnic, pharmacy, hostels (boys/girls).

Brougham Hayes houses all Stem subjects and foreign languages whilst, the Upper Oldfield park campus houses English, Arts, and Humanities.

major opera houses   (büyük opera evleri)

It was one of the major opera houses in Germany until it was heavily damaged in World War II.

Berlin has three major opera houses: the Deutsche Oper, the Berlin State Opera, and the Komische Oper.

In the years after the Second World War the operas began to be performed in the major opera houses, and eventually were established in the general repertory.

today houses

The castle today houses the Dal Pozzo Hotel.

The Altenburg today houses a restaurant.

The site today houses a memorial to commemorate the suffering of more than 14,000 victims.

meeting houses

Presbyterian churches and Quaker meeting houses began to form.

There were two churches, four meeting houses for "dissenters", a free school and a national school.

The Episcopalians were driven out of Arbroath parish church in 1694 and met in a series of meeting houses in the town.

older houses

Many of the church's stones are still present in the walls of older houses.

The village still retains a few of the older houses which sit amongst much newer shops and apartments.

The existence of abandoned wine cellars in some older houses testifies to the village's viticultural past.

houses a number   (bir dizi ev)

Its campus has been redeveloped and houses a number of non-profits.

The boulevard of Sabana Grande houses a number of important artworks.

The museum houses a number of gold and enamel pieces, painted pottery, marble and paintings.

style houses

The entire area was first cleared of the residents and their homes, mostly Queenslander style houses.

The city was rebuilt in the 18th century with many of its fine Georgian style houses still surviving.

Vander Veer is surrounded by large Queen Anne and Tudor Revival style houses that were built between 1895 and 1915.

houses were damaged

In total, at least 169 houses were damaged.

Overall, 2,694 houses were damaged, and another 12 were destroyed.

A staggering were evacuated, 13.3 million houses were damaged or destroyed.

houses the offices

The building houses the offices of the prime minister and other ministers.

It also houses the offices of the various deputy prime ministers of Thailand.

It now houses the offices of several production companies, including Miramax Films.

facility houses   (tesis evleri)

The 2C production facility houses 13 edit suites, audio and in-house graphics.

The rear of this radio facility houses the small studios of the local NBC affiliate, KTVM Channel 6.

The current facility houses a library of McKinley materials, a gift shop, meeting space, and a computer lab.

apartment houses

Sradionov (hotel Petrograd), some apartment houses, etc.

He moved to Detroit in 1894, and built a number of apartment houses and other buildings in the city.

Fredriksberg's central districts consists of shops, other commercial buildings and smaller apartment houses.

houses offices

The southwest quadrant houses offices for the Veteran's Administration and the county assessor.

It houses offices of the Mathematical Sciences Institute, tutorial rooms and the Research School of Economics.

This structure houses offices, laboratories, a library and media center, music department, an auditorium, and classrooms.

oldest houses

It is one of the oldest houses in Jarnac and serves as the company's headquarters.

Nearby is the John Satterly House which is claimed to be one of the oldest houses in the Setauket area.

One of the oldest houses in Athens County lies on the east side of Canaanville, known as the Savage-Stewart House.

monastic houses

The 19th-century parish house is based on traditional Moldavian monastic houses.

Many of the monastic houses of this period were founded by Sussex's new Norman lords.

Later, additional schools were established with connections to other monastic houses in Odense.

houses within

The plains Eloyi build large houses within compounds and fortify their villages.

The 2012 draft East Devon Local Plan recorded 716 houses within the Built Up Area Boundary.

There are four main houses within the community, as well as multiple other informal shelters.

summer houses

Others lived in already existing summer houses.

It has no shore connection and has some summer houses.

Its surroundings was redeveloped with summer houses in the 1940s.

houses located

Of the 1500 houses located in the Armenian quarter of Egin, 980 were pillaged and burned.

There are a few prayer houses located throughout Albania and one masjid (mosque without a minaret) run by the Sufi Rifai order.

This big cat is also reported to be preying on cattle of the villagers who are staying in their farm houses located along the forest boundary.

production houses

Frames is one of the top TV serial production houses in Mumbai.

She has worked in best banners with leading directors and in top production houses.

The film was a huge success and it established Champion Movies as one of the prominent production houses in Tollywood.

houses near   (yakınındaki evler)

By degrees he took to nursing lepers, in the lazar houses near Assisi.

Kinman lived in several places in the county, including houses near Fern Cottage and a dairy farm on Bear River Ridge.

In winter, they can also be found in houses near windows, doors, house plants and in basements to avoid the cold weather.

houses were constructed

Housing estates and new family houses were constructed.

The first houses were constructed in 1763.

Newer houses were constructed to meet the needs of the influx of workers.

still houses   (hala evler)

It still houses the Geological Institute of Hungary.

It still houses Parliament's library.

Today, the courthouse still houses Wallowa County government offices.

houses still   (evler hala)

Some of these Germans’ manor houses still survive.

Small timber-framed houses still dominate its façades.

Many of the original houses still stand today.

larger houses

Wetton village is primarily a collection of farmhouses, with the gaps filled in by cottages and a few larger houses.

Due to space restrictions, small houses were built in cemeteries, and children were buried in the doorways of larger houses.

He is listed as a commissioner (probably working for the Excise in Leith Docks) and living in one of the larger houses on Leith Walk.