İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

housing units   (Konut birimleri)

There were housing units at an average density of .

There are 478 housing units within the community.

55.6% of occupied housing units were owner-occupied.

public housing   (toplu Konut)

Diaz grew up in public housing in Harlem, New York.

Flemington also contains public housing estates.

Some bungalows were used as public housing.

new housing   (yeni konut)

In mid-2010, work began to clear the site for new housing.

By 1889 the block was being cut into lots for new housing.

Plans are underway for more units alongside the new housing.

housing estate   (toplu konut)

The site has since been replaced by a housing estate.

A Boyd Road is the name of a new road in a housing estate nearby.

Her work is remembered in the name of a housing estate in the town.

affordable housing   (uygun fiyatlı konut)

LAPs do not preserve the stock of affordable housing for future tenants.

The FHLBanks made affordable housing contributions of $269 million in 2014.

CNN Money ranked Davenport as the 16th most affordable housing in the country.

housing development   (Konut geliştirme)

The 1870s brought the railroad and a housing development.

The site of the park now holds a private housing development.

The school building has been replaced by a housing development.

housing estates   (toplu konutlar)

Flemington also contains public housing estates.

These sites are now mostly hidden beneath housing estates.

Trees then give way to disused wharves and housing estates.

housing developments   (konut gelişmeleri)

On the hillside above the village are two important housing developments.

In addition, several new private housing developments have been completed.

The housing developments in mid-1990s expanded Martin Grove Road northward.

rental housing   (kiralık ev)

It was the first major rental housing project in downtown Lexington since the early 1970s.

The dwelling was intended to be used as rental housing and as a summer retreat for the family.

From around 1860, the opposite western side of the street was gradually built with rental housing.

housing project   (konut projesi)

This was the birth of the Tutaleni housing project.

A 37,803 sq mile housing project was launched in 2010.

There is also a low-cost housing project.

housing projects   (konut projeleri)

Much of Delft consists of government housing projects.

He also resumed his civil work in the housing projects.

Loans are typically issued at 6% per annum, for housing projects.

social housing   (toplu Konut)

These property companies promote, manage and build social housing.

Many of her works were used to decorate public institutions or social housing.

It provided regular reports on each registered social housing agency in England.

housing and buildings   (konut ve binalar)

housing and buildings made up 4.4% of the total area, while transportation infrastructure made up 2.9%.

Of the built up area, housing and buildings made up 9.9% and transportation infrastructure made up 2.1%.

Of the built up area, housing and buildings made up 9.1% and transportation infrastructure made up 3.6%.

rental housing units   (kiralık konutlar)

192 people (78.7% of the population) lived in owner-occupied housing units and 52 people (21.3%) lived in rental housing units.

1,507 people (85.1% of the population) lived in owner-occupied housing units and 264 people (14.9%) lived in rental housing units.

1,008 people (85.1% of the population) lived in owner-occupied housing units and 176 people (14.9%) lived in rental housing units.

housing stock   (Konut stoku)

The housing stock is similar to that of West Walker.

It retains 88% of its pre-1930 housing stock.

The total housing stock was 197, of which 13 were vacant.

new housing units   (yeni konutlar)

, the construction rate of new housing units was 5 new units per 1000 residents.

In 2015 the rate of construction of new housing units per 1000 residents was 10.4.

In 2014 the rate of construction of new housing units per 1000 residents was 7.66.

council housing   (konsey konutları)

After the war, new council housing was needed.

council housing and housing associations.

This area consists of a mixture of privately owned and council housing.

student housing   (öğrenci evi)

In 1974, Drinker was converted to student housing.

There are no student housing dormitories on campus.

It is now used by Becker College as student housing.

building housing   (bina konut)

The building housing it was a Nizam's heritage monument.

It spread to a neighboring building housing antiques dealers.

In the late 1980s the centre received a new building housing an Elbrus-2 computer.

housing complex   (konut kompleksi)

In Rosyth there is a sheltered housing complex named in his honour.

For instance, each housing complex offers a major dance every year.

Built in 1965, Mesa Court was the first housing complex established at UCI.

private housing   (özel konut)

The site of the park now holds a private housing development.

Other students live in private housing.

The site was redeveloped for private housing in the early 1990s.

housing market   (Konut piyasası)

Frank uses the housing market as an example.

The housing market is heavily regulated.

The second phase of Riverside South was completed when the housing market improved.

residential housing   (konut)

It is predominantly developed as residential housing.

The surrounding residential housing is laid out in suburban housing estates.

The site of the former Kaserne has since been redeveloped as residential housing.

collective housing   (toplu konut)

There were 3 households that were made up unrelated people and 2 households that were made some sort of institution or another collective housing.

There were 27 households that were made up unrelated people and 2 households that were made some sort of institution or another collective housing.

another collective housing   (başka bir toplu konut)

There were 3 households that were made up unrelated people and 2 households that were made some sort of institution or another collective housing.

There were 27 households that were made up unrelated people and 2 households that were made some sort of institution or another collective housing.

housing shortage   (konut sıkıntısı)

This was primarily due to the housing shortage.

The post-World War II housing shortage is affecting many G.I.

At the end of World War One, Copenhagen suffered from severe housing shortage.

provide housing   (barınma sağlamak)

These "o-chum"s were able to provide housing to a family of six.

INCAMI also helps provide housing and health care, eases assimilation, and spreads awareness.

Bolaños Castle was built to provide housing and protection on the road from Toledo to Córdoba.

housing prices   (konut fiyatları)

Stock market and housing prices declined by 50%.

San Francisco has the highest housing prices in the United States.

The National Bank also operates a forward market on Canadian housing prices.

area while housing   (konut sırasında alan)

Of the built up area, industrial buildings made up 2.3% of the total area while housing and buildings made up 9.7% and transportation infrastructure made up 1.7%.

Of the built up area, industrial buildings made up 2.0% of the total area while housing and buildings made up 9.7% and transportation infrastructure made up 5.3%.

Of the built up area, industrial buildings made up 8.3% of the total area while housing and buildings made up 13.2% and transportation infrastructure made up 5.0%.

housing area   (konut alanı)

It is an up-market housing area.

The Roi side is the main housing area, with the retail and recreation facilities there.

A parent chased the man out of the area towards a housing area known as Villiers Flats.

modern housing   (modern konut)

The site of the station is now occupied by modern housing.

It has since been demolished and replaced by a modern housing estate.

It comprises modern housing, several public amenity parks, shops, a school and a nursery.

large housing   (büyük konut)

As a result, there are large housing estates of holiday homes near the strand.

Wheatpieces Wheatpieces is a large housing estate and civil parish in Gloucestershire, England.

Ernst May, Bruno Taut and Martin Wagner, among others, built large housing blocks in Frankfurt and Berlin.

housing bubble   (Konut balonu)

The housing bubble then led to the credit crunch.

They explained that more than four million Americans lost their homes since the housing bubble began bursting in 2006.

The bursting of the United States housing bubble prompted the Fed to buy mortgage-backed securities for the first time in November 2008.

housing construction   (Konut inşaası)

He later became involved in the extortion of public housing construction firms.

KSHB implemented various housing construction and lending projects for various income groups.

Trujillo also carried out an important housing construction program and instituted a pension plan.

temporary housing   (Geçici iskan)

There are also temporary housing for fishermen.

The Eisenhower Centre was inaugurated, with temporary housing in the Garrison Library.

Friends, family, local churches, and other sources provided temporary housing to refugees.

housing units averaged   (ortalama konaklama birimleri)

The 723 housing units averaged 176.8 per square mile (68.3/km).

housing association   (konut derneği)

The village was leased in 1987 to a housing association for finance to modernise the houses.

They are systematically being replaced by a mix of private and housing association houses and flats.

In 2003 it was acquired by the housing association, Grŵp Gwalia Cyf, and was redeveloped into Llys Glas.

housing conditions   (konaklama şartları)

Work and housing conditions worsened, and a significant economic underclass developed.

It was estimated that 3,000 families in the neighborhood needed improved housing conditions.

In 1967, Ragee and her family moved again to Cape Dorset in response to the improved housing conditions.

housing crisis   (barınma krizi)

Marinaleda represents a local exception of the national housing crisis caused by real estate speculation.

He ran on a platform of increasing tourism, finding solutions to the housing crisis, and opposing the light rail.

Ardern's government has focused particularly on the New Zealand housing crisis, child poverty, and social inequality.

terraced housing   (teraslı konut)

At this time the Earl of Home had intended to develop the grounds into terraced housing.

The rest of the town mainly consists of single-family detached homes and terraced housing.

It developed with the growth of the docks, mainly as an industrial and terraced housing area.

public housing project   (toplu konut projesi)

The government also named a public housing project in San Juan after him.

Brooks lived in a public housing project in the East End area of Newport News.

Situated closeby is East Hidd City, a large public housing project under construction.

housing boom   (konut patlaması)

The park was established in 1983, during the Sydney housing boom.

Once a locus of industry, the river is now the center of a housing boom.

However, there has been a housing boom due to declining commercial mortgage rates.

suburban housing   (banliyö konut)

It was developed into spacious suburban housing during the 1980s.

Jacob lives in Burlwood, California in a suburban housing development.

The surrounding residential housing is laid out in suburban housing estates.

housing unit   (Konut ünitesi)

Average size of a permanently used housing unit is .

The median value of an owner-occupied housing unit is $337,900 (2012), ranked fifth in the country.

The median value of an owner-occupied housing unit is $144,201 (2000), ranked twelfth in the country.

housing scheme   (konut şeması)

The site is now covered by a housing scheme.

It is well known for the housing scheme situated in there.

Fintry, Dundee Fintry is a housing scheme in Dundee, Scotland.

public housing projects   (toplu konut projeleri)

Urban renewal and public housing projects later replaced some of the slums.

While most of Copenhagens western suburbs are dominated by public housing projects, Glostrups mix is around the Danish average.

Demolition of the participating structures occurred in 2008, with residents dispersed to other public housing projects in the city.

worker housing   (işçi konut)

This area was one of the first planned worker housing tracts in the city.

Between 1910 and 1913, Creighton designed worker housing in Gary for the Sheet and Tin Plate Company.

Their interests included access to education for women, aid to the poor and unemployed, Civil Code reforms, temperance, worker housing and other issues.

public housing estate   (toplu konut)

Tai Hing Estate is the oldest existing public housing estate in Tuen Mun District.

Old Slab Old Slab () is a design of residential block of Hong Kong public housing estate.

The largest public housing estate is the Holland Court Housing Commission of Victoria estate.

local housing   (yerel konut)

Chronic homelessness has been on the rise since 2015, and has been largely a consequence of the constrained local housing market.

The Monomonock Inn, located on Bloomfield Avenue, was closed and razed in 1940, to be replaced by local housing and an A&P grocery store.

This highlighted the importance of the local Irish community, the poor local housing conditions (the opening line talks of "a crowded, crumbling constituency") and the relatively low turn-outs at previous elections.

housing areas   (konut alanları)

Puerto Rico Governor Pedro Rossello created the program to reinforce limited Puerto Rico LEA assets and drive out drug traffickers from housing areas.

In 1997, drug related crime was down 37 percent from the year before and the Governor no longer needed the Puerto Rico National Guard to maintain order in the housing areas.

During the 19th and 20th century, Ledeberg and Moscou gradually became part of Ghent city, first turning into residential suburbs and later into working-class housing areas.

now housing   (şimdi konut)

The building now housing The Lexington was erected in 1875–6.

The mill was a two-story white clapboard wood frame structure and still stands, now housing a portion of the Alberta Village Museum.

The eastern wing was severely damaged, and was rebuilt only in 2011, now housing the alcohol collections (partly publicly accessible).

new housing development   (yeni konut geliştirme)

Since demolished in September 2017 to make way for new housing development called Kings Crescent.

This figure is expected to increase due to the building of a new housing development off Groby Road.

The mill is reflected in the name of the modern nearby street Post Lane, where a new housing development has been proposed.

housing costs   (Konut maliyetleri)

Facing rising housing costs, residents voted to enact rent control and vacancy control in 1980.

He voted against the Lyttonsville Sector Plan because he stated that it would increase housing costs and force residents to move out, as well as the Chevy Chase Lake Sector Plan.

David Hyde (22) began his internship at the UN headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, without pay, but was forced to live in a tent because of expensive housing costs, according to reports published on August 13, 2015.

such as housing   (konut gibi)

She has been recognized for "identifying links between social factors such as housing and infant health".

Cryptocurrencies have been compared to Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes and economic bubbles, such as housing market bubbles.

Priority 2 is for those lines which require further development or a change in circumstances (such as housing developments).

housing program   (konut programı)

Thus, urban resettlement of citizens from dilapidated housing program was implemented by 95 percent, and new apartments have received more than 150 thousand families.

The Kennon senatorial platform called for $50 per month old-age pensions, a veterans' housing program, forestry and soil conservation measures, and expansion of the Rural Electrification Administration.

Elizabeth R." - March 3, 1965 The Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation along with the minister in charge of the Canadian government's housing program made approximately 60 vacant house available for the more than 200 left homeless from the disaster.

housing complexes   (konut kompleksleri)

From 2011 onward, the number of housing complexes being forcibly vacated has increased substantially.

All undergraduate student housing complexes at UC Irvine employ a two-tier structure for planning and implementing social activities.

Pinnacle Plaza is a Place where the expats living in Beijing usually are because of the foreign supermarket and proximity to housing complexes near Pinnacle Plaza.

used for housing   (konut için kullanılır)

There are even five towers left, some of which are used for housing.

The northern part was taken over by the government and used for housing the Ministry of Environmental Affairs.

It was used for housing the Swedish military officer Magnus Stenbock during his five years in Danish captivity.

housing was built   (konut inşa edildi)

Much of the present housing was built in the last century.

Modern housing was built on the brownfield land to the rear.

After the war, much working-class housing was built in Volčji Potok.

housing built   (konut inşa)

The area was formerly agricultural in nature, with the majority of the housing built in the 1950s.

They are representative of the city's growth of the period, and typify housing built for the city's laborers.

There was also a complex of social housing built by the industrialist Vlada Ilić for the workers of his Belgrade Textile Industry.