Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

transportation hub   (Centro de transporte)

Downtown Lethbridge serves as a transportation hub.

Summitville was once a busy transportation hub.

and transportation hub for Chitwan district.

transport hub   (centro de transporte)

Fort William is the nearest transport hub.

The city is a regional transport hub on the Volga–Don Canal.

It is also a major public transport hub.

commercial hub   (centro comercial)

Now it has become a major commercial hub in city.

Piraeus is also the commercial hub of Greek shipping.

It is also a commercial hub for the rural surroundings.

main hub   (centro principal)

It is the main hub for intercity bus line Lasta Beograd.

The airport is also the main hub of the airline Germanwings.

Currently, its main hub is at Lal-lo Airport in Cagayan Valley.

central hub   (eje central)

Until the 1960s, Five Points represented the central hub of Atlanta.

Fan disk A fan disk is the central hub of a fan in a turbofan engine.

The new line will make Køge a central hub in Denmark's transport system.

major hub   (centro principal)

China has also become a major hub of business for Hollywood studios.

Barcelona is a major hub for RENFE, the Spanish state railway network.

DART Central Station serves as a major hub for many of DART's local buses.

economic hub

Winkler is the economic hub of southern Manitoba.

Wilmington is the state's largest city and its economic hub.

Azerbaijan is also an important economic hub in the transportation of raw materials.

transit hub

The Route 46 bus connects the transit hub to Glasgow.

The transit hub opened in 2008.

The station serves as a transit hub for trains and AC and Golden Gate Transit buses.

cultural hub

Mookkannoor is a small business and cultural hub for people of neighbouring areas.

The gallery is a cultural hub, hosting events such as live music shows and artist' talks.

Dhaka, the capital and largest city, is the nation's economic, political and cultural hub.

became a hub

Eventually the area became a hub of progressive Fabian intellectuals.

Within a generation of its founding, Baghdad became a hub of learning and commerce.

Used primarily as his country home, the mansion quickly became a hub of the New York city social scene.

railway hub

The city's main railway hub is Nagano Station.

Velikiye Luki is an important railway hub.

Zwiesel (Bay) station Zwiesel station is the most important railway hub in the Bavarian Forest.