Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

several hundred   (varios cientos)

Wookiees have a lifespan of several hundred years.

As of 2011 several hundred genetic tests were in use.

They were supported by several hundred armed burghers.

hundred years   (cien años)

Wookiees have a lifespan of several hundred years.

Nine hundred years later, the earth was full again.

It takes place, “nearly five hundred years ago”.

few hundred   (Pocos cientos)

Only a few hundred Thoth remain on the dying world.

Most videos take a few hundred hours to complete.

The Australian monarchy goes back a few hundred years.

hundred thousand   (cien mil)

Coverage went from a few hundred thousand to millions.

Estimates varied from a few hundred thousand to billions of years.

, it attracted more than four hundred thousand visitors per month.

hundred people   (cien personas)

By May of 1891, a hundred people were in the camp.

The family-owned company employs two hundred people.

The hall seats one thousand two hundred people.

hundred yards   (cien yardas)

The station was situated four hundred yards north of Low Lane.

The Narwijjerooks then withdrew about a hundred yards and camped.

The Union troops fell a few hundred yards back from the Widow Tapp farm.

hundred feet   (cien pies)

The Eyrie clings to the mountain and is six hundred feet above Sky.

It is over a hundred feet (30 m) in length and 60 feet (20 m) wide.

Away from the shore, the land gradually rises several hundred feet.

hundred and fifty   (ciento cincuenta)

Two hundred and fifty mule loads of fuel were collected.

At this time only two hundred and fifty men were on duty.

They halted one hundred and fifty paces from the sunken road.

hundred metres   (cien metros)

The dryland rim varies in width from a few hundred metres to 2.4 km.

The ridge joins the main face of the peak a few hundred metres beneath the summit.

A few hundred metres away, there is the now partially reconstructed Odeon of Herodes Atticus.

hundred men   (cien hombres)

Immediately three hundred men and women were arrested.

Their efforts during the night had cost two hundred men.

Initially the group consisted of around one hundred men.

hundred meters   (cien metros)

Sound can be heard from three hundred meters away.

A few hundred meters from Tel Faher he came under heavy fire.

From a few hundred meters they came under heavy fire from Syrian tanks.

hundred miles   (cien millas)

Alaskans often include winter camping on longer journeys of a hundred miles or more.

There were several reports of 50 people killed in Beijing, a hundred miles from the epicenter.

The city is square in shape, and is twelve thousand furlongs long and wide (fifteen hundred miles).

hundred years later   (cien años después)

Nine hundred years later, the earth was full again.

It is being dated somehow later, maybe even more than hundred years later.

One hundred years later, the Negro remains in bondage to the color of his skin...

hundred million   (cien millones)

Kepler-51b is quite young at a few hundred million years old.

The total cost of this project was about one hundred million dollars.

One hundred million fewer riders rode MTA buses in 2017 than in 2008.

several hundred years   (varios cientos de años)

Wookiees have a lifespan of several hundred years.

Place House at St Anthony was the seat of the Spry family for several hundred years.

The outlying farmstead was sold in 2016 after several hundred years in the same family.

hundred years ago   (hace cien años)

It takes place, “nearly five hundred years ago”.

Four hundred years ago Blackfeather was named Adruu.

That is the kind of thing they were doing one hundred years ago.

hundred dollars   (cien dolares)

His first order was for an awning, for which he received five hundred dollars.

Cardinal Cappellari, afterwards Pope Gregory XVI, donated two hundred dollars.

One day three wealthy students find a poor weaver and give him one hundred dollars.

few hundred yards   (unos cientos de yardas)

The Union troops fell a few hundred yards back from the Widow Tapp farm.

In the same year, 1819, a few hundred yards away new congregation was formed.

It incorporated parts from the earlier Ham Mill, a few hundred yards to the north east.

several hundred thousand   (varios cientos de miles)

The show was usually attended by several hundred thousand spectators.

Heads are available with from one up to several hundred thousand nozzles.

It is a hot luminous supergiant several hundred thousand times as luminous as the sun.

few hundred metres   (unos cientos de metros)

The dryland rim varies in width from a few hundred metres to 2.4 km.

The ridge joins the main face of the peak a few hundred metres beneath the summit.

A few hundred metres away, there is the now partially reconstructed Odeon of Herodes Atticus.

hundred times   (cien veces)

I must have read that piece about a hundred times.

Patents that are cited more than one hundred times:

ben-'adam) also appears in the Torah over a hundred times.

hundred pounds   (cien libras)

A hundred pounds for a hundred acres!

These changes increased the Corsair's weight by several hundred pounds.

The commune was paid two hundred pounds a year for stock and equipment.

few hundred meters   (unos cientos de metros)

A few hundred meters from Tel Faher he came under heavy fire.

From a few hundred meters they came under heavy fire from Syrian tanks.

Small intermediate ridges rise up a few hundred meters to separate these local ravines.

hundred members   (cien miembros)

It was reported that the group had several hundred members.

In a large enterprise, a PPO usually had several hundred members.

He described three hundred members of the coenobium of Panopolis.

hundred fifty   (ciento cincuenta)

Approximately one hundred fifty of Blackburn's portraits survive.

One hundred fifty school districts received the base 2% increase in 2010-11.

hundred students   (cien estudiantes)

One hundred students enroll in the MBBS course each year.

Maharajganj started functioning with two hundred students in 2012.

These classes were offered roughly two hundred students, ranging in grade level.

hundred years old   (cien años)

He is over three hundred years old but hasn't hit puberty.

Some of garden's old large trees might be hundred years old.

Growth is very slow and large corals may be over a hundred years old.

hundred acres   (cien acres)

Robert Jenkins acquired a hundred acres of hill pasture.

A hundred pounds for a hundred acres!

Sampson deeded the society over one hundred acres of land on Kents Hill.

hundred years before   (cien años antes)

This is three hundred years before the Mayans developed their calendar.

It was made about a hundred years before the processional cross made entirely of silver.

It would hold this position for more than one hundred years before being surpassed by Toronto.

several hundred people   (varios cientos de personas)

Civilian and residential areas were hit, and several hundred people were killed and wounded.

"The Times" reported that several hundred people had visited on the day after the collapse alone.

At least several hundred people were killed in the fighting, including an unknown number of civilians.

few hundred feet   (unos cientos de pies)

The goal posts could be from a few hundred feet apart to a few miles.

Hope Island lies to the south of Kiket; Skagit Island only a few hundred feet to the southwest.

A few hundred feet higher in elevation was Fort Putnam, near the site of the present day Michie Stadium.

hundred percent   (cien por ciento)

DeMille told the actor that he was "one hundred percent yellow".

Artists partnering with The Network Hub received one hundred percent of all sales.

While I am a hundred percent for ballet technique, I use only what I can adapt to my own use.

hundred and twenty   (ciento veinte)

How about one hundred and twenty years of hurt.

Membership then increased significantly to nearly four hundred and twenty.

The interior is dominated by a large nave with seating for around four hundred and twenty.

several hundred feet   (varios cientos de pies)

Away from the shore, the land gradually rises several hundred feet.

Racing was encouraged by the fact that in many areas, the two lines were only several hundred feet apart.

Although the lighthouse now stands several hundred feet offshore, it was originally inside a much larger island.

nearly a hundred   (casi cien)

It has nearly a hundred of contributors who write twelve columns a day.

When she died in 1973, there were nearly a hundred Baháʼís at her funeral.

A graduate of Columbia University, he had a prolific output, publishing four books and nearly a hundred papers.

few hundred years   (unos cientos de años)

The Australian monarchy goes back a few hundred years.

It has varied and generally risen over the past few hundred years.

The tree is a sycamore ("Acer pseudoplatanus") and is a few hundred years old.

hundred films   (cien películas)

He appeared in more than one hundred films from 1959 to 1997.

She and comedian Tennis Krishna, have acted in one hundred films together.

His film career would span more than two hundred films over nearly a half century.

several hundred miles   (varios cientos de millas)

Airborne targets can be detected by ground-level radars at greater ranges, but, at best, several hundred miles.

The weary and shot-torn Nationalists, meanwhile, had advanced several hundred miles with hardly a moment's pause.

The astronauts landed several hundred miles from Pago and were transported to the islands en route back to the mainland.

hundred days   (cien dias)

The next contest was growing flowers for a hundred days.

It took almost one hundred days to reach their destination.

V518 Carinae is known to produce disk outbursts lasting several hundred days.

nearly one hundred   (casi cien)

In this village there are nearly one hundred families.

In these two engagements nearly one hundred Rhode Islanders fell.

The collection includes short and long poems, with some having nearly one hundred lines.

hundred copies   (cien copias)

Five hundred copies of the video were produced.

Five hundred copies were produced.

The volume of publication is unknown, but estimated at few hundred copies.

hundred thousand dollars   (cien mil dolares)

Their absence caused shooting to be rescheduled, costing the studio upwards of one hundred thousand dollars.

It was said that the figure referred to five hundred thousand dollars and that it was a contribution for his electoral campaign of 2011.

During its history, the Free Methodist Publishing House built up a plant and accumulated property worth several hundred thousand dollars.

hundred kilometers   (cien kilómetros)

It ranges from a few meters to several hundred kilometers.

All are several hundred kilometers in diameter and range in height from 14 to 18 km.

The ray system continues for several hundred kilometers, including extending across a substantial portion of the Korolev basin.

several hundred metres   (varios cientos de metros)

Cressage Bridge lies several hundred metres north of the village and carries the B4380 road over the River Severn.

It includes base tunnels several hundred metres below the existing apex tunnels along two axes, the Gotthard and the Lötschberg.

Thick rock, covered by bunter, also occurs in the north of the Dinkelberg block (several hundred metres thick in the Basel geothermal borehole).

couple of hundred   (par de cientos)

The kingdom itself though is probably a couple of hundred years older than that.

Boaks reckoned that he had given away a couple of hundred pounds in this manner.

Only a couple of hundred Serbs lived in Kaçanik, today there is only one Serb left.

hundred other   (otros cien)

Two hundred other people died, according to Santillan's report to the court.

This physiological adaptation shows in nearly a hundred other species, including owlet-nightjars, nightjars, and woodswallows.

The territory comprises the island of Greenland—the largest island in the world—and more than a hundred other smaller islands (see ).

hundred soldiers   (cien soldados)

Several companies were raised, and several hundred soldiers left to fight with British troops.

Before d'Hilliers could reimpose the blockade, Eroles left the fortress with several hundred soldiers.

In the New England militia of nearly one hundred soldiers, fifty to sixty were left dead or mortally wounded.

hundred articles   (cien artículos)

Sterner has published about hundred articles in refereed journals.

In the area of Judaism, she has published more than three hundred articles.

He has several academic books on economic development and more than one hundred articles in scholarly journals.

hundred different   (cien diferentes)

The game contains over one hundred different enemy variants.

The Hindus, who form the majority, belonged to over a hundred different castes.

Jesus is mentioned every 1.7 verses and is referred to by one hundred different names.

around a hundred   (alrededor de cien)

According to Peregrino, around a hundred people are assisted by him each year.

Nowadays according to the suburbanization of Seoul old city, it has around a hundred students.

The Paiutes had no central government, but lived in bands of around a hundred people who would occupy a territory of about .

hundred pages   (cien páginas)

Hind printed a report on the expedition in 1858 that ran over four hundred pages in total length.

Man of Action also stated that the script for "X-Men Legends" was in excess of five hundred pages.

Paulopriit Voolaine documented a couple hundred pages on Romani folklore collected in Russian and later recorded in Estonian.