İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

not hurt   (incinmemiş)

This snake generally will not hurt anyone.

Frigg explains that "Weapons and wood will not hurt Baldr.

Therefore he can win out over things and not hurt himself."

get hurt   (yaralanmak)

That I could get hurt and, most of all, that my son could get hurt."

Her fear was she would get hurt.

badly hurt   (ağır yaralandı)

The horse was badly hurt and the waggonette smashed.

He was badly hurt, and had to be sent to Cluj for recovery.

Inside the plane, she finds Luis Alberto Aranguren, badly hurt but semi-conscious.

seriously hurt   (ciddi şekilde incilmiş)

But Jules, while seriously hurt, is still alive.

in East New York, but was not seriously hurt.

Neither Hobbs nor the other players were seriously hurt.

hurt when   (ne zaman acıyor)

Six of the injured were hurt when they leaped from the building and missed fire nets.

She is hurt when Damon tells her that he is buying a place with Brody Hudson (Adam Woodward).

Rülf was hurt when, in 1896, the young Theodor Herzl was embraced as Zionism's international leader.