Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

no idea   (không ý kiến)

Sullivan apparently had no idea who McCartney was.

No reasoning about things whereof we have no idea.

I had no idea that this was all in store for me.

idea behind   (ý tưởng đằng sau)

The idea behind Aptoide came from different sources.

The word fits very well with the whole idea behind this album.

Scott Savage came up with the name and idea behind the 4 horsemen.

original idea   (ý tưởng ban đầu)

The original idea was for House to use a wheelchair, but Fox rejected this.

Jake went last, he used Cameron's original idea of going very fast to avoid wobbling.

While he considered altering the ending, he eventually settled with his original idea.

good idea   (ý tưởng tốt)

Berlin and its decadence was a good idea.

Whether introducing the plant was a good idea is contentious.

I think premarital sex is a good idea.

conceived the idea   (đã hình thành ý tưởng)

William Dieterle, who conceived the idea, was president.

In February 1993, Wahed and Sarfaraz conceived the idea of forming a metal band.

Peyroux conceived the idea of resettling the exiled Acadians in Spanish Louisiana.

rejected the idea   (từ chối ý tưởng)

The two practiced some lifts together but her parents rejected the idea.

Although this was supported by Themptander, Parliament rejected the idea.

idea of using

Initially, the idea of using ultrasound imaging was met with resistance.

Harry borrows her idea of using power sockets and chains for electricity.

The idea of using filmmaker John Waters as a guest star had been around for a while.

basic idea

Markus Riese had the basic idea for the Birdy in 1992.

That was the basic idea about all of it.

"The basic idea is that it's O.K.

idea what

At times I didn't have any idea what I was doing out there."

We have no idea what this group is."

She had no idea what had happened.

idea of creating

The idea of creating larger league was discussed early in 1951.

"We came up with this idea of creating a fake nation behind this album.

This is how the idea of creating a place for children with disabilities was born.

got the idea

This is where he got the idea of packing meat.

Seba also dresses all in red, which is where Mr. Crepsley got the idea.

Miller got the idea for the movie when his daughter Savannah was a toddler.

idea of what

And this idea of what's 'Asian' in America today, is it racist?

Restoration has worked to create an idea of what the original home was like.

In broad terms, each MSC represented an idea of what scale, technology, missions, etc.

no idea what

We have no idea what this group is."

She had no idea what had happened.

I have no idea what is happening.

developed the idea

Curtis developed the idea in 1999 as an art oriented recording project.

Thompson developed the idea into a separate series as MTEG and concentrated on stadiums / arenas.

Igor developed the idea of undermining the cave, so that the Jungle will collapse and be flooded.

supported the idea

"Times" columnist Harry A. Williams supported the idea of a league.

Also it designed its own flag and supported the idea of independent Macedonian state.

He supported the idea of paying MPs a salary, as an alternative to their funding by unions.

proposed the idea

He proposed the idea to Lance, who agreed.

Tatishchev announced that he had proposed the idea to von Strahlenberg.

Yet when he proposed the idea to his cardinals, it was almost unanimously opposed.

idea of having

Greg didn't like the idea of having to do chores to earn batteries.

The idea of having a fully residential school in Sabah was initiated in 1970s.

The idea of having a driver's license was something that Appel dreamed about when he was younger.

idea came

Another idea came from a poster at a Zoo Records office.

It has been given up, but the idea came up again in 2007.

The idea came out of necessity, however.

against the idea   (chống lại ý tưởng)

Liu was therefore arguing against the idea that Hua was and is superior to Yi.

In particular, they wrote refutations against the idea of the transmutation of metals.

In effect, deist authors carried out an intellectual war against the idea of revelation.

new idea

a lab) to another, which was a rather new idea at the time.

Mandelbrot, however, never felt he was inventing a new idea.

A new idea taken over from still photography was "soft focus".

main idea   (ý chính)

The main idea was to give the ferry boat a private yacht look.

The main idea was to teach math as part of a storyline within a narrated slideshow.

The main idea of the subject is to design efficient and reliable methods of data transmission.

liked the idea

I liked the idea of getting rid of the credits at the beginning of the movie.

Smith liked the idea and West Sussex County Council officially recognised the day in 2007.

MeccaWorld liked the idea of meeting interesting and strange creatures just like in the novel.

initial idea   (ý tưởng ban đầu)

He is credited with the initial idea that there should be a university in Bristol.

The initial idea of a team-owned regional sports network was first proposed in 1999.

The initial idea for the project dates back to 1996, with construction beginning in 1998.

same idea

Unfortunately many other people have the same idea.

The same idea is sometimes used in collaborative software, e.g.

The same idea was used decades later to produce digital computers.

introduced the idea

Tannenbaum first introduced the idea of 'tagging'.

This paradigm introduced the idea of an "execution window".

This edition introduced the idea of easily created and disposable characters.

idea of making

84% opposed the idea of making a new offer.

The idea of making a film on identity loss due to migration was a childhood dream of the director.

Kumar got the idea of making a film based on the Bhopal disaster after he read a book based on it.

support the idea   (ủng hộ ý tưởng)

Archaeological studies support the idea that Boquete's history started around the years 300 AC to 600 BC.

69% support the idea of ratifying the results of this hypothetical multiparty dialogue through a referendum.

However, the observational evidence began to support the idea that the universe evolved from a hot dense state.

idea how

I have no idea how to fly a plane.

"I find myself on a rock, with no idea how I've been there", she told Fuse.

Pete, watching her perform to a capacity crowd, gets an idea how to save the circus.

promoted the idea

Solano, on the first day of signing, promoted the idea of "Are You Coming To Pools?"

Nevertheless, the executioner James Berry promoted the idea that Bury was the Ripper.

After the Revolution, Soviet propaganda promoted the idea that Vezdekhod was the first tank.

general idea   (ý tưởng chung)

Many people do, however, share a general idea of music.

This sutta "gives a good general idea of the Buddha's Teaching:"

The general idea and production of the musical was made by Rial and Archimó.

pitched the idea

He pitched the idea to the head of Barclays Bank over a pink gin.

Wood pitched the idea of a series of erotic comic novels to his publishers at Sphere paperbacks.

Hubbard pitched the idea to the National Film Board and the response was immediately supportive.

idea of building

The idea of building a theatre was put forward in spring 1902.

The idea of building a palisade was renewed around 1623, following the Indian Massacre of 1622.

The idea of building a tunnel under the Irish Sea has been raised since 1895, when it was first investigated.

up the idea

At first, he tried to make a Fortran compiler, but soon gave up the idea.

Murray gave up the idea of competing professionally as she was homesick and was robbed in Barcelona.

In 1996, Razor became active again by way of Bob Reid, who brought up the idea of reforming the band.

idea of how

In his view, the second theme, in A flat major, "gives a good idea of how far Fauré had come since 1880".

An example given is of Arthur working at a liquor store to get an idea of how to set up his own business.

The police got a good idea of how the murder had been committed but never got close to finding the murderers.

opposed the idea

84% opposed the idea of making a new offer.

Zhangsun repeatedly opposed the idea, and Emperor Taizong did not carry this out.

Many of those present opposed the idea, including influential Quakers James and Lucretia Mott.

around the idea   (xung quanh ý tưởng)

"The Windows Phone 7 was built around the idea that the end user is king.

AliOS revolves around the idea of bringing cloud functionality to smart devices.

During this time, his philosophy centered around the idea that imagination was the fundamental reality of the universe.

no idea how

I have no idea how to fly a plane.

"I find myself on a rock, with no idea how I've been there", she told Fuse.

Nowadays, the vast majority of drivers have no idea how much intervention is happening.

bad idea

Rex initially thinks drawing a new bath is a bad idea, but after recalling Mr.

Cheri has her doubts, thinking it's a bad idea for Alex to be interested in a "civilian" (someone not in the biz).

Spence D. of IGN Music, felt that Beyoncé's rapping in the song was a "bad idea" and described the song as "awkward, [and] horribly dated."

central idea

The central idea of green politics is sustainable development.

This led to the central idea that “Only the best is good enough”.

The central idea of "cogito, ergo sum" is also the topic of Mandukya Upanishad.

whole idea

The whole idea is to be constantly updating.

The word fits very well with the whole idea behind this album.

He is accompanied by Surly, a sceptic and debunker of the whole idea of alchemy.

abandoned the idea

Dismayed at their failure, they abandoned the idea of suicide.

Later, because of French involvement in Mexico, he abandoned the idea.

At the 1939 18th Congress, Stalin abandoned the idea that the state would wither away.

supports the idea

This argument supports the idea of class-based affirmative action.

This clearly supports the idea that cytokinins play a big role in hydrotropic response.

This supports the idea that post-transcriptional mechanisms may influence the levels of "NF1" transcript.

great idea   (ý tưởng tuyệt vời)

"And I thought that it was a great idea.

But that's a great idea, actually!

In a 2012 interview, Coleman recalled: I thought it was a great idea.

upon the idea

The title was "a play upon the idea of western civilization being "enlightened"".

I hit upon the idea of a chocolate bar dispenser, but replacing chocolate with cash.""

In Confucianism, the concept of "li" is closely related to "yì" (), which is based upon the idea of reciprocity.

idea of establishing

Then the idea of establishing a sports club was put in motion.

At this time, the idea of establishing the battalion started to become a reality.

As well as his interest in eugenics, Laughlin was fascinated by the idea of establishing a world government.

idea to create

The idea to create a swimming pool was made in 50’s and first works began in 1953.

In 1998, the scene began to grow, the idea to create a collectively run venue in the spirit of 924 Gilman or ABC-No-Rio was hatched.

At the end of the 1950s, Pierre Grouès, a medical philanthropist, had the idea to create a skiing resort to develop the attractiveness of the village.

promote the idea   (thúc đẩy ý tưởng)

Insull would actively promote the idea of a regulated monopoly because of the high cost of electrical infrastructure.

Hays' ubiquitous newspaper illustrations helped promote the idea of the 1920s and 1930s fashion style known as the flapper.

The ECLO regularly cooperated with EU projects to promote the idea of sustainable learning, conceptualizing projects, and disseminating its results.

rejects the idea   (bác bỏ ý tưởng)

She thus rejects the idea of chosenness as unethical.

Adichie rejects the idea of the manifesto as "a parenting book."

Also Dōgen rejects the idea that practice is a means to the goal of enlightenment.

suggested the idea

Victor Meyer suggested the idea of determining the types of alcohol i.e.

Eventually, Miller suggested the idea that Dani would go to see the younger Grace.

In 1946, Dennis Gabor suggested the idea of using a granular system to produce sound.

very idea

The very idea of the fabrication of a new government, is enough to fill us with disgust and horror.

Frances Marsh started Norwood on the very idea that a school should stand for and teach a core set of values.

Deiphobe Deiphobe may refer to Also refers to the fear or outright disgust of the very idea of a higher power.

idea was abandoned

However, the Japanese surrendered and the idea was abandoned.

The idea was abandoned after feasibility studies failed to prove it was possible.

However this idea was abandoned following the emergence of the Ulster Senior League.

idea was not

Their idea was not to make of France an antisemitic country.

The idea was not to injure anybody, but only create a scare.

Though Hutton believed in uniformitarianism, the idea was not widely accepted at the time.

idea to make   (ý tưởng để thực hiện)

The idea to make bacon spreadable came from a customer's request.

When obtaining rights to a play or musical, it is also a good idea to make sure the chain of title is intact.

In 1923, historian Doane Robinson had developed an idea to make a gigantic sculpture on the Black Hills of South Dakota.

discussed the idea

They even discussed the idea of some sort of confederation with West Germany.

In early 1967, Rafi and Menachem Begin's Gahal party discussed the idea of forming a center-right coalition to challenge Mapai.

During the first few meetings of the organisation, the members discussed the idea that Hinduism was in danger, and needed to be defended.

idea of forming

In February 1993, Wahed and Sarfaraz conceived the idea of forming a metal band.

Strauss also argues that in a sense Burke's theory could be seen as opposing the very idea of forming such philosophies.

The idea of forming the ÚNRV had been launched by the underground leadership of the Communist Party of Slovakia in late 1941.

idea that all

The designers built the Kuraza on the idea that all luxury passengers should be treated equally.

This spawned the idea that all seats in the luxury vehicle will be equally as comfortable in all dimensions.

Having the Knight go first gives one the idea that all will tell their stories by class, with the Monk following the Knight.

reject the idea   (từ chối ý tưởng)

However, many distributists reject the idea of eliminating social security.

Consequently, they reject the idea that contractualists or egoists could be ethical objectivists.

Some authors have speculated that Ælle may have led the Saxon forces at this battle, while others reject the idea out of hand.