İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

new ideas   (yeni fikirler)

They helped realize the new ideas and vision of the school.

Therefore there are no new ideas to present themselves to Him.

Two feminist monthlies - Courage and EMMA - spread the new ideas.

own ideas   (kendi fikirleri)

In Book III, Cicero expresses his own ideas.

He is full of his own ideas for improvements to the landscape.

So we came along with our own ideas.

political ideas   (politik fikirler)

In 1973, he was sentenced to jail for his social and political ideas.

Similar political ideas arose in Germany after the outbreak of the war.

They discussed political ideas and established the Lithuanian Democratic Party.

exchange of ideas

The institute has organized the exchange of ideas through conferences, and published books.

This exchange of ideas has been described as "one of the great political debates in British history".

The research results provide a basis for the exchange of ideas among experts and other relevant groups.

other ideas   (diğer fikirler)

For certainly these teachings are of other ideas."

This balanced motion implies other ideas as well.

Some other ideas are suitport, crewlock, and transit airlock.

musical ideas

Much less is known about Monn's life than about his musical ideas.

(on hold) where he presents his own productions and personal musical ideas.

So, I have similar musical ideas, but I'm using a different palette to convey them."

many ideas

He had many ideas to improve the working of the UGC.

This produced many ideas and proposals, but little action.

He wants to become multimillionaire and has many ideas in mind.

different ideas

There are different ideas about the origin of its name.

There were a bunch of different ideas about how that scene could play.

The fundamental theories for forces developed from the unification of different ideas.

ideas such

These civilizations may well have exchanged technologies and ideas such as mathematics and the wheel.

Current standards require children to learn basic statistical ideas such as organizing data with bar charts.

Topos theory is a form of abstract sheaf theory, with geometric origins, and leads to ideas such as pointless topology.

innovative ideas   (yenilikçi fikirler)

One of the most innovative ideas in "Earthdawn" is how magical items work.

His innovative ideas inevitably led to his being involved in dispute and controversy.

NAMTA's industry newsletter provides innovative ideas for increasing profitability, while cutting waste.

exchange ideas

Scientists, customers and managers come together to exchange ideas regarding current developments.

There were seminars which gave the people in the business an opportunity to exchange ideas off one another.

"I really like essays because we exchange ideas with them and consistently build the dramatic tempo of a cinematic narrative.

original ideas

Each match was an excuse to come up with new, original ideas.

Baudot combined these, together with original ideas of his own, to produce a complete multiplex system.

Benelux models its cooperation on that of the European Union and is able to take up and pursue original ideas.

share ideas   (fikirleri Paylaş)

Each committee is open to all members to volunteer, share ideas and work on projects.

Librarians with various levels of background can meet to share ideas and experiences informally.

STEP Resources include: The e-prime mailing list that is used to share ideas and issues regarding the use of E-Prime to build experiments.

religious ideas

Cultural and religious ideas reached Funan via the Indian Ocean trade route.

The letters to Conrad made it clear that he had set aside his religious ideas.

It searched for ancient wisdom in the east, spreading eastern religious ideas in the west.

liberal ideas

As such he was an absolutist and opposed any liberal ideas and any weakening of the imperial power.

Alejandro has liberal ideas and movement supporting the rebels against the regime of Porfirio Díaz.

The conservative McCarthy era raised questions about the liberal ideas at the roots of the progressive reforms.

similar ideas

Physician Carl Lange developed similar ideas independently in 1885.

Among Roman Catholics, the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation promotes similar ideas.

These and similar ideas have been applied to the pervasive phenomenon of procrastination".

philosophical ideas   (felsefi fikirler)

Dostoevsky expressed religious, psychological and philosophical ideas in his writings.

During this time he wrote numerous books and pushed ecological and philosophical ideas.

However, they note that philosophical ideas may not have been consciously included in a work.

revolutionary ideas

All were very much impressed by his revolutionary ideas of service to Mother India.

The rise of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party monopolized the revolutionary ideas in Puerto Rico.

Among those favoring independence, conservatives fought with liberals over the degree to which French revolutionary ideas would be incorporated into the movement.

history of ideas

At least, one of the first influenced by the wider history of ideas.

For twenty years, Bénichou researched the history of ideas about creative writers’ relation to society.

On the other hand, he does not care much for a methodology of analysis or problems in the history of ideas.

ideas through

She shares her knowledge and ideas through her blog and online channel "The Home Genie".

The institute has organized the exchange of ideas through conferences, and published books.

Art is something that stimulates an individual's thoughts, emotions, beliefs, or ideas through the senses.

whose ideas

In total there were five finalists whose ideas were made.

Henry was heavily influenced by the work of Charles Kingsley whose ideas trickled down to DeMille.

Nimzowitsch had lengthy and somewhat bitter dogmatic conflicts with Tarrasch over whose ideas constituted 'proper' chess.

such ideas

To Vesnins' credit, they never incorporated such ideas in their projects.

People now took such ideas seriously and not just as the dreams of a perfectionist.

Because when such ideas are brought before our minds, it is "natural" to be so affected".

ideas behind   (arkasındaki fikirler)

From an interview, Barcellos revealed the ideas behind the work saying that "from the beginning I had this idea of enlarging them.

In the 68 pages of the document first an exposition was given of the main ideas behind the "design" into which the argument issued.

Today, many of his ideas have been expanded and added to, but Miller has been credited with coming up with most of the basic ideas behind biofeedback.

good ideas

He had some good ideas."

He argues that socialist forces typically have very good ideas, but no power.

Now, I took it to a whole other place, but I'm a believer in recognizing good ideas.

radical ideas

By April 20 students began blocking traffic and espousing radical ideas unrelated to Hu's death.

The influence of the radical ideas espoused by Malcolm X is very evident among South African Muslims of all races.

Although he was broadly supportive of the radical ideas of Hebert and his associates, Hanriot remained loyal to Robespierre.

design ideas

Reed also appointed a number of new generation architects to introduce fresh design ideas.

After deciding to make an "X-Men RPG", staff began brainstorming story, gameplay and design ideas.

Roberts' influential design ideas and etiquette guidelines are still referenced in the 21st century.

ideas regarding

Her ideas regarding education were largely influenced by Francisco Ferrer.

Specific ideas regarding how to portray angels began to develop in the early Church.

Scientists, customers and managers come together to exchange ideas regarding current developments.

progressive ideas

Pioneer is internationally understood as a man - discoverer of new ways, directions and a herald of progressive ideas.

Sarki Kano Alhaji Abdullahi Bayero never compromised his Islamic convictions despite his progressive ideas (Yahya 1986).

When converging to Europe, Peter often considered only external forms of progressive ideas, ignoring the internal essence of centuries-old traditions.

socialist ideas

In them, she strongly opposed the socialist ideas against separatism in Finland.

It also touches on socialist ideas of improving living conditions for the world's poor.

As well, the journal abandoned its earlier interest in socialist ideas and became more and more liberal in orientation.

story ideas   (hikaye fikirleri)

Nobuhiko shared these story ideas with screenwriter Chiho Katsura.

Perrin created story ideas, directed one episode and rewrote every script.

In previous films, Oda only supplied character designs and approved story ideas.

s ideas

Inscriptions on the "Batu Sumpah Keningau" partly detail Sodomon’s ideas.

Thus, it is not Bacon’s ideas alone that form the scientific method we use today.

Pavlov’s ideas of types were adopted from Hippocrates as it was he who came up with the idea of individual differences.