almost identical   (ほとんど同じ)

The two dorsal fins are almost identical in size.

The block is almost identical to the petrol engine.

The plot of the game is almost identical from the anime.

nearly identical   (ほぼ同一)

All three schools are nearly identical in design.

PITA rules are nearly identical to ATA rules.

Both components have a nearly identical API.

not identical   (同一ではない)

The terms they recommend are similar but not identical.

The courses of the Roman and modern roads are not identical.

He goes on to explain that "A is not identical with his colleague, B.

identical twin   (一卵性双生児)

Nila and Diya (Mounika Devi) are identical twin sisters.

Lang has an identical twin sister, Adrian.

She is the identical twin sister of artist Rachel Khedoori.

virtually identical   (ほぼ同一)

The houses were both built in 1900, and are twin houses that look virtually identical.

The station is virtually identical to the Fort Lauderdale Seaboard station to the north.

The actual feel and response of the two different models is virtually identical, however.

identical twins   (一卵性双生児)

Ishibashi thinks he is Alex because Alex and Aaron are identical twins.

It does not refer to the natural conception and delivery of identical twins.

On the day of the purge, identical twins Alex and Aaron Stowe await their fate.

essentially identical   (本質的に同一)

As such, its pharmacological activity is essentially identical to that of norethisterone.

The investiture issue was still contentious, but a compromise at Bec Abbey in 1107 was essentially identical to the Concordat of Worms.

Later, an unaltered mineral was found with the formula (Ca,Fe,Mn)(PO)·2HO, essentially identical to the formula of messelite reported by Muthmann.

identical twin brother

His identical twin brother, Tarvis Simms, is also a fighter.

Drew Posada was born with his an identical twin brother Alex Posada.

Also in the team that day was Fred Cook, his identical twin brother.

otherwise identical

The 7.62×51mm CETME is otherwise identical to the NATO standard.

It is otherwise identical to the species, but considered to be less vigorous.

They have a more powerful Cummins V-18 QSK78 prime mover rated at , but are otherwise identical to the MP27CNs.

genetically identical

It grows in colonies of genetically identical plants.

The embryo will become genetically identical to the patient.

On its secondary host, the aphids have two genetically identical forms.

largely identical

In 1907 and 1910 there was a follow-on order for two, largely identical engines.

The CT 10's design is largely identical to that of the V-1 missile it was based on.

Although its vocabulary and pronunciation are largely identical to standard Italian, differences do exist.