İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

even if not   (olmasa bile)

Each distinction listed below has at least one "nafka minnah", even if not specified here.

Casuals had to work and sleep in solitary confinement, even if not convicted of an offence.

And even if not – these parties don't know themselves who they are, they have no ideology."

most if not   (çoğu değilse)

Attracting exceptional young scholars is a goal of most if not all universities.

Since most if not all these traders were Muslim, the mosque would see visitors constantly.

Carteret Carteret is a location in Normandy, France, and most if not all uses derive from there.

even if only   (sadece olsa bile)

Timoleon proved to be a good sire, even if only by producing Boston who sired the outstanding sire Lexington.

One conjectures that it can be arbitrarily large, even if only examples with relatively small rank are known.

Nevertheless, Iraj Tahmasb's view is that the "hijacker" is one of the few dolls that are present in most items, even if only a short dialogue is made.