İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

ill health   (kötü sağlık)

He died in 1971 after several years of ill health.

His official reason for resigning was ill health.

Levy suffered from ill health for several years.

fell ill   (hasta düştü)

There Cappello fell ill and died on 13 March 1467.

She fell ill and died while returning to France.

He fell ill so he was replaced by Roy William Neill.

became ill   (hasta olmak)

He became ill in 1920 and died in Lebanon in 1922.

He became ill in 1890 and died in Madrid in 1898.

Winee became ill shortly after the ships left Macau.

mentally ill   (akıl hastası)

Jip works at a poor farm where mentally ill residents are housed.

Many women also are mentally ill, a little understood problem in Ghana.

Attempts to have him interned in a facility for the mentally ill failed.

seriously ill   (ciddi bir şekilde hasta)

The attempt left him seriously ill but he survived.

Fölkersam was already seriously ill with cancer.

Angus also became seriously ill while in California.

terminally ill   (ölümcül hasta)

By May 1904, Chekhov was terminally ill with tuberculosis.

Shortly after becoming engaged to Mrazović, Tõpfer became terminally ill.

The proposal was to allow terminally ill patients to be given lethal drugs.

due to ill

Young had to retire in 1991 due to ill health.

Then in 1988, due to ill health, he returned to Malta.

He left coaching after 1945 due to ill health.

ill and died

There Cappello fell ill and died on 13 March 1467.

She fell ill and died while returning to France.

In 1813, he fell ill and died of liver disease.

too ill   (çok hasta)

By 1871 Archer was too ill to run the school.

Rawnsley, who had also caught influenza, was too ill to attend her funeral.

Bede hoped to visit Ecgbert again in 734, but was too ill to make the journey.

taken ill   (Hasta)

The "doughty little back" was taken ill during vacation and went to see a doctor.

During the match England's captain, Arthur Carr, was taken ill and had to withdraw.

Not reported until 19:40 as the driver was dealing with a passenger who had been taken ill.

very ill   (çok hasta)

He was later captured and got very ill.

After a year he was brought back, very ill, to Paris, where he died.

The trip through Maine left a tattered, very ill army to invade Quebec.

falls ill   (hastalanmak)

Pugh falls ill and moves to Gelli to recuperate.

Upon reaching Paris, however, Marie falls ill.

Er Le also falls ill from a flu and is sent to hospital.

ill patients   (hasta hastalar)

The proposal was to allow terminally ill patients to be given lethal drugs.

Each different hospital is staffed by medical teams and is packed with ill patients.

This time will be significantly reduced in obese patients, ill patients and children.

became seriously ill   (ciddi şekilde hastalandı)

Angus also became seriously ill while in California.

In 2010 Massow developed an aneurysm and became seriously ill.

After that, she became seriously ill.

critically ill   (kritik hasta)

A critically ill Satyamurthy is hospitalized.

He became critically ill during the performance of his civil guard duties.

Damage control resuscitation has had a dramatic impact on how care for critically ill patients is administered..

gravely ill   (Ciddi derecede hasta)

Alfonso became gravely ill during the 1918 flu pandemic.

By the 1961 election, Page was gravely ill, suffering from lung cancer.

The following year she fell gravely ill and soon died on 28th July 1590.

ill during   (sırasında hasta)

Alfonso became gravely ill during the 1918 flu pandemic.

May fell ill during the tour, and Cowdrey assumed the leadership.

Gerung fell ill during a visit to Petersberg Abbey and died there.

ill effects

However, songbirds eat the fruit without ill effects.

Several of the castaways drank it, with no apparent ill effects.

From another, proper management may be able to ameliorate a city's ill effects.

fallen ill

At the end of January 1916, they relocated to Nice as Lind had fallen ill.

Having fallen ill, King Emeric had his son, Ladislaus, crowned king on 26 August.

Mary has fallen ill during the trial and is nursed by Mr Sturgis, an old sailor, and his wife.

falling ill   (hastalanmak)

After falling ill, he returned to Germany.

Emily's emotional distress at these events resulted in her falling ill and dying.

He then returned to Italy after falling ill, where he concentrated on writing about music theory.

become ill   (hastalanmak)

Most people who breathe in the bacteria do not become ill.

She did become ill for a short time.

The other 4 porters, who had become ill, were rescued by Norton, Mallory and Somervell.

fell seriously ill   (ağır hastalandı)

After eating excess of white mullet, Aimery fell seriously ill.

Soon after the Feast of Easter 337, Constantine fell seriously ill.

In October 37, Caligula fell seriously ill, or perhaps was poisoned.

no ill   (hasta değil)

Fukumoto felt no ill will towards Ueda and went on to coach for Orix in 1989 and 1990.

Parents often pay so that there is no ill bearing that affects their wards scores or standing.

Some individuals have been found with dozens of quills embedded in their gums to no ill effect.

becomes ill

During the trip she becomes ill and Sadazo takes her place.

Kelvin becomes ill and goes to sleep.

Bowie becomes ill and is bedridden.

severely ill   (ağır hasta)

She was severely ill the next day and died on 16 October from strychnine poisoning.

According to the "Ashokavadana", the emperor fell severely ill during his last days.

Hard labour has made him severely ill, and has since withdrawn from the party and politics.

ill children

Meg has teamed with the Make-a-Wish Foundation and the Starlight Children's Foundation to mentor seriously and terminally ill children.

Khan is an active supporter of the Life Line charitable programme, which provides medicine and surgery for seriously ill children in Russia.

The charity began in 2003, when Julia's House appointed two children's community nurses, who started working in home care for terminally ill children.

because of ill   (hasta yüzünden)

Captain James Fairfax replaced Gaillard, who had resigned because of ill health.

He retired from public life because of ill health, but continued the practice of law.

A note in the room indicated that Lester took his own life on July 25, 1940, because of ill health.

ill people

She also set up a school for poor girls in 1961 and a clinic in 1966 for ill people.

Loesch answered González by arguing that mentally ill people shouldn't have access to weapons.

Infants and toddlers, the elderly, travelers, and ill people are susceptible to the most severe symptoms of "S. sonnei" disease.

ill treatment   (kötü muamele)

Arajs Kommando were notorious for their ill treatment of women.

The idea was that this label would encourage the masters not to drive their helpless servants to the point of ill treatment.

There was also a widening of the phenomenon of the ill treatment of Palestinian detainees by soldiers and other members of the security forces.