İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

image processing   (görüntü işleme)

Feature detection is a low-level image processing operation.

Such systems are useful for modeling, for example, image processing.

At its start, Viscom developed software for industrial image processing.

public image   (halka açık görüntü)

The Carranza scandal devastated Hopkins' public image.

Aaliyah focused on her public image throughout her career.

The film was notable in changing Linda Darnell's public image.

mirror image   (aynadaki görüntü)

The SDS was the mirror image of a masculine society.

The picture presented is a mirror image of the Classical story.

A rare, mirror image of the Segond fracture has also been described.

body image   (beden imajı)

In a cover story by "Psychology Today", 1,500 readers (about two-thirds women) were surveyed about male body image.

On 1 August 2013, Brooker hosted a one-off documentary about body image on Channel 4, titled "Alex Brooker: My Perfect Body".

Her Pop-inspired icons include ice cream, candy, food and drink, beauty, toys, graphic design and themes related to body image.

image quality   (görüntü kalitesi)

The tip coating may also enhance image quality.

Consequently, the image quality is reduced.

Compression and image quality performance of Part 8 is comparable to PNG.

see image

(see image) Tombstone of Samson Wertheimer at Vienna.

They are defined by the set of light cones (see image).

In Skwomesh or Squamish, may be replaced by the digit (see image at right).

new image

New label, new image, incredible new sound."

This new image eventually helped cure Ivan, among many others.

The new image was for the new format of pop hits and rock and roll.

digital image   (Dijital görüntü)

a written document vs. a digital image).

Also projected is a digital image of Maserati's traditional analogue clock.

"The Bomb Project" addressed the role of the digital image as a cultural artifact.

image sensor   (görüntü sensörü)

Its image sensor is a CCD with 6.0 million pixels.

The M uses a 24-megapixel image sensor.

Sensors (CCD / CMOS) come in various sizes, or image sensor formats.

moving image

The moving image collection of Dennis Hopper is held at the Academy Film Archive.

The moving image collection of Franklin J. Schaffner is held at the Academy Film Archive.

The Mill produces visual effects, moving image, design and digital projects for the advertising, games and music industries.

own image

Rommel was interested in propaganda beyond the promotion of his own image.

Odaenathus minted coinage only in the name of Gallienus, and produced no coins bearing his own image.

They are made of plaster and represent the sculptor's own image about the fate of mankind in the 20th century.

original image

The original image has lost several fingers over the centuries.

An example of Robinson compass masks applied to the original image.

The original image is the one on the top and the result is below it.

cover image   (Kapak resmi)

The cover image is an obvious take on the album cover for "Sgt.

All album art, including the cover image, is by Richard Bernstein.

For issue 5, Critchlow also used his new style for the cover image.

positive image   (olumlu görüntü)

Due to their constant desire for a simplistic, positive image, books must be suppressed.

Abel Goumba was named vice-president, which gave Bozizé's new government a positive image.

In addition, a charismatic first lady can help convey a positive image of her spouses to the population.

image data

XBM image data consists of a line of pixel values stored in a static array.

Computer graphics produces image data from 3D models, computer vision often produces 3D models from image data.

image analysis

The latter enables image analysis workflows with concise syntax.

Computer vision covers the core technology of automated image analysis which is used in many fields.

The fields most closely related to computer vision are image processing, image analysis and machine vision.

same image

This is well defined because all elements in the same class have the same image.

The same image appeared in the "Babes: The Girls of Sci Fi" special issue of "SFX".

The same image was later used as the sleeve design for the UK follow up single "The Way Life's Meant to Be".

iconic image   (ikonik görüntü)

The iconic image is of Nancy spying on a cave from behind a tree.

The moment was captured by cameras and became an iconic image of Tugnutt.

He was photographed with his injuries which became an iconic image of the bombings.

negative image

This eventually led to the sport taking on a negative image.

Others deplored the negative image that the braceros' departure produced for the Mexican nation.

West recites lines that depict a negative image and reveal feelings of opposition towards the lady he is referencing.

image file

Comic Seer's foundation is built upon CBR, CBZ, and image file viewing.

TopologiLinux creates a hard disk image file on an NTFS or FAT partition.

The image file formats that are supported include JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIF and Bitmap (BMP).

first image

The first image from the set was revealed on June 26, 2012.

The first image to be successfully recovered by the project was released in November 2008.

The first image ever to be displayed on an Apple Macintosh was a scan of Carl Barks' Scrooge McDuck.

image shows

The Garuda image shows power and thoroughness.

The image shows an asymmetric center and a small galactic bar.

The image shows pedestrians in the in the 8th arrondissement of Paris.

final image

One final image that Martin explores is the Cat's Paw ad.

This ultimate authority of God is the final image of "Surat al-Muddaththir".

The acceptable circle of confusion depends on how the final image will be used.

each image

Therefore, each image engenders its opposite.

They go through each image and state whether it has been correctly categorised.

This means that for each image matrix of size MxN, a Mx1 or 1xN matrix is calculated.

popular image

They continue to play a role in forming the popular image of the composer.

(1942), Many other films helped to shape the popular image of the nation at war.

He also likened it to Our Lady of Antipolo, another popular image of similar provenance and appearance.

image plane

The image plane can be translated up and down in the sample, allowing generation of 3D image stacks.

An image is generated by scanning the focused spot throughout the image plane and compiling the point intensity measurements.

Once a set of photons from a specific molecule is collected, it forms a diffraction-limited spot in the image plane of the microscope.

single image

All that remains are a few microscope slides and a single image.

According to Spink, "After 480, not a single image was ever made again at the site".

Sound can be recorded during video filming or a 4-second sound bite can be recorded for play with a single image.

brand image   (marka imajı)

Eurostar had previously struggled with its reputation and brand image.

The latter company claimed that their trademark and brand image had been damaged.

Shortly afterwards, however, the pack design and brand image whole-heartedly returned to its roots.

image files

Alternatively, image files in various formats are available from the European Commission.

XBM files differ markedly from most image files in that they take the form of C source files.

Attachments can be downloaded to the hard disk or to a folder on Google Drive, or to Google+ Photos in case of image files.

image stabilization   (Görüntü sabitleme)

The lens does not have image stabilization.

The adapters support autofocus, image stabilization and electronic aperture control.

It also has SteadyShot with Intelligent Auto in addition to the five-axis sensor-shift image stabilization first seen in the Xperia XZ.

visual image

a visual image of a spider, and outputs the appropriate reaction, e.g.

Looking to stand out, he created an eye-catching visual image comprised a pudding basin haircut, cloth cap and short trousers.

The general release of the film did use the standard four-track stereo soundtrack, printed alongside the visual image on the film.