Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

almost immediately   (gần như ngay lập tức)

Its litigation problems began almost immediately.

Akin's comments almost immediately led to uproar.

Brady and Madison began flirting almost immediately.

not immediately   (không ngay lập tức)

The cause of her death was not immediately clear.

The cause of death was not immediately disclosed.

A cause of death was not immediately established.

immediately following   (ngay sau)

The ultimate demise began immediately following World War I.

She turned professional immediately following the tournament.

Still, the fighting ceased immediately following their surrender.

immediately began   (ngay lập tức bắt đầu)

Schiemer immediately began an extensive missionary endeavor.

Things immediately began to go wrong.

Georgia immediately began a process of re-armament after the war.

immediately before   (ngay trước đó)

It also usually meets immediately before and after any COPs.

The highway turns due east, immediately before reaching NC 124.

He is saved immediately before the final destruction of the city.

immediately became

When the two met, they immediately became friends.

It immediately became popular with locals.

This new road immediately became known as the Western Road.

immediately south

It was situated immediately south of the B6346.

The Kirkcaldy railway station was immediately south of Grange Road.

At its north end, it begins immediately south of the Mapocho River.

immediately north

Roscam is located east of Galway city, immediately north of Oranmore Bay.

The M9 highway which connects Moscow and Riga passes immediately north of Idritsa.

Llanelwedd is on the right bank of the Wye concentrated immediately north of Builth Wells.

located immediately

The Maungakotukutuku area is located immediately behind Raumati.

Anko Falls ("Ankova slapova") is located immediately south of the Anko Pasture.

This is a stone fort (cashel) located immediately south of Ballywiheen Christian site.

immediately followed

Massive public protests immediately followed.

This series was almost immediately followed by the 13-issue "Captain America" vol.

The glides , , and appear in syllable onsets immediately followed by a full vowel.

immediately adjacent   (liền kề)

It is immediately adjacent to Fontana's Downtown District.

These frequencies were immediately adjacent to the existing cellular band.

The Midtown Station is one of four stations immediately adjacent to Hiawatha Avenue.

did not immediately

She did not immediately attend college due to ill health.

He did not immediately get accepted into graduate school.

Even so, Somerville did not immediately withdraw or return to port.

immediately prior   (ưu tiên ngay)

The catastrophic quake itself is covered immediately prior to the last chapter of the novel.

The Mica Bay Incident occurred immediately prior to the signing of the Robinson-Huron Treaty.

The helicopter was described to be autorotating at low altitudes immediately prior to its crash.

immediately upon

The other friars were executed immediately upon that news.

In a pre-order campaign, fans are charged immediately upon pledging.

As a rule, commanders and leaders were executed immediately upon capture.

then immediately

He was then immediately signed by the Loyola Meralco Sparks.

Mining stocks peaked in January 1970, then immediately crashed.

The paddler then immediately plugs the stern and throws a back loop.

immediately preceding   (ngay trước đó)

This winter was much colder than the immediately preceding winters.

A sentence topic is one that picks up the immediately preceding context (e.g.

Observers in Walla Walla noted rumbling noises immediately preceding the first shocks.

immediately west

Clayton tunnel lay immediately west of Clayton railway station.

Westwood is located at , immediately west of the city of Coatesville.

There is a small area of freehold land immediately west of Palm Cove, which is undeveloped.

immediately set

He immediately set about rebuilding the team.

He immediately set the team to work on "An Artist's Model".

He renamed it "Claremont" and immediately set about enlarging it.

immediately afterwards

Kotokanyu was told to retire immediately afterwards.

He served his one-game suspension immediately afterwards.

The engines were stopped but almost immediately afterwards a fog whistle was heard.

years immediately

In the years immediately after Hirohito's death, the debate in Japan was fierce.

The years immediately following the attack of 1465 forced Rennyo to live a nomadic life.

Baseball's peak popularity in Britain was in the years immediately preceding World War II.

immediately sent

Seder immediately sent Cockfield an inquiry regarding his status.

Alyattes immediately sent an embassy to Miletus and agreed a peace treaty.

The regiment was not immediately sent South because the Army hoped for a quick victory.

immediately took

General Amos Beebe Eaton immediately took up the project.

The ship immediately took a list to starboard and began to sink.

The militia immediately took cover.

immediately east

It lies immediately east of Tewkesbury, and is in effect a suburb of that town.

The parish is immediately east of the town and parish of Looe, seven miles (11 km) south of Liskeard.

The regions immediately east of the Andes experience a series of changes resulting from the Andean orogeny.

immediately went

Nasution immediately went to work in his new role.

Pule immediately went into hiding to avoid capture.

I immediately went over to get on their tails.

effective immediately   (có hiệu lực ngay lập tức)

Regulations are binding on all member states effective immediately.

The ban became effective immediately and was in effect until May 18, 2011.

A regulation acts on all the member states at once and is effective immediately.

immediately behind   (ngay phía sau)

The Maungakotukutuku area is located immediately behind Raumati.

The first, larger mound (6 m × 15.5 m) lies immediately behind a memorial site.

The orchestra was placed immediately behind it and the seats were located around it.

immediately started

He immediately started to look elsewhere.

Though educated as a sculptor he immediately started as a painter.

The reconstruction of Firenzuola immediately started as soon the war was over.

immediately below

There is also a car par immediately below the castle.

It lies immediately below the Segunda de Aficionados.

It lies immediately below the Primera de Aficionados.

began immediately

Work began immediately on building a second track.

Rescue efforts began immediately after the crash.

These outcomes began immediately affecting him.

immediately made

It immediately made its holdings final and issued its mandate.

The feedback and consequences of the different decisions are immediately made visible.

Andy was incredulous when I told him and he immediately made me a cassette copy of it."

immediately ordered

He immediately ordered a review of all ongoing strategic programs.

</poem> She immediately ordered the treasurer pay Spenser the original £100.

This angered Constantius so greatly that he immediately ordered Gallus' execution.

immediately joined

They immediately joined the Greater Poland Uprising of 1848.

He immediately joined the Gordon Michaels Band on A&M Records.

He immediately joined the British Army to serve in World War II.

area immediately

The term also refers informally to the area immediately surrounding.

Border area The border area is the area immediately adjacent to the border of a country.

The area immediately around the city is visible, but the rest of the world map is blacked out.

immediately above

begins immediately above Rockefeller Lake.

Instead it is the 4-level bid immediately above the agreed trump suit; i.e.

The tram station is located in the "Avinguda Diagonal", immediately above the metro station.

lies immediately

It lies immediately below the Segunda de Aficionados.

It lies immediately below the Primera de Aficionados.

It lies immediately under the fibrous capsule of the gland.

immediately put

This loyalty was immediately put to the test.

Warner Bros. immediately put the film on the fast track, attaching Neal H. Moritz as producer.

Thus Dick Whittington's cat was immediately put to the test, chasing and destroying the rodents.

period immediately   (ngay lập tức)

He was at Warsaw during the troubled period immediately preceding the second partition.

Sidol is the site of a mass grave from the period immediately after the Second World War.

Pevno is the site of a mass grave from the period immediately after the Second World War.

immediately returned

After his release, he immediately returned to Chitral.

He fell back to "juryo" in July 1989 but immediately returned.

He was released by Atlético in May, and immediately returned to Ipatinga.

immediately loaned

He was immediately loaned to Correcaminos UAT of Ascenso MX.

He was immediately loaned back to the Mexican side on 1 July.

He was then immediately loaned back to Doncaster on a season-long loan.

immediately recognized

Yet Peirce's achievements were not immediately recognized.

"Kirchenrecht" was immediately recognized in Germany as an epoch-making work.

Turing immediately recognized that these are equivalent models of computation.

immediately called

Harper immediately called 9-1-1.

"Nullifiers" immediately called for the impeachment of the two jurists.

His driver found him unconscious and immediately called for an ambulance.

followed immediately

This program commonly followed immediately after an episode of "Uranium".

Electronarcosis may be followed immediately by electrocution or by bleeding.

They followed immediately after the twelve voting members of the Signature "in capella".

immediately taken

He was immediately taken into Federal custody.

They were immediately taken with each other.

Bertha was immediately taken with Millarca.

immediately appointed

His deputy, Eates, was immediately appointed to succeed him as Commissioner of Police.

Artell was immediately appointed as co-captain, alongside Lee Bell and Ashley Westwood.

He was immediately appointed to the Chief Organiser of the Aizawl District Congress Committee.

immediately surrounding

The term also refers informally to the area immediately surrounding.

The bell, dome, or cup is the raised section immediately surrounding the hole.

The IX torpedo boat flotilla formed close support immediately surrounding the battlecruisers.

immediately left

Klobb immediately left Timbuktu, taking fifty tirailleurs and Lt.

Kenney immediately left Lexington and didn't return for ten years.

Enow was immediately left for Romanian club CFR Cluj, but soon left for Unirea Dej.

immediately signed

He was then immediately signed by the Loyola Meralco Sparks.

They were then immediately signed up to the club's very own Blow Up record label.

Lawyer Milloy was then cut after the 2003 preseason and was immediately signed by Buffalo.

immediately arrested

She was immediately arrested and charged with the murder.

Wells was immediately arrested and imprisoned on his return.

Four soldiers who refused to obey were immediately arrested.

immediately available   (có sẵn ngay lập tức)

Another benefit of the front end throttle is that superheated steam is immediately available.

All songs on disc and through downloadable content are immediately available to play in this mode.

No siege guns were immediately available, but a large convoy with heavy artillery was plodding slowly across Spain.

years immediately following

The years immediately following the attack of 1465 forced Rennyo to live a nomadic life.

Stokes returned from a European honeymoon in 1934, but she produced few works in the years immediately following.

In the years immediately following its release many people took Andreas’ opinions concerning Courtly Love seriously.

immediately apparent

Furthermore, a "Data Loss Event" may not be immediately apparent.

If those disruptions hurt the team, it wasn't immediately apparent.

The abundance of life in the Sinai Peninsula may not be immediately apparent.

immediately moved

Alfred's ships immediately moved to block their escape.

He immediately moved from Dresden to Munich, West Germany, where he opened up a printshop for artists.

After the Soviet Union's intervention in Afghanistan President Ronald Reagan immediately moved to help Zia supply and finance an anti-Soviet insurgency.

immediately thereafter

The brothers abandoned the friary immediately thereafter.

Almost immediately thereafter, the stick shaker activated.

She was wrecked immediately thereafter while sailing back to England from Saint Petersburg.

immediately accepted

He immediately accepted.

Garcia was so happy with this offer that he immediately accepted the responsibility.

Fujita's downburst theory was not immediately accepted by the aviation meteorology community.

immediately turned

Clarkson immediately turned things around in Baltimore.

Loison immediately turned around and headed back to Lisbon.

The lizard immediately turned to stone and became the island of Dia.

leave immediately   (rời đi ngay lập tức)

She immediately instructs Bonnie to leave immediately.

Burt is asked by chairworm Wormaline Wiggler to leave immediately.

Nikhil is displeased with this and tells Zoya to leave immediately.

started immediately

A new circuit wall was started immediately.

Tower designing was started immediately across many bureaus.

Treatment was issued and started immediately after the discovery.

situated immediately

It was situated immediately south of the B6346.

It is situated immediately to the south of the town of Newton Aycliffe.

The Menagh Military Airbase is situated immediately to the west of the village.

immediately afterward   (ngay sau đó)

Only to be attacked by Iizuka and the rest of Suzuki-Gun immediately afterward.

Becky picks up the gun and shoots another man, but is captured immediately afterward.

The game was finished; the Braves lost, 13–0; the franchise folded immediately afterward.

immediately attracted

Shiva is immediately attracted to her.

This was an engineering wonder which immediately attracted tourists.

Anita and Tony are immediately attracted to each other and get married.

immediately successful

"Asteroids" was immediately successful upon release.

It was immediately successful, on both popular and official levels.

The theater was immediately successful, and in 1927 an 1,800 seat annex was built.

place immediately   (đặt ngay lập tức)

The game's story takes place immediately after .

The story takes place immediately after the events of the first film.

He was re-elected at the 1970 Senate election, taking his place immediately.

immediately announced

A make-up date for the game was not immediately announced.

Martz immediately announced that he would miss the rest of the season.

Kansas Athletic Director Jeff Long immediately announced that they will appeal.

immediately established

A cause of death was not immediately established.

Their first album release, "Abduction", immediately established the extraterrestrial/U.F.O.

The first mayor was Terrachini, who immediately established the first public primary schools in the four hamlets of the municipality.

up immediately

The remaining three inmates gave up immediately and were recaptured without injury.

The second and final season picks up immediately afterwards, crossing over with "" and leading up to "".

The chancellors scoff and rebuff her, but Babar orders an elephant army to be called up immediately to defeat the rhinos.

immediately replaced

It was immediately replaced with the present structure.

He was immediately replaced by Vice-president B. J. Habibie.

Securing approval, he then immediately replaced Stevens with Mary Nelson Winslow.

immediately released

The new Prime Minister, Jovan Ristić, immediately released him.

He was arrested and sent to Paris, where he was immediately released.

She was immediately released.

began almost immediately

Its litigation problems began almost immediately.

Construction on the installation began almost immediately.

Violence between pro-slavery and anti-slavery groups began almost immediately.

immediately placed

It was immediately placed on emergency listings by the U.S.

The Newfoundland Militia was immediately placed under command of W Force.

When Milroy appeared later in Harpers Ferry, he was immediately placed under arrest.

immediately attacked

Cyrus immediately attacked Croesus.

Marthanda Varma immediately attacked Desinganad and added East Kallada to Venad.

After JTG won against Caylen Croft, Gaspard immediately attacked him unsuccessfully.

immediately offered

The three ships were immediately offered for service in the Sudan Campaign.

Impressed by Anggun's talent, Benzi immediately offered her a recording deal.

She “immediately offered to let him personally select all further strikers’ witnesses" but he declined the offer.

immediately in front   (ngay trước mặt)

For example, there are often two trains underway at the same time, which cross one another immediately in front of the pier.

In 1866, a two-storey sandstone house, made of locally quarried stone, was built immediately in front of the weatherboard house.

This is in line with the finding that animals reliably perform tasks for lesser rewards even when better ones are immediately in front of them.

immediately when   (ngay lập tức khi)

Five of the victims were killed immediately when the bridge fell; one died at the hospital.

An F6 disk is loaded in Windows setup by pressing the F6 key immediately when Windows Setup starts.

The caregiver receives diagnosis data immediately when the patient’s heart starts acting abnormally.

immediately follows

The poet immediately follows the "taill" with a moralitas.

It is no accident that the Coleridge sketch immediately follows that of Godwin.

There is no year zero in this scheme, so the year AD 1 immediately follows the year 1 BC.

immediately assigned

Upon joining the club, he was immediately assigned to the development squad.

He was immediately assigned to the Avalanche's AHL affiliate, the San Antonio Rampage.

On 9 July 2014 Michel returned to Almería, being immediately assigned to the first-team squad.