İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

immigrant parents   (göçmen ebeveynler)

He was born in Milwaukee to Russian immigrant parents.

Walsh was born in 1913 to immigrant parents in New York.

Nishimoto was born in California to Japanese immigrant parents.

immigrant population   (göçmen nüfusu)

The immigrant population is growing quite rapidly.

In 1999, there was only a 1% immigrant population.

Fort Rouge has an immigrant population of 20%.

immigrant communities   (göçmen toplulukları)

It is found within immigrant communities around the world.

Many sports are associated with New York's immigrant communities.

She works closely with immigrant communities to help navigate government services.

illegal immigrant   (yasadışı göçmen)

For the illegal immigrant, this is a result of lacking work papers.

As an illegal immigrant in the United States, Emilia has few options.

This bill gave the illegal immigrant a label being “aggravated felons”.

immigrant community   (göçmen topluluğu)

There is a small Eritrean immigrant community in Baltimore.

The film is set in Amsterdam and is about 419 scams among the immigrant community.

It was founded to serve the needs of the Ukrainian immigrant community in Baltimore.

immigrant groups

Below are the 10 largest immigrant groups in Exeter .

Ethnic immigrant groups in the country include West Asians—mostly Lebanese, Syrians, and Palestinians.

There are no sizable foreign national or immigrant groups, with the exception of U.S. nationals from American Samoa.

immigrant workers

Five young Italian immigrant workers were killed while constructing a tunnel for a water main.

An important tool for influencing immigrant workers was the American Association of Foreign Language Newspapers (AAFLN).

Many owners of industrial plants and mills became rich by exploiting the immigrant workers in order to provide cheap goods.

immigrant families

One in every four children come from immigrant families.

Milendella was first settled by German immigrant families in the 1880s.

This dish is also popular among the many Russian-German immigrant families of North Dakota.

immigrant family   (göçmen aile)

He is the youngest of seven children in an immigrant family.

Pope was born in New York City in 1856 to a German immigrant family.

Saleem was born in London into a Pakistani Sunni Muslim immigrant family.

immigrant children

Eberle explored similar themes of young immigrant children playing in other works such as "Dance of the Ghetto Children" (1914).

While immigrant children were expected to learn Hebrew through school, much effort was put into ensuring adults would learn the language.

In recent years, Lamm has volunteered in a program for Somali immigrant children, and mentors young women considering careers in politics.

immigrant populations

Its iron mills and immigrant populations inspired the setting of Life in the Iron Mills.

Chicago has one of the largest Eastern European/Slavic immigrant populations in the nation.

Additionally, many Arab countries in the Persian Gulf have sizable non-Arab immigrant populations (10–30%).