negatively impacted   (悪影響を受けた)

This has negatively impacted the economy and increased poverty rates.

The trade embargo, lifted in 1999, negatively impacted trade and industry.

In this area potato fields, cattle and apiculture was negatively impacted.

severely impacted   (深刻な影響)

The scheme was a disaster; the losses of over £150,000 severely impacted the Scottish commercial system.

After it, the government instituted a period of fiscal austerity which has severely impacted the economy.

This ruling severely impacted fishers in the country making Chile lose a valuable trade in Northwest Chile.

adversely impacted   (悪影響を受けた)

Sessions stated that the DACA-eligible individuals were lawbreakers who adversely impacted the wages and employment of native-born Americans.

This adversely impacted the work of the Montreal Laboratory, the joint British and Canadian project that was investigating nuclear reactor design.

This had adversely impacted on the Hall's acoustics, in particular in the area of tone and definition by increasing deflection in the platform area.

significantly impacted

This portion of Euclid Creek appeared to be significantly impacted by nonpoint sources.

Knowledge of the clitoris is significantly impacted by cultural perceptions of the organ.

Despite economic diversification, the city was significantly impacted by the Great Recession.