İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

used to implement   (uygulamak için kullanılır)

This can be used to implement decision tables.

Segments may also be used to implement virtual memory.

C has also been widely used to implement end-user applications.

not implement   (uygulamak değil)

The GAUL project does not implement changes dated before 1990.

(The NASDAQ stock exchange does not implement non-regulatory trading halts.)

However, many schools did not implement the reforms, especially urban schools.

develop and implement   (geliştirmek ve uygulamak)

The NDEB committed to develop and implement an Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE).

Later, Pittman and Vidal joined the company, where they helped develop and implement the application.

He works closely with Southwest Airlines to develop and implement Amadeus SkyMAX and SkySYM by Optym.

required to implement   (uygulamak için gerekli)

After the review of the information, the district was not required to implement the recommended cost savings changes.

order to implement   (uygulamak için sipariş)

At this time, hundreds of foreign experts streamed in, in order to implement and direct the work.

In order to implement the program, Robin initiated the integration of Braude Engineering College in Carmiel.

In order to implement article 4 of the Joint Communiqué, both parties shall develop this Executive Program for 2008 and 2009.

difficult to implement   (uygulaması zor)

The game's multiple endings proved difficult to implement due to data storage limitations.

However, this is often regarded as difficult to implement and therefore does not see common usage outside of very low-power designs.

For this reason nested functions are not supported in some languages such as C, C++ or Java as this makes compilers more difficult to implement.