İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

almost impossible   (neredeyse imkansız)

However this is almost impossible to achieve clinically.

As a result fraud became almost impossible.

This adds further difficulty to an almost impossible race.

made it impossible   (imkansız kıldı)

The two large holds made it impossible to use deckbeams alone.

The gopher holes made it impossible to use the fields to play sports.

Between 1991 and 2013, political disagreements made it impossible to organize a census.

nearly impossible   (neredeyse imkansız)

Surprise would be nearly impossible to achieve.

The existing tax system made free trade nearly impossible.

Its removal is nearly impossible without mechanical means.

making it impossible   (imkansız hale getirmek)

When they arrived, Makuta destroyed the entrance, making it impossible to leave.

This proved fruitless, as Facebook memorialised the account, making it impossible to log on.

"Waterloo" drew a million, eventually crashing the servers and making it impossible to view.

not impossible   (imkansız değil)

It was not impossible to recover land left to noble families for generations.

It is not impossible that some of them might work with me on other projects."

The process of turning venom into antivenom is long and tricky but not impossible.

virtually impossible   (neredeyse imkansız)

If however, your position is known then escape is virtually impossible.

The remorseless German bombardment made effective preparations virtually impossible.

The choice of peripheral I/O devices made the use of interrupts virtually impossible.

difficult or impossible

It is difficult or impossible to find compounds with more than one IUPAC name.

In some applications manually barring the engine over can be difficult or impossible.

These designs were either difficult or impossible to find using 1940s metal detectors.

proved impossible

It proved impossible as no banks were interested.

Nevertheless, a minimum daily ration of 2,000 calories proved impossible.

Rescue attempts proved impossible and the place was left undisturbed as a mass grave.

impossible to determine   (belirlemek imkansız)

In 1,350 cases it had been impossible to determine the background.

As such, it is impossible to determine a composition of units inside Cassinga.

As he did not collect specimens, it is impossible to determine what species he saw.

make it impossible   (imkansız yap)

Worthy had the engineers dig trenches to make it impossible for vehicles to get through.

These manipulations can mitigate the threat of exploitation, but may not make it impossible.

The weight and size of the weapons make it impossible or impractical to load them on conventional bombers.

became impossible

Finally losing its hydraulic pressure, the aircraft became impossible to control.

Men on foot were coated up to the knee and movement off the roads became impossible.

It became impossible to find reliable safe houses to accommodate the numbers involved.

makes it impossible

In the rainy season, water flow makes it impossible to pass through to the village.

Likewise, W255CJ makes it impossible to hear those stations in metro Atlanta anymore.

Saint Gregory's narrative makes it impossible to suppose him younger than 20 at the time.

impossible to find   (bulmak imkansız)

It is impossible to find a general integral for all space and for all time.

It is also impossible to find any signs that an animal has been in an area.

It is difficult or impossible to find compounds with more than one IUPAC name.

impossible without

Its removal is nearly impossible without mechanical means.

Further, recycling of old electronic goods can be inefficient or impossible without such information.

The identification of the associated fungal symbionts is impossible without the use of molecular methods.

impossible task   (imkansız görev)

The saying "to " was already in use during the 19th century as an example of an impossible task.

The Bamburi Cement company decided to rehabilitate the quarries which seemed to be an impossible task.

It is a seemingly impossible task until Bryan comes up with a plan that requires some help from Susan.

impossible to know

The exact number of those infected is impossible to know as not all cases are reported.

No establishment date is known for either and therefore it is impossible to know which existed first.

Eliza was very possibly innocent of any real indiscretion, but it is now impossible to know the truth.

found it impossible

Bartholow found it impossible to block incoming attacks due to the creatures' slow gait.

The censors found it impossible to remove the "Zionist" ideas from "Jud Suss", an anti-Semitic, Nazi propaganda film.

He led an armored column toward Huế, but like the other South Vietnamese units, found it impossible to break through.

impossible because   (imkansız çünkü)

Al-Alao also confirmed that INA's return to Syria is impossible because of such matters.

Under this view, any Domain-general learning is impossible because of the Combinatorial explosion.

When this became impossible because of British objections, separate institutions had to be created.

impossible due

Wheelchairs are used by people for whom walking is difficult or impossible due to illness, injury, or disability.

Life on Earth will become impossible due to a rise in temperature long before the planet is actually swallowed up by the Sun.

Black men during this time had to establish their own identity, which may seem impossible due to all the limitations put upon them.

seemingly impossible   (görünüşte imkansız)

He was noted as a goalkeeper for making seemingly impossible saves.

It is a seemingly impossible task until Bryan comes up with a plan that requires some help from Susan.

He created ingenious and seemingly impossible plots and is regarded as the master of the "locked room mystery".

practically impossible

This is practically impossible with most centerfire cartridges.

However, there are critics who say that such a task is practically impossible.

As at 2014, it is practically impossible to gain legitimate access to original CDs of reggae music originating from outside Kenya.

impossible to get

The school is now underground, rendering it impossible to get to.

By this time, it was impossible to get the games anymore, and there were no orderly backups.

Because it was impossible to get a perfect roll, the spacecraft swept out a cone as it rotated.

impossible to tell

While in India, Russell learns that it's often impossible to tell friend from foe, and that some games must be played out until their deadly end.

Although many interpretations of this have been offered, it is impossible to tell whether this was true, and if so, what exactly the signal meant.

Many Afghans, even those who were vetted, were never issued official badges, making it impossible to tell who was supposed to have access to any particular facility.