İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

so impressed   (Çok etkilendim)

Some artists in Sydney were not so impressed.

This so impressed Pratt that he hired 26-year-old Rogers immediately.

Kiel was so impressed, they offered him a contract for the following season.

not impressed   (etkilenmedim)

Liliane and Maria are happy, but André is not impressed.

However, Nikolaus Pevsner was not impressed by its style.

He was not impressed with its name nor its derelict condition.

very impressed   (çok etkilendim)

I am very impressed by his initiative and loyalty."

After the race Richard Hannon said "I was very impressed.

Sima Yi was very impressed with her.

impressed enough

Smith saw him in the film and was impressed enough to give him a part.

However, he impressed enough to win a one-year professional contract at the age of 18.

The Republican Party was impressed enough with her that it invited her to change parties.

deeply impressed

Einstein was deeply impressed by Mahatma Gandhi.

They are well rounded, with a deeply impressed suture.

The sutures are deeply impressed.

greatly impressed

This experience greatly impressed his work and changed his world view.

Devin lost the contest but was greatly impressed by Rob's performance.

Its combat troops in Angola greatly impressed fellow non-aligned nations.

particularly impressed   (özellikle etkilendim)

He was particularly impressed by the works of Friedrich Engels.

At the class, she observed two performers who particularly impressed her with their skills.

"Motography" gave the film a positive review, being particularly impressed with the cinematography.

less impressed   (daha az etkilendim)

Literary critics were less impressed.

Some reviewers were less impressed.

They were less impressed by the cinematography, which they described as simply adequate.