İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

give the impression   (izlenim yaratmak)

The game uses oblique projection to give the impression of three dimensional graphics.

He wanted to give the impression that the Jews had more armaments than they actually had.

The game manipulated 2D sprites and backgrounds to give the impression of 3D to the player.

lasting impression   (Kalıcı etki)

Morani also left a lasting impression on the art community.

Wilson said the event left a "vivid and lasting impression on [him]".

Oliver's drummer, Baby Dodds, made a particular and lasting impression on Wettling.

giving the impression   (izlenim vermek)

Nadheem blamed the title of the film for giving the impression of "old typical" to the film.

The choice of the JavaScript name has caused confusion, sometimes giving the impression that it is a spin-off of Java.

Most notably, "C. validus" males and females have an exaggerated malar space, giving the impression of a long, triangular face.

first impression   (İlk izlenim)

"My first impression was that it was quite a beautiful puzzle.

This first impression was not to last, and they later became friends.

My first impression of him was to be incredibly impressed with his enthusiasm and intelligence."

gives the impression   (izlenim verir)

Lamas gives the impression of being a sleepy, rural place.

The landscape there gives the impression of a small town in the mountains.

To the eye, he gives the impression of one of the "gentlemen-farmers in the last century ...

good impression   (iyi izlenim)

She also left a good impression on the public, mostly for her piety and good will.

"Wisden" noted that he made a good impression on spectators in these early matches.

He succeeded in making a good impression for a short while and share price firmed up.

overall impression   (Genel izlenim)

Their overall impression was that the film was a "delightful, absorbing story of theatrical life."

Despite their size, the overall impression is of streamlining and grace, with a curvy shapeliness and compact strength.

Although the specific details of Godzilla's appearance have varied slightly over the years, the overall impression has remained consistent.

gave the impression

ABC gave the impression that Victor Lasky had been one of the accusers who had caused her to lose her job.

Atmospheric meant that the palace gave the impression of sitting in an auditorium that opened to a night sky.

The "widely publicized" photograph gave the impression that the Israeli soldier had deliberately targeted Tamimi.

strong impression

La Crioz felt the game made a "strong impression".

Later in 1907 he visited Egypt, where his experiences left a strong impression on him.

Mileikowsky's numerous speeches made a strong impression on the American Jewish community.

made an impression   (bir izlenim bıraktı)

There, he made an impression with his staging of Goethes "Faust".

The street made an impression on J.

Neither single made an impression.

make an impression   (izlenim bırakmak)

He struggled to make an impression in his first season, making only seven appearances in all competitions.

Anu Sithara has a small role as Jalaja, Ajayan's love interest, but it is too small to make an impression.

Zack tells them he plans to win the competition, not for recognition or to make an impression, but for pride.

false impression   (yanlış izlenim)

They give a false impression of the essential nature of Islam."

This may give a false impression that the U.S. is less peaceful than those nations.

The root word "" gives the false impression that antisemitism is directed against all Semitic people, "e.g.

deep impression

These grim scenes made a deep impression on Terrell.

The destruction he witnessed after World War I also made a deep impression on him.

The American Revolution made a deep impression in the Dutch Republic of the 1770s.

create the impression   (izlenim yaratmak)

Motion LED lightboxes are a variation on traditional lightboxes, and use programmed LEDs behind a display to create the impression of movement.

Although the corners of his mouth turn slightly downward, Christ's open eyes and unfurrowed brow create the impression of a self-possessed impassivity.

It was common for his staff either to miss reporting opportunities or to leak otherwise exclusive reports to other news agencies to create the impression of two separate sources.

great impression   (harika izlenim)

His thanksgiving sermon (24 May) produced a great impression.

Annie is a left-hander from Asia who has made a great impression as a junior.

They caused a great impression about the princess and the power of her family.