greatly improved   (大幅に改善)

The mood greatly improved as the Games progressed.

The clutch and gearbox were also greatly improved.

Thus he greatly improved the condition of the cities.

improved version

The S-6 was an improved version of the earlier S-5.

It was improved version of 140A, with same body.

The scheme is an improved version of Amrutha Hastham.

much improved

He found that social and sports activities ashore were much improved.

The airport at Ogle would have been privatised, and much improved and extended.

The Inspectorate noted that the prison had much improved, and was well managed.

significantly improved

The 29050 also included a significantly improved FPU.

Worker's compensation was also significantly improved.

However, it has significantly improved over the years.

improved upon

However, the surface itself was also improved upon.

Joubert improved upon his debut season in 2002–2003.

It is on this version that Falcao, Stolfi, and Lotufo improved upon.

improved performance   (パフォーマンスを向上させた)

New features include improved performance and file versioning.

The improved performance led to a substantial increase in BBS popularity.

Luter's restructuring of the company is credited with its improved performance.

further improved

From 1965 a further improved PZL-101B was produced.

Its lengthened slide further improved the pistol's balance.

Based on success of the sea trials, the NRL further improved the system.

most improved   (最も改善された)

This makes the Philippines the most improved among ASEAN member nations.

In 2009 the Mitchell High was the most improved National Challenge school in England.

Poonch is the most improved district in terms of middle schools over the past 5 years.

team improved   (チームの改善)

The team improved their record in 1996, ending up at 77–67.

At the 1994 Labatt Brier, the team improved their record to 3-8.

The team improved their previous output of 11–5, winning twelve games.

new and improved

Then they bring him... the new and improved power arm!

Alec, as the new and improved Swamp Thing, flies into the Rot kingdom and confronts Sethe.

A new and improved version of the VHS rifle, known as the VHS-2, was introduced in April 2013.

improved access   (アクセスの改善)

It was rebuilt by Charles J. Phipps, re-opening on 18 November 1882 with improved access.

These hearings resulted in improvements such as improved access to health care, housing, and schools.

This added resource allows rapid transport for critical patients, as well as improved access to remote areas.

improved significantly

Both have improved significantly since the 1950s.

Sino-Japanese relations also improved significantly.

In both areas, Obama improved significantly on John Kerry's performance.

vastly improved   (大幅に改善)

On account of this the condition of roads have vastly improved.

Turbo-Basic XL's most notable feature was vastly improved execution speed.

Kent had vastly improved come 1894, under the captaincy of Frank Marchant.

not improved

However, the situation of the hall has not improved.

The display technology itself is not improved.

Since then, conditions have not improved.

victory improved

The victory improved Alabama's all-time record against Tulsa to 3–0.

The victory improved Alabama's all-time record against Miami to 7–2.

The victory improved Alabama's all-time record against Miami to 6–2.

gradually improved

The financial position gradually improved.

He gradually improved his times in 2009.

The build quality gradually improved but was never up to the same standard as Volvo's larger models.

slightly improved

In 1935, a slightly improved model of the CV-33 was introduced and designated CV-35.

Florence slowly intensified as the eye persisted and the structure slightly improved.

The M1917 proved unsatisfactory in service, and a slightly improved version, the M1918, was adopted within months.

dramatically improved

Both projects dramatically improved commerce with the rest of Europe and the world.

The use of PGE dramatically improved the mortality rate after its introduction in 1976.

Relations between Jews and Christians have dramatically improved since the 20th century.

improved graphics

The 7800 has significantly improved graphics hardware over the 2600, but uses the same audio chip.

Originally planned with a 68020 CPU, the TT included improved graphics and more powerful support chips.

The port features improved graphics and many other enhancements that were included in "Resident Evil 4 HD".

improved dramatically

Healthcare, especially in the villages, was improved dramatically.

By the end of the year, the album's critical standing had improved dramatically.

The experimental position improved dramatically after research by Henry Moseley in 1913.

improved versions

The "Brin"-class submarines were improved versions of the preceding .

These NCs are called as such as they are improved versions of the past NCs.

The "Leander" design, or improved versions of it, were licence-built for other navies as well.

improved during

The craft was improved during the reign of Napoleon I.

The area's economy improved during the 1990s.

It later became their summer retreat and was further improved during this time.

improved water

All stakeholders in the municipality benefitted from the improved water system.

In civic matters, he helped in the development of improved water supply and sewage disposal in Bradford.

Still, spending some of Botswana's diamond revenues on improved water supply is clearly popular among voters.

improved when   (改善されたとき)

The application was improved when watchOS 2.2 came out in March 2016.

Sales improved when the books were re-released in 2004 under Cabot's real name.

His situation improved when he destroyed a force of pro-Roman Lucanians in early 213 BC in Bruttium.

later improved

He later improved his time to 9.97 in Brussels on September 7, 2012.

Despite this, she later improved her relationships and became an influential player in the house.

His relationship with Kagamiyama later improved enough for the latter to attend his wedding ceremony.

situation improved   (状況改善)

This situation improved as COBOL adopted more features.

His situation improved when he destroyed a force of pro-Roman Lucanians in early 213 BC in Bruttium.

As soon as the Chinese rations were replaced by meat and other high-calorie food the situation improved.

improved through

Hoxby's research has found that both private and public schools improved through the use of vouchers.

The access to the station and the platforms will be improved through elevators for wheelchairs and prams.

They can then be sold as raw board or surface improved through the addition of a wood veneer or laminate surface.

improved quality

A few short clips were shown at the news conference, showing their improved quality.

After the war, the need for an improved quality of care as well as increased education for military medicine was highlighted.

The metallic lines offer much improved quality of line eliminating the buzz and noise associated with the old earth return lines.

provide improved   (改善する)

Sound cards are also available to provide improved audio in computer games.

Both axles are fitted with positive locking differentials which provide improved traction by preventing one wheel spin-out.

Also, the DSBs cleaved by paired nickases have long overhangs instead of blunt ends which provide improved control of targeted insertions.

improved health   (健康の改善)

L Purcell Weaver met Szekely in Tahiti in 1934 and attributed his improved health to him.

CATSINaM advocates for improved health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The greater longevity for females apparently reflected improved health practices during maternity and childbirth.

improved considerably

Decades later, "Obsession"'s reputation improved considerably.

The economic situation in Chechnya has improved considerably since 2000.

Rather, Trinity recovered slowly, and it financial health improved considerably.

steadily improved

Technology steadily improved during the 20th century, and more quickly with digital video.

Under his command the team, which had finished the 1997 campaign with a 3–13 record, steadily improved.

As West Germany's economy grew, and its standard of living steadily improved, many East Germans wanted to move to West Germany.

improved greatly

The University improved greatly under his tenure."

By 1959, the staffing position had improved greatly.

Drug delivery and aiding machines have been improved greatly by bioinstrumentation.

improved design

In the mid 19th century the "Vienna valve" was an improved design.

Vikings 8 through 14 were built with an enlarged airframe of improved design.

The improved design was bought by the Italian Army and it was delivered in quantity from August 1915.

improved relations

Egypt is also the most direct example of improved relations after the end of hostilities.

In terms of trade France did receive some benefits from the improved relations with the Middle East.

France improved relations with its former colony Syria, and eroded cultural links were partially restored.