İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

years in prison   (yıllar hapis)

Ntakirutimana was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Burton spent 14 years in prison from 1992 to 2006.

She was convicted and served three years in prison.

falls in love   (aşık)

Nandini falls in love with Kunal, Mauli's husband.

In the process, Linus also falls in love with her.

The team's trainer Toni falls in love with Hayat.

named in honor   (onurlu)

The species was named in honor of Raymond Laurent.

The genus is named in honor of Evert I. Schlinger.

Mulfords Run was named in honor of a local family.

still in use   (hala kullanımda)

The church is still in use, offering daily masses.

The building is still in use as a Chinese buffet.

The STIR radars are still in use on non-USN vessels.

fell in love   (aşık olmak)

I fell in love with one and bought it on the spot.

Trelawny soon fell in love with Claire Clairmont.

The two fell in love and she became his mistress.

killed in action   (eylemde öldürüldü)

His two older brothers were both killed in action.

Three Germans were killed in action and 15 wounded.

He is ultimately killed in action by Athrun Zala.

fall in love   (aşık olmak)

The two fall in love but a crisis comes their way.

Mano succeeds in making Prem fall in love with Jo.

Han and Leia fall in love during the long journey.

remained in operation   (operasyonda kaldı)

The company remained in operation until the 1980s.

These quarries remained in operation until 1915.

The site remained in operation until the late 1970s.

important in demonstrating   (göstermede önemli)

The place is important in demonstrating the evolution or pattern of Queensland's history.

appeared in several   (birkaç ortaya çıktı)

Berenson also appeared in several motion pictures.

He has also appeared in several sketches on SNL.

She has also appeared in several ads and short films.

played in all

She played in all five matches and scored 14 goals.

She played in all 3 matches at this championship.

put in place   (yerine koymak)

At 6 p.m. curfew was put in place for the same day.

This was put in place in an effort to improve attendance.

Recuperative measures were put in place and largely worked.

students in grades   (sınıf öğrencileri)

Boarding is available for students in grades 8-12.

Everman High School houses students in grades 9-12.

The school enrolls about 250 students in grades 1-8.

named in honour   (onurlu)

The race is named in honour of the Brontë sisters.

It was named in honour of businessman K. C. Irving.

It is named in honour of Marie Curie-Sklodowska.

due in part   (kısmen vadesi gelmiş)

This was due in part to the increasing PC market.

This is due in part to the high rates of illiteracy in the country.

This was due in part to the institutional landscape of television in the UK.

found in many

His work can be found in many public collections.

Excellent sandy beaches are found in many locations.

Surya temples are found in many parts of India.

term in office   (görev süresi)

He completed his term in office on 17 December 2007.

Becker won reelection to another term in office.

By 109 BC he had finished his term in office.

just in time   (tam zamanında)

Joe, arrived just in time to avoid the bombing.

He discovers the identity of the killer just in time.

However, he recovered just in time to remain in the squad.

used in many

It is often used in many types of cellular systems.

They are widely used in many electronic devices.

It continues to be used in many other countries.

remained in use   (kullanımda kaldı)

The vehicle remained in use so equipped until 2010.

The school built in 1875 remained in use until 1954.

Most remained in use in this role until 1902.

headquartered in modern   (merkezi modern)

Zhou was subsequently made the military governor of Ningguo Circuit (寧國, headquartered in modern Xuancheng, Anhui).

In 796, Li Wanrong (李萬榮) the military governor of Xuanwu Circuit (宣武, headquartered in modern Kaifeng, Henan) died.

In 906, Zhennan was conquered by Yang Wo, the ruler of rival Huainan Circuit (淮南, headquartered in modern Yangzhou, Jiangsu).

put in charge   (sorumlu olmak)

He is the teacher put in charge of the concours.

Vladimir is put in charge of all the local partisans.

Stuart Davis was put in charge of forming its committee.

back in time   (zamanda geriye)

Connors wonders if they've somehow gone back in time.

Their romance goes back in time more than thirty years.

Meanwhile, Jim travels back in time and poses as a statue.

months in prison   (aylarca hapis)

She was arrested and sentenced to 27 months in prison.

He was convicted and sentenced to six months in prison.

He was found guilty and sentenced to 13 months in prison.

kilometers in diameter   (kilometre çap)

All are several hundred kilometers in diameter and range in height from 14 to 18 km.

Based on the absolute magnitude of 15.1, it may measure several kilometers in diameter.

Based on the absolute magnitude of 10.6, it may measure tens of kilometers in diameter.

point in time   (zaman içinde)

This total was measured at a single point in time.

It could have literally fallen over at any point in time."

At a point in time, he was a co- host to the Upside Down Show.

life in prison   (Hapiste hayat)

If convicted, Cadden and Chin faced life in prison.

She was sentenced to 27 years to life in prison.

He was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

appeared in many   (birçoğunda ortaya çıktı)

For Red Stitch he has appeared in many productions.

Casa Milà appeared in many satirical magazines.

Pooja Bhatt appeared in many bold shoots like Stardust.

fallen in love   (aşık olmak)

Meanwhile, John has fallen in love with Georgia.

But Magdalena has fallen in love with Alejandro.

Meanwhile, Frik and Morgan have fallen in love.

died in office

Snowball died in office on 16 March the next year.

Kittson died in office of smallpox at St. Boniface.

Legault died in office in Maniwaki at the age of 50.

voted in favor   (lehte oy verdi)

Kruger voted in favor of same-sex marriage in 2011.

Purtell voted in favor of the Civil Rights Act of 1957.

In July 2012, Donnelly voted in favor of H.R.

finished in third

She finished in third place in both competitions.

In the 2005–06 season they finished in third place.

Rioter finished in third place and El Diablo fourth.

later in life   (sonraki yaşamında)

She became estranged from her family later in life.

Yet other puzzles are not solved until later in life.

He received a number of honorary degrees later in life.

finished in second

They finished in second place with 29.25 points.

The team finished in second in the 2007 race.

Sussex finished in second place, their best placing yet.

falling in love   (aşık olmak)

Death won’t stop these two teens from falling in love.

As for Trudi, she ends up falling in love with Cavanaugh.

The dance most commonly represents the couple falling in love.

similar in appearance   (görünüşte benzer)

Other than size, sexes are similar in appearance.

It is very similar in appearance to the TMA-4.

It is similar in appearance to "Apterodina".

appeared in more

She appeared in more than twenty films since 2003.

She appeared in more than ninety films since 1968.

She has appeared in more than ten films since 2009.

used in conjunction   (birlikte kullanılır)

Tobacco was mainly used in conjunction with cigarettes.

Diaphragms and caps are often used in conjunction with spermicides.

The harp stand was typically used in conjunction with the stub switch.

found in other   (diğerlerinde bulundu)

The gene has also been found in other germ cell tumors.

Similar results have been found in other jurisdictions.

Related words are also found in other Turkic languages.

ended in divorce   (boşanma ile sonuçlandı)

The marriage ended in divorce after about a year.

Their marriage ended in divorce in 1987 or 1988.

Dorothea's second marriage ended in divorce in 1596.

second in command   (kumandan muavini)

Baji Prabhu was second in command of this contingent.

Captain Martin and his second in command, Sgt.

St. John was believed to be Rawlins’ second in command.

released in late

The record is expected to be released in late 2016.

The 2018 decision was released in late February.

It was released in late 1993 on Mercury Records.

appearances in all

He made 38 appearances in all competitions, a career high.

He made 170 appearances in all competitions in four years.

2006–07 brought Almunia 14 appearances in all competitions.

participated in several   (birkaç katıldı)

As a child, he participated in several plays.

She has participated in several dance and song contests.

As a celebrity, he has participated in several game shows.

appeared in numerous

He also appeared in numerous episodes of "Emergency!"

His poems appeared in numerous anthologies and journals.

He also appeared in numerous comedic skits.

teams in each

The top 2 teams in each group qualify for the I.F.C.

Top four teams in each group advance to quarterfinals.

The top 2 teams in each group qualify for the S.2.F.C.

remained in service

Both it and the W33 remained in service until 1992.

She remained in service through the end of 1955.

The cab cars remained in service as passenger coaches.

degree in economics   (Ekonomi alanında lisans)

He completed his Bachelor's degree in economics.

He graduated from CCNY in 1949 with a degree in economics.

degree in economics from the University of Michigan in 1984.

released in early

An album "Vaudeville" was released in early 1987.

"McDull, The Alumni", was released in early 2006.

His self-titled debut album was released in early 2005.

found in most   (çoğunda bulundu)

It is found in most of southern and central Europe.

It is found in most of Europe and in eastern Russia.

editor in chief   (Genel Yayın Yönetmeni)

Sub Board then elected a new editor in chief.

Its current director and editor in chief is Saleh Nafee.

He currently serves as the publication's editor in chief.

still in existence   (hala var)

His khanqah and the order is still in existence.

Many of these companies are still in existence today.

The Pen is one of the few still in existence.

died in infancy   (bebeklik döneminde öldü)

A son was born to her in 1916 who died in infancy.

1912) (a younger brother, Cyril, died in infancy).

They had one son, Edward Lake, who died in infancy.

involved in several

Irwin was also involved in several media campaigns.

In 2008, Cloutier was involved in several projects.

Black (1936), the company was involved in several mergers.

time in history   (tarihte zaman)

Mixed team was also introduced for the 1st time in history.

At that time in history it was initially known as "provincialism".

It was the first time in history Juventus lost on their home debut.

degree in political

He graduated with a degree in political science.

degree in political economy in 1990.

Hevesi has a BA degree in political science from Queens College.

located in downtown   (şehir merkezinde)

Their headquarters is located in downtown Ishtar.

The Distinction is located in downtown Dubai.

Its offices are located in downtown St. Catharines, Ontario.

still in operation   (hala çalışıyor)

These stores are still in operation as of 2013.

The School is still in operation as part of The Place.

This community program is still in operation.

finished in fourth

He finished in fourth place with 2.6% of the vote.

The team finished in fourth place with a record.

In the Eredivisie, the team finished in fourth place.

appeared in all

Those two rival clubs appeared in all the finals.

Obituaries appeared in all the major broadsheets.

Hopper appeared in all 22 episodes that were filmed.

involved in politics   (siyasete karışmak)

He was involved in politics in his university days.

Adampour was involved in politics from an early age.

Since 2014 he has been actively involved in politics.

ruled in favor   (lehine karar verdi)

The Board ruled in favor of the studio management.

In the end the court ruled in favor of the states.

Again, the High Court ruled in favor of the trust.

degree in business   (işletme derecesi)

He graduated with a degree in business administration.

He is currently working on his degree in business administration.

Before becoming a professional chef she earned a degree in business.

found in southern

It is found in southern Somalia and eastern Kenya.

It is found in southern Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia.

It is found in southern Nigeria and western Cameroon.

served in various

After that he served in various Fleet assignments.

He served in various judicial capacities in Seville.

The Commando served in various places throughout the world.

cm in length   (cm uzunluk)

This angelfish grows to a size of 50 cm in length.

The Agulhas long-billed lark is 18–20 cm in length.

It grows to an average size of 16.6 cm in length.

placed in charge   (sorumlu)

John was placed in charge of the Order Department.

He was placed in charge of the company's legal and trust work.

Koizumi was again placed in charge of the game's player characters.

involved in many

Prosper was also involved in many real estate dealings.

During the 13th century, sorcery was involved in many deaths.

He has been involved in many challenging real estate transactions.

came in second

In 2009, she came in second place in Ms. Olympia.

"Justified" by Justin Timberlake came in second place.

Luca Mazzanti, who came in second, inherited the victory.

used in other   (diğerlerinde kullanılır)

War Tax overprints were used in other capacities.

The term may also be used in other jurisdictions.

This concept was also used in other Marvel card sets.

voted in favour   (lehte oy verdi)

Five Australian Democrats senators voted in favour.

The vestry meeting had voted in favour, 69 to 3.

All 46 delegates voted in favour of Suker's candidature.

found in all

Nerve cells are found in all parts of the colony.

Parmales can be found in all the major world oceans.

Mammals are found in all the regions of Canada.

tour in support   (destek turu)

Fotomaker did not tour in support of "Transfer Station".

He also launched a worldwide tour in support of the album.

time in office   (ofiste zaman)

During his time in office the British invaded Java.

His time in office was marked by a dispute with the Parsis.

Hawke wrote that he had very few regrets over his time in office.

mm in diameter   (mm çapında)

The sori are darker and measure 1 mm in diameter.

It is about 5.5 mm long and 3.1 mm in diameter.

Large ovarian eggs may range from 8–14 mm in diameter.

not in use

Tokmok Airport is currently not in use by commercial airlines.

The royal parts of the palace are open to the public when not in use.

The palace may be visited by the public on guided tours when not in use.

cm in diameter   (cm çapında)

The burrowing anemone grows up to 8 cm in diameter.

They contain up to 8 oval seeds measuring 1 cm in diameter.

The lobes are 2 to 7 cm in diameter.

located in central

Mito is located in central Ibaraki Prefecture.

It is located in central Kreuzberg.

Gustaf Adolf Square is a town square located in central Gothenburg.

names in common

Other names in common use include: 3β-HSD is potently inhibited by azastene, cyanoketone, epostane, and trilostane.

Also, the number of sales of Smith's map appears to have topped those of Greenough's map (196 copies sold), although neither map sold well and there are only 15 names in common between Smith's subscribers' list and the list of those who bought the Geological Society's map.

remained in place   (yerinde kaldı)

This system remained in place until the single "2.

The rails remained in place for about a year.

The government remained in place until 1947.

indicated in bold   (kalın yazılmış)

The overall award winner is indicated in bold type.

Known building dates are also indicated in bold.

National champions are indicated in bold.

degree in history

degree in history from Sindh University, Jamshoro in 1963.

Davis earned a master's degree in history.

He graduated from Harvard with a degree in history in June 2009.

mentioned in despatches   (sevkiyatlarda bahsedilen)

Later in November he was again mentioned in despatches.

Crichton was mentioned in despatches.

He was mentioned in despatches.

years in jail   (yıllarca hapiste)

She ended up spending four and a half years in jail.

Ionescu was eventually sentenced to six years in jail.

If convicted, Kılıç could face up to 15 years in jail.

participated in many

He participated in many events in Madhubani.

In same time, he participated in many big projects in the world.

He participated in many exhibitions.

least in part   (en azından kısmen)

He was probably at least in part of Armenian descent.

These were often funded, at least in part, from grants from the Empire.

This is at least in part due to the fact that they have overlapping genes.

interest in music

"Red Rocks kick started my whole interest in music.

Mykle also had an avid interest in music all his life.

From an early age Nie Er displayed an interest in music.

killed in battle   (savaşta öldürüldü)

Several of those men were killed in battle.

Díaz Pimienta was killed in battle in 1652.

His brother was killed in battle in 1811.

degree in law

He has a bachelor's degree in law from the University of Rome.

He graduated with a degree in law from the Universidad del Rosario.

Schmidt-Ott had a degree in law.

commander in chief   (Başkomutanı)

In 1978, he became commander in chief of the army.

The commander in chief of the military is the president.

He was made commander in chief of Melilla by Charles III of Spain.

placed in reserve   (rezerve edilmiş)

In the late 1920s she was placed in reserve at Rosyth.

The ship was again placed in reserve from 1927 until 1933.

Afterwards, she was placed in reserve.

reduced in size   (küçültülmüş)

The unit was to be retained but reduced in size.

Furthermore, the coins were slightly reduced in size.

The mainsail is reduced in size or eliminated altogether.

appeared in various

She has also appeared in various art fairs across Japan.

He also appeared in various films, notably "One Trick Pony".

She appeared in various commercials.

team in scoring   (gol atan takım)

He played for Modo and led the team in scoring.

He led the team in scoring in his rookie year.

Tang led his team in scoring averaging 18 points per game.

began in late

Negotiations began in late December 1400 in Hrodna.

Filming for the rest of season one began in late 2018.

Initial work on the sequel began in late December 1998.

million in cash   (milyon nakit)

Toronto also received $8+ million in cash from the Marlins.

The Chinese government sent $1.2 million in cash to Pakistan.

In 1962, Revlon purchased Evan-Picone for $12 million in cash.

career in music

He left in 2007 to pursue a full-time career in music.

Dern moved to Nashville to pursue a career in music in 1994.

Brewer maintained a career in music lasting over five decades.

featured in several

The song has been featured in several Hollywood movies.

Noelle has been featured in several different articles.

She has been featured in several national advertising campaigns.

expressed in terms

This description is expressed in terms of an abugida.

The efficiency of an enzyme can be expressed in terms of "k"/"K".

This strict upper limit is expressed in terms of the channel capacity.

mm in length

Adults of the species grow to 180–260 mm in length.

The shells of adults vary from 20 to 60 mm in length.

It reaching 40 mm in length at its last instar.