İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

incidents involving   (ilgili olaylar)

There were also incidents involving arson, vandalism and gunfire.

Only incidents involving members of the NYPD are investigated by the CCRB.

The Commission is aware of two unconfirmed incidents involving water balls.

several incidents   (birkaç olay)

They were also concerned about several incidents involving Seton Hall players.

During Chiang's rule, attacks on foreigners by Kuomintang forces flared up in several incidents.

The "Garde du Corps" featured conspicuously in several incidents in the opening stages of the French Revolution.

violent incidents   (şiddet olayları)

Several Bangladeshi students were severely injured in violent incidents.

Like last year, the pride parade took place without any violent incidents.

After several violent incidents, including beating up a roadie, he was fired.

such incidents   (bu tür olaylar)

War-time coverage of such incidents was severely restricted, however.

Trauma caused by such incidents is usually obvious and easily identified.

Not all such incidents were distressing to the youth who experienced them.

number of incidents   (olay sayısı)

In May 2010, there were a number of incidents in the area.

Principal photography did not go well; a number of incidents slowed production.

The number of incidents had been declining, even before the September 11 attacks.

accidents and incidents   (kazalar ve olaylar)

The New Routemaster has been involved in several accidents and incidents:

An important part of the course is case studies of real accidents and incidents with analysis using "MRM terminology".

List of aviation accidents and incidents in Guatemala This is a list of aviation accidents and incidents in Guatemala.

incidents occurred

The most deadly of incidents occurred on July 9, 2006.

Many such unbelievable incidents occurred in the short span of his life.

The alleged incidents occurred between September 5, 1893 and June 1, 1897.

other incidents   (diğer olaylar)

Several other incidents also occurred in the following days.

Two other incidents with vessels occurred near Ma Wan and Tuen Mun.

Several other incidents connected to the story of Aeacus are mentioned by Ovid.

separate incidents   (ayrı olaylar)

In 1994, two were lost in separate incidents.

McGowan pleaded to conspiracy and to two separate incidents of arson.

Two separate incidents involving sexual misconduct between employees and inmates brought to light in 2001.

incidents during   (sırasındaki olaylar)

Fryar has had several off-field incidents during and after his career.

Robinson was involved in some off-field incidents during his time at Carlton.

Purley has the largest station ground, but dealt with the fewest incidents during 2006/07.

terrorist incidents

There were nine terrorist incidents with more than hundred deaths in conflict zones.

List of terrorist incidents in India This is a list of terrorist incidents in India.

major incidents   (büyük olaylar)

Its purpose is rapid deployment to civilian protests and other major incidents.

Another area identified in Bain's report was the FRS' capacity to respond to major incidents.

Prior to major incidents in the Overwatch League, there were known cases of controversial acts.

incidents such

Officers are trained as first responders and respond to such incidents such as boating, snowmobile, and ATV accidents.

Price and production levels vary from season to season, and from year to year, due to weather and incidents such as fires.

Complete list of deployments Texas A&M Task Force 1 personnel have responded to incidents such as 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina.

series of incidents

During the race, AJ Foyt had a series of incidents and penalties.

The procedure was implemented in 1996 after a series of incidents where doors opened in the tunnel.

However, a series of incidents in the 1960s marked the intensification of Argentine sovereignty claims.

incidents of bullying   (zorbalık olayları)

In 2009, the administration reported there were zero incidents of bullying in the district.

The Line Mountain High School administration reported there were three incidents of bullying in the school in 2012.

similar incidents

There have been other similar incidents involving Muslim assailants in particular.

Al-Zaidi's shoeing inspired many similar incidents of political protest around the world.

Israel commits itself to taking steps to prevent a recurrence of similar incidents in the future."

incidents of violence

Minor incidents of violence occurred as students were stopped at picket lines.

The incidents of violence began in December 1992 and continued till March 1993.

However, no incidents of violence against travelers on spring break were reported.