surname include   (姓を含む)

Notable people with the surname include: See also

People with the surname include: Variant spellings

Notable people with the surname include: Variants:

not include   (含まれていない)

and does not include passenger service personnel.)

The organizers chose to not include any rest days.

This does not include Blu-ray sales or DVD rentals.

works include   (作品が含まれます)

His works include the Celtic Cross in Letterkenny.

Alexander's published works include: Unpublished:

Their works include music for the following movies:

name include   (名前を含める)

People with this name include: Dijkhuis / Dykhuis

Notable people who have this given name include:

People and fictional characters with the name include:

does not include   (含まれていません)

and does not include passenger service personnel.)

This does not include Blu-ray sales or DVD rentals.

This list does not include families that are extinct.

credits include   (クレジットには)

Past credits include "Dawson's Creek" (1998-2003).

Discography: Hine's many producer credits include:

Additional Broadway credits include "Carnival!

expanded to include   (含むように拡張)

The business expanded to include three studios.

She expanded to include calling cards and landscapes.

The program was expanded to include non-government jobs.

include the following

Writing and hymns by Powell include the following:

These include the following ones: Ngatas, Wangata.

Three of their investments include the following:

did not include

This amendment did not include ayuvedic physicians.

Viadana's continuo, however, did not include figures.

Unlike series 1 and 2, it did not include file cards.

features include   (機能が含まれます)

Some types are: Lowboy trailer features include:

Known features include, based on "Company of Heroes":

Other features include D-Lighting and Face-priority AF.

examples include   (例には)

Classic examples include Rocky and the Karate Kid.

Some examples include Northern Visions TV (a.k.a.

Recent examples include the P4/5 and the 412 Kappa.

members include

Board members include leaders from around the world.

Other notable members and past members include:

Its members include Brice, Mardi Love, and Zoe Jakes.

activities include   (活動が含まれます)

Other activities include handmade shoes and carpentry.

Major achievements in professional activities include:

Her other charitable activities include:

species include

Native species include buckwheat and prickly pear.

Butterfly species include the swallowtail butterfly.

Fish species include bluegill, bass, and northern pike.

include all

These include all or some of the below practices.

Type-0 grammars include all formal grammars.

And these include all the telcos in Ghana.

area include

Major directions of research in this area include:

DOC and DOCG wines produced in this area include:

Crops in the area include wheat, oats and barley.

buildings include

Other notable buildings include the I.O.O.F.

Later buildings include a small powerhouse and a mikvah.

Henderich's major Florida buildings include:

projects include

Other projects include: She married Harvey Walford.

Some of Massi's more notable projects include:

These projects include publicity, advertising, alumni, and so on.

facilities include   (施設には)

The alleged facilities include Tsishan and Kuanhsi.

Camping facilities include restrooms and showers.

The visitor facilities include a shop and café.

names include

Some dorm names include Crickhollow and Evenstar.

Common names include guayabo amarillo and remiendo.

Brand names include Fluconix, Dovenix and Trodax.

books include

His other books include: "Is Anybody Listening?"

Other such books include the Dominican Gradual.

His books include those of Timeline 191 (a.k.a.

interests include   (興味が含まれます)

Kotoinazuma's interests include music and golf.

His other interests include tennis, golf and cricket.

His other interests include musical theatre and travel.

roles include

His film roles include Jagger in "Yossi & Jagger".

His other film roles include "Who Done It?"

Other common roles include spies, porters, or minesweepers.

awards include

Denig's military decorations and awards include:

Kong's military decorations and awards include:

His military decorations and awards include:

publications include

Conway's publications include: Notes Sources

Some of Parmasto's more important publications include:

Benson's scholarly publications include "J.M.

include both

Eventually, promoters chose to include both bands.

Some include both a seated toilet and a urinal.

Drive train options include both 4×2 and 4×4.

films include

Her early films include "Two Days to Live" (1939).

Some of their early films include four written by A.

Her films include "Bangkok Dangerous" and "Jan Dara".

appearances include

Guest appearances include Young Paper and Yo Gotti.

Other television appearances include "Sledge Hammer!

Other cameo appearances include "Run Ronnie Run!

products include

Other popular products include bagels and cookies.

The products include: Branch subsidiaries in France.

Agricultural products include sheep, grain and cotton.

programs include

Typical programs include Tang Ren Jie and others.

Graduate and post-baccalaureate programs include a M.S.

The current list of WRC high school rugby programs include:

use include

The diacritic signs in use include the acute accent, grave accent and the circumflex.

Additional potential areas of use include pH sensors and transition metal cation indicators.

Given names that remain in modern use include: The following names are commonly abbreviated as "Bert":

include more

It may in fact include more than one species.

The age limit was expanded to 18-28 to include more men.

The REA complex has evolved to include more than just the main arena.

include many

Recommended sports include many standing related sports.

Cast and crew include many professionals and volunteers.

Nair's works also include many travelogues.

include several   (いくつか含む)

These include several kinds of feta cheese, like Shara and Galicnik.

Other buildings include several private residences built after 1940.

Terry Pratchett's works include several references to alternate histories of Discworld.

schools include

Private schools include the Okinawa Actors' School.

Other schools include Essa English Medium High School.

Andress High's feeder schools include H.E.

services include

Telecommunications services include Nepal Telecom, Ncell and UTL.

Online services include a forum called Ubiquity and Tech News digest.

Products and services include:

often include   (しばしば含む)

Today, the shows often include antics and multimedia effects.

Important holidays often include popular celebration activities.

Réveillons in Quebec will often include some variety of tourtière.

events include

Other events include inter-college sports competition.

Music events include the Liberation Jersey Music Festival.

Similar events include Indiecade and the Games for Change Festival.

areas include

Other hot areas include Turbat and Dalbandin.

this areas include Kagwe, Kagaa, Gatamaiyu and Matimbei areas.

Both areas include boat ramps, campgrounds, and swimming beaches.

include former

Notable Kenyan Jews include former Nairobi mayor Israel Somen.

Its former presenters include former racing driver Tiff Needell.

More recent prominent critics include former Congressman Ron Paul.

common use include

Other names in common use include: 3β-HSD is potently inhibited by azastene, cyanoketone, epostane, and trilostane.

The control characters in ASCII still in common use include: Control characters may be described as doing something when the user inputs them, such as code 3 (End-of-Text character, ETX, codice_32) to interrupt the running process, or code 4 (End of transmission, EOT, codice_33), used to end text input or to exit a Unix shell.

effects include

Rarer side effects include bleeding and infection.

Common side effects include nausea and drowsiness.

Common side effects include swelling and discomfort.

sports include

Men's sports include baseball and sprint football.

Women's sports include volleyball and softball.

Women's sports include softball and volleyball.

include other   (他を含める)

Does not include other real robot or super robot series.

However, some Puranas include other models.

Some varieties include other fruit juices.

research interests include

His research interests include:

Her research interests include developing and validating climate models.

Her research interests include work-related law and feminist legal theory.

period include   (期間が含まれます)

Other films from this period include "Gogulică C.F.R."

Students from this period include Butler Lampson and L. Peter Deutsch.

Works specifically about Washington and Virginia in this time period include:

alumni include   (同窓生が含まれます)

Notable George Brown Theatre School alumni include:

† – Conference co-champions Notable alumni include:

Notable alumni include 2015 graduate Paige Spiranac.

attractions include

Other attractions include the culture of West Bengal.

Natural attractions include: Other attractions include:

influences include

Other major influences include: Robert Johnson, R.L.

Her influences include Vidya Balan.

Her influences include Bill Viola, Andrei Tarkovsky, Antoni Tàpies.

students include

His former doctoral students include Julian Huppert.

His doctoral students include Grégory Miermont.

Notable students include Hannibal P. Scicluna.

extended to include   (含むように拡張)

In 1916 the hospital was extended to include a dental school.

In 1899 his lectures had been extended to include Marconi's system.

This allowed supply to be extended to include the Bay of Plenty and Auckland.

groups include

Popular local groups include the Ken Peltier Band.

Other popular rock ballad groups include Boohwal.

Some of the rules common to most groups include:

songs include

McLean's other well-known songs include the following.

These songs include (in order of release)

Favorite pep band songs include "Cuban Coffee", "Holiday", "Hey!

series include

Production companies involved in the series include MVMT.

Production companies involved with the series include A24.

Directors for the series include Shapeero and Matt Lipsey.

album include

Singles from the album include "Drop It Down" and "Say I".

Singles from the album include "Golden Clouds" and "Soulman".

Singles from the album include "U Got da Best" and "Poppa 'Stro".

work include   (仕事が含まれます)

Exhibition reviews and articles about Kartscher's work include

Examples of canvas work include bargello and Berlin wool work.

Collections of art that own examples of Seidel's work include:

characters include

Other characters include Pallas Athene, Cupid, Juno, and Jupiter.

Other characters include her cousin Gloriane, the lady of Castle Darnant.

Other characters include friends and family members of Megan and the twins.

film credits include   (映画クレジットには)

Cazalet's film credits include "EMR" and "Lady Godiva".

Imazu's film credits include: "McLintock!"

Her film credits include the "Miss Marple" movie "Murder Ahoy!"

clients include   (クライアントには)

Current clients include Reuben Brothers.

Federal clients include the FBI, ATF, State Department and U.S.

Key clients include Plum Organics and Regal Entertainment Group.

collections include

Some of the more important collections include:

The collections include tiles, relics, and the castle garden.

He has also received the following honors: His published poetry collections include:

symptoms include   (症状には)

Other symptoms include seizures and muscle spasms.

These symptoms include delusions and hallucinations.

Common symptoms include fever, headache, and a rash.

include such

The roll of trustees include such outstanding men as L.H.

Distinctions include such production alternatives as for consumption (food, haircuts, etc.)

Other uses include such expressions such as "ugra-karma", meaning bitter, unwholesome labor.

artists include

Other artists include Jamie Cullum, James Bay and Lisa Marie Presley.

Other artists include Rival Sons, Shooter Jennings, and Brandi Carlile.

Featured artists include Scott Sueme, Jonathan Taggart, and Jason Athens.

factors include

Risk factors include low-lying placenta, in vitro fertilization.

Other risk factors include immobilization (stasis) and laparoscopy.

Risk factors include low potassium, low magnesium, and high calcium.

city include

Attractions within and surrounding the city include:

universities in city include: Jahrom has 65 health houses.

Non-profit hospitals in the city include the Hindu Mission Hospital.

interest include

Points of interest include: Other map sources:

Other points of interest include the following:

Other countries which have also expressed interest include Iran and Belarus.

park include

Wetlands in the park include marshes and cypress domes.

Highlights of the park include:

Features of the park include:

include new

The packs also include new modifiers and Untimely Deaths.

These include new costumes, Mirrored Visions, and challenge areas.

Extras include new interviews with Brian De Palma and Nancy Allen.

methods include

His methods include both social history and comparative studies.

In Japan, divination methods include Futomani from the Shinto tradition.

Other methods include handwriting recognition, OCR and voice recognition.

include a new

The relationship expanded in 2019 to include a new gene target.

Other improvements include a new gymnasium, theater, and food court.

The changes would include a new logo, and a simplified user interface.

district include

Significant structures in the district include:

typically include

Signs typically include the distance to the hole, and par.

Direct costs typically include:

ERP systems typically include many settings that modify system operations.

grew to include

As the company expanded, its roster grew to include musicians.

These efforts grew to include raising funds for traveling filkers.

The brand grew to include travel magazines, city guides, and books.

villages include

Nearby villages include Bramford and Burstall.

Kasang villages include Lamoitong and Tuirong.

Nearby villages include Fivealley about 3 km.

include the use

Amenities do not include the use of the Internet.

A sample of one of these songs include the use of enkoito drum rhythms.

These processes may include the use of x-rays, brain scans and clothing.

grown to include   (含むように成長)

Since 1994 it has grown to include approximately 400 products.

Since then, the industry has grown to include about 250,000 pageants.

The region has grown to include inland communities in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

include various

Its rocks include various gneisses and granites.

Other examples include various prescription drugs (e.g.

The theater organization grew to include various cultural offerings.

television credits include

Spencer's television credits include "Third Watch" and "".

His television credits include: "The Twilight Zone" (1964); "Combat!"

His television credits include "Guiding Light", "" and "One Tree Hill".

sites include

The sites include open campsites and rock shelters.

Common sites include the hands, head, and feet.

These sites include Disqus,, reddit.

applications include

Typical applications include urography and angiography.

Other applications include marketing and policy making.

Military applications include the Active Denial System.

systems include

Such file systems include JFFS2 and YAFFS.

Security systems include near-real-time ship location devices.

Many systems include myriad minor chakras throughout the body.

region include   (地域が含まれます)

Cheeses of the region include Humboldt Fog, Cougar Gold and Teleme.

The outliers of the region include the Hesselberg and the Gleichberge.

Other delivery partners in the region include Pos Malaysia and Pos Indonesia.

used include

Rolling stock on which the Tschanz drive was used include:

The examples he used include "game", "number" and "family".

Other effects that are used include the flanger and bass chorus.

exhibitions include   (展示会には)

Recent exhibitions include "An Eternal Beauty.

Her solo exhibitions include: Her group exhibitions include:

side effects include

Rarer side effects include bleeding and infection.

Common side effects include nausea and drowsiness.

Common side effects include swelling and discomfort.

compositions include

His compositions include Six Studies for the piano.

Some of his compositions include still life elements.

All of Chopin's compositions include the piano.

here include   (ここに含める)

Shops here include Louis Vuitton, Mulberry and Calvin Klein.

Scholars who have taught here include,

Some of the caves found here include:

recordings include

His recordings include a number of Bach cantatas.

The original Vlach Quartet recordings include Beethoven op.

The band's recordings include the album "Introducing Tárkány Müvek".

include a number   (数字を含める)

His recordings include a number of Bach cantatas.

These include a number of guitar etudes.

The lyrics include a number of in-jokes.

village include

Hamlets and farmsteads in the village include Brvca (a.k.a.

Ethnic groups in the village include:

The schools in the village include:

productions include

Other productions include poplars and corn.

Recent productions include Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure" and "On Thin Ice".

MCS's most recent theatrical productions include "James & The Giant Peach Jr." and "Clue".

changes include

Other changes include the shows rearrangement of Sunday evenings.

Other changes include MistaJam took over Danny Howard on the Dance Anthems.

Lifestyle changes include weight loss, decreased salt intake, physical exercise, and a healthy diet.

plants include

Aquatic varieties of plants include floating club-rush.

Host plants include "Eucalyptus deglupta".

Host plants include "Alseodaphne" species.

highlights include   (ハイライトが含まれます)

Other highlights include: the Dachshund races, a.k.a.

Some highlights include:

Her career highlights include two gold, two silver and four bronze medals on the FIVB World Tour.

usually include

Modern variations also usually include chopped nuts.

The rank of Saintly Pages usually include twelve Pages.

These kinds of desserts usually include a thickened dairy base.

options include

Drive train options include both 4×2 and 4×4.

Other camera options include a mode that chases the aircraft.

Ticket options include one-way, 10-ride, 25-ride, and monthly passes.

clubs include

The village has four pubs: Social clubs include:

Sports clubs include Robertsbridge Cricket Club.

Local association football clubs include Wilton United.

titles include

Similar titles include great king and king of kings.

Ethiopian ecclesiastical titles include:

Known titles include: His furniture designs were also notable.

performances include

Her performances include acoustic covers of popular Soul, R&B and Pop songs.

In addition to the kyōgen plays themselves, performances include short dances called .

Popular artists who have used the Firebird on recordings and live performances include:

achievements include

MECC's achievements include:

Perkins' earliest achievements include the discovery of the negative pion in cosmic radiation.

His other notable achievements include a bronze and silver medal at the Tournament of Tuscany.