İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

not included   (dahil değil)

However, for unknown reasons, it was not included.

"The State Journal" was not included in the sale.

"Private Air" was not included in this acquisition.

now included   (şimdi dahil)

It is now included in the Drava Statistical Region.

later included   (daha sonra dahil edildi)

It was later included in the marquisate of Orani.

It spawned the genre that later included "Mamma Mia!"

This track was later included on the compilation album .

members included   (üyeler dahil)

Notable crew members included David Lean as editor.

Other members included American soprano Judith Nelson.

Other members included early Smiths producer Troy Tate.

included several

The Petite Bande also included several viol players.

These included several 'genuine' Prussian T 3s.

The area formerly included several smaller districts.

included many

The pediments of the Parthenon included many statues.

The documentary included many other well-known people.

The redesign of the Peruvian plates included many changes.

work included   (iş dahil)

The work included creating a harbour and a marina.

Resnick's work included input from Castel himself.

The work included Akelaitis' biography written by .

cast included   (oyuncular dahil)

The cast included Isabel Jay and Bertram Wallis.

The cast included a young James Cagney and Jane Wyatt.

The cast included many famous artists from various fields.

included the following

The JES Air fleet included the following aircraft:

The lectures delivered by NBI included the following:

In 2003, membership included the following companies:

album included

The album included popular hit singles "Still D.R.E."

The album included three hit singles, , and .

The album included both previous hits and new material.

included all   (hepsini dahil)

These included all 16 not in the duplicate list.

Guests have also included all Taoisigh since Charles Haughey.

The building included all of the modern amenities of the time.

included within

Other symbolism is included within the design.

In 1921 the area was included within the Church in Wales.

Earltown was included within the Philadelphia grant of 1765.

included both

Body styles included both two and four door models.

The album included both previous hits and new material.

The project included both public and private investment.

included a new

The facelift included a new front and interior.

This included a new logo replacing the logo used since 1967.

It included a new production of "Passion" directed by Jamie Lloyd.

often included   (genellikle dahil)

Gunge was often included to make the tasks harder.

This gossip often included discussions of women.

Portions of Greene and Sumter were also often included.

time included

Classifications in use at the time included B1, B2 and B3.

Associate Directors during this time included Chris White.

Other prominent researchers in the field at this time included H.L.

team included   (takım dahil)

The team included people who had survived polio.

The team included 108 athletes, 75 men and 33 women.

works included

Procter's works included portraits and landscapes.

Important public works included the massive R.C.

His works included a dozen armories during that period.

song was included

The song was included as a bonus track on the album.

The song was included on their debut album "Uncle B".

This song was included and showed an unreleased version.

included a number   (bir numara dahil)

The letter included a number of observations and recommendations.

That year's squad had 27 players, which included a number of new ones.

The team included a number of athletes who were then serving in the Navy.

included new

The new classrooms included new science labs and special-ed facilities.

The plan included new entrances, sponsor lodges and parts of the stands.

It also included new liner notes written by Gary Blailock in September 2014.

included only   (sadece dahil)

The 2007-08 school year included only grades 9 and 10.

The competition included only recurve events.

group included

Visitors from that group included Harpo Marx.

The group included church members and their invited guests.

Others in his group included Wally Kokockis (Cicero Kid), Sgt.

included such

These included such future Civil War officers as Maj. Gen. Carl Schurz, Brig.

Early Drop Art included such pieces as "Egg Drop" and "Pendulum" (pictured) .

His company included such actors as Broncho Billy Anderson, Ben Turpin, and Victor Potel.

included as part

The district is often included as part of during this period.

Additional locker rooms were included as part of this expansion.

The entire route is included as part of the National Highway System.

included below

The outcomes of relevant trials are included below.

Some series with at least 2 volumes are included below.

Omnibus volumes and anthologies are not included below.

originally included

The album originally included a 7" single "Escapades".

"Pityrodia" was originally included in the Verbenaceae.

Northamptonshire was originally included in the Diocese of Lincoln.

season included

Wednesday's season included an 8–0 defeat at Newcastle.

Other possibilities early in the season included Fender and Arthur Carr.

Other competitive circuits this season included the World Cup and Continental Cup.

students included

His students included his nephew Jean II Restout.

His students included the violinist Gonçal Comellas.

His students included the anthropologist Marjorie Halpin.

roles included

Other roles included Alexis in "The Sorcerer", Ralph Rackstraw in "H.M.S.

His film roles included "The Eye of the Storm", "The First To Go," and "Labor Pains" .

His film roles included "Nobody Waved Good-bye", "The Young Ones", "Why Rock the Boat?

included among

Also included among Juan Arvizu's single recordings are:

Hyaenodontidae was not included among the creodonts until 1909.

2), it may be included among liturgical vestments in the widest sense.

included more

Clutsam included more new material in this version.

The playlist included more newer hits and less gold.

The resulting tour included more than 40 dates in Russia and Belarus.

career included

His stage career included plays by Shakespeare and Shaw.

His career included stints abroad between 1975 and 1985.

His career included service in World War II and the Cold War.

included former

The cast also included former Our Gang star Carl Switzer.

These included former editors Rebekah Brooks, and Andy Coulson.

The Everton team also included former City player Tommy Johnson.

features included

Emulates SB 1.0 and 1.5 Other features included:

These features included dressing rooms and the orchestra pit.

Other features included photos, videos, and discussion forums.

period included   (dönem dahil)

Other notable writers of the period included Vavasor Powell.

Other battles during this period included Cross Keys and Cedar Mountain.

His artistic studies during this period included visits to Belgium and Italy.

included the song

The book included the song lyrics from the album and other poetry.

That year she included the song on her album "Listen to My Heart."

It included the song "No Tattoos" and an accompanying music video.

coordinates are included   (koordinatlar dahil)

The locations of National Register properties for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in an online map.

The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below may be seen in a map.

The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in a map.

included the first

", which included the first verse of "Marias Lied".

The CD release included the first side of the bonus LP.

The project also included the first emergency room and an X-ray department.

series included

The series included Warren's own demo of "Numb".

The series included the following celebrities:

The series included - The Walsh Street murders and Mad Max.

changes included

Other changes included larger tyres and a lower final drive ratio.

Other changes included de-emphasis of the nurse-patient relationship.

Other changes included the renaming of Burlington SC to Halton United.

leaders included

The team's statistical leaders included quarterback A. J.

Other leaders included William H. Hastie, and Robert C. Weaver.

Early leaders included journalist Antenor Orrego and poet José Eulogio Garrido.

children included

Their seven children included Robert Findlay Alston.

Their children included Jessie, Mary, Nellie, and Walter.

Their thirteen children included his brother Josiah Meigs.

project included

The project included both public and private investment.

New construction in that project included three townhouses and a villa.

Her work for this project included software development and computerizing weapons data.

show included   (gösteri dahil)

The show included a question and answer session during the second half of the show.

Famous songs from the show included "Wonderful World" and "Dear, Delightful Woman".

The show included home renovation, entertainment, music, and do-it-yourself segments.

guests included   (misafirler dahil)

Previous festival's guests included Patricio Guzman, D.A.

Holiday guests included members of a nearby US Army base.

2004: (No GoH, but guests included H. H.

projects included

Television projects included the show "Starting Up!

Such projects included negotiation of the Coca-Codo hydroplant.

Community service projects included:

tour included

Her tour included over 18,000 fans in attendance.

The tour included three Tests, five ODIs and two T20Is.

The tour included a range of support acts.

sometimes included

He also sometimes included ethnic slurs in his writing.

This is sometimes included as a tribute or lost episode.

They sometimes included symbolic and religious meanings.

included a large

The original design included a large razo sky orange and silver, wood designs.

This major Naval facility included a large airfield, as well as docks for several aircraft carriers.

The books also included a large amount of poetry by Semenova, each chapter was accompanied by a verse.

songs included

Famous songs included "The Wind of Love", "The Portrait" and "Disguises".

The songs included are: "But I Love You More" and "Somebody Up There Help Me."

Bowman's repertoire of traditional songs included "Forked Deer" and "Turkey in the Straw."

only included   (sadece dahil)

The study only included 9 human subjects.

Until 1988 the Men's NCAA Tournament only included 16 teams.

The population count only included men.

included the construction

This included the construction of major portions of Manhattan's East River Drive.

The original development of Crane Island included the construction of an airstrip.

This included the construction of an extra incineration line at the Teesside plant.

duties included   (görevler dahil)

His duties included coaching the baseball, basketball and football teams.

His duties included Public Works, and he was an active layman of the Anglican Church.

BISCO's duties included making the arrangements for the scrapping of surplus Royal Navy ships.

statistical leaders included   (istatistik liderleri dahil)

The team's statistical leaders included quarterback A. J.

The team's other statistical leaders included Mike Murphy with 764 passing yards and Ferd Maccioli with 179 receiving yards.

The team's other statistical leaders included quarterback Rick Leach with 680 passing yards and split end Jim Smith with 553 receiving yards.

formerly included

The area formerly included several smaller districts.

Four Loko's recipe formerly included caffeine.

It was formerly included in genus "Atriplex".

work is included   (iş dahil)

His work is included in many private and public collections.

Her work is included in the collection of the McCord Museum.

His work is included in the book "Masters of Dragonlance Art".

clients included   (müşteriler dahil)

Around this time, clients included Franz Ferdinand.

Kirton's notable clients included Samuel Pepys.

company whose clients included The World Bank.

included members

Holiday guests included members of a nearby US Army base.

Those who came to his attentions included members of New College.

Affected customers included members of the United States Secret Service.

activities included

His extra-curricular activities included wrestling, track, and gymnastics.

Other activities included some air racing and a guess the altitude competition.

Her political activities included deputations, heckling and writing in the press.

then included

The county then included what is now Howard County.

He was then included in the final squad for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The property then included five contributing buildings and three contributing sites.

credits included

Her other Broadway credits included "Oliver!

His acting credits included the sitcom "Frasier" and the drama "The O.C."

His later daytime television credits included "First Ladies Diaries: Martha Washington".

included most   (çoğu dahil)

East Berlin included most of the city's historic centre.

It included most but not all the Euboean colonies of Chalcidice.

It included most of the features of the manufacturer-specific variants.

artists included

Rock artists included July and Them (who were managed by Solomon).

Featured artists included My Brightest Diamond, Lera Lynn, and others.

Guest artists included The Stooge Playaz, Pleasure, JD Greer and DasIt.

event included   (etkinlik dahil)

The event included various marquees and a hot air balloon flight.

The event included competitors from countries with little or no snow.

In 2009 the event included a FINA World Cup competition in the morning.

program included

The program included 70 flights totaling 378 hours.

The program included both old and new works.

This six-month program included practical training, readings and discussion.

included work   (dahil iş)

His assignments included work on Compton Place.

It included work by Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko.

This has included work on the Minnesota Transracial Adoption Study.

teachers included

His teachers included Moshe Rosen (Nezer HaKodesh) and Dovid Leibowitz.

She studied in her native country, where her teachers included Laureano Campos.

Her teachers included Jacques de Tonnancour and , and sculpture with Louis Archambault.

listing included   (liste dahil)

The listing included three contributing buildings.

area included

The listed area included 36 contributing buildings.

Acts in this area included Gryphon, Gentle Giant and Third Ear Band.

Its area included central Melbourne, Carlton, Fawkner Park and Richmond.

previously included   (önceden dahil edildi)

This genus was previously included in the family "Trochidae".

It is similar to "E. nitens" and was previously included in that species.

This has previously included undertaking conservation work at Moseley Bog.

included works

Her reading included works by Charlotte Yonge and Susan Ferrier, and in later years Jane Austen.

She included works from Europe as well as America, including Nathaniel Hawthorne and Edgar Allan Poe.

The exhibition consisted of works drawn from an open call and sometimes included works by invited artists.

interests included

His other interests included anti-slavery work.

Tankerville's other interests included maps and shells.

His interests included rock music and tennis.

version included

That version included 32767 possible configurations.

The version included on "Plans" is titled "Stable Song".

That version included a solo by saxophone player Branford Marsalis.

work was included   (iş dahil edildi)

Her work was included in the 2014 Whitney Biennial.

His work was included in a video by The Black Eyed Peas.

His work was included in the 1926 Philadelphia Sesqui-Centennial Exhibition.

district included

The district included 303 contributing buildings.

The district included 118 contributing buildings.

The 7th district included Battle Creek and Jackson.

list included

His list included Luna and Diana Lucina as separate entities.

Others on the list included the Eden Festival and the Lockerbie Jazz Festival.

The start list included 18 teams, with 11 ProTour teams, and more than 150 riders.

included future   (gelecek dahil)

Their first managers included future comedian Jasper Carrott.

The series also included future Canvey Island striker Moses Ademola.

Other members included future Stuckist artists Bill Lewis and Sexton Ming.

appearances included

His notable appearances included "Outside the Wall".

Substitute appearances included.

included parts

It included parts of former Sebezhsky Uyezd.

The 13th district included parts of Detroit and Lincoln Park.

The district included parts of Clarke, Frederick and Loudoun counties.

included performances

Pre-ceremony activities included performances with decorative light and fireworks.

The album included performances from live shows and previously unreleased recordings.

Recent international tours have included performances in Lithuania, Poland and Brazil.

band included

By 1958 his band included three saxophones.

Bowie's backing band included Peter Frampton on lead guitar.

The house band included members of Blondie, the Patti Smith Group, and the Voidoids.

included other   (diğer dahil)

They claimed to have some twelve employees, who included other ex-FBI agents.

The agreement (which included other things) was authorized by officials in Manila.

Yost, (1847–1923), a prominent architect from Ohio whose works included other public buildings.

plan included

The plan included a complete replacement of the sea wall.

The plan included new entrances, sponsor lodges and parts of the stands.

The plan included shops, offices, libraries and parking areas within the complex.

included not

Lyricists whose work he set to music included not just Brecht, but also Goll, Mehring, Klabund and Wedekind.

The coming of age that Le Guin focused on included not just psychological development, but moral changes as well.

He was particularly happy that the movement included not merely non-Brahmin Hindus but Christians and Muslims too.

included the addition

Twelve episodes aired in all and included the addition of five bonus shorts called .

This included the addition of 5 new attractions for the 2012 season and another 4 a year later.

In October 2007, BlitzMax 1.26 was released which included the addition of a reflection module.

included various

The collection included various works by James Gleeson.

The produce included various crops, fruits, vegetables, etc.

The event included various marquees and a hot air balloon flight.

included songs

The episodes included songs as part of the plot development.

The album also included songs by Jesse Fuller, John Stewart, and Lee Hays.

This included songs from their EP release as well as some future hit singles.

collection included

The collection included 17th century Ottoman textiles.

The collection included various works by James Gleeson.

His collection included items purchased from Archduke Stephan.

included here   (buraya dahil)

Other taxa now included here were placed in various other orders.

See the "Asia" and "Europe" sections for countries not included here.

This theory is what we now call "general relativity" (included here for comparison).

years included

The principal voices for peace in previous years included Franz Ferdinand himself.

Correspondents over these years included Pinsker and Nathan Birnbaum, coiner of the term Zionism.

Great Australian players in the early years included batsmen Border, Boon, Taylor and Steve Waugh.

lineup included   (kadro dahil)

The 2012 author lineup included: The 2011 author lineup included:

The lineup included pianist Eivind Austad, and drummer Håkon Mjåset Johansen.

not be included   (dahil edilmeyecek)

The attic or basement may or may not be included in this area.

Insurance cover for diving accidents may not be included in standard policies.

Soon after, Ciara confirmed that the song would not be included on "Ciara" (2013).

responsibilities included   (sorumluluklar dahil)

His menial responsibilities included sweeping the floor of a hair salon.

He interned at Lionsgate, where his responsibilities included making and sending out screeners.

His responsibilities included overseeing the athletic department and supervising all the coaches.

pupils included

Notable pupils included Edmund Burke and Napper Tandy.

His pupils included , , , Winfried Toll and .

He also taught; his pupils included Daniela Havlíčková.

players included

Key players included Ollie Cline and Joe Whisler.

His team's players included Al Harrington and Kenyon Martin.

Notable players included Alex Chan.

siblings included   (kardeşler dahil)

His siblings included his twin brother Henry O.H.

His siblings included General Robert Horn Dalrymple.

His siblings included Elmer Drew Merrill, who was his twin.

usually included

Periods of outdoor recess are also usually included.

Old-school DnB usually included an MC providing vocals.

Fragrances and associated surfactants are usually included.

initially included

Its members were initially included in genus "Sabella" by Grube in 1851.

The Hereke Imperial Factory initially included looms producing cotton fabric.

It initially included three bases of operation, at Half-Die, Jeswang, and Yundum.

included not only   (sadece dahil değil)

This included not only an extended period when half-hourly services ran on weekdays but also a full service on the weekend.

He made his first plan, which included not only the completion but also the restoration of the oldest parts of the structure.

According to A. C. Varnum, Brainerd included not only the mission itself, but also a boarding school and an agricultural school.