İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

artists including   (dahil sanatçılar)

His bands backed a variety of artists including Otis Redding.

Jesse plays with various other bands and artists including Mt.

During his career he collaborated with other artists including Vere Johns and Tony Abelton.

including all   (hepsi dahil)

It's a double album, including all of Sash!

It is composed of 80,464 bases including all introns and exons.

All-Tournament selections including all seasons except 2010–11.

including several   (birkaç dahil)

A variety of locomotives are in use, including several steam engines.

Each pai, in turn, contained an area including several hutongs (alleyways).

Many people testified during the trials, including several expert witnesses.

including many   (birçok dahil)

Many people died including many foreign tourists.

They attacked all the seaports including many river ports.

Over 20 people were injured including many women and children.

including   (- dahil olmak üzere)

It also featured full Game Center integration – including in-game achievements.

DJ Shadow's singles for Mo' Wax – including "In/Flux" and "Lost and Found (S.F.L.)"

It will primarily serve businesses with operations in the region – including Rolls-Royce.

awards including   (dahil ödüller)

Mabura has received a number of awards including:

Gibbon has received various awards including the following:

Ice Mother has won 6 awards including Award for the best film.

including both

It is found in a diversity of habitats, including both rivers and lakes.

After each match there would be a large celebratory feast, including both teams.

Until April 2017 it was the name of the commune including both Ortonovo and Luni.

not including

not including Britain, which has a large Sikh community).

Listed are losses of Bundesliga sides, not including the 2.

As of October 2018, not including taxes.

countries including   (dahil ülkeler)

1 in several countries including Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

Saleh was born in Iran and grew up in various countries including India.

Such a policy has been adopted by several Asian countries including China.

films including

She starred in films including "Kaleidoscope", "Why Me?"

She acted in more than 500 films including Tamil, Kannada etc.

He followed this with other films including "The Baker's Wife".

including the first

Five men were wounded, including the first officer.

The album contains 12 songs including the first single "Mi Amor".

4 for a race, including the first three races of the season between the Nos.

shows including

The Old Bell featured on TV shows including Most Haunted.

He also appeared as a guest on shows including "Open Air" (1988).

The studio has been involved in a number of movies and television shows including:

events including

Other events including the Ceremonies were not aired.

It fundraises through social events including music gigs.

"After all events including points race."

companies including   (dahil şirketler)

This fund invested in a number of companies including Taptu.

The change was seen as benefitting U.S. auto companies including Tesla.

Flying teams have been sponsored by companies including Oracle and Red Bull.

including former

He fathered 13 children, including former "" contestant, Keith Famie.

He is a 17 time World Champion, including former SUPERKOMBAT Middleweight Champion.

This trade has been criticized by many, including former NFL quarterback Terry Bradshaw.

publications including

She wrote for many other publications including "The Guardian".

She was a writer for numerous publications including "Rolling Stone".

Yuille has over 300 publications including three books (one co-edited).

including most   (çoğu dahil)

She set 21 school records, including most career kills, attacks, and digs.

The noncombatants, including most of the women and children, leave the Alamo.

The drug is sold in more than 80 countries, including most developed countries.

books including

She has written several books including poetry in English.

She has written several books including poetry collections.

He was the author of 10 books including "To Whom Palestine?

projects including

projects including Megasoid along with Hadji Bakara, a former member of Wolf Parade.

It also undertook major renovations and expansion projects including a new College chapel.

He is currently developing multiple film and tv projects including the tv series "Acquired" at ABC.

services including

It offers services including patrol, K-9 unit and school resource officers.

They provided a variety of services including educational, legal, and health services.

After Microsoft acquired Skype they also got their mobile services including GroupMe and Qik.

including the following

Gibbon has received various awards including the following:

Imady is the author of several works including the following:

Eugenol naturally occurs in several plants, including the following:

species including   (dahil türler)

The River Windrush supports species including trout, chub and crayfish.

There is a range of rarer species including the greater butterfly orchid.

It is a habitat for many rare species including the ant, "Formica exsecta".

including a new

There are museums, including a new one about Gung Ho

They also built several other buildings including a new stage stop.

There are also two play areas including a new early-childhood play center.

organizations including   (dahil kuruluşlar)

15 of 1 September 1965 from existing accounting and auditing organizations including the AAN.

The tour was endorsed by organizations including Road Safety GB, Transport for London, and RoadSafe.

The city contains five health centers run by various organizations including the Palestinian Red Crescent.

groups including   (dahil gruplar)

She was a member of various academic groups including the school's drama club.

GPVI was first cloned in 2000 by several groups including that of from INSERM.

With the help of a joint project from a variety of trail groups including the Mt.

programs including

The college offers many programs including education, arts and science.

He authored several art education programs including Acre, Spokane, WA.

There are 10 graduate programs including 2 doctoral programs offered on campus.

areas including   (dahil alanlar)

"Cheilanthes acrostica" is found in Mediterranean areas including Iberia.

There are also two play areas including a new early-childhood play center.

He was also a poet and wrote in non-fiction areas including travel, cooking and pets.

world including

He collaborated with other parasitologists around the world including P.A.

As a child, she lived in various parts of the world including Brazil and Thailand.

It has aired in over 32 countries and territories around the world including the UK.

including more   (daha fazlası dahil)

More than 2,600 candidates, including more than 400 women, are running for office.

By this time 78 guns and 2,000 prisoners had also been taken, including more generals.

It started including more news stories and going beyond just functioning as a paper of record.

area including

Request came from the bigger area including Swellendam.

Graea was a greater area including Aulis, Mycalessus, Harma etc.

There are also a variety of lizards in the area including horned lizards.

people including   (dahil insanlar)

He assembled a party of 62 people including 47 guides.

Several people including the bartender and some bikers were killed.

The team is made up of 150 people including Police, Fire, EMS and Civilians.

including new   (yeni dahil)

1967 brought new styling including new grills.

But, today, the right bank is developing, including new urban projects.

Guys", including new instrumentation such as a melodica during the verses.

activities including

The arts department at EC Drury had extra curricular activities including

The resort offers a variety of other winter activities including snow tubing.

They have many joint activities including conferences, publications and awards.

facilities including

It has many facilities including water and sanitation.

It lacks many facilities including water and sanitation.

All modern facilities including an office and commercial complex is planned here.

musicians including

The award was given by a jury of old school musicians including K.P.

The sabha has been organising concerts of musicians including S. P. Balasubramaniam, O.S.

The prince sponsored many musicians including Alessandro Scarlatti and George Frideric Handel.

series including   (dahil dizi)

Cypress Gardens has hosted over 16 major movies and television series including:

He started racing in various one make series including Mazdas and Volkswagen Polos.

After writing for television series including "Great Castles of Europe" and the "F.B.I.

including no

In the 2006 NHL Entry Draft, six first-round selections (including no.

Designline of Ashburton also supplied MAN buses to the Board, including no.

There are 64 possible combinations, including no dots at all for a word space.

including such

He wrote many, including such favorites as "If I Ran the Zoo" (1950), "Horton Hears a Who!"

He read widely, including such Russian greats as Gogol, Turgenev, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky and Pushkin.

It was at the time intact with a full inventory, including such items as a complete storage of unused tickets.

festivals including   (dahil festivaller)

The film was an official selection on many festivals including:

The film was shown in various international film festivals including Berlin in 1976.

In recent years the band has played at festivals including the 11th Antifest in 2005.

including the use

Stronach supported electoral reform, including the use of primary elections.

Beetles have a variety of ways to communicate, including the use of pheromones.

Some offenses, including the use of violence, are universally recognized as wrong.

works including

Imady is the author of several works including the following:

He was also a composer - his works including the Symphony in G Minor.

He wrote more than 35 works including novels, plays and children's books.

topics including   (dahil konular)

She covered a variety of topics including Pi Day.

During the interview Cole discussed a variety of topics including the album.

There she also lectured on topics including education, women's rights, free love, and antimilitarism.

bands including

He played in various service bands including RAF Blue Eagles (1945).

They have toured with notable bands including Face To Face, Ignite, C.J.

The collective consists of a number of bands including a Choir and an Orchestra.

issues including

The conferences discussed a number of issues including the filioque controversy.

The hospital provides treatment for a variety of mental health issues including bipolar disorder.

He spent most of his time on colonial issues including finance, economy and tariff administration.

including a number   (bir numara dahil)

It had a population of about 17 households, including a number of freemen.

Hundreds of mourners attended the funeral, including a number of celebrities.

The mountains are rich in plant life, including a number of different species.

including members

His vote was controversial among his constituents, including members of his own party.

In 1912 Several Chinese residents of the US, including members of the Fok (Huo) family (P.T.

This move however antagonised him with most of other nobles, including members of his own family.

songs including

It features 13 songs including a cover of Devo's 'Ton O' Love'.

The album contains 12 songs including the first single "Mi Amor".

They backed up DJ Wolfman Jack on ten songs including "The Rapper".

features including

It opened in 1978 and has features including:

The class incorporates some major features including ice-strengthened hull.

Other features including the mall buildings and golf course were also created at this time.

including a large

Metosul made various metal objects besides cars including a large assortment of toy tools.

It had jurisdiction over a region including a large area of open space and several villages.

Over 2 million Indians volunteered for military service, including a large Muslim contingent.

buildings including

The prison contains 19 buildings including 8 housing units.

Main campus is made of 9 buildings including women's dormitory.

They also built several other buildings including a new stage stop.

members including

Two members including Inaba left OPD in 1996 and were replaced.

A range of services are available for members including a bookshop.

In 1968 they added four more members including the singer Annisette.

products including

The city was very industrial and produced many products including wool and cotton cloth.

GS Yuasa also sells other products including power supplies, lamps and motorcycle batteries.

Miracle-Gro also makes a variety of products including hose feeders, soils, and weed controls.

including works

She also translated poetry from Polish into English, including works by Ewa Lipska.

It is famed for both its size and its art, including works by old masters and portraits.

Today, she makes occasionally appearances in soft core porn films, including works by Ovidie.

including   (- dahil olmak üzere)

Other witnesses — including Booth himself — claimed that he only yelled "Sic semper!"

Some species — including honey bees, bumblebees, and stingless bees — live socially in colonies.

More than 625 kilometres and more than 500 points — including wells and cisterns, were combed in all.

clubs including

He previously played for clubs including Benevento.

He previously managed clubs including DSV Leoben.

He previously played for clubs including FCV Dender EH.

including but not   (dahil ama değil)

Ruvheneko has been awarded many accolades including but not limited to:

The condition may be a sign of various disease states, including but not exclusive to the following:

Baudisch has had many publications, including but not limited to theses, book chapters, demos, videos and papers.

including women   (kadınlar dahil)

Main campus is made of 9 buildings including women's dormitory.

All the inhabitants of Bern leave the city, including women and children.

Worshipers, including women, were harassed at the Mosque of Amr ibn al-As.

languages including

She has sung hit songs in languages including Tamil and Telugu.

He is fluent in foreign languages including Swedish and Italian.

Jalloh is fluent in several languages including English and French.

institutions including

The test is supported by more than 700 institutions including the California State University system.

She founded several institutions including Norland Place School and, most notably, the Norland Institute.

In late 1970s, he immigrated to the United States and held positions at several institutions including IBM Research.

factors including

Various factors including the seasons, climate, and stress can affect its development.

The shear strength of soil depends on many factors including the effective stress and the void ratio.

Oceans in particular are being devastated by factors including marine debris, plastic pollution, and tourism.

players including

He is known for being the teacher of many strong players including Norimoto Yoda.

Enniskillen Rangers have several notable former players including Sandy Fulton and Jim Cleary.

The opening day lineup for the Cubs contained five new players including center fielder Dexter Fowler.

races including

She was also placed in several major races including the Breeders' Cup Mile.

As a two-year-old in 1944 she won three races including the Queen Mary Stakes.

The monsters use a mixture of fantasy races including goblins, rat men and trolls.

games including

He threw 3 complete games including a shutout.

He played in 75 games including 43 starts.

UConn leads 5–2 in those games including a 4–0 record in the finals.

magazines including   (dahil dergiler)

Hill has written for numerous magazines including a regular column for "Cosmopolitan Hair & Beauty", "Hello!"

And has appeared in magazines including CR Fashion Book, Allure, Glamour, Vogue Paris, Vogue Italia, and Elle.

Cicoria has appeared in numerous magazines including, "The Week", "SuperConsciousness Magazine", and "Financial Times".

cities including

The debates have been expanded to other cities including Phoenix.

In 2015, the duo toured India and went to various cities including Bangalore.

It was theatrically distributed in 2015 in cities including New York, Los Angeles and Detroit.

others including

This included parts of Special Branch, but excluded others including CID officers.

Along with others including Eunice Kennedy, Burke is a founder of the Special Olympics.

She employed between others including the Kalouta sisters, Orestis Makris, Sofia Vebo, Rena Dor, Al.

venues including   (dahil mekanlar)

He has exhibited in other international venues including Hong Kong and Italy.

Kolin soon began exhibiting her art at venues including Rockefeller Center and the 1940 World's Fair.

Aberdeen's music scene includes a variety of live music venues including pubs, clubs, and church choirs.

including at least   (en azından dahil)

Many periodicals noted his passing away, including at least one Carlist paper.

Various other adaptations exist, including at least three operas and two ballets.

The companies have listed on 13 exchanges, including at least 30 IPOs outside the U.S.

names including

Carbamazepine is available worldwide under many brand names including Tegretol.

The tree and the wood are known by a variety of names including: Varieties include:

He used several pen names including Qin Qing (秦情), Lin Li (林漓), Lin Da-bei (林大悲), among others.

acts including

They were one of the six acts including Rich Brian, Ateez, and more.

He did several stage arrangements for Motown acts including Stevie Wonder.

Scotland also produced its fair share with acts including The Skids and The Rezillos.

including other   (diğer dahil)

The temple has a policy of welcoming all groups, including other religions.

These were original projects funded by wealthy patrons, including other women.

Key organizers in the march were criticized for not including other points of view.

cast including   (dahil olmak üzere döküm)

He also took the role of the King in Verdi's "Aida" in a cast including Beniamino Gigli.

The Cantonese version of the film has a voice cast including Michael Tse, Kate Tsui and Evergreen Mak Cheung-ching.

The film stars an ensemble cast including Enchong Dee, Julia Montes, Enrique Gil and JM De Guzman with Janice de Belen.

subjects including   (dahil konular)

Hale produced paintings with a wide variety of subjects including still lifes, florals, landscapes, portraits and nudes.

They covered a wide range of scientific subjects including the origin of life and a perspective of humans' place on Earth.

He has tried to shed light on various socially relevant subjects including Indians believed to be detained in Pakistani jails.

teams including

He played for many teams including Manchester City, Chelsea, QPR and Tottenham Hotspur.

There are four men's teams including baseball, basketball, track and field, and cross country.

As of 2018, the NAI has 10 teams including about 600 researchers distributed across ~100 institutions.

locations including

Various locations including the parsonage were considered.

This album was recorded at various locations including Maui, Vancouver and Toronto.

The miniseries was shot on locations including those in Humboldt County, California.

including none   (hiçbiri dahil)

About 4.7% of families and 3.9% of the population were below the poverty line, including none of those under the age of eighteen and 11.1% of those sixty five or over.

positions including

She held many positions including associate dean and department chair.

He had to resign a series of positions including his role as Non-executive Chairman of GMAC.

He later held various legal positions including Recorder of Coventry, Worcester, Ludlow, and Shrewsbury.

roles including

He has acted in roles including "Takers", "Spy Next Door" and television spots such as Arrested Development.

Richard Emory would act in a variety of movie roles including adventures, comedies, science fiction, Westerns and even musicals.

Many major Pakistani stars and artists played guest roles including the great comedians like Lehri, Moin Akhtar and Mahmood Ali.

including various

The album contained twelve tracks, including various mixes of some of the songs.

In total, Kazakhstan juniors won over 90 international tournaments, including various Grand Prix.

Many slight variants were discovered thereafter, including various alternative mitochondrial codes.

years including

The show has had many presenters over the years including:

He captained the Panama national team for many years including in Russia 2018.

He wrote for Dangerfield for four years including sketches for his network specials and jokes for his act.

including the former

By 1963, SR 355 was built along its current alignment, including the former section of SR 267.

Demolition works (including the former cell blocks) was due to commence towards the end of 2015.

9,000 km, from Southeast Brazil to Río de la Plata, including the former Cisplatina Province (Uruguay).

media including

Later this attempt was appreciated by media including BBC.

She has appeared in various other media including television and film.

Feuerman utilizes a variety of media including resin, marble, and bronze.

sports including

They participated in several sports including powerlifting.

It is used in a variety of sports including sailing, bowls, swimming, and cycling.

The town is also home to sporting clubs which play sports including: Shifnal Town F.C.

including the original

Joslyn is best known for her Broadway work, including the original production of "".

They have a large archive of records, including the original members book dating back to 1768.

Today, the vineyard measures two hectares, including the original plot and a second area planted in 2015.

including local

The strike killed 5 AQAP fighters, including local commander Abu Sameh al-Zinjibari.

Several activists, including local leaders of Al Qaeda, were killed during the clashes.

The move attracted hundreds of on-lookers to the city including local television, and newspaper media.

schools including

There are 15 higher schools including 3 universities.

He received numerous offers at other schools including West Virginia University.

Upon his return he taught at various schools including Crescent Girls' School and Gan Eng Seng School.

including what

He had bought property and plantations in Florida, including what became called Drayton Island.

This quickly revealed various features, including what appeared to be the outline of the temple.

She dealt with several illnesses over the rest of her life, including what was probably breast cancer.

titles including

He has also contributed to titles including "Half-Life", "Pop!

Since then peter won many more titles including 6 time WDC in Formula 1.

Kitsap won several titles including the 2011 USL PDL national championship.

including children

After returning home to Aralsk, she infected several people including children.

The Syuba language is currently still spoken across all generations, including children.

Many people including children went into hiding, fearing that they would also be deported.

genres including

It draws influence from many musical genres including jazz and dream pop.

They produce various genres including jazz, soul, funk, and Italian pop music.

Inca combines many different genres including space combat simulator and adventure game.

including water

It has many facilities including water and sanitation.

Its total surface, including water area, is .

It lacks many facilities including water and sanitation.

including the construction   (inşaat dahil)

In October 2001 a £7.5 million redevelopment of The Place, including the construction of six new dance studios, was completed.

In 1993, architect Hans Kollhoff's master plan for a major redevelopment including the construction of several skyscrapers was published.

Since this move, the campus has expanded several times, including the construction of a new upper school building in 2000 and a theatre in 2010.

sources including

Conservative sources including Bill O'Reilly and the Drudge Report defended Fleming's remarks.

She has been called "the world's most famous sheep" by sources including BBC News and "Scientific American".

It had positive press from Canadian and UK media sources including CBC News, "The Globe and Mail", and "The Guardian".

collections including

Her paintings are owned by collections including the Whitney Museum of Art.

Showcasing her collections including French, Asian and what Hillwood is most known for – Russian art and religious objects.

His works are held in numerous museum collections including the Museum of Modern Art and the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum.

including humans

of various mammal and bird hosts, including humans.

HMF is metabolized via FDCA in mammals including humans.

It infects the livers of various mammals, including humans.

including the famous   (ünlü dahil)

Bountiful desserts, including the famous peanut butter pie, are a tradition.

Tampa, Florida, is well known for its strip clubs, including the famous "Mons Venus".

He also created many oil-paintings and wrote some music, including the famous song "Ba Vì".

productions including

The showgrounds have also been used to film numerous television productions including commercials.

He also had guest roles as a doctor in seven other productions including the recurring role of Dr. Thompson in Father Murphy.

Mappin has also appeared in over 125 film and television productions including a supporting role in "Unforgiven" with Clint Eastwood.

including his own   (kendisi dahil)

He is quiet and cold towards everyone, including his own parents, to an extent.

Harvey's character sports a melange of accents including his own South African.

The galleries specialize in fine-art music photography, including his own works.

including the final

All games, including the final, are on a home/away basis.

He officiated two matches including the final between Kuwait and Korea Republic.

He played for the Kangaroos in all four matches, including the final, scoring one try.

including parts   (parçalar dahil)

It consists mainly of forest, including parts of the Morton National Park.

Most of the skeleton is known, including parts of the jaw, torso, legs and tail.

A map of downtown Ottawa, also including parts of Lower Town, Sandy Hill, and downtown Hull.