incorporated within   (内に組み込まれました)

It is now incorporated within the modern city bounds of Upper Tiberias.

It is also looking at different factors incorporated within the design.

Concord is a general-law village incorporated within the Concord Township.

later incorporated   (後で組み込まれた)

The gods were later incorporated into Taoism.

The register was later incorporated into the Velvet Book.

Uruzgan and Kafiristan were later incorporated into Kabul.

officially incorporated   (正式に法人化)

It was officially incorporated on February 1, 1984.

Russell was officially incorporated as a town in 1913.

In 1836, Cleveland was officially incorporated as a city.

formally incorporated

In 1794 the congregation formally incorporated and called the Rev.

It was formally incorporated in 1955 under an ordinance of the government.

He moved to Kansas City in 1854, a year after it was formally incorporated.

company was incorporated   (会社が設立されました)

The company was incorporated on March 15, 1887.

The company was incorporated on 2 August 2011.

The company was incorporated in Milan in 2012.

town was incorporated   (町が設立されました)

of Ritchot was founded in 1890, the town was incorporated into it.

The town was incorporated in 1887.

The town was incorporated in 1858.

incorporated separately

The Society lobbied for a Royal Charter, in 1781 presenting the Lord Lieutenant a petition to be incorporated separately from the barbers.

As an administrative division, it is incorporated separately as the Town of Velikiye Luki—an administrative unit with the status equal to that of the districts.

As an administrative division, it is incorporated separately as Marks Town Under Oblast Jurisdiction—an administrative unit with the status equal to that of the districts.

incorporated elements

In "Vera Drake", Leigh incorporated elements of his own childhood.

Some of the cold war reforms incorporated elements of progressivism.

The TEAF represents a revision to TISAF and incorporated elements of FEAF.

became incorporated

On February 26, 1952, Ucluelet became incorporated.

Tombs became incorporated into the structure of the houses.

Accrington became incorporated as a municipal borough in 1878.

incorporated town   (法人町)

It borders the incorporated town of Delta, Pennsylvania.

It was formerly an incorporated town from 1895 until the 1920s.

The nearest incorporated town is Carpinteria, about to the northwest.

incorporated municipalities

Bermuda is divided into nine parishes and two incorporated municipalities.

It is in an unorganized area, one without incorporated municipalities or Indian reserves, in Division 21, Northern Region of Manitoba.

The state of Colorado currently has 271 active incorporated municipalities, including 196 towns, 73 cities, and two consolidated city and county governments.

incorporated many

It incorporated many of Procter's new technological ideas.

"Glottolog" has incorporated many of these into their classification.

This conquest incorporated many Thai elements into Burmese literature.

not incorporated

The town is not incorporated and does not have authority to have its own marshal.

This island is also not incorporated and is roughly south of the "Villa Leuchtenberg".

Gleeson CJ agreed generally that the ticket terms and conditions were not incorporated.

now incorporated

On its site, now incorporated in Greater London, is Canons Park.

Its area is now incorporated into the new Sermersooq municipality.

The land it was fought on is now incorporated into the city of Monroe.

first incorporated

Sacramento became California's first incorporated city on February 27, 1850.

The company was first incorporated and licensed as "Air Speed Up" in May 2008.

In 2013 James Robertson and Sons Ltd, first incorporated in 1903 was dissolved.

incorporated city

For many years, this farm hamlet was Iowa's smallest incorporated city.

Sacramento became California's first incorporated city on February 27, 1850.

The incorporated city of Loxley lies to the east, and Spanish Fort to the north.

village was incorporated

The village was incorporated into Braunschweig in 1934.

In 1928 the independent village was incorporated into Wiesbaden.

In 1878 a village was incorporated and named Rogers Park after Rogers.

then incorporated

Lamphun was then incorporated into the new Lanna Kingdom.

It was then incorporated as a charity organisation in 1963.

It was then incorporated in 1895.

company incorporated   (会社設立)

That same year, on October 18, the company incorporated.

The company incorporated in 1892.

When the company incorporated in 1896, he became its vice president.

city was incorporated

The city was incorporated on January 25, 1839.

The city was incorporated in 1970.

The city was incorporated in 1891.

originally incorporated

Alvarion was originally incorporated as BreezeCOM Ltd. in September 1992.

When the Town was originally incorporated, the residents wanted to name it "Contentment."

They originally incorporated as "Sexy Action Cool", a phrase taken from a poster of Desperado.

eventually incorporated

In many Polish cities the Jurydyki were eventually incorporated into the towns as their boroughs.

Originally a single-player game, Raven eventually incorporated simultaneous co-orperative gameplay.

Smith's mill later became known as Smithsville, but was eventually incorporated into the town of Woodbridge.

incorporated settlement

The village itself was first mentioned in 1424, though an incorporated settlement Malé Dvorany was first mentioned in the end of the 12th century.

often incorporated   (しばしば組み込まれている)

He also often incorporated stills from Super 8 films.

They were often incorporated into fine glass art paperweights.

Scripts were written, but the filming often incorporated ad-lib dialogue.

area was incorporated

This area was incorporated in 1960 as the City of Cudahy.

Following the war the area was incorporated into the State of Israel.

Following the war, the area was incorporated into the State of Israel.

newly incorporated

The newly incorporated city of Rockingham, along with neighboring Davenport, were the competitors.

In 2007 most of the electoral area's population transferred to the jurisdiction of the newly incorporated District Municipality of West Kelowna.

In 1923, Phillips opened the new subdivision of Clear Lake Highlands near Clear Lake, California which, in 1980, became part of newly incorporated Clearlake.

subsequently incorporated

Other composers subsequently incorporated the tune in their own works.

Several of these crosses were subsequently incorporated into a stone outbuilding on the south side of the church.

Ixchel Anaya Meave started the business while a student in 2009 and subsequently incorporated it with her husband.

incorporated cities

The state has 482 incorporated cities and towns, of which 460 are cities and 22 are towns.

As reflected in the 2010 United States Census, Alaska has a total of 355 incorporated cities and census-designated places (CDPs).

Initially, the Sno-Isle Regional Library signed contracts with incorporated cities to operate their libraries and join the system for a fixed amount.

incorporated village

He resided in North Lynbrook, New York, a community he created when the Village of Malverne became an incorporated village in 1921.

incorporated several

Some reformers incorporated several motivations, e.g.

It incorporated several changes in response to the lengthy development trials.

The type incorporated several minor improvements over the original Soviet design.

design incorporated

The design incorporated the adjacent cloister of Monteoliveto into the complex.

The design incorporated a system whereby all four front wheels could steer the car.

The final design incorporated an overall elevation change of , featuring vertical drops measuring and .

only incorporated   (組み込まれているのみ)

The only incorporated community, Bloomsdale, has a population of 521.

Dispute settlement features are only incorporated in some European countries.

Though the post office opened in 1879, St. Pierre-Jolys was only incorporated as a village in 1947.