Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

increased risk   (aumento del riesgo)

The disease causes an increased risk of bleeding.

People with epilepsy are at an increased risk of death.

INH may be associated with an increased risk of seizures.

greatly increased   (aumentado considerablemente)

This second tower greatly increased the available office space.

The campaign also greatly increased Kabang's fame internationally.

It greatly increased the safety when landing on an aircraft carrier.

population increased   (aumento de la población)

Total population increased by 3,500 in the 1980s.

In 2015 Alberta's population increased by 3,900.

As a result, Fuller Park's population increased.

increased the number   (aumentó el número)

From 2013 to 2014, Wimdu increased the number of bookings by 31%.

This migration increased the number of Serbs in the Pannonian Plain.

The regime of Sékou Touré increased the number of internal arrests and executions.

due to increased

Some develop angioedema due to increased bradykinin levels.

The economy had been stable since 2000 due to increased tourism.

Deaths have been reported due to increased body temperature and dehydration.

significantly increased

Since then, overdrafting had significantly increased.

All this has significantly increased the overall book sales.

Wages for members of the police force were significantly increased.

increased significantly   (aumentado significativamente)

Costs of the projects have increased significantly.

The production capacity was increased significantly.

Retail margins increased significantly in NSW, but decreased in others.

increased dramatically   (aumentó dramaticamente)

The population increased dramatically.

During the 19th century, steamboat traffic increased dramatically.

Incidents of violence between the parties then increased dramatically.

increased demand   (aumento de la demanda)

As a result, there was an increased demand for paper.

This resulted in increased demand for forward control trucks.

In 1999 it reopened to cater for increased demand in the area.

increased use

This development led to an increased use of colour, and changes in font and styling.

Better pollution and wet performance is leading to the increased use of such insulators.

There was an increased use of text images, and the body of the first cartoons was inserted.

further increased

It was further increased to 16 teams in 2012.

Her ice strengthening was further increased in the refit.

Power was further increased to 10,000 watts in April 1957.

increased number   (mayor número)

This site easily catered for the increased number of entries.

Due to the increased number of titles, private libraries flourished.

With an increased number of hip hop and R&B tracks on this volume, it reached No.

increased during

Agricultural exports increased during this time.

The size of the exodus increased during and after the war.

However, inequality has increased during the last decades.

led to increased

The film is led to increased recognition for Korravee.

The web drama was a hit and led to increased poopularity for Li.

This led to increased funding for further studies of the concept.

steadily increased   (aumentado constantemente)

His output has steadily increased since then.

Viewership for "The Little Nyonya" steadily increased throughout its run.

In the months following its founding, the power of the Derg steadily increased.

gradually increased   (incrementado gradualmente)

Andrushivka gradually increased in size and population.

General aviation activities at the airport gradually increased.

In-house production of original programming gradually increased.

increased interest

With increased interest, annual team competition began in 1964.

The Tonya Harding scandal in 1994 increased interest in figure skating.

The route has led to an increased interest in cycling in the Preston area.

later increased

This part was initially 24% and later increased to 27%.

The rated power was later increased further.

Initially, the strips were two pages long and later increased to four.

not be increased

The boiling point cannot be increased beyond the critical point.

Consequently, the spatial resolution of an image can not be increased arbitrarily.

The FTA stated that its contribution is contingent to completion of the line all the way to Ala Moana Center and will not be increased.

increased levels

Skin of adult chickens carrying "Hf" has increased levels of estrogens.

He tested positive for 'dramatically increased levels of testosterone'.

The topoisomerase II poisons cause increased levels enzymes bound to DNA.

increased competition   (aumento de la competencia)

But with increased competition, the airline made a loss of DKK 10 million in 1991.

The main benefit of liberalisation comes from the increased competition afforded to the market.

A 2004 study concluded that school results in public schools improved due to the increased competition.

associated with increased

Some of these are associated with increased risk of skin cancer .

UCD is associated with increased risk of paraneoplastic pemphigus.

Benzodiazepines are also associated with increased risk of suicide.

increased above

To escape the atom, the energy of the electron must be increased above its binding energy to the atom.

In some cases, such as in Buenos Aires and in Manila, tariffs first declined, but then increased above their initial level.

For the school budget year 2013-14, 311 Pennsylvania public school districts adopted a resolution certifying that tax rates would not be increased above their index.

dramatically increased   (aumentado dramáticamente)

Meanwhile, the volume of money in circulation dramatically increased.

In 1952, contributions for war damage commission was dramatically increased.

Plans, currently shelved, would have the S-Bahn network dramatically increased.

increased in size

Afterward, the tombs increased in size and complexity.

Andrushivka gradually increased in size and population.

Both cays have increased in size since 1936.

increased production

By 1954, Ducati Meccanica SpA had increased production to 120 bikes a day.

With increased production in the 1980s, the company fully automated its production lines.

However, an audience shift and increased production costs are behind this tough decision."

increased rapidly

Outlets for the new network increased rapidly.

The murder rate increased rapidly in the late-1980s and early-1990s.

Internet penetration from 2013 to 2016 has increased rapidly in Lebanon.

increased when   (aumentado cuando)

Specifically, strength is increased when this technique is employed.

Their confusion increased when Col. Seymour was killed by a Union rifle volley.

The height of the old farm dwelling was considerably increased when the cottage orné was added.

increased traffic

This work included new flooring, ceilings, walls, as well as adding four turnstiles for increased traffic.

While the trading post initially served the Navajo, it soon served tourists as well due to increased traffic on Route 66.

Roads in and around the downtown area, including U.S. Route 67, are closed and cause increased traffic on other city roads.

increased power

May 2013: KAMA-FM has increased power to 10.5 kW.

The station increased power from 250 to 10,000 watts.

WPZS recently increased power to 10.5 kW and height to 154 meters.

increased pressure   (aumento de la presión)

The bladder becomes calcified, and there is increased pressure on ureters and kidneys (hydronephrosis).

Despite increased pressure, most of the contributors to the protest refused to withdraw their statement.

A stiff neck can occur as the result of increased pressure within the skull and irritation of the meninges.

lead to increased   (conducir a un aumento)

Climate-based movement of tigers northwards may lead to increased conflict with human populations.

Information learned in social contexts can allow them to make decisions that lead to increased fitness.

Task conflict can lead to increased satisfaction with the group decision and a desire to stay in the group.

increased majority   (mayor mayoría)

Brunner was returned with an increased majority of 1,255.

He held the seat for the Liberals with an increased majority.

The Conservative Party retained control with an increased majority.

only increased   (solo aumentó)

With only increased winds and moderate rainfall reported.

The use of virgin fibres only increased 2% in the same period.

However, workarounds to these challenges have only increased over time.

increased substantially   (aumentado sustancialmente)

The CCPOA's membership increased substantially.

Its prices increased substantially in the early 21st Century.

Research on apoptosis has increased substantially since the early 1990s.

population had increased

By 1897 the population had increased to 310,000.

Records from 1869 indicate that the population had increased to 600.

In the six years since, New Zealand's European population had increased by 65%.

population has increased

The Hispanic population has increased 51% between the 2000 & 2010 census.

In some areas, the population has increased such that the eagles are a pest.

After a long period of decline, the population has increased again in recent years.

production increased

Home agricultural production increased 35% during the war.

In the last decade, domestic production increased by 32.3%.

Copper and silver production increased, as did farm output.

increased funding

This led to increased funding for further studies of the concept.

From 2001 to 2006, the Federal Government increased funding for port security by 700%.

The law increased funding for school security and raised the required age to buy a gun from 18 to 21.

leading to increased

Without ARF, Mdm2 can inappropriately inhibit p53, leading to increased cell survival.

Without INK4a, Cdk4/6 can inappropriately phosphorylate Rb, leading to increased E2F-dependent transcription.

This also affects essential granules present in immune cells leading to increased susceptibility to infection.

substantially increased   (aumentado sustancialmente)

Protection was substantially increased.

Protection was substantially increased and armament was modernized.

increased the size

This increased the size of the project to twice the original plans.

In 1916, Congress increased the size of the Corps of Cadets to 1,332.

KRLA was pleased, however, because he increased the size of their audience.

increased due

But it has increased due to more illiteracy.

In the 19th century, the population of Aplerbeck increased due to industrialisation.

A few months later, crude oil prices suddenly increased due to manipulation by speculators.

increased their lead   (aumentó su ventaja)

England increased their lead by 365 before Yardley declared.

In the top of the ninth inning, the Cardinals increased their lead back to eight runs after Hornsby had an RBI groundout, scoring Southworth.

Following a short punt late in the quarter, Bama drove to the Texas 9, and increased their lead to 17–6 following a successful 26-yard Leigh Tiffin field goal.

number increased   (número aumentado)

Within a decade that number increased to over 5,000.

That number increased to 61 in the 2016 Census.

This number increased to at least 40,000 people by February.

increased again

It increased again in 2010 to 26%.

The rate was increased again in several moves to 6% by mid-November.

After the end of the war new groups were founded and membership increased again.

increased public   (mayor público)

Failed harvests increased public discontent.

These processes increased public confidence in the banks.

This led to an increased public esteem for practical education.

increased activity   (mayor actividad)

The harbour saw increased activity in the 1840s.

The study also observed increased activity in the insula (which is associated with sad emotions).

As a result of increased activity, a second station with its own lifeboat was established in 1870.

through increased

The pathway to queen morphs is through increased mRNA translation in the cytosol.

HEGM seeks to improve upon APMI through increased range, reliability, and lethality.

Some elements of BDSM have been popularized through increased media coverage since the middle 1990s.

increased steadily

His fame has increased steadily since his death.

Duration of average schooling has increased steadily.

Prices and production increased steadily during the 1980s and 1990s.

slightly increased

There is a slightly increased incidence of UCD in women.

There is a slightly increased incidence of iMCD in women.

Compared to 2002, he slightly increased his parliamentary score.

resulted in increased

This resulted in increased demand for forward control trucks.

The renovations were successful and resulted in increased customer visitation.

The automated system saved the county in meter-reading time and resulted in increased revenues.

such as increased

Public workers have other intangible benefits such as increased job security.

Denervation can have many harmful side effects such as increased risk of infection and tissue dysfunction.

Both are Special Economic Zones which have spillover economic effects for Dongshan County, such as increased tourism.

leads to increased

Hypercarnivory leads to increased vulnerability to extinction.

This in turn leads to increased extracellular concentrations of norepinephrine.

This process occurs after acute poliomyelitis and leads to increased motor unit areas over time.

increased capacity   (mayor capacidad)

The lengthening increased capacity and made the overall length 125 feet with a 24-foot beam.

The 767-300's increased capacity has been used on high-density routes within Asia and Europe.

Transpac 3 (TPC-3), which went into service April 18, 1989, increased capacity to 3780 channels.

increased greatly

This trade increased greatly during several famine periods.

The number of entrants has increased greatly in recent years.

Tensions in Washington between pro- and anti-slavery forces increased greatly.

increased popularity

This earns her large tips and increased popularity.

Ultra-nationalist groups also saw increased popularity, although democracy prevailed until 1940.

In recent years, it has been common for smartwatches to include heart rate monitors, which has greatly increased popularity.

increased considerably

Between 2004/5 and 2013/4 NHS output increased considerably.

Fish was not rationed, but prices increased considerably as the war progressed.

During the period of the Ottoman Empire, the number of meyhane increased considerably.

rapidly increased

In the early twentieth century, use of oil rapidly increased.

The number of such strongholds rapidly increased at about 700 BC for unknown reasons.

Originally finished with a clear coat, the NameTrains rapidly increased in popularity.

increased speed

This increased speed performance in the B.IX alone by .

Later, an AMOS compiler was developed that further increased speed.

Nagumo increased speed from 24 to 28 knots upon receiving the sighting.

include increased

Common symptoms include increased vaginal discharge that often smells like fish.

Common symptoms include increased vaginal discharge that usually smells like fish.

Examples of overchoice include increased college options, career options, and prospective romantic relationships.

increased attention   (mayor atención)

Wu gained increased attention and popularity with her role as Wei Yingluo.

Since then, she has garnered increased attention in Canada and around the world.

This led to increased attention for the station, but not all of it was favorable.

turn increased

Noticing the Chinese maneuver, the Japanese cruisers in turn increased their speed to , in line ahead formation with "Yoshino" leading "Naniwa" and "Akitsushima".

At the rally, the SA assured Hitler of their loyalty and Hitler in turn increased the size of the SA with the creation of 24 new "Standarten" (regiment-sized formations).

Using in vivo 2-photon microscopy, the authors reported that when cerebral arterial pulsation was either increased or decreased, the rate of paravacular CSF flux in turn increased or decreased, respectively.

then increased

The initial order was for 30 units and then increased to 60.

It then increased from 7.5% to 12% effective from 1 July 2018.

Incidents of violence between the parties then increased dramatically.

well as increased   (así como aumentado)

ERCC1 is linked to DNA repair as well as increased cancer resistance.

As well as increased low speed torque this improved acceleration and top end cruising speed.

The Internet has become quite popular in Brazil, with steadily growing numbers of users as well as increased availability.

numbers increased

All day classes were consolidated here and pupil numbers increased rapidly.

Despite tough economic times, membership numbers increased and the Club's notoriety grew.

From 17,108 blacks in Kansas in 1870, the numbers increased to 43,107 in 1880 and 52,003 by 1900.

increased in popularity

Rock gardens increased in popularity in the 19th century.

During this period, it greatly increased in popularity and circulation.

After World War II (WWII) the utilitarian form of memorial increased in popularity.

increased awareness   (mayor conciencia)

increased awareness of the band and the album began to rise back up the charts.

It increased awareness about the ease in which bacteria spread among organisms.

Caudill argued that increased awareness of hospital structure could help make job delegation a smoother process.

resulting in increased

As a result, the station will air its coverage increased sharply, resulting in increased listening figures.

Parental investment is when either parent cares for eggs or offspring resulting in increased offspring fitness.

This is achieved through continuous monitoring and adjustment of tribosystems, resulting in increased machine efficiency and lifetime.

sales increased

As his record sales increased, his complaints grew louder.

For the 1976 model year, sales increased slightly to 165,000.

Over the next five years, sales increased by more than 1,300 percent.

capacity was increased   (se aumentó la capacidad)

The production capacity was increased significantly.

The total capacity was increased to 2500 seats.

The ground's capacity was increased slightly during this time.

increased rate   (tasa aumentada)

Construction continued at an increased rate as new workers arrived.

Individuals will have an increased rate of anxiety and emotional stress.

[14] This temporary physiological change aids the increased rate of fetal development during the final trimester.

increased costs

This uncertainty has created additional opportunities for corruption and increased costs for investors.

Prices would have to be higher to compensate farmers for the increased costs they incur to produce Fairtrade.

The expansion in the fall was considered a risk due to the increased costs of events run at that time of the year.

increased security

The next day, Phelps Dodge increased security personnel in and around the mine.

Shoham was threatened by the crime groups, and he was given increased security by the police.

The increasing number of newspaper and journal articles on this subject reflect an increased security awareness.

increased access   (mayor acceso)

Bridge aims to ensure more children have increased access to a quality education.

Steil supported initiatives that froze tuition and increased access to quality, affordable education.

Relationships have been found between increased access to green space, improved rates of physical activity, and reduced BMI.

result of increased

This came as a result of increased scrutiny of LMAs by the FCC.

As a result of increased contractility, stroke volume is increased.

This is the result of increased activation of the sympathetic nervous system.

increased emphasis

Many U.S. universities have placed increased emphasis on their residential colleges in recent years.

Also, increased emphasis should be given to life habit changes to mitigate the metabolic syndrome in this population.

There was a revival in the mosaic art, for example: Mosaics became more realistic and vivid, with an increased emphasis on depicting three-dimensional forms.

foreign population increased

Ignoring immigration and emigration, the population of Swiss citizens increased by 7 while the foreign population increased by 1.

Ignoring immigration and emigration, the population of Swiss citizens increased by 3 while the foreign population increased by 1.

increased focus

The INLA's increased focus on internecine feuding also distracted them their political or strategic aims.

Mental benefits including increased focus, concentration and improvements in the quality of sleep have been reported.

It was re-titled Tactical Police and Security Squadron in 1996 as part of an increased focus on support to deployed operations.

result in increased

The activation of these pathways result in increased proliferation, invasion and migration of BCSCs.

These modifications result in increased progestogenic activity and oral bioavailability as well as decreased androgenic/anabolic activity.

This could, in turn, result in increased free concentrations of such drugs and increased effects and/or side effects, potentially necessitating dosage adjustments.

increased incidence   (mayor incidencia)

There is a slightly increased incidence of UCD in women.

There is a slightly increased incidence of iMCD in women.

Two studies in mice have shown no increased incidence of cancer.

increased the amount

This expansion increased the amount of steam available to the refinery.

After the Armistice, the Recruit Educational Center increased the amount of citizens eligible for military service.

The compound decreased motility and testosterone levels and increased the amount of morphological abnormalities within the sperm cells.

rate increased   (tasa aumentada)

Unemployment rate increased from 10.3% in FY2004 to 11.2% in 2005.

The murder rate increased rapidly in the late-1980s and early-1990s.

The unemployment rate increased dramatically from 20% in 1999 to 70% after the year 2000.

citizens increased

Ignoring immigration and emigration, the population of Swiss citizens increased by 9 while the foreign population decreased by 2.

Ignoring immigration and emigration, the population of Swiss citizens increased by 7 while the foreign population increased by 1.

increased sales

Hertzog's denunciation of the work led to enormously increased sales.

A store in Destin reported increased sales in hurricane-related supplies such as canned goods and flashlights.

This led to increased sales of the single and national popularity of the song, particularly as a singalong party number.

increased up

This amount increased up to $12,085 by the year 2008.

In 2014, the intake was increased up to 225 per batch.

increased efficiency

A Worthington-pattern feedwater heater was fitted for increased efficiency.

Most offered increased efficiency from both added speed and greater payload.

The introduction of the superheater further increased efficiency and made it much easier to maintain.

increased blood

These increased blood levels may result in a greater risk of side effects.

Helminths infections causing increased blood eosinophil counts include: 1) nematodes, (i.e.

Other drugs and drug classes often reported to cause increased blood eosinophil levels accompanied by less severe (e.g.

popularity increased

In the United Kingdom, Margaret Thatcher's popularity increased.

During the following centuries the church's popularity increased more and more and pilgrims flooded here from everywhere.

His popularity increased in Azerbaijan and post-Soviet countries due to the song "Azerbaijan" he performed and shared online.

including increased

Piracy also has indirect costs, including increased security measures and spikes in shipping insurance premiums.

Mental benefits including increased focus, concentration and improvements in the quality of sleep have been reported.

In addition to increased foraging efficiency, females hold other advantages over small females, including increased egg production and longevity.

increased amount

"Vibrio chloerae" releases a toxin that induces an increased amount of water in the small intestines.

It has also been defined as increased amount of saliva in the mouth, which may also be caused by decreased clearance of saliva.

The increased amount of habitat fragmentation, due to expanding technology, has increased the likelihood of a deer-vehicle collision.

increased in recent

This percentage has increased in recent years.

Protestantism has increased in recent decades.

Efforts to revive the language have increased in recent decades.

power was increased

The translator's power was increased from 10 to 250 watts.

And the power was increased to 500 watts.

The power was increased to 6070 kW.

government increased   (gobierno aumentó)

In 2012, Czech government increased VAT.

In 2016, the government increased the minimum wage to 215 euros per month.

Sondhi's public criticism of the Thaksin government increased throughout 2004.

results in increased

In turn, this results in increased degradation of dopamine levels in the brain.

The pandemic results in increased number of orphans, with an estimated 600,000 orphans in the country.

Their undersquare design causes lower overall piston speeds which results in increased lifespan of up to .

increased rates

This provides a possible explanation for increased rates of the disease in men.

Diabetes mellitus and the use of antibiotics are also linked to increased rates of yeast infections.

There is evidence of an association between BV and increased rates of sexually transmitted infections such as HIV/AIDS.

increased further

The rated power was later increased further.

The number of screens at VOX Cinemas will be increased further, from nine to 14.

During the 19th and 20th centuries, coin collecting increased further in popularity.

increased slightly

Production increased slightly in 2006 to 465,000 ounces.

By 1962, this had increased slightly to 46%.

Starting in the 1970s, the population increased slightly.

increased numbers

A 2018 study of CDC data connected temperature rise to increased numbers of suicides.

Recently, there has been increased numbers of Engineers and Medical Student from this region.

By the 1880s, railroads brought increased numbers of settlers and ended the pueblos' isolation.

increased level

Such exceptional mechanisms are needed to obtain an increased level of expressivity.

This increased level of immigration in turn caused some conflicts between newcomers and old settlers.

They can be found in different places within a shrine's precincts to signify an increased level of holiness.