increasing number   (増加する数)

An increasing number of Saudi citizens identify as Ahmadis.

This can be attributed to an increasing number of European visitors.

An increasing number of buildings have been restored over the years.

increasing the number   (数を増やす)

He supports lowering taxes and increasing the number of Illinois jobs.

Boundary changes took place for the 1999 election increasing the number of seats by 1.

It was a Sunday so the people had gathered in the town, increasing the number of victims.

increasing numbers

Similarly, the east-west routes use increasing numbers from north to south.

First Pakistani migrants came in the 1970s, with increasing numbers in the 1990s.

That same afternoon and evening, she encountered increasing numbers of wounded soldiers.

increasing demand   (需要の増加)

Additions were added to the south in 1902 and 1923 to meet increasing demand.

With increasing demand EKA-knivar continually made improvements to production methods.

by the German writer Martin Walser, express an increasing demand for a strictly text-based view.

thus increasing

He scored 11½/13 (+10–0=3), thus increasing his rating to 2702.

The V-groove transmits torque through a wedging action, thus increasing friction.

It exerts effects by blocking the breakdown of dopamine, thus increasing its activity.

increasing popularity   (ますます人気)

The company grew with the increasing popularity of board and role-playing games.

The record was a hit and his increasing popularity allowed him to expand to films.

Despite this, their ideas gained them increasing popularity in elections to the soviets.

increasing pressure   (圧力の増加)

With increasing pressure the transition temperature increases.

As a result, Telfair experienced increasing pressure from various local media.

It noted that the trend was towards an increasing pressure on New Zealand's natural capital.

increasing use

Cell phones are in increasing use throughout the country.

From about 1885 this technique involved an increasing use of the pads."

In recent years germanium has seen increasing use in precious metal alloys.

thereby increasing   (それにより増加)

HT-0712 appears to act as a PDE4 inhibitor, thereby increasing cAMP levels.

Decreasing pre-load decreases the initial force in the spring thereby increasing total sag.

Agonists preferentially bind to and stabilize the R* state, thereby increasing effector activity.

due to increasing

Petrassi stopped composing in 1986 due to increasing loss of eyesight.

This was however withdrawn due to increasing charges at London City Airport.

The decision was made due to increasing Asian competition and a strong Australian dollar.

rapidly increasing

The whorls are very convex and rapidly increasing.

The breadth of applications is rapidly increasing.

The spire contains 3 flattened whorls that are rapidly increasing.

increasing population

Uncommon bog asphodel is present and is recorded as an increasing population.

With the increasing population of Mongolia it is very difficult to stay a herder for long.

In 2014, the species was uplisted to endangered due to a decline in a once increasing population.

increasing interest

Judah takes increasing interest in the beautiful Iras.

The 14th century saw increasing interest in the Buddha nature texts and doctrines.

Privacy, data protection, and identity theft have become issues of increasing interest.

steadily increasing

The school population has been steadily increasing.

This number has been steadily increasing since 2001 by 45%.

Afghanistan's trade with other countries is steadily increasing.

ever increasing

The sole reinforcement is an ever increasing complexity of the problems".

Bek organizes a resistance cell to Dox's ever increasing tyranny in the Armageddon 2001 crossover.

In 2011, then Defense Minister Anatoliy Serdyukov criticized the ever increasing cost of the Borei and Yasen classes.

increasing amount

Along this, the newspaper received an increasing amount of money from abroad.

The Khodynka radio station, built in 1914, couldn't longer handle the increasing amount of radiograms.

An increasing amount of archaeological evidence collected since the 1950s has settled some of the debate.

increasing competition   (競争の激化)

Mobile-cellular usage, aided by increasing competition among service providers, is increasing.

There have been calls for this system to be reformed, increasing competition and hence productivity.

In 1886 the school was closed, with increasing competition from Christian Brothers College, Adelaide.

greatly increasing

This new system will greatly increasing the mountain's snowmaking capacity.

Whilst he kept his rent at the old prices, he greatly increasing their renewal fee.

In 1940, Gifu absorbed the former post town of Kanō, greatly increasing its land area.

gradually increasing

Educational quality is gradually increasing in recent years.

However, it is again gradually increasing despite the insecurity.

Underground water resources are suffering from gradually increasing salinity.

increasing importance

The song represents the increasing importance of narrative in Townshend's songwriting.

Tourism is of ever increasing importance, with the vast majority of international visitors coming from the United States.

His mother soon remarried, to Richard Bridgman, a London grocer who was of increasing importance in the Grocer's Company.

increasing the amount

This is subsequently increasing the amount of debt the students take on as student loans.

In order to allow criticality, the fuel must be "enriched", increasing the amount of U to a usable level.

At the same time the tribe was increasing its land, it was increasing the amount of livestock, particularly sheep.

increasing the size

This would be achieved by increasing the size of the culvert under Louisiana Highway 90.

Common modifications include increasing the size of the utensil handle to make it easier to grasp.

The largely mountainous village of Besshi joined the city of Niihama in 2003 greatly increasing the size of the city.

aimed at increasing

Golden rice is the most well known GM crop that is aimed at increasing nutrient value.

It actively seeks foreign investment aimed at increasing agricultural exports, particularly specialty food items.

These clubs are aimed at increasing health and well-being by participating in community activities and various programs.

increasing public   (増加する国民)

And gradually there's increasing public pressure, I think, to decriminalize marijuana."

Poe had an influence on cryptography beyond increasing public interest during his lifetime.

His public education reforms aimed to prepare citizens for roles in public life through increasing public literacy.

increasing influence

He gained increasing influence with Marie de' Medici.

Landau was disturbed by the increasing influence of non-Talmudic sources on the Jewish community.

It was coming under increasing influence from the 1920s European idea that form should follow function.

well as increasing   (増加するだけでなく)

Morgan said she would appoint a minister for north Wales, as well as increasing support for the self-employed.

This dinoflagellate does not cause mortality in adult shellfish but does reduce nutritional uptake as well as increasing mortality in larvae.

Rick Montano supports equal pay for women, as well as increasing the minimum wage, maintaining school funding, and protecting the local environment.

further increasing

Two new stands were opened in 1965 further increasing the capacity to 38,500.

By 2019, President Duterte signs R.A. 11211 further increasing the capitalization to Php 200 billion.

Many animals weakened by the long drive died in transit, further increasing the per-unit shipping cost.

increasing power

Each can be equipped with a one-way, two-way or three-way fire weapon of increasing power (and thus cost).

Nevertheless, his increasing power and his pro-Alid policies brought about his downfall, after his enemies got to the Caliph himself.

While there were some cosmetic differences between E-unit models, the major line of development was technological, and largely that of increasing power.

increasing levels

Intervening years had had increasing levels of action in the community.

The faster graphics accelerators and improving CPU technology resulted in increasing levels of realism in computer games.

The popularity of Chilean wine has been attributed not just to the quantity produced but also to increasing levels of quality.

increasing frequency

A female entering estrus attracts males by scent marking and howling with increasing frequency.

This is not observed; instead, the absorption tends toward a maximum and then declines with increasing frequency.

After the Second Meccan period, Ar-rahman was subsequently dropped and the term Allah was used with increasing frequency.

increasing awareness   (意識を高める)

There was also an increasing awareness of foreign language cinema in America during this period.

The lack of data regarding these concerns makes increasing awareness for worker safety more challenging.

There is an increasing awareness that timely and effective fire prevention and education saves lives and property.

increasing amounts

The website and online database of the collection also provide increasing amounts of information.

Since Bulgaria stopped high-seas fishing in 1995, the country has imported increasing amounts of fish.

The artist may apply several layers of paint with increasing amounts of oil added to each successive layer.

without increasing

The lights supplement existing ATC tools and procedures without increasing controller workload.

It is also used to see how much of a file is able to compressed without increasing its original size.

The swing arm pivot mas been relocated to allow a longer swinging arm without increasing the wheelbase.

increasing the risk

Closing an abscess immediately after draining it appears to speed healing without increasing the risk of recurrence.

Stewardship may reduce the length of stay by an average of slightly over 1 day while not increasing the risk of death.

Alcoholism can have adverse effects on mental health, causing psychiatric disorders and increasing the risk of suicide.

increasing traffic

The route historically served as a shortcut to Winnemucca and was experiencing increasing traffic volumes.

By the end of the decade, the design fell out of favor since they could not be widened to handle increasing traffic.

In the middle of 1964, work began on a second span at the Delaware Memorial Bridge due to increasing traffic volumes.

increasing costs

That budget presented a picture of declining revenues and increasing costs.

The peasants had to pay the increasing costs for defence against the Ottomans.

This break-up of the company was attributed to the increasing costs of each process node.

significantly increasing

Welsh medium education is, however, popular and significantly increasing in the area.

The rock was thrown at the victims' car from a vehicle speeding in the opposite direction, thereby significantly increasing the force of impact.

In 2013, the museum received 100 images as a gift from the Irving Penn Foundation, significantly increasing the number of Penn's works in the collection to 161 images.

increasing size

It reflected the increasing size of foreign destroyers that the "Cassin"s might have to fight.

With the increasing size of New York's Latino population, the scope of the museum is expanding.

The simple meaning of economies of scale is doing things more efficiently with increasing size.

led to increasing

This led to increasing criticism of this concept, culminating in public protests.

This was one factor that led to increasing tensions between the Earps and the Cowboys.

This led to increasing conflict with the Arab population, who openly revolted in 1936.

increasing role   (役割の増加)

Šrámek and the rest of his coalition worried about the increasing role of the communist party.

Mobile devices are playing an increasing role in the mix of e-commerce, this is also commonly called mobile commerce, or m-commerce.

In recent decades, China has played an increasing role in calling for free trade areas and security pacts amongst its Asia-Pacific neighbours.

increasing pension

Act 1 included 10 exceptions, including: increasing pension costs, increases in special education costs, a catastrophe like a fire or flood, increase in health insurance costs for contracts in effect in 2006 or dwindling tax bases.

increasing complexity

The sole reinforcement is an ever increasing complexity of the problems".

A number of versions of the Dumaresq were produced of increasing complexity as development proceeded.

These concepts are still considered vital in understanding the increasing complexity of modern battlefields.

increasing pension costs

Act 1 included 10 exceptions, including: increasing pension costs, increases in special education costs, a catastrophe like a fire or flood, increase in health insurance costs for contracts in effect in 2006 or dwindling tax bases.

increasing difficulty

Along with that there are 50 levels designed with increasing difficulty.

Four different tasks of increasing difficulty were given to 9 males and 8 females.

The objective is to build molecules from atoms, with gradually increasing difficulty and speed.

increasing demands

to accommodate increasing demands for space.

Both areas face rapid desertification and increasing demands for water.

Due to the increasing demands for housing, combined with housing mergers, the population of Mariahilf.

goal of increasing

The Shah used this to his advantage to promote his goal of increasing the power of the monarchy.

As an economic policy with the ultimate goal of increasing domestic welfare, trade promotion comprises a large set of policy instruments.

In 2012, St John Ambulance was reorganised into a regional structure, with the goal of increasing accountability and maximising charitable outputs.

increasing political

It was viewed as successful in fostering democratic development and increasing political stability.

This move resulted in Afghanistan increasing political and economic ties with its northern neighbor, the powerful Soviet Union of that time.

Felix still hoped that Nicholas and the Russian government would respond to Rasputin's death by taking steps to address the increasing political unrest.

came under increasing

As the Marines approached the southern suburbs of the city they came under increasing sniper fire.

He grew up in the Meskwaki culture, when they came under increasing pressure from United States encroachment.

Unable to rely on the protections and privileges of Morley's monopoly, Barley most likely came under increasing pressure from the Stationers' Company.

increasing access   (アクセスを増やす)

Other than advocating for children's rights, Diaz is very interested in increasing access to adult education.

RAHU works with the goal of increasing access to information and services relating to SRHR for young people so as to empower them live healthy, focused and productive lives.

"That must include fighting corruption, improving governance, strengthening the rule of law, increasing access to economic opportunity for all Afghans, especially for women," she said.

response to increasing   (増加への対応)

But in the nineteenth century, in response to increasing missionary fervor, monasteries were asked to send groups of women to found schools and medical clinics around the world.

This was partly in response to increasing public concerns that "luxury" off-ration foodstuffs were being unfairly obtained by those who could afford to dine regularly in restaurants.

Local residents, led by Pamela Warhurst and Mary Clear, came up with the idea in response to increasing global concerns over climate change, food sustainability, and community change.

increasing trend

The next census included was in 2001, when the population was 212, continuing the increasing trend.

The third group, "continuously increasing trend since 1950", is only found in the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific.

Most types of truck air brakes are drum brakes, though there is an increasing trend towards the use of disc brakes.

increasing the total   (合計を増やす)

Thus increasing the total number of artists advancing to the Battles to fifty two.

Drop tanks of or could be mounted under each wing, increasing the total fuel load to .

This allowed an extra 300 huts to be built at Auschwitz, increasing the total human capacity to 132,000.

increasing economic

The increasing economic prominence of China and Japan have made these issues a global concern.

This was also a time of increasing economic troubles for the country, typified by a dramatic rise in inflation.

The Poles in western partition decided to focus their energy on increasing economic and political position of Poles before deciding for military confrontation.