against incumbent   (現職に対して)

He considered running for governor in 1990 against incumbent Gov.

He ran against incumbent Republican Raúl Labrador and Democrat Jimmy Farris.

Five challengers qualified to run against incumbent council member Chris Cate.

defeated incumbent   (敗北した)

He defeated incumbent Democrat, William H. West.

He defeated incumbent Michael Avery 55%–44%.

He defeated incumbent Republican Senator Tom Sawyer by 280 votes.

incumbent mayor   (現職の市長)

His opponent was incumbent mayor James Harper.

In 1967 Tanzler ran against incumbent mayor Lou Ritter for the Democratic nomination.

The mayoralty was an open seat, as incumbent mayor Matt Brown was not running for re-election.

defeating incumbent   (現職を倒す)

The Republicans only gained one seat by defeating incumbent Daniel F. Steck (D-IA).

Williams was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1946, defeating incumbent Democratic U.S.

Clark was first elected to the Assembly in 2008, defeating incumbent Republican J.A.

incumbent president   (現職大統領)

Gavin was the first incumbent president to be defeated by an independent challenger.

92% of the coverage on the six main TV channels were dedicated to the incumbent president.

The incumbent president, Alexander Lukashenko, was one of the candidates running for office.

against the incumbent   (現職に対して)

Joyal led the newly formed MAG and ran for mayor against the incumbent, Jean Drapeau.

Their first game in the league was against the incumbent league champions, Badalona Dracs.

On 8 May 1898 Giacobbi ran for election as deputy of Corte against the incumbent Luce de Casabianca.

defeated the incumbent

He defeated the incumbent, Russell Fillner.

He defeated the incumbent 54%-46% in the Democratic primary.

Congressman Reuben E. Fenton and Speaker Thomas G. Alvord defeated the incumbent Gov.

lost to incumbent

He lost to incumbent Thomas J. Buckley 59% to 40%.

He lost to incumbent Edward J. Cronin 56% to 43%.

He lost to incumbent Edward J. Cronin 53% to 46%.

incumbent governor   (現知事)

At age , DeSantis is the youngest incumbent governor of a U.S. state.

Andrey Vorobyov, the incumbent governor, was re-elected for a new term.

In Connecticut, the incumbent governor's party is listed on top of the ballot.

defeating the incumbent

She won the NRM political party primary by defeating the incumbent, Florence Naiga.

Three new Labour councillors were elected, defeating the incumbent independent Councillor Catherine Dobson.

He was elected in the 2006 provincial election, defeating the incumbent Progressive Conservative Gary Hines with 46.39% of the vote.

won by incumbent

Ohio was won by incumbent President George W. Bush by a 2.1% margin of victory.

Texas was won by incumbent President George W. Bush by a 22.9% margin of victory.

Florida was won by incumbent President George W. Bush by a 5.0% margin of victory.

challenged incumbent

Covey unsuccessfully challenged incumbent Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard in 2016.

In 1964, Blatt challenged incumbent Republican Senator Hugh Scott, who was seeking a second term.

After winning the Democratic nomination, Tedesco challenged incumbent county executive Kathleen Donovan.

current incumbent

District 9: This is a new seat, with no current incumbent.

District 96: This is a new seat, with no current incumbent.

District 87: This is a new seat, with no current incumbent.

defeated by incumbent

FitzGerald was defeated by incumbent Republican Gov.

He was defeated by incumbent Liberal MP Peter Slipper.

After a hotly contested campaign, he was defeated by incumbent New Democratic Party Member of Parliament Wendy Lill.