Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

independent record   (registro independiente)

Former independent record company Wax Trax!

Records is an independent record label based in Washington, DC.

It is the band's first release on their own independent record label.

independent film   (película independiente)

It was the highest grossing independent film of 2008.

"Our Feature Presentation" is a low-budget independent film.

The independent film received a mixed reception from critics.

independent candidate   (candidato independiente)

An independent candidate also stood in Eastbrook.

In the elections he ran as an independent candidate.

Donald Cyrus Davie stood as an independent candidate.

became independent   (se independizó)

The Ivory Coast became independent on 7 August 1960.

Cartagena became independent in November 1811.

It was during his period that India became independent.

independent record label   (sello discográfico independiente)

Records is an independent record label based in Washington, DC.

It is the band's first release on their own independent record label.

It was then that George’s independent record label Evzone Music was born.

became an independent

The IELA became an independent church body in 1986.

New Zealand became an independent Province in 1970.

It became an independent parish in the 18th century.

independent label   (etiqueta independiente)

It was released in 2018 by the independent label.

In 1997, Mammoth Records returned to an independent label.

Both releases were on the independent label 57 Records UK.

independent state   (estado independiente)

It maintained Ethiopia's existence as an independent state.

The Central Election Commission is an independent state body.

On 7 February 1974, Grenada became a fully independent state.

independent school   (escuela independiente)

From 2011 to 2014, Menlo was an NAIA independent school.

The village is famous for its independent school, Roedean.

He was educated at Edinburgh Academy, an independent school.

first independent

The label was the first independent to produce two platinum records.

His first independent work, "Juno on the clouds", was painted in 1705.

It was one of the first independent departments of biochemistry in India.

newly independent

The newly independent company has been named as Clarivate Analytics.

The newly independent company was subsequently renamed "Lynx Express".

She was the first country director to cover that newly independent nation.

own independent

Each side has its own independent write-protect switch.

Each separate object has its own independent track information.

It is the band's first release on their own independent record label.

independent films

It is one of the most costly independent films ever made.

Waite's acting career began with short and independent films.

These festivals have included both mainstream and independent films.

independent station   (estación independiente)

As an independent station, channel 9's schedule was heavy on sports programming.

That arrangement ended on September 1, 2016 when WGN became an independent station.

KTXC-LP KTXC-LP was an independent station for Amarillo, Texas, licensed to Canyon.

independent company   (empresa independiente)

In 1985, Cessna ceased to be an independent company.

As a new independent company, CGIS difficulties continued.

After a management buy-out it became an independent company.

independent municipality

Until 1978 it was an independent municipality .

Boo was an independent municipality until 1970.

Before 1904 it was an independent municipality.

independent schools

There are no independent schools in the area.

Those qualified teachers working in independent schools could register voluntarily.

In 1927, three four-year administratively independent schools were established: SS.

independent music

Doyle worked in the independent music business for 15 years.

Kurupt FM were signed to independent music label XL Recordings.

In 1995, he joined the independent music composition group Imagine.

independent nation   (nación independiente)

She was the first country director to cover that newly independent nation.

In 1839 the Central American Federation dissolved and Honduras became an independent nation.

Formation of an independent nation of Tamil Eelam, the only alternative for Eelam Tamils 3.

independent circuit   (circuito independiente)

He made his debut on the independent circuit in 1992.

While part of TNA, Raijin continued to wrestle on the independent circuit.

Beginning in April 2014, the brothers reunited on the independent circuit.

several independent

Jordan is the proprietor of several independent businesses.

The Bay Area is home to several independent railway museums.

In addition to music, he was involved in several independent film projects.

fully independent

In the 19th century, it became fully independent.

Serbia, Montenegro and Romania became fully independent.

On 7 February 1974, Grenada became a fully independent state.

largest independent

It is the largest independent branch in the Raymond James network.

Co-founder Liu described it as the "largest independent TV fan site".

At present, Romir is the largest independent research holding in Russia in terms of total revenue.

more independent

Additionally, more independent "caciques" governed other villages.

As he became older, he started to conduct more independent politics.

As a result of this and of destiny, the women become more independent.

independent candidates

No independent candidates registered to contest the election.

He defeated independent candidates Md.

Also running were two independent candidates: former Republican U.S.

independent country   (País independiente)

On 17 August 1960 Gabon became an independent country.

Barbados has been an independent country since 30 November 1966.

In 1960 the Sudanese Republic became the independent country of Mali.

other independent   (otro independiente)

The Nikon D3X has been tested by many other independent reviewers.

There are no other independent, nonprofit hospices in Florida that provide this information.

The original Walnut Whip is actually still available in Spar Nica and other independent stores.

independent research

"n independent research center of publication and study."

Buy-side and independent research are generally unregulated.

In 1933 the preserve became an independent research institution.

become independent   (independizarse)

The pups become independent after one month.

By 1960, French African colonies had already become independent.

As formula_41 the solutions become independent of formula_11 where

independent production

It was made by independent production company Liberty Bell.

It is worth noting that this was a totally independent production.

He currently runs the independent production company Oxford Digital Media.

independent city

enter the independent city of Roanoke as Melrose Avenue.

Each circuit covers at least one of Missouri's 114 counties and one independent city, St. Louis.

Old Point Comfort Old Point Comfort is a point of land located in the independent city of Hampton, Virginia.

number of independent   (número de independientes)

The number of independent reps grew to over 1,500.

Cameroon has a number of independent newspapers.

When the number of independent variables is zero, i.e.

independent during

Because San Marino offered Garibaldi safety in 1849, it was able to remain independent during Italian unification.

From 1992 until 1999 Vladimir Mikanba was Vice Premier of Abkhazia, which became de facto independent during this time.

Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland became independent during 1964, respectively renamed Zambia and Malawi, under black majority governments.

small independent

It was made by the small independent company Vandyke Productions.

Waddens first appeared in fur-trading records as a small independent trader.

The "frazione" of Cospaia was a small independent republic from 1440 until 1826.

become an independent   (convertirse en un independiente)

", to become an independent magazine with the same general focus.

The Kāśyapīyas are believed to have become an independent school ca.

In 1985, Chino Fire decided to become an independent agency once again.

independent states

Elizabeth II was Sovereign of the following 16 independent states until they later became republics.

At the time, Ethiopia was one of the few independent states in Africa and a major power in the Horn of Africa.

In July 1920 French Mandate of Syria was declared, and the country was divided into several independent states.

independent organization

On March 7, 2000, the Blind Sport Federation separated as an independent organization.

The Seattle Derby Brats are an independent organization that rents practice space from Rat City.

Service in languages of the oppressed nations, such as Somali, were moved to an independent organization.

completely independent

The Hafsids become completely independent in 1264.

As a result, Activision Blizzard became a completely independent company.

This makes the newspaper's editorial side completely independent of the University.

new independent

In 1995 they were united into a new independent wing.

As a new independent company, CGIS difficulties continued.

A new independent baseball team named the Anderson Joes came to town.

remained independent

The Iceni remained independent under Prasutagus.

The paper has remained independent ever since.

Technically, they remained independent MPs.

independent member

Although Mekki was an independent member of the cabinet, he is close to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Today, the alliance consists of 29 independent member countries across North America and Europe.

Only one seat changed hands, rural Stanley saw the Labor member re-elected as an independent member.

many independent

After Mongol invasion of Rus' many independent principalities were destroyed.

Bermuda hosts an annual international film festival, which shows many independent films.

Some retail chains and many independent retail outlets do not stock pornographic magazines.

independent companies

Intellectual Ventures has created a number of independent companies to bring its discoveries to mass market.

Boutique pedals are designed by smaller, independent companies and are typically produced in limited quantities.

In June 2013, 32 BVBA fashion house split the Ann Demeulemeester and Ackermann labels into two independent companies.

independent labels

Rose left the label in 2015, choosing to self-release and work with independent labels.

These three albums were recorded by small, independent labels not controlled by Fania Records.

Matthews then moved to Austin, Texas and recorded several albums for a series of German independent labels.

independent entity

In 2008, DCMI separated from OCLC and incorporated as an independent entity.

Iklaina is surmised to be an independent entity that was subsumed by the Pylian state.

In 1943, the department became an independent entity again and moved to Taichū Prefecture.

independent review

It recommended independent review of levee projects, among other suggestions.

Additionally, an independent review was conducted by forensic pathologist Dr. Gregory Reiber.

", the service does not provide forward secrecy), the code is not open to independent review, "i.e.

independent body

It opened in 1973, and ceased to function as an independent body on 1 January 2009.

This legislation gave the CAA's functions to a new independent body, the Federal Aviation Agency.

The Council is an independent body, with its membership drawn from French and African members of civil society.

independent study

These courses are offered by independent study primarily through the print medium.

It was billed as the first independent study done on the Pickering lands in a generation.

Bond developed independent study courses for upper-level students to research these collections.

independent investigation   (investigación independiente)

An independent investigation has begun, all the accusers cooperated with the investigator.

An independent investigation found the teaching assistant had not violated university policies.

The National Transportation Safety Board conducted an independent investigation into the accident.

independent media

Various forms of independent media were censored during the protests.

Mule (newspaper) MULE is a non-profit, Manchester-based independent media project.

The independent media are active and express a wide variety of views without restriction.

independent artists

Tough has had several recordings of his songs by independent artists.

She went on to say that black independent artists are too under the radar.

Outside of Capitol Records, Loren began developing independent artists in 2001.

independent stations

During the transition, KTPN and KLPN became independent stations.

The program was usually broadcast by independent stations — often at odd hours.

In 1993, BHC aligned its independent stations with the Prime Time Entertainment Network.

linearly independent

Such a system is always linearly independent.

For distinct complex numbers }, the set } is linearly independent over .

Then any finite family of distinct monoid homomorphisms is linearly independent.

independent promotions

Since losing to Antônio Rogério Nogueira at , Dewees has gone 3-5 in independent promotions.

Cordero is perhaps best known for his time with Chikara and several other independent promotions.

The duo worked in several North Carolinian independent promotions holding the OMEGA Tag Team Championship and NWA 2000 Tag Team Championship.

independent suspension   (suspensión independiente)

An independent suspension on all wheels was used for class leading ride and handling.

Wishbones and coil spring independent suspension provided good handling, it was claimed.

The Blackhawk also features a fully independent suspension, keyless entry, and dual exhaust with pipes.

independent artist

He is currently an independent artist.

Mila is now an independent artist.

After graduation van Munster settled as independent artist in Gorinchem.

independent variable

The two-port becomes a one-port impedance to the remaining independent variable.

However, the nature of the independent variable does not always allow for manipulation.

Dynamical systems are defined over a single independent variable, usually thought of as time.

independent feature   (característica independiente)

This was Crosby's second independent feature outside his Paramount contract.

In 2006, the independent feature "Becoming Royston" paid homage to the above-mentioned filmmaker.

He guest-hosted for Carolla in April 2014 while Carolla was shooting his independent feature film "Road Hard".

independent variables

When the number of independent variables is zero, i.e.

This experiment involved two independent variables; and fullness.

Each such formulation applies within specific limits of the independent variables.

no independent

There are no independent schools in the area.

There is no independent television".

3), have no independent value.

independent kingdom   (reino independiente)

He was an independent kingdom after the fall of Majapahit.

With the decline of the Sao confederation, Makary was an independent kingdom, one of the Kotoko kingdom city-states.

The independent kingdom of Siam (Thailand) lay between the two colonial powers, and could potentially serve as a buffer.

independent republic   (república independiente)

On 12 February 1818, Chile was proclaimed an independent republic.

The "frazione" of Cospaia was a small independent republic from 1440 until 1826.

In 1830, Ecuador separated from Gran Colombia and became an independent republic.

independent filmmaker   (cineasta independiente)

He has been an independent filmmaker ever since.

Deocampo is a significant independent filmmaker from the Philippines.

Sam Voutas Sam Voutas is an Australian actor and independent filmmaker.

remain independent   (permanecer independiente)

Ougrapo (GRAmmaire) wants to remain independent of Ouxpo.

Some of both chose to remain independent, under the label "Status Quo".

She stated that the newspaper would remain independent as long as possible.

independent production company   (compañía de producción independiente)

It was made by independent production company Liberty Bell.

He currently runs the independent production company Oxford Digital Media.

is a documentary film by Hong Kong-based independent production company APV.

independent television

It was sold to independent television stations.

There is no independent television".

WTNB-CD WTNB-CD is an independent television station located in Cleveland, Tennessee.

various independent

He also wrestles for various independent circuits.

He was associated with various independent (noncanonical) jurisdictions.

In 2010, Adventism claimed some 22 million believers scattered in various independent churches.

independent agency   (agencia independiente)

In 1985, Chino Fire decided to become an independent agency once again.

The office is an independent agency under the prime minister's supervision.

The Conservatoria was created by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia as an independent agency.

not independent

The concentrations of H and OH are not independent quantities.

This criterion cannot be used for sources that are not independent.

An independent central bank will score higher in the review than one that is not independent.

independent of each

The two fuel tanks are independent of each other.

The gospels are not always independent of each other.

Most of these are independent of each other.

independent political

The paper has an independent political stance.

A majority report against an independent political party was instead adopted.

The daily is described as an independent political newspaper with a liberal leaning.

independent status

Widows enjoyed the same independent status as unmarried women.

Originally a Democrat, he switched to independent status in 2001.

In the Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh holy Granth (book) there are 60 Ragas of equal and independent status.

formerly independent

It was formerly independent.

The formerly independent village was incorporated into Wiesbaden in 1928.

The formerly independent village was incorporated into Wiesbaden on 1 April 1928.

only independent   (solo independiente)

It was the longest running and only independent MMA news series on television.

"Al-Wasat" was generally regarded as the only independent newspaper in Bahrain.

At the time of Lampião's death, he was the only independent bandit leader remaining.

independent institution

It is an independent institution.

Holy Family College competes in the NAIA as an independent institution.

Since 2010 it is no longer associated with Parsons The New School and is an independent institution.

independent release

Its final independent release is version 48.

"Four Songs" was released February 11, 2008 and was their first independent release.

With the independent release of the songs on the internet, were recognized by the media.

independent producer

In 1931 independent producer Seymour Nebenzahl hired Lang to direct "M" for Nero-Film.

Two years later, he left Christ Church to become a studio musician and an independent producer.

He was for many years a producer for the BBC, and later worked for LWT and as an independent producer.

independent album

The independent album included 16 tracks.

It also went to number 1 in the UK independent album charts.

The group has recorded four studio albums and one independent album.

financially independent   (financieramente independiente)

In 1988, NCLG became financially independent.

Sonali Bendre advised women to be financially independent.

His parents died when he was quite young, leaving him, however, financially independent.

through independent

It was released on March 10, 2009 through independent label Epitaph Records.

The vinyl edition of the album was released through independent label Bridge Nine Records.

Latin Flavors' distribution is done through independent and national wholesale distributors.

independent living

The aim of outreach is to maximise independent living skills and to facilitate social inclusion.

All students were free to participate in fraternity, sorority and independent living group rush.

James attended workshops and training at the One Stop on various work-related topics and independent living issues.

independent contractors

In the early 1970s, SCA absorbed 87 independent contractors.

In the U.S., striptease dancers are generally classified as independent contractors.

The company hires independent contractors, who are paired with clients to walk dogs on demand.

independent of other   (independiente de otro)

Each plan is devised and implemented independent of other entities.

The nomenclature assigned to the olfactory receptor genes and proteins for this organism is independent of other organisms.

processing may include "Dialog Control", the ability to isolate and control dialog levels independent of other ambient noises.

independent cities

Like other independent cities in the United States, it is treated as a county-equivalent for census purposes.

Many city districts are incorporated suburbs ("Vororte"), or were previously independent cities, such as Höchst.

Taylor only won three of the district's nine county-level jurisdictions, and only carried one of its independent cities, Poquoson.

independent group

The International Institute in Gary became an independent group in 1934.

It claimed to be an independent group with members coming from different political backgrounds.

An independent group of men called "Los Osos" raised the "Bear Flag" of the California Republic over Sonoma.

politically independent

It is a non-commercial and politically independent public service broadcasting company.

According to the law, the Council reports to the parliament and is politically independent.

It states that it will be politically independent, and would include works of fiction and poetry.

becoming an independent

Biswas started in politics by becoming an independent MLA in 1972.

Since becoming an independent artist, Delisme has built an atelier in Haiti.

26 Squadron RFC at Netharavon, becoming an independent squadron on 8 October 1915.

independent public   (público independiente)

PSE&G went from being a subsidiary to an independent public company.

It is a non-commercial and politically independent public service broadcasting company.

The company also demanded ""an independent public inquiry into all aspects of the incident.""

local independent

It is still intended that a number of the new units will be let to local independent stores.

The hall was refurbished and re-opened in 2013 by Trof, a local independent bar and live music company.

Young Freq is a rapper from Little Rock working with local independent label Roc Town Music Group, formed in 2013.

independent team   (equipo independiente)

They competed as an independent team in 1930.

The football team will compete as an FBS independent team.

Any league or independent team with a grey background is defunct.

largely independent

However, it was largely independent from Charter 77.

Local groups are largely independent, setting their own fees, meeting times and places.

Each of the genres multiplied and evolved in a fashion largely independent of the others.

independent parish

It became an independent parish in the 18th century.

and erected as an independent parish in 1661.

They broke away in the 17th Century and in 1802 became an independent parish.

independent drama

In 2012 Elwes starred in the independent drama "The Citizen".

Fuhrman was also cast as the lead in the upcoming independent drama "Hellbent".

Jason's Letter Jason's Letter is a 2017 American independent drama film starring Vivica A.

independent filmmakers

The resulting pink film industry became the stepping stone for many young independent filmmakers.

"Young, independent filmmakers need to be encouraged: Soumitra", "The Times of India City", 21 September 2016

It drives revenue through partnerships with creators, independent filmmakers, and established Hollywood studios.

establish an independent   (establecer un independiente)

The council was granted the executive authority of the Lithuanian people and was entrusted to establish an independent Lithuanian state.

Huelle studied Polish philology at Gdańsk University and, in 1980, participated in the efforts to establish an independent student organization.

In the 1973 Constitution, the interim "Batasang Pambansa" (National Assembly) was mandated to establish an independent central monetary authority.

leading independent

In 1957, they founded The Mirisch Company, one of the leading independent production companies.

In 2000, assembled a team of leading independent label executives to establish a body that would represent the interests of independent music labels.

claims to be "the world's leading independent guide to buying and owning hi-fi and home cinema" and home to "the most trusted tech reviews in the world".

independent power

This may be a small electric motor with an independent power supply, or a diesel engine.

The plant will be an IPP (independent power producer) and power will be sold to the PLN.

In 2010 the net capacity of all utility and independent power producers in Ohio was 33,071 megawatts.

independent director

Since July 2007, its non-executive independent director has been Prof. Peter Brooks.

The film was a major box office success, and Upendra came out as an independent director.

Fire in the Jungle became a soundtrack for the film directed by the independent director .

last independent   (último independiente)

Cosworth was the last independent engine supplier.

The last independent viscount ceded all his rights to the king in 1249.

He was the last independent Sultan of Sokoto before the Caliphate was taken over by the British.

independent radio

There is also an independent radio called Radio Macuto, the voice of the voiceless.

Sky FM Sky FM is an independent radio station based in Monrovia, Liberia, broadcasting on FM 107.

His career as a DJ and journalist started with the "burst" of independent radio in Greece, in 1988.