Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

independently released   (lanzado independientemente)

It was independently released in 1985 by Arsenal Records.

In 2009, Bad Head independently released a self-titled album.

was born and independently released.

released independently   (lanzado independientemente)

The album is her first to be released independently.

It was released independently on Conception Records.

The album was released independently on June 5, 2012.

independently owned   (propiedad independiente)

It is one of only four independently owned daily newspapers in New Zealand.

W22CV-D is independently owned by Valley TV Cooperative, Inc., of Moorefield.

K49IT-D is independently owned and operated by the Hagerman Translator district.

operate independently   (operar independientemente)

The DDAF continues to operate independently.

Special forces operate independently under MOD direction.

A MAGTF can operate independently or as part of a larger coalition.

independently produced   (producido independientemente)

The Albums that were produced by him are independently produced.

In October 2014, the band released their third independently produced album, MAN

Street-sold (unregulated) items are independently produced and sold to consumers.

operated independently

They ... operated independently from police.

Each division operated independently of each other in advertising and buying.

The cells could be operated independently, or consecutively, within a section.

developed independently

but developed independently.

It was developed independently by two 19th-century scholars, William James and Carl Lange.

Because the lake maritime community largely developed independently, it has some distinctive vocabulary.

independently of each

These movements existed independently of each other.

Therefore, organizations tend to work independently of each other.

Each division operated independently of each other in advertising and buying.

independently developed

Samuel Morse independently developed and patented a recording electric telegraph in 1837.

In addition, this technology was independently developed in Hungary early in the war period.

It has become unanimously accepted that both the mathematicians independently developed calculus.

work independently   (trabajar independientemente)

Therefore, organizations tend to work independently of each other.

The program focused on highly motivated students who wished to work independently.

It was therefore better to work independently and Louis-Ulysse wanted his own brand.

independently discovered

It was independently discovered, and named, by Breese (1899).

He independently discovered the transuranic element neptunium.

In 1891 in America, engineer Nikola Tesla independently discovered the same thing.

evolved independently

Cell walls evolved independently in many groups.

Bipedalism also evolved independently among the dinosaurs.

The two groups simply evolved independently while maintaining more or less cordial ties."

act independently

These types of institutions act independently, maintaining their own endowments, and properties.

Under that new umbrella, both Davidson & Associates and Sierra On-Line would act independently from CUC International.

However, they are bound to act independently – free from other influences such as those governments which appointed them.

working independently

Dr. Okuma, working independently, did the same thing with success.

But after the NFB rejected several of his projects, he began working independently.

They were working independently, unaware of each other, but drawing on a common source of imagination.

operating independently

It is currently operating independently.

On 24 November 2014, YY's video streaming service began operating independently as Huya Live.

The movement served under the Huks until around 1943, when they started operating independently.

operates independently

Each ASU campus has an RHA that operates independently.

The top half operates independently from the bottom half.

However, it operates independently of other national government agencies.

live independently

Not many autistic adults are able to live independently, though some are successful.

Viviparous offspring live independently and require an external food supply from birth.

The St John Medical Alarm service is designed to help people live independently for longer.

run independently

In some cases, an applet does not run independently.

It is, however, run independently from the parent body.

Since 2007, however, the scheme has been run independently of the cadet force.