indigenous peoples   (先住民族)

not be built or used solely by indigenous peoples.

The indigenous peoples were decimated.

Overall, indigenous peoples make up only 0.2% of the population.

indigenous people   (先住民)

Rates of dementia are higher for indigenous people.

Soon after, his forces overcame the indigenous people.

Kirat is the main religion of those indigenous people.

indigenous population   (先住民)

America had been discovered and populated by its indigenous population.

Most of the indigenous population shows varying degrees of mixed ancestry.

The indigenous population in Mexico faces a significantly more severe situation.

indigenous communities   (先住民コミュニティ)

Karp first came to Peru in the late 1970s to study its indigenous communities.

The coca leaf was, and still is, chewed almost universally by some indigenous communities.

In Jharkhand, Asur live in very poor conditions like most of the other indigenous communities.

indigenous languages   (先住民族の言語)

In many, indigenous languages such as Nahuatl and Zapotec can be heard.

As well as English, England has two other indigenous languages, Cornish and Welsh.

These recruits may have spoken any of about 700–800 different indigenous languages.

indigenous groups

Llama and chilihueque herding was practised by various indigenous groups.

In this area indigenous groups practised glade agriculture among the forests.

Rather than violent displacement, the settlers and the indigenous groups absorbed each other.

other indigenous   (他の先住民族)

The group also replant marram grass and other indigenous plants in the dune areas.

As well as English, England has two other indigenous languages, Cornish and Welsh.

In Jharkhand, Asur live in very poor conditions like most of the other indigenous communities.

indigenous language

The Mon language is a recognised indigenous language in Myanmar and Thailand.

Yuyanapaq means 'to remember' in Quechua, Peru's predominant indigenous language.

92.5% speak an indigenous language at home and 94.2% know an indigenous language.

indigenous populations

Out of Chiapas' 111 municipios, ninety-nine have significant indigenous populations.

, Belize still struggles to recognize indigenous populations and their respective rights.

Affairs with the indigenous populations were regulated through regular meetings ("vergaderingen").

indigenous citizens

The people are predominantly indigenous citizens of Quechuan descent.

The people living in Vacas and surrounding areas are predominantly indigenous citizens of Quechuan descent.

On 26 June 2007, the DPNI announced the formation of armed "People's Self-Defense" groups to defend "indigenous citizens" against "the aggressive actions of criminal migrants."

indigenous tribes

Many indigenous tribes engaged in constant warfare.

Often they had to sail to distant lands and fight indigenous tribes.

The indigenous tribes over here are DUMAR , Loni, Syed(Peechi), and Tareen.

first indigenous

Giles was the first indigenous Australian to lead a state or territory government in Australia.

"Akebono" was one of the first indigenous Japanese warships to be built following World War II.

INS "Vikramaditya" is the modified , INS "Vikrant" will be the first indigenous Indian aircraft carrier.

local indigenous

The walk who is organised by a local indigenous museum (Yugambeh Museum).

Conflict between settlers and local indigenous people peaked during 1868–69.

The cape is considered sacred by local indigenous population and is revered by Buryats and Evenks.

indigenous cultures   (先住民の文化)

She specializes in the study of Andean indigenous cultures.

Perkins has also written about mystical aspects of indigenous cultures, including shamanism.

He went on to do field work with the indigenous cultures and languages of the Pacific Northwest.

mainly indigenous

Ethnically, the population is mainly indigenous with a considerable mixing with African and to a lesser extent, European settlers.

Modern Egyptology largely maintains the view that "state formation occurred as a mainly indigenous process", although significant differences in morphology indicated migration along the Nile Valley also took place.

indigenous inhabitants

The Adnyamathanha people are the indigenous inhabitants of the range.

We do not know the name that the indigenous inhabitants had for the city at that time.

The Walung people are the indigenous inhabitants of the region around Olangchung Gola.

indigenous rights

This title does not include receiving Haida indigenous rights or Haida heritage claims.

He insisted that indigenous rights and fundamental rights are mutually dependent and neither can exist without the other.

A Chilean court decision in November 2009 considered to be a landmark ruling on indigenous rights and made use of the convention.

many indigenous   (多くの先住民)

There are many indigenous tribals in this area.

The area is sparsely populated and includes many indigenous people.

Senegal was home to many indigenous peoples during precolonial times.

indigenous culture

Surnames were an integral part of plains indigenous culture.

For example, the Afrocentric method can be used to research African indigenous culture.

Sanjuanito is a danceable music used in the festivities of the mestizo and indigenous culture.

indigenous women

There were also many unions between the largely male Spanish colonists and indigenous women.

Most of Chiapas’ illiterate population are indigenous women, who are often prevented from going to school.

As descendants of the colonizers, Spanish women had greater status than that of indigenous women at the time.

indigenous community   (先住民コミュニティ)

They were given shelter by members of the indigenous community known as the Ansar.

The indigenous community at Caridad de los Indios, Guantánamo, is one such nucleus.

During this time few in this indigenous community served as scouts for the U.S. military.

indigenous group

Clothing, especially women's clothing, varies by indigenous group.

They estimate 120,000 people may be displaced, including the local Shantal indigenous group.

It was not until June 6, 2008, that Japan formally recognised the Ainu as an indigenous group (see § Official recognition in Japan).

indigenous ethnic

Relations between the indigenous ethnic groups is complicated.

The indigenous population of Brazil comprised several large indigenous ethnic groups (e.g.

Parallel to Los Jaivas, began towards 1969 to experiment with indigenous ethnic instruments.