İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

directly or indirectly   (doğrudan veya dolaylı)

Bullets can achieve this directly or indirectly.

Jain owns 23% of IIFL, directly or indirectly.

directly or indirectly interested."

directly and indirectly   (doğrudan ve dolaylı olarak)

He was still a PhD advisor directly and indirectly.

Booms cause injuries and deaths directly and indirectly by knocking people overboard.

Most of town's population are employed directly and indirectly in the mining industry.

indirectly through   (dolaylı olarak)

Le Chatelier proposed France should control Morocco indirectly through the sultanate.

HNL on down, or indirectly through the associations of professional football clubs, who manage 1.

The Coriolis effect caused by the rotation of the Earth can be seen indirectly through the motion of a Foucault pendulum.

indirectly elected   (dolaylı seçilmiş)

The presence of indirectly elected members began in 1974.

The Ntlo ya Dikgosi (House of Chiefs) is indirectly elected.

The Mayor-President is indirectly elected by the plenary assembly.