industrial area   (工業地帯)

The modern industrial area is based on manufacturing.

Iwakuni is part of the Seto Inland Sea industrial area.

There is also a small industrial area.

industrial development   (産業開発)

From that time the industrial development of Ekibastuz started.

Xixia District has seen rapid industrial development in recent years.

Further, the airport could promote industrial development around Mason.

industrial areas   (工業地帯)

Light industrial areas are also found in the area.

It serves residential, commercial and industrial areas.

Presently, it is dominated by residential and industrial areas.

industrial production   (鉱工業生産)

The region has most of Brazil's industrial production.

Energy consumption dropped and industrial production increased.

The industrial production of Iwaki City is no.1 in Tōhoku region.

industrial park   (工業団地)

The industrial park was inaugurated in April 2010.

Exit 7 provides access to a local industrial park.

KINFRA is setting up an industrial park in Puzhakkal.

industrial buildings

This complex consists of several brick industrial buildings.

The industrial buildings were located just next to the taxiway.

The east side of the district includes the industrial buildings.

industrial revolution   (産業革命)

In short, Deng's reforms sparked an industrial revolution in China.

The Civil War occurred during the early stages of the industrial revolution.

The industrial revolution of the 19th century provided a major growth impulse.

industrial design

Myers' first job was with pioneer of industrial design Norman Bel Geddes.

Tarazi studied industrial design at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.

At one point Metric Hosiery was a client of Raymond Loewy, "the father of industrial design".

industrial estate

The land has since become an industrial estate.

To the south there is an industrial estate.

This industrial estate has been notified by Central Govt.

commercial and industrial   (商業および産業)

It serves residential, commercial and industrial areas.

Highview is primarily residential with a light commercial and industrial base.

While now mainly a hobby, in the past it also had commercial and industrial purpose.

major industrial   (主要産業)

Corinth is a major industrial hub at a national level.

Rourkela in Sundargarh district is a major industrial town.

This conversion remains a major industrial process (10M kg/y).

industrial applications

for vibrations caused by industrial applications).

Wyes also have industrial applications.

Barium has few industrial applications.

industrial sector   (産業部門)

RVs, cabins, marine), the industrial sector (i.e.

The main industrial sector of the rayon is processing.

There was no child labor in the modern industrial sector.

industrial relations

He has published widely on comparative industrial relations, labour policy.

The unit looks after industrial relations for connecting academia to industry.

Hence, a Taylorist approach to work design contributed to worsened industrial relations.

large industrial

Today's Asbest is a large industrial center.

It was withdrawn under threat from large industrial sponsors who threatened to withhold funding.

The area had been known for large industrial sites and was not seen as an area of natural beauty.

industrial city

Louisville was on her way to becoming an industrial city.

Ludhiana is considered a major industrial city of Punjab, India.

MODON is an industrial city initiative run by the Saudi Arabia government.

industrial use

The goods yard is now in light industrial use.

For industrial use, tool support is required.

Tuas was then developed for industrial use.

other industrial   (他の産業)

It is possible Craig continued to work in other industrial films.

Some iron and steel making and other industrial processes burn coal.

Soon a number of mills were located along Pettibone Creek, along with other industrial operations.

industrial and commercial   (産業および商業)

Today they are used in many industrial and commercial applications.

The remaining percentages are from industrial and commercial boilers.

Several sulfates of aluminium have industrial and commercial application.

industrial complex

The Pulogadung industrial complex is located in the Subdistrict.

It was built as part of a larger industrial complex known as Union Iron Works.

Over the years a series of tenants have occupied parts of the industrial complex.

industrial town   (工業都市)

Holzminden is now a largely industrial town.

Abovyan was founded by the Soviets as an industrial town.

Rourkela in Sundargarh district is a major industrial town.

light industrial   (軽工業)

The goods yard is now in light industrial use.

It is a residential, retail and light industrial suburb.

There are also light industrial units.

industrial zone

The area was built up in the 1950s as an industrial zone.

Hậu Giang has an industrial zone of 902 ha.

There was an idea of turning the base into an economic industrial zone.

industrial center

Today's Asbest is a large industrial center.

Taganrog is the leading industrial center of Rostov Oblast.

The wilaya of Bordj Bou Arreridj became a young industrial center.

important industrial

Ethanol is an important industrial ingredient.

These reactions are an important industrial route to halogenated hydrocarbons.

Tangier is Morocco's second most important industrial center after Casablanca.

industrial workers

They were open to all and mostly served office and industrial workers.

Now it was the turn of ex-seamen to become industrial workers in Britain.

Most of the direct deaths and injuries were among munitions or industrial workers.

industrial designer

His father, Philippe Neerman, was Belgian industrial designer.

The exterior was designed by industrial designer Masao Hagiwara.

new industrial

In 2017, China bought 36% of all the new industrial robots in the world.

Over sudden he felt the fast pulse of the new industrial developments in Siberia.

It included new industrial arts facilities, a 1,100-seat gymnasium, and assembly rooms.

industrial action   (争議行為)

However, no industrial action was taken.

KCB had a difficult beginning with ongoing industrial action.

This ballot achieved a turnout of only 41%, so again led to no industrial action.

largest industrial

Today it is one of the largest industrial plants in Lithuania.

Ankara hosts the OSTIM Industrial Zone, Turkey's largest industrial park.

Over 100 years later, it remains the largest industrial accident in the city’s history.

industrial metal

The band is focused on all types of industrial, specifically industrial metal.

Bizarra Locomotiva Bizarra Locomotiva is an industrial metal band from Portugal.

Caesium was not recognized as a high-performance industrial metal until the 1950s.

industrial plants

Today it is one of the largest industrial plants in Lithuania.

In the lower areas and north of the city the so-called PIP, where industrial plants are located.

Attacks began in April 1943 on heavily fortified key industrial plants in Bremen and Recklinghausen.

industrial processes

In industrial processes, foams pose serious problems.

Equipment for the main industrial processes for crystallization.

Hydrodynamic cavitation can also improve some industrial processes.

industrial cities

Việt Trì is one of the first industrial cities of northern Vietnam.

Finally, he also launched a non-profit ASAS to maintain and manage industrial cities.

By 1920, Cambridge was one of New England's main industrial cities, with nearly 120,000 residents.

industrial enterprises

All industrial enterprises were government-owned.

Well-known industrial enterprises (e.g.

Moreover, few industrial enterprises conduct research in Kazakhstan.

industrial activity

Minor industrial activity is also concentrated in Cuenca.

Sugar processing makes up one-third of industrial activity.

A minor industrial activity is also concentrated in Cuenca.

industrial engineering

in industrial engineering.

He has a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering from Stanford University.

In 1979, he was awarded a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering technology.

industrial base

Ghana's industrial base is relatively advanced.

Today, the town has a more diversified industrial base.

It accounts for almost all the municipality's industrial base.

industrial facilities

In 1934 they began to be employed in Svit industrial facilities.

It will combine research, education, industrial facilities, business incubators and exhibition centres.

They traveled all over Japan inspecting administrative, military, educational, and industrial facilities.

industrial scale   (工業規模)

This reaction is carried out on an industrial scale to produce ethanol.

On an industrial scale, butadiene is prepared by thermal cracking of butanes.

Fur animal production on an industrial scale started in the 1930s in Denmark.

industrial music

It is a collection of their industrial music style works.

's "Rock the Party" incorporates influences from industrial music.

Records, a pioneer in releasing industrial music, had its offices in Wicker Park.

industrial sites

Many local industrial sites have rail freight spur service.

Waterfront uses include residential, recreational, cultural, commercial and industrial sites.

The area had been known for large industrial sites and was not seen as an area of natural beauty.

industrial growth

It was reported that industrial growth in the manufacturing sector had grown by 50% in 2011.

Encouragement of environment and people friendly scientific advancement and industrial growth.

It was imported from abroad at prices that weighed on Italy’s trade balance and limited industrial growth.

small industrial

There is also a small industrial area.

In Argo, a small industrial town, he found work at the Argo Corn Products Refining Company.

The original development consisted of back-to-back houses combined with small industrial works.

industrial centre

It has rapidly developed as an industrial centre within the Armenian SSR.

Together with the nearby port of Gdynia, Gdańsk is also a notable industrial centre.

Nuremberg, as a major industrial centre and transportation hub, was hit particularly hard.

former industrial

More former industrial districts are ' (incorporated in 1911), ' and ' in the north.

"Hard lofts" are former industrial buildings converted to residential or live/work use.

The 2000s saw the redevelopment of the former industrial area surrounding Clarence Dock.

industrial rock

Musically they were a mixture of punk, hip hop, industrial rock and Northern soul.

He also formed the industrial rock band Mothernight in which he performs under the stage name Deimos.

was released in 2000 by Cleopatra Records and featured industrial rock, death metal, and garage punk acts.

industrial companies

It is one of Israel's oldest industrial companies.

Established in 1990, the park houses Philippine-based industrial companies.

In 1940 26 industrial companies, 4 banks and a credit union operated in Mažeikiai.

industrial products

Antioxidants are frequently added to industrial products.

There is little industry in the country, and the local market for industrial products is small.

In 2001 B.F. Goodrich's engineered industrial products division bought Glacier Garlock Bearings.

industrial parks

Several industrial parks have been built with a focus on textiles.

The route is heavily commercialized with numerous office and industrial parks.

As a result, most pools have been converted into residential zones, roads, and industrial parks.

industrial waste   (産業廃棄物)

Domestic and industrial waste was once incinerated but it is now landfilled, mainly in the Calumet area.

The Alt is still not clean due to its heritage as a handy dumping ground for sewage and industrial waste.

It is used to disinfect water as well as being a part of the sanitation process for sewage and industrial waste.

industrial uses

It has both medical and industrial uses.

Due to its instability, it has no practical industrial uses.

McDonald shirt factory and other light industrial uses for 80 years.

first industrial

Việt Trì is one of the first industrial cities of northern Vietnam.

Built in 1897-1898, It was the first industrial slaughterhouse in Belgrade.

Norman Bel Geddes was one of the first industrial designers in the United States.

industrial activities

Meanwhile, his industrial activities had grown significantly.

It manages and executes the industrial activities of the agency.

Some suggested industrial activities around the Dead Sea might need to be reduced.

industrial building

It was built in 1982 as an industrial building.

The solar parabola can also be used for industrial building.

The oldest industrial building in Belgrade is located in Viline Vode.

industrial units

There are also light industrial units.

In addition to agriculture, there are now industrial units established in the vicinity of Adad Awagat.

The total number of industrial units in the district in 2010-11 stood at 12908 with 705 registered units.

agricultural and industrial

An era began of increased agricultural and industrial progress.

Thus Indo-Gangetic plain's soil is the backbone of agricultural and industrial development.

Djibouti is mostly barren, with little development in the agricultural and industrial sectors.

industrial output   (工業生産)

Its industrial output amounts to 80% of the national income.

Terran planets on their own can produce industrial output (IO).

German industrial output dropped to 3.6% in September vis-à-vis August.

industrial site   (工業用地)

The industrial site at Raismes also houses several other engineering companies.

It became a major industrial site producing tiles and pottery in the later period.

It is now an industrial site, used for the storage and testing of rocket propellant.

many industrial

with ROM only) became popular in many industrial settings.

Today they are used in many industrial and commercial applications.

Therefore, heterogeneous catalysts are preferred in many industrial processes.

modern industrial

The modern industrial area is based on manufacturing.

He started modern industrial mining activity in the area

There was no child labor in the modern industrial sector.

industrial sectors

Steam distillation remains important in certain industrial sectors.

The economy is dominated by service, industrial sectors and agriculture.

It is active in the electrification of the automotive, energy, and industrial sectors.

industrial purposes

The suburb is used only for industrial purposes.

Asteraceae are also used for some industrial purposes.

Most of the space are warehouses with the minority used for industrial purposes.

industrial estates   (工業団地)

It has business in shopping centres, housing estates, industrial estates and retirement villages.

The suburb lies close to the industrial estates of Sockburn and the satellite retail and residential zone of Hornby.

Both of these locations are now light industrial estates housing a number of small businesses, some still in the original buildings.

industrial buildings made

Of the built up area, industrial buildings made up 2.3% of the total area while housing and buildings made up 9.7% and transportation infrastructure made up 1.7%.

Of the built up area, industrial buildings made up 2.0% of the total area while housing and buildings made up 9.7% and transportation infrastructure made up 5.3%.

Of the built up area, industrial buildings made up 8.3% of the total area while housing and buildings made up 13.2% and transportation infrastructure made up 5.0%.

industrial heritage   (産業遺産)

Dundee's industrial heritage was based on "the three Js": jute, jam and journalism.

Middleport contains one of the nation's richest stretches of canalside industrial heritage.

The museum has shown its commitment to industrial heritage by functioning as a working pottery.

industrial centers

Teslić was until the late 1950s among the largest industrial centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

His actions secured the nationalization of industrial centers concentrated in the eastern Ukraine.

There are several large industrial centers in the region, some of them among the largest in Serbia (Niš, Leskovac, Vranje).

industrial and agricultural

Chojnów is an industrial and agricultural town.

Amana would hire many outside laborers to do industrial and agricultural jobs.

According to the nature of production, the city is industrial and agricultural.

industrial history

A rich vein of American industrial history lies in Savage.

After retiring he has written several books on Norwegian industrial history.

The warehouse is now one of the few remnants of Goose Island's industrial history.

industrial process

This conversion remains a major industrial process (10M kg/y).

This phase of the industrial process is called leak test or leakage detection

As coal is the main ingredient for the industrial process, Sasol Two had to be developed around a coal field.

industrial zones

The city has two organized industrial zones, where the chief industry is textile.

Most residential zones in this section of the city have been transferred to commercial and industrial zones.

the industrial zones of Manaus can be reached only by means of the Solimões–Amazonas waterway ( with minimum depth).

industrial district

Marshall talks of a... ""thickly peopled industrial district"".

The town has an industrial district located to the south of the town.

This led France to invade and occupy the Ruhr industrial district of Germany.

several industrial

Xinzheng is home to several industrial factories, namely cigarette factories, which are located near the center of town.

Notes In the early 1960s, Brakhage directed several industrial and educational films, including two for the state of Colorado.

Bardot's father, originated from Ligny-en-Barrois, was an engineer and the proprietor of several industrial factories in Paris.

industrial equipment

Lowboys are used to haul heavy equipment such as bulldozers, industrial equipment etc.

Molybdenum was also used to fight weather erosion, friction, and chemical exposure of industrial equipment.

The scope of RoHS 2 is widened to include products previously excluded, such as medical devices and industrial equipment.

industrial society

Electrical power is now the backbone of modern industrial society.

In 1935, Turkey was becoming an industrial society on the Western European model set out by Atatürk.

For Huxley, the primitive conditions were an admirable counterblow against the standardisation of modern urban, industrial society.

residential and industrial

Presently, it is dominated by residential and industrial areas.

North of Sheppard Avenue, the train passes through more residential and industrial areas.

The area across the Adour is largely residential and industrial, with much demolished to make way for the railway.

industrial metal band

Bizarra Locomotiva Bizarra Locomotiva is an industrial metal band from Portugal.

Cult of Static Cult of Static is the sixth studio album by industrial metal band Static-X.

British industrial metal band Godflesh performed "Requiem" live on their 2001 tour in support of the album "Hymns".

industrial arts

It included new industrial arts facilities, a 1,100-seat gymnasium, and assembly rooms.

He was a star college basketball player at Ohio University in the 1930s, where he earned a bachelor's degree in industrial arts.

As part of her will, the Card-Catlin Art Scholarship was created for the continuing education of fine art, industrial arts, and architecture students.

various industrial

Truck traffic is relatively heavy along this stretch, owing to various industrial factories located in the towns.

The sawmill was linked to the main line by a loading siding and a turntable was used to distribute the wagons to the various industrial sidings.

Several bacteria, such as E. coli, Clostridium botulinum, and Salmonella enterica, are well-known and are targeted for elimination via various industrial processes.

industrial centres

He read for workers in large industrial centres and encouraged the creation of trade unions and co-operatives.

Following the foundation of the Republic of Turkey in 1923, Bursa became one of the industrial centres of the country.

The Red Guards included 2,600 women, mostly girls recruited from the industrial centres and cities of southern Finland.

industrial research

He participated in realization of government and industrial research contracts.

A new research Center was established at the faculty in 2007, conducting industrial research in aerospace.

Emanuel R. Piore Emanuel (Mannie) Ruben Piore (19 July 1908 – 9 May 2000) was a scientist and a manager of industrial research.

industrial disputes

Increased costs and industrial disputes in the 1910s hastened the end of the New Ravenswood Company era.

This was an additional resolution that went beyond the previous proposal to directly address industrial disputes in the state railways.

Encouraged by news of labor struggles and industrial disputes in the United States, Most emigrated to the US upon his release from prison in 1882.

used in industrial

Low-purity CCM is used in industrial applications such as waste water treatment.

Mandrels are also used in industrial composite fabrication such as in filament winding.

Additionally, the engines were widely used in industrial, light aircraft and kit car applications.

main industrial   (主な産業)

The main industrial suburb of the district is .

The main industrial sector of the rayon is processing.

Equipment for the main industrial processes for crystallization.

degree in industrial

He has a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering from Stanford University.

In 1979, he was awarded a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering technology.

, he is studying for a master's degree in industrial engineering at Texas Tech University.

industrial towns

Dalmianagar Dalmianagar is one of the oldest and biggest industrial towns in India.

After cutting through rural Mercer and Venango counties, US 62 reaches the twin industrial towns of Franklin and Oil City.

In particular the crafts and industry sector grew and Randers became one of the most important industrial towns in Denmark.

number of industrial   (産業の数)

An increasing number of industrial enterprises also established in the area.

In addition, the Court deals with a significant number of industrial law and human rights matters.

As a boy Spivak worked in a number of industrial factories in his hometown of New Haven, Connecticut.

industrial projects

Both (especially Victor) also worked on real-world industrial projects in Podolsk, Saratov, Shatura and other towns.

As a lead architect for heavy construction, he supervised many industrial projects, but his own visionary drafts of this period never materialized.

The university's scientific board are also involved in many industrial projects, including the building of satellite carriers and an indigenous eight-seat helicopter.

industrial economy

The district forms one of the cores of Yinchuan's industrial economy.

[1] The overall industrial economy of Cangnan County maintained a smooth operation in 2013.

Sun understood it as an industrial economy and equality of land holdings for the Chinese peasant farmers.

industrial land   (工業用地)

Located on of former wartime industrial land, the WMA is occupied by farmland, woodlands, and wetlands encompassing 31 ponds.

Its regeneration began when it was selected as the location of World Expo '88, which was built on former wharves and industrial land.

The north shore has a mixed range of uses including Harbourfront, a conversion from industrial land to recreational and cultural uses.

more industrial

In the 1980s, land was reclaimed off Tuas for more industrial development.

On the right is a more industrial scene: an Eastern city with its harbor full of boats.

The volumes reached during these year forced Fissore to give up their artisan methods in favor of a more industrial mode of production.

heavy industrial

In 1954, he started school at Danbar Primary School where the heavy industrial area in Kitwe stands today.

A wide variety of equipment is used for processing concrete, from hand tools to heavy industrial machinery.

Some targets were not sites of heavy industrial production but part of the production and movement of materiel.

industrial school   (工業学校)

Very soon an industrial school for girls was opened.

He also refurbished an old school into an industrial school for girls.

From 1957 to 1968, he taught drawing at an industrial school in Budapest.

industrial pollution

He also anticipated modern concerns with fuel shortages and industrial pollution.

Berry’s Creek has been subject to extensive industrial pollution during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Organic arsenic compounds may, however, occur where waters are significantly impacted by industrial pollution.

industrial machinery

It also manufactured pipes, industrial machinery, and tractors.

A wide variety of equipment is used for processing concrete, from hand tools to heavy industrial machinery.

In the early 1970s, Astarsa produced industrial machinery under licence from the American company Caterpillar.

early industrial

Its artist roster consisted of largely early industrial, experimental, and post-punk groups.

It opened on 11 May 1907 and is dedicated to all aspects of (mostly rural) daily life in pre-industrial and early industrial Alsace.

In export-led growth (such as oil and early industrial goods), the balance of trade will shift towards exports during an economic expansion.