Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

film industry   (industria del cine)

The film industry continued to develop after 1945.

The film industry in Azerbaijan dates back to 1898.

She left the film industry to raise her children.

music industry   (industria de la música)

Miller's music industry career began around 1950.

Anwar entered the Hindi music industry by chance.

Sayvee became active in Ghana's music industry in 2003.

entertainment industry   (industria del entretenimiento)

Bardot retired from the entertainment industry in 1973.

The [[film industry]] is a part of the entertainment industry.

He moved to Los Angeles to work in the entertainment industry.

mining industry   (Industria minera)

The mining industry was also under active development.

The mining industry makes up 1% of the GDP.

80% of the city residents are employed by the mining industry.

oil industry   (Industria del aceite)

He is credited with creating the Russian oil industry.

Her early career was spent working in the oil industry.

The oil industry was too large and many companies merged.

textile industry   (industria textil)

The town's economy is mostly based on textile industry.

A textile industry later developed in and around the town.

with the founding of the textile industry at what became Lowell.

tourism industry   (industria del turismo)

The tourism industry employs 60% of the workforce.

Buses play a major part in the tourism industry.

The Caribbean region supports a large tourism industry.

fishing industry   (industria pesquera)

The fishing industry survived largely intact.

The fishing industry is highly important.

It is also vital to its fishing industry.

automotive industry

Cars, have revolutionized the automotive industry.

Plastic Omnium a supplier to the automotive industry.

Bursa is the centre of the Turkish automotive industry.

construction industry

Most laser levels are used in the construction industry.

All parties wanted to stimulate the construction industry.

At the age of 22, he moved on to the construction industry.

fashion industry   (industria de la moda)

She is one of the Antwerp Six in the fashion industry.

This defense is generally seen in the fashion industry.

She is versed in communication, journalism, and the fashion industry.

food industry

This company was the basis of the baby food industry.

The food industry is a major employer.

Gryazovets hosts timber industry and food industry enterprises.

steel industry   (industria metalúrgica)

The steel industry remained in relatively good shape.

In steel industry, MTC means mill's test certificate.

The steel industry was nationalised in 1951.

heavy industry

Its economy is based heavily on heavy industry.

The population has since declined owing to the loss of most of the heavy industry.

Mass production techniques were implemented in heavy industry to increase efficiency.

game industry

It may have originated in the video game industry.

It was one of his first works in the video game industry.

Henderson later worked an art director in the video game industry.

television industry

Copenhagen has a large film and television industry.

Many people who work in the television industry live in Amsterdam.

This ended his career in the film and later in the television industry.

gas industry

It provides services to the oil and gas industry.

The explosion also had a long-range impact on the natural gas industry.

The gas industry was a large employer of clerks, mainly male before the war.

pharmaceutical industry   (industria farmacéutica)

Purified water is used in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Merckle group (pharmaceutical industry) is headquartered in Blaubeuren.

Similarly, some amino acids derivatives are used in pharmaceutical industry.

industry professionals   (profesionales de la industria)

SGTech will also engage industry professionals to mentor SIM GE students.

Membership for the lists is free for cinematographers and related industry professionals.

Membership is open to all interested researchers, educators, students and horticultural industry professionals.

wine industry   (industria del vino)

The wine industry has raised standards of living in the area.

Clark Robert Smith Clark Robert Smith is a pioneering innovator in the wine industry.

This region also plays host to a large portion of the state's small vineyard and wine industry.

industry standard

This design has been the industry standard since it was first adopted.

This is in contrast to the industry standard which is to sell by the ton.

There is no general industry standard for the layout and content of a PNR.

video game industry

It may have originated in the video game industry.

It was one of his first works in the video game industry.

Henderson later worked an art director in the video game industry.

manufacturing industry

The garment manufacturing industry was part of this decline.

Also during that time, the can manufacturing industry consolidated.

This however paved the way for a booming railway manufacturing industry.

major industry   (Industria mayor)

The town's major industry is still pulp and paper.

Forestry has long been a major industry in Canada.

Tourism, especially wine tourism, is a major industry.

aviation industry   (industria de aviación)

Iran's aviation industry is making rapid strides.

During the war, he worked in the aviation industry.

Lightening holes are often used in the aviation industry.

sugar industry   (industria azucarera)

This was focused on creating machines for the sugar industry.

This referred to Walshe's supposed role in the demise of the Irish sugar industry.

South Sea Islanders made a major contribution to Queensland's early sugar industry.

movie industry

She was a model prior to entering the movie industry.

They then went to Hollywood to work for the movie industry.

He also made some appearances in the silent movie industry.

coal industry   (industria del carbon)

The game was sponsored by the Friends of Coal, a coal industry trade group.

During 1945, the AAC moved into the coal industry by acquiring Coal Estates.

He is known for a series of paintings documenting the South Wales coal industry.

tobacco industry   (industria del tabaco)

He soon became interested in the working of the tobacco industry.

The town of Windsor is the epicenter of the tobacco industry in Connecticut.

However, this does not suffice to infer that he was the tobacco industry's man.

local industry

New malls opened and local industry began to develop.

It provided slave labour to local industry.

Quarrying for ragstone is still an important local industry.

timber industry   (industria de la madera)

It soon became the hub of a flourishing timber industry.

Mullumbimby was originally a centre for the timber industry.

Gryazovets hosts timber industry and food industry enterprises.

main industry   (industria principal)

The maritime provinces' main industry is fishing.

The main industry of the Black Forest is tourism.

Agriculture has been the regency's main industry.

chemical industry

Thanks to coal mining, chemical industry was developed.

The Tuzla district was renowned for its chemical industry.

The chemical industry will depend on it.

petroleum industry   (industria petrolera)

They later became used commonly within the petroleum industry (oil and gas).

Steam cracking is used in the petroleum industry to produce the lighter alkenes.

Ryan supports tax incentives for the petroleum industry and opposes them for renewable energy.

insurance industry   (industria de seguros)

The balance of the financial system is made up by the insurance industry.

Most laws regulating the insurance industry in the U.S. are state-specific.

As of 2018, Donald has worked in the insurance industry "for more than 20 years".

publishing industry

The American sheet music publishing industry produced a great deal of ragtime music.

Malling was a pioneer in the publishing industry around the middle of the 19th century.

In the desktop publishing industry, it is important to know a monitor’s color temperature.

light industry   (industria de la luz)

It boosted light industry in Bandung.

There is some light industry in the southeastern part of the neighborhood.

Main econoımic activities are agriculture and light industry based on agriculture.

tourist industry

Annual tourist industry income for 2017 was estimated at €9.5 billion.

Annual tourist industry income for 2011 was estimated at €6.61 billion.

Much of the crafts produced are for the country's growing tourist industry.

recording industry

Bing's name and his artistry saved the recording industry.

Crosby influenced the development of the postwar recording industry.

She decided to step away from the recording industry to spend time with her family.

automobile industry   (industria del automóvil)

It was initiated by the automobile industry.

Atatürk supported the establishment of the automobile industry.

It was also very important to the developing automobile industry.

banking industry   (industria bancaria)

The banking industry was slowly deregulated.

He worked as an assistant bookkeeper in the banking industry.

The Hoa were also the pioneers of the Vietnamese banking industry.

picture industry   (industria de la imagen)

The protagonist, Bruce Delamitiri, is an artist who works in the motion picture industry.

Schulman was a successful Los Angeles businessman involved in the motion picture industry.

Motion picture industry pioneer Al Christie began his filmmaking career at Centaur in 1909.

lumber industry   (industria maderera)

They were designed for the lumber industry which at the time was very large.

The "Niagara" is significant because of her work in the Great Lakes lumber industry.

The economy in the community continues to heavily reflect that of the lumber industry.

motion picture industry   (industria cinematográfica)

The protagonist, Bruce Delamitiri, is an artist who works in the motion picture industry.

Schulman was a successful Los Angeles businessman involved in the motion picture industry.

For her long service to the motion picture industry, in 1985 she was given an Honorary César Award.

industry during

both for services rendered to industry during the war.

Tilon also worked in the catering industry during this period.

RIFA manufactured parts for the Swedish radio industry during World War II.

industry began

New malls opened and local industry began to develop.

After the Second World War, the industry began to consolidate.

Between 1912 and 1918, the Hungarian aircraft industry began developing.

aerospace industry   (industria aeroespacial)

The city is known for its aerospace industry.

The spacecraft represents continued growth of the aerospace industry.

As an adult, he moved to California to work in the aerospace industry.

energy industry

She has worked with the chemical and energy industry.

Hopefully, a large part of the energy industry will depend on it.

Mining and energy industry production exceeds $2.5 billion per annum.

auto industry   (Auto industria)

Toyota and Nissan threatened the giant domestic auto industry.

He has also written about the troubled American auto industry.

It is now considered the "cradle of the Detroit auto industry".

media industry

IBN TV is a private media that begun after liberalization of the media industry in Tanzania.

Cross-ownership in the media industry is legally limited under the Law on Radio and Television Broadcasting No.

Nick McArdle Nick McArdle is an Australian TV sports presenter with a career spanning 20 years in the media industry.

within the industry

These are referred to within the industry as anaerobic lagoons.

Soon after, she quickly rose to prominence within the industry.

The guilds served as a training ground for those within the industry.

sex industry

Feminism is divided on the issue of the sex industry.

Opinions on the sex industry are diverse.

The sex industry also raises concerns about the spread of STDs.

dairy industry   (industria láctea)

But dairy industry is developed like rural banking in cooperative sector since 1960s.

They saw an opportunity to provide service for the public as well as the dairy industry.

However, there is still a strong dairy industry, with products such as Cornish clotted cream.

services industry

Yohannes began his career in the financial services industry.

Brazil has a diverse and sophisticated services industry as well.

He was employed in the financial services industry for over 30 years.

industry leaders

Policy makers and industry leaders share their experience and wisdom during the day-long event.

The following year, McLaughlin began to work steadily for industry leaders DC Comics and Marvel Comics.

For her work on Vested, she was named one of Globalization Today’s “Powerhouse 25” outsourcing industry leaders.

private industry   (industria privada)

Acoustic scientists work in government, university and private industry laboratories.

They turned to social reform by using Swiss and German models and intervening in private industry.

OPPI members work for government, private industry, community agencies, and academic institutions.

industry through

Charles has been involved in the music industry through much of his career.

Nielsen also conducts market research for the film industry through National Research Group (NRG).

In the 1930s, Griffiths began to record the railroad industry through black-and-white photography.

defense industry

The city is a center for the defense industry which employs thousands.

Azerbaijan and Israel cooperate on numerous areas of the defense industry.

As a result of SSM projects now Turkey have existence of a defense industry.

cotton industry   (industria del algodón)

The cotton industry had a great influence on the city and the region.

The town grew in the 1990s around the cotton industry, but this has since declined.

The community was named after Anguilla, in recognition of that island's cotton industry.

aircraft industry

Between 1912 and 1918, the Hungarian aircraft industry began developing.

The trainset was scrapped the following year, with its aluminum recycled for use in the wartime aircraft industry.

He also investigated the aircraft industry on behalf of the Wilson administration, exposing numerous inefficiencies.

important industry

Agriculture is the important industry in the area.

Education is an important industry for Mizoram.

Agriculture is also an important industry for the area.

shipping industry   (industria naviera)

The shiploader is essential to the global shipping industry.

One industry in which Greece had major success was the shipping industry.

However, the majority of the conflict's impact was felt in the shipping industry.

industry standards

They have the ability to obtain occupational training that meets industry standards.

They can also help comply with de facto industry standards, such as electronic funds transfer.

The most common industry role is to provide products and services according to industry standards.

agricultural industry

They are the backbone of Goa's agricultural industry.

The agricultural industry is dependent on irrigation from the Nile river.

Christmas tree farming has been important to the area agricultural industry.

advertising industry   (industria de la publicidad)

Their son, Noam, works in the advertising industry.

Her work in the advertising industry earned her three Clio Awards.

Chu was known for his achievements in the Hong Kong advertising industry.

shipbuilding industry   (industria de la construcción naval)

Bengal also had a large shipbuilding industry.

Dundee also developed a major maritime and shipbuilding industry in the 19th century.

With the decline of the wooden shipbuilding industry, the company diversied to also create other pieces of metal.

industry awards

The app has won multiple industry awards.

Qualiflyer won industry awards in a wide range of categories.

Their working hours and wages are regulated by industry awards.

industry experts   (expertos de la industria)

These films are judged by industry experts.

For this reason, some industry experts have criticized the use of design basis terminology.

The show consists of a host, celebrity judges/tutors and other music industry experts panelists.

service industry

from manufacturing to service industry.

The economy of Tunworth is mainly based in the service industry.

The local economy is heavily dependent upon tourism and the service industry.

airline industry   (industria aerea)

World War II, like World War I, brought new life to the airline industry.

In the United States, the airline industry is dominated by four large firms.

The Maersk Group entered the airline industry when it established Maersk Air in 1979.

gaming industry

The gaming industry has a strong presence in the election.

In 2015, Orlovskiy was called the most famous person in the Russian/CIS gaming industry.

For the pro-business camp, there remain 5 deputies, 4 of which from the gaming industry.

technology industry

He focuses on investment in the technology industry.

Hardie settled in Dallas, Texas and is involved in the wind technology industry.

The technology industry is prominent in Greater Cleveland, specifically health related technology.

hospitality industry   (Industria de la hospitalidad)

He is the patron saint of those in the hospitality industry.

After leaving the Marines at age 20, he started working in the hospitality industry.

After graduating from UC San Diego, Russell worked for 20 years in the hospitality industry.

nuclear industry

Depleted boron is a byproduct of the nuclear industry.

The nuclear industry enriches natural boron to nearly pure B.

The economy of the city is centered around the nuclear industry.

cottage industry   (industria artesanal)

Burnage had an established cottage industry in hand weaving.

Lotoko production, being a cottage industry, is very low-tech.

Most production in the industrial sector is of the cottage industry type.

financial industry   (industria financiera)

In 2000, the burst of the dot-com bubble hit the financial industry.

(Despite its name, SAFR is not confined to financial industry roles.)

Katsuma found a niche in the analytical side of the financial industry.

building industry

The CHF also funds research to benefit the building industry.

During the baroque era, the building industry increased heavily.

In the building industry elevations are non-perspective views of the structure.

paper industry

The PPWF represented workers in the pulp and paper industry.

In the 1970s, the pulp and paper industry accounted for half of Finnish exports.

Madawaska is a rural town whose economy centers on the Saint John River paper industry.

iron industry

They used their capital to support the Lorraine iron industry.

Carnegie had some investments in the iron industry before the war.

By the beginning of the 20th century, many changes had come to the iron industry.

power industry

National Grid and TransCanada, the result of deregulation of the electrical power industry.

In the late 1970s, Camenisch was involved in local opposition to the nuclear power industry.

Electric power is generally supplied to businesses and homes by the electric power industry.

financial services industry   (industria de servicios financieros)

Yohannes began his career in the financial services industry.

He was employed in the financial services industry for over 30 years.

Sir Vassel Johnson was a pioneer of Cayman’s financial services industry.

record industry   (industria discográfica)

The American Music Awards are awarded for achievements in the American record industry.

While at Chancery Lane he met Jah Stitch, who at that time was not involved in the record industry.

They stated that "their decision reflects the increasing impact of technology on the record industry."

computer industry

This was Saville's first entry into the computer industry.

The computer industry used the term "central processing unit" as early as 1955.

VisiCalc is widely credited for fueling the rapid growth of the personal computer industry.

industry based

Its HNC courses also were food or chemical industry based, to train technicians.

Main econoımic activities are agriculture and light industry based on agriculture.

Industries include Mahindra & Mahindra, an automobile industry based out of the region.

electronics industry   (Industria electrónica)

Tanguay spent the first 19 years of his career working in the electronics industry.

The electronics industry is growing rapidly with contributions from companies like the Walton Group.

The electronics industry, at about $1.75 trillion is one of the largest and fastest growing in the world.

industry as well   (industria también)

Brazil has a diverse and sophisticated services industry as well.

It has since become an established industry as well a hobby activity.

Certificates are designed for both newcomers to the industry as well as seasoned professionals.

industry trade

The game was sponsored by the Friends of Coal, a coal industry trade group.

15 in ticket sales worldwide according to industry trade magazine Pollstar.

The ad was sponsored by a pharmaceutical industry trade group and Families USA.

other industry   (otra industria)

It was endorsed at launch by Mark Zuckerberg and other industry identities.

As well as mining, other industry such as brickworks and quarries were present.

Audition websites are an integral component in the employment statistics of actors and other industry professionals.

industry workers

Porn industry workers are striving to get more control over their labor and the products they create.

Overall, the chemical industry workers were amongst the lowest paid workers in Czechoslovakia at the time, a fact that contributed to the radicalization of their union.

In a 2014 paper in PLOS One, Currid-Halkett and Williams used cell phone data and social media to track and analyze the creative process of New York City fashion industry workers.

new industry

The product this new industry was selling was "exact time".

In this capacity, he encouraged the use of tax incentives to bring new industry to the state.

The new industry prospered, but the reduced need of skilled craftsmen left only few still working.

railroad industry

Chicago is the largest hub in the railroad industry.

He's the Red Adair of the railroad industry."

The railroad industry also wanted bison herds culled or eliminated.

book industry

McLaughlin entered the comic book industry in the early 1960s.

After graduation, Bachalo sought work in the mainstream comic book industry.

The association "", a network of women in the book industry, chose Luise F. Pusch as "BookWoman of the Year" 2004.


Its goals were to "celebrate fashion, restore consumer confidence and boost the industry’s economy."

This list, compiled annually by the industry’s leading newspaper, ranks the powerhouses of British theatre.

The “1000 kV’s Project” was a key step in the history of electrical industry’s research, not only in Italy but also in the world.

comics industry

That same year, Baker hosted the comics industry's Harvey Awards.

Matt has received recognition for his work in the comics industry.

Before long, he was working professionally in the comics industry.

radio industry

RIFA manufactured parts for the Swedish radio industry during World War II.

In May 2007 he was voted North West England Presenter of the Year in the radio industry magazine "X-Trax".

By the 1960s, the station didn't use the name itself, but the name stuck among people in the radio industry.

industry executive   (ejecutivo de la industria)

He continues to work as an entertainment industry executive today.

Joanna Lambert Joanna Lambert is a tech and finance industry executive.

Stephen Budd Stephen Budd is a British music industry executive based in London.

garment industry   (industria de la confección)

Women dominate blue collar jobs in the Bangladeshi garment industry.

Before working in the garment industry, Pinkney attended Manhattan Trade School.

On the contrary, Cambodia's garment industry at present continues to grow rapidly.

primary industry   (industria primaria)

The primary industry in the area is farming, and the River Wear runs through the area.

In recent years, tourism has became the primary industry, accounting for around 140,000 jobs.

Agriculture shifted to tourism and other businesses as the primary industry of the peninsula in the 1980s.

industry s

Its goals were to "celebrate fashion, restore consumer confidence and boost the industry’s economy."

This list, compiled annually by the industry’s leading newspaper, ranks the powerhouses of British theatre.

The “1000 kV’s Project” was a key step in the history of electrical industry’s research, not only in Italy but also in the world.

logging industry   (industria maderera)

Initial settlements developed from logging camps and the logging industry.

The logging industry is also a primary source of employment for people in the area.

Manufacturing has been the greatest employer in Cadillac since the logging industry.