infantry regiment   (歩兵連隊)

Barracks for an infantry regiment (1812).

He joined the Army on 10 July 1789 in the Anjou infantry regiment.

In April 2003, the 1st infantry regiment deployed to Iraq for 17 months.

infantry battalions   (歩兵大隊)

Two infantry battalions were virtually annihilated.

Its core units were mechanized infantry battalions.

light infantry   (軽歩兵)

The light infantry skirmished but soon fell back.

Examples are the light infantry in the British Army.

Many awards of honour were given to men serving in the 9th light infantry.

infantry regiments   (歩兵連隊)

Virginia, Tennessee and Arkansas infantry regiments.

Note: There are "gaps" in the numbering for the infantry regiments.

Some infantry regiments of Essex's left centre shared the same fate as their cavalry.

infantry division   (歩兵師団)

They were joined by a small infantry division led by Brig.

The 9th Division was the first infantry division to leave.

Ewell deployed his infantry division behind Mill Creek, Brig.

infantry divisions   (歩兵師団)

Suchet had one cavalry and three infantry divisions available.

The Romanian Army's 4th and 5th infantry divisions were moved to Bessarabia.

The other four infantry divisions had foot companies equipped with 6-pounders.

infantry battalion   (歩兵大隊)

Sneh served in the Nahal infantry battalion from 1962 to 1964.

Brazil provided the largest unit, a reinforced infantry battalion.

The fort is now home to the Indian Army's 118th infantry battalion.

infantry units

Afterwards, Macedonian police and infantry units advanced.

The Satnamis initiated their march upon Delhi and overran small-scale Mughal infantry units.

The infantry units would be supported by artillery, M113 armored personnel carriers (APCs), and helicopters.

infantry brigade   (歩兵旅団)

This was organised as a mounted infantry brigade.

He was stationed at Bourges and commanded the 5th infantry brigade of the 8th army corps.

He has commanded an infantry brigade in a high-altitude area and 17th Mountain Division (Gangtok).

infantry brigades   (歩兵旅団)

Each region consisted of one to four provinces, with one or more infantry brigades assigned to it.

The two sides would line up opposite one another, with infantry brigades of musketeers in the centre.

Lee left behind a rearguard of two infantry brigades and 44 or 45 guns under his chief of artillery, Brig.

infantry unit

At first, each infantry unit was allocated some 4-pounders, the so-called regimental artillery.

While at Cambridge, he commanded an infantry unit of the Cambridge University Officers' Training Corps.

Hence, the naming of the Honourable Artillery Company, which was essentially an infantry unit until the 19th century.

infantry and cavalry

The Diet voted to pay for certain amount of infantry and cavalry.

Many infantry and cavalry regiments operated in pairs under the command of a "comes".

The name comes from the Latin word for a small, round shield carried by infantry and cavalry.

mounted infantry

This was organised as a mounted infantry brigade.

There are other instances of mounted infantry predating this.

Such units were not used as cavalry but rather as mounted infantry.

mechanized infantry   (機械化歩兵)

Its core units were mechanized infantry battalions.

Ukrainian mechanized infantry and engineers use a flaming grenade in their branch insignia.

infantry company   (歩兵会社)

Between 1887 and 1908 the 2nd VB maintained a Mounted infantry company.

Note: This unit combines infantry company, light cavalry squadron and artillery battery within the same regiment.

Chadderton rose from non-commissioned rank to officer commanding an infantry company with the acting rank of Major.

line infantry

Their remaining items of dress were no different from those of the line infantry.

The 17th line infantry regiment was composed of reservists and conscripts from the region.

It was marked by the fraternization of the 17th line infantry regiment with the demonstrators in Béziers.

infantry companies

Herbin and Chanu's marine infantry companies led the way.

The Crow, Shoshoni, and the two infantry companies probably saved Royall's command from destruction.

The infantry companies were engaged by entrenched PAVN 2km east of Lộc Ninh losing 5 killed and 10 wounded before withdrawing.

infantry officer

His father, Les Brownlee, was an infantry officer assigned to the 101st Airborne Division.

Bánáthy served two tours on the Russian front in World War II as an armored infantry officer.

He attended the upper section of the Norwegian Military Academy from 1903, graduating as an infantry officer in 1906.

infantry support   (歩兵支援)

American tank destroyer units were often used in the assault gun role for infantry support.

Therefore, it was out of the question to delegate this type to the role of mere infantry support.

After World War I, France possessed a very large fleet of Renault FT light infantry support tanks.

infantry fighting

The Bersaglieri regiment fields Dardo infantry fighting vehicles.

In 2000, the Swiss Army purchased 186 CV 90 infantry fighting vehicles from Hägglunds of Sweden.

The Soviets made use of them first on BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles, and later on the T-64 and other MBTs.

regular infantry

The American army numbered approximately 4,000 regular infantry.

The 95th was the first regular infantry corps in the British Army to be so armed.

30) fought: For that he was awarded the following honours: The "Kaiserjäger" were not mountain troops, but regular infantry.

infantry and artillery

The army was organized into three units: machine gun, infantry and artillery units.

The Polish infantry and artillery remained in camp and did not support the cavalry.

The 2nd Infantry Division and some smaller infantry and artillery units also returned.

heavy infantry

Nonetheless, the Romans would continue to rely mainly on their heavy infantry supported by auxiliary cavalry.

The balance were equipped as heavy infantry, with body armour and a large shield, and divided into three ranks.

The heavy infantry fought in close formation, armed with long spears and round shields, wearing helmets and linen cuirasses.

cavalry and infantry

The town of Pozzuolo has two monuments dedicated to the cavalry and infantry respectively.

Boldu was also ordered to transport Crnojević's cavalry and infantry over the Skadar Lake.

The envoy pointed out that the ruler of Kashmir respected the Chinese, and had a large cavalry and infantry.

infantry attack

At 11:30 on 21 June the Fort fell after a sustained infantry attack.

Afterwards, the NLA initiated an infantry attack which was repelled by the police.

The German/Italian armoured Corps infantry attack was stopped in very heavy fighting.

infantry training

While at Dresden, he wrote a manual on infantry training, published in 1934.

After completing basic and infantry training at Fort Benning, in early 2005 he was assigned to the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit.

In 1882 the Imperial Russian Army converted all its line hussar and lancer regiments to dragoons, with an emphasis on mounted infantry training.

infantry corps

The 95th was the first regular infantry corps in the British Army to be so armed.

1467 of 21 August 1873, designs for stakes were defined for each infantry corps, as well as battalion pennants.

"Stonewall" Jackson after Chancellorsville, Lee reorganized his Army of Northern Virginia (75,000 men) from two infantry corps into three.

light infantry regiment   (軽歩兵連隊)

Somerset and Cornwall Light Infantry The Somerset and Cornwall Light Infantry (SCLI) was a light infantry regiment of the British Army.

While there, it was reconstituted as a light infantry regiment in December and was retitled as the 13th (1st Somersetshire) Regiment (Light Infantry).

9th Infantry Regiment “Soria” The 9th Infantry Regiment “Soria” (Spanish: "Regimiento de Infantería «Soria» n.º 9") is a light infantry regiment of the Spanish Army.