Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

inflicted heavy   (gây ra nặng nề)

The Red Army inflicted heavy losses on the enemy.

He inflicted heavy damage on the forts and town.

In 2018, they inflicted heavy damage on the Azadi stadium.

inflicted upon   (gây ra)

Minor damage was inflicted upon several structures.

Physical torture was also often inflicted upon victims.

Owen later blames Gary for the predicament that he caused Phelan to inflicted upon them.

damage inflicted   (thiệt hại gây ra)

Nor was property crime the extent of damage inflicted upon the Native American populations.

The damage inflicted was so serious that scuttled the boat with a torpedo the following day.

She was scuttled following damage inflicted by US carrier-borne aircraft in mid-Atlantic, in May 1943.

inflicted heavy casualties

Although they were repulsed, they inflicted heavy casualties.

They also attacked neighbouring Naga tribes and inflicted heavy casualties.

Army helicopters then intercepted them with machine-gun fire and inflicted heavy casualties.